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    Instead of other threads getting hi-jacked all the time, why don't we just keep the discussion in one thread. I think Flo wrestling is good for wrestling. The first thing that is always up for debate here is whether or not flowrestling helps grow the sport. It does. Why? Consistency and accessibility. When I was growing up there was one way to watch wrestling. Iowa Public Television had a handful of Iowa matches every year. That was about it. There would be the occasional National duals match or National Finals, but not much else. Now I can watch every Big10 match and a handful of other programs live or days/months/years after the event. This is unprecedented for wrestling. I would never have dreamed 20 years ago that I would have this much access to wrestling. Not only that, but I have wrestling podcasts, news, recruiting, storylines produced daily whether is is written articles or in podcast form. It has allowed me to go beyond being a casual fan. I have yet to find another website that compares with the consistency or mass of content produced. Now could ESPN take over those matches? Absolutely they could and it would probably be cheaper too, but lets assume they were ever even interested, the moment that there was a conflict with ESPN's larger goals, wrestling would take a back seat. I don't see wrestling taking a back seat at flo and I am willing to pay so I don't have to deal with that threat. I don't see why anyone has a problem with the payment model. 1. its actually affordable. 2. it makes sense to charge more monthly than annually. 3. There is enough demand to ask for as much as they do. It is the right to determine that cost, and I don't really see how that has hurt interest in the sport. Even without a flo account, I still have more access to wrestling content than I did 15 years ago.
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    This guy must be freebasing Fox News
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    Perspective on Worlds

    I know my expectations were higher for USA at Worlds this year. However, this was the 4th best finish for the team since 2008. USA freestyle wrestling is better from 2015-2019 than they were 2008-2014. Russia had a better than average performance. In 2010 they had all 7 wrestlers medal (4 Golds, 2 silvers, 1 Bronze)...that might be the only better year since 2008. However I think 5 Golds, 1 Silver, and 3 Bronze (with 1 DNP from a backup) this year is a little more impressive. Iran also had a slightly better performance this year than 17 and 18. What they accomplished this year - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze is more indicative of where they've been historically. Much more detail on my research via the link below-if you're into that stuff... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NImcKBCtXYITUVjq35uxACRaVRQ5VyE0RgslDK1FmKY/edit?usp=sharing
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    I'm copying this post I made on the other thread because I'm shocked at the lack of understanding on display about the Fix / Takahashi match. You don't seem to understand what passivity is in freestyle wrestling. The ref put Fix on the shot clock because he was passive, backing away from Takahashi's offensive setups. Folkstyle folks be like, "Only leg shots are offense." Watch that match again and realize what I'm sure the USA coaches have now realized, which is that wrestlers who want to pull out of a Russian tie or a two-on-one had better find a way to do so without backing or running away. Takahashi works his offense off of a few different two-on-one arm ties. 30 seconds into the match, Takahashi, standing on the center spot of the mat, reaches for the two-on-one twice. Fix backs and then runs away to the outer part of the circle and the official uses his blue hand to make the "move forward and engage" signal. Fix continues to try to escape Takahashi's throw-by set up, a two-on-one on Fix's left arm, and it's clear that ref is going to warn him (5:18). Fix's mistake is that he isn't clearing the two-on-one and transitioning into his own offense. He's moving back into outer space. Imagine a wrestler who works his offense off a collar tie, and every time he locks another wrestler up with a collar tie, that wrestler clears it and backs up instead of looking to attack. Imagine a guy who shoots from space, and instead of re-attacking and generating offense, the other guy keeps backing away. This is essentially what Fix is doing in this match; he's backing away from Takehashi's offensive setups. Watch the whistle start after the first passive warning. Fix starts in a very forward position, over the center of the mat, but as soon as Takahashi goes for the two-on-one, he circles into the orange outer band. The ref immediately puts his blue hand up and encourages him to engage. Do you not understand that this is passivity? Takahashi continues to go for the two-on-one tie on Fix's left arm, and Fix continues to back away, and it's no surprise that the ref puts him on the 30 second clock at 4:31. Watch the entire match with positioning in mind. Takahashi works the middle of the mat the whole time. After the first shot clock point, Fix ties up in a collar tie and makes some effective fakes, causing Takahashi to back away. The ref immediately lifts the red hand and warns Takehashi for passivity. The ref does a good job in this low scoring match of encouraging action. It's a disappointment that a wrestler with the dynamism of Daton Fix was unable to create more action. The takedown and ensuing flurries of action at the beginning of the second period were good signs, and Fix should have continued. When he creates action, he scores more that his opponent. Again, Takehashi continues moving forward, looking for the Russian tie on the left arm. Fix never turns it into HIS offense. At one point he uses his left arm to overhook, a great tactic, as Takehashi doesn't seem able to create action. The ref blows it dead quickly, as noone is attacking. Lessons were learned from this match. Daton will be better prepared for his next meeting with Takehashi.
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    Hey guys, Here is a podcast I recorded with Coach Brands two weeks ago. He drops a ton of stories on Gable, the Steiners and his run at Iowa, but two of the most interesting were: Brands talking about his respect for John Smith and Brands' rivalry with Alan Fried. Here is the link to listen. Ryan Warner Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast
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    Freestyle Day 3 Thread

    Graff is pulled back in.
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    Lee Kemp or are we not counting the wrestlers that won the 1980 trials? 3 Time World Champ which is one more than Dake. Gene Mills was also part of that 1980 group.
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    Cornell Big Red Wrestling

    I think I have a strong legal case and would prevail in at least the People's Court and possibly Night Court.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    Maybe if he really wants to win he will convert to Islam. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Zadick as new coach

    Cant really speak to any of this, but getting fired by ISU seems to be a good path to getting hired by USA Wrestling these days.
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    Missouri Questions??

    Crawford to Mizzou !
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    Big prize money
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    Next year USA 74kg Olympic Trials

    I thought they were giving medalists from non-Olympic weights byes to the semis. But I could be wrong.
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    Freestyle Day 3 Thread

    Or is it god boosting Sharifov to new heights.... ? Or is it god providing Snyder an opportunity to hang them up to pursue other endeavours. Which interpretation is correct, the wheel of "apply Gods will to where I prefer"
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    Cox is the best

    Cox beat Dake well before he had transformed himself into that all that and a bag of chips. Dont kid yourselves, he beats Dake all day. Also, JB will continue his complete domination of Dake.
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    Mark Kerr 190, 1992 NCAA Champion for Syracuse
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    1981 NCAA Wrestling Champions

    first SI article I ever read about wrestling https://www.si.com/vault/1981/03/23/825484/lookalikes-do-alike-the-mighty-banach-twins-captured-individual-titles-as-lowa-took-yet-another-ncaa-championship-its-sixth-in-seven-years
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    Gents when Tommy figured out talent wins even when it dont work reel hard and there arnt no future in being no developmental program he hit the road and started picking up some gents what was on the market run off or flunked out or otherwise on waivers hombres like Downey Lugo Teasedale Desanto and such now some gents say thats a stroke of genius and others say its like buying a used car you just bought yourself a whole lot of trouble Kale aint gonna buy a bus ticket for some gent what aint pissed his last drop and being one of Kales close personal friends I gotta agree hes a reel ***hole when it comes in between him and winning he took my old friend Andy Long on board and maybe he learnt his lessons or otherwise just wanted to win gents got him his first title some would argue a national titles worth rolling the dice and some of them same gents would argue thats what Tommys doing stacking his whole entire lineup with transfers. Now Tommys purse puppies and pickle sniffers is running there mouths about Teasedale saying hes the next coming of Jesus Christ killing everybody in the room and thats going to compel my team favorite Desanto to move up to 141 and them same gents is going to say thats all good and fine gets him another 10 pts at Nattys or maybe more. But friends the Voice of Wrestlings going to say theres a risk in them transfer gents and sometimes it take 7 or 8 second chances to make it to the next level and theres a risk of a slip or a trip or maybe even a big fall and maybe taking them transfer gents is necessary when you aint done your homework or want to take a shortcut or maybe when your heads on the block and your just plain desperate and I gotta say you take the risk then dont do the crime if you cant do the time be careful Tommy I sure hope for your sake you know what your doing.
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    Anybody wanting to make some serious money will be selling dreads at penn st home games
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    FRL doesn't work again. Flo should reach out to Silicon Valley to find some tech people who actually know how tech works.
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    Top Wrestlers in USA History

    For best at one time, Dan Gable should be in the conversation too
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    sorry that i can't reveal the actual numbers but more people watch the PD3 Nicky Rod match than any other WNO match from ever prior event. it was a big win for everyone! except people who didn't want the match to be popular so they wouldn't have to admit you were wrong to someone they've never met before on an internet forum. but to everyone else, it was a win!
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    Who's #1

    FLO and Beat the Streets don't seem to understand that they need more room for safety beyond just the mat. Pretty laughable they didn't think about (or maybe they just don't care) something so obvious. This isn't nearly as bad as the beat the streets stage from a safety standpoint but should have still been addressed.
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    New Flo Color Scheme

    One of the things I always thought Flo got right were the colors and branding of it. The new colors/logo/branding is terrible.
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    New Flo Color Scheme

    I don’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about a new logo? Who cares. It’s just a logo. Is it really any worse or better than the old one? Doesn’t make a difference to me as long as I can watch wrestling. If they would have started with this logo, I bet the same people would be complaining if they switched to the green one. It doesn’t make sense to me to change everything after so long but I’m not a marketing expert. That said, if they are going to spend money, I really wish they would’ve put it into better technology so they don’t have anymore streaming issues
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    Cox in 86 Kg?

    In an interview right after winning worlds, he said he needed to make his decision in the next few weeks. But as far as I know, he has not made (or at least announced) that decision, yet.
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    No Redshirt for Kerkvliet

    I'm no longer sold that Gable is "generational". To be "generational", you have to be a Cael, a Dake, a Schultz, a Snyder. Snyder, as a true Freshman, takes 2nd to Gadsen, but then proceeds to win the World Team spot at 97kg, and then the World Championship, becoming the youngest ever to win a World Championship. Gable, as a true Freshman, takes 3rd at NCAAs, but then proceeds to lose at Final X for the World Team spot, and does not attend the World Championships. Since they're only a handful of years apart, they're in the same generation, and Snyder wins on criteria for "who" the generational one is.
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    Cox Sweat

    Never ceases to amaze me
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    How did Kazakhstan get 2nd place?

    Usually win/loss percentage is more predictive of team performance down the road than the "luck of the draw" UWW scoring system. You can rack up UWW points with easy draws that get you those "filler" 5th and 7th place positions where you actually went 1-2 or 2-2--losing all your matches against decent opponents. Winning percentage exposes those mediocre performances. Comparing Kazakhstan to the US and others this year in terms of the more predictive statistic (winning percentage): 2. Kazakhstan: 25-15 (60%) 3. United States: 22-9 (71%) 4. Iran: 20-9 (69%) 5. Georgia: 18-10 (64%) 6. India: 18-10 (64%) 7. Azerbaijan: 16-11 (59%) (Russia won 89% at 41-5 by the way, but they deserve their own category this year.)
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    74 kg discussion

    Burroughs is the GOAT. It’s not that close at this point. He lost...by a hair this year to the champ. He’s still right there. He had to beat 3 Dagestanis before wrestling the Russian! With all due respect Smith’s competition in some of his world title years were not nearly as difficult. Count the number of Russians Burroughs has had to beat during the span of his career. It’s absurd. Dake is unbelievable. I’m a huge fan but the style he’s been using in terms of movement and footwork works well vs flat footed Russians and Dieringer but will play right into Burroughs hands.
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    Myles Amine- please defect to the USA!

    And please don't be mean to me. It isn't nice.
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    Abounader forfeits?

    Fixed it for you.
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    Cox vs. Sadulaev?

    I would definitely like to see Snyder move up and take Gwiz's spot and Cox go up and take Snyder's spot.
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    pa in taiwan

    Freestyle Day 3 Thread

    The downside of this is that Sidakov has yet to peak as a young wrestler while JB is descending the hill. Time is on Sidakov's side. He's also 2-0 against JB.
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    Freestyle Day 3 Thread

    Just wait until he takes over as coach at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and consistently beats Penn State and Ohio State.
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    Best wrestler to never make the Olympics?

    Lee Kemp is the American with the most world titles without wrestling at the Olympics. There are two Soviets who had the same number or more titles without wrestling at the Olympics. Aslan Khadartsev won three world titles in 1983 and 1986 at 100kg and in 1987 at 100+kg. He also competed at worlds in 1989 and got bronze at 100+kg. Three world titles and a bronze is the exact same results at Kemp. He obviously missed out on the 1984 games because of the boycott. Not 100% sure if he would have been the guy at 100kg in 1984 because the next year Leri Khabelov won worlds at 100kg for the Soviets, his first of 6 world/olympic titles. Khadartsev was the Soviet rep at the Friendship games in 1984 and won the title at 100kg, though I have no knowledge on how that team was selected. In 1988 the Soviets sent Khabelov at 100kg and Gobezhishvili at 130kg both won gold. Both also represented the unified team in 1992 and won medals. Salman Khasimikov won four world titles for the Soviets at 100+kg in 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983. Soslan Andiyev represented the Soviets at the 1980 games and won gold. This was the 6th of his 6 world/Olympic titles. In 1984 Khasimikov obviously didn't wrestle in the Olympics due to the boycott. He also wasn't the Soviet's rep at the 1984 Friendship games that honor went to Malkhaz Mermanishvili who won them. In 1985 Gobezhishvili was the Soviet rep at 100+kg and won worlds and as stated earlier Gobezhishvili was the rep at 130kg in 1988 and 1992. I imagine now it is more likely to get a 4 time world champ and that doesn't the Olympics. In the past the 80s there were 10 weights at both the world and the Olympics so if you were the best in the world 4 years then there had to be an Olympic games somewhere in the middle of those 4 years and you probably got to go. In all three instances where someone won 3 or more a boycott played some roll. This will probably be more common now that there are 6 weights at the Olympics and 10 at Worlds. Since non-Olympic weights started in 2014 there have been two wrestlers who won 2 world titles at non-olympic weights and not yet made an Olympics - Kyle Dake and Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    You better lay of the sauce, bernie. They only have so many stents they can give you.
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    P4P US FS rankings

    At this point, Mensah-Stock is prolly above Gray for women. Random trivia while I hide out: Mensah is a fairly common surname amongst Akan speaking people of West Africa(primarily Ghana). It is also a name given to the third born male child of a family. Therefore, one of my names is Mensah.
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    Is Snyder to NLWC really a "betrayal"?

    Does anyone think maybe that there’s a possibility the three of them in their discussions on this...Ryan and Dlagnev have thought, maybe we have reached the top of what we’re going to achieve here. Maybe these are the kinds of changes needed to get back on top. And in that he has not only their full blessings but also their agreement?? Or is that just too out of whack?
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    It's possible, and a few people did it while beta-testing this summer, but it's A LOT of scrolling on a phone. With the long lists of wrestlers, and all the extra "sections" that are on the page, it's not optimized for mobile.....YET. I will work on trying to make it work better for mobile, but can't promise anything with drafts already scheduled to start in the next couple days. I don't want to implement something I'm not 100% sure on, then have the entire draft process blow up for EVERYONE because I didn't test enough before deploying.
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    WNO Supermatch: PD3 vs Nicky Rodriguez ?

    Certainly not every one who has a criticism or a few falls into what I’m saying, but it’s pretty hard to deny that people like that exist. And it exists on this board, whether it’s Flo or Penn State or Iowa or Rob Koll or.....
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    I’d love to see VT but I only see Myers(7/8), Moore (7/8), McFadden (3/4), and Bolen (3/5) making a run. If Bolen gets hot I think he’s a finalist.
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    How To Grow Wrestling FAST

    Would love to hear what the board thinks of this. Let 2 guys go per weight, per school to postseason. All we've seen since 1972 is programs dying and numbers dropping. This would change a LOT and I think most of it would be for the better. Increase the number of qualifiers to 64 (so non wrestling people get it, like basketball), and allow one point scorer. Redraw rounds that have teammates facing each other. Lets grow, not shrink. Insane? Plausible?
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    Missouri Questions??

    Grades must be especially bad. Athletes can be ineligible because of grades and work themselves back in the starting lineup.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Lol at the newspaper heading in Iran about Abdevali Mr. always complaining did not reach the finals آقای همیشه معترض به فینال جهانی نرسید/ شکست عبدولی در ۲۸ ثانیه پایانی
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    I'm not going to hold it against the guys on an individual level, but I'm not a fan of it. And this is nothing new, but it creates an obvious conflict of interest with some of our RTC coaches. Are Cael and Bormet banned from the OTC? Shouldn't they be?
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    Myles Amine- please defect to the USA!

    Well all I can say is that Amine wrestled great last night, he beat some really good wrestlers. And hopefully for his sake, he can win a Bronze tonight. My thoughts about Amine is how did we lose him to San Marino in the first place? Was it because he could just basically walk over there and be on their team or was it because the competition here at 86 was daunting, a was it a combination of both? Additionally, Amine isn't the first American college wrestler to go and compete for another country and do very well, so my thought is, where are the training, who are they training with, who's coaching them, what methods are they using, are lastly, do we need to look at that to see if we are missing out on something?
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    Freestyle Day Two discussion thread

    Glad they wrestled the second period there...
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    Iowa ranked #1 by WIN magazine

    Of course Iowa should be #1 preseason. Not debatable. They’ve won 8 of the last 9 team titles, they have 7 returning AA’s, 3 of them being past champions. What ranking service wouldn’t rank them 1 to start the season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    California's bid to overtake PSU

    They dont care about college wrestling that's apparent from the lack of programs. Imagine what a USC or UCLA could do with the resources they have. the in state talent seems to be on the rise over the last 10 years or so.
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