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    Rewatching Nickal vs Dean

    I'm never hurt that time of year.
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    Rewatching Nickal vs Dean

    Dean got even sicker when he realized he lost to a guy with noodle arms. Not becoming of the Destroyer of All Worlds.
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    Smith came and talked to the greco team when I was at the OTC. I asked him a ton of questions, one being if he lifted. He said they made him lift, and he hated it. He answered all of my questions and the answers were really good. I wish I could have asked him more questions for hours but he was already kind enough to take time out to do a practice and I didnt want to push it
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    given Metcalf is an assistant coach at ISU I have a hard time thinking of him as the face of Iowa wrestling.
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    I’m stronger than Cael? I knew it
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    Is it possible to think for yourself for a minute before posting a new thread?
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    RTC Questions

    Ok, that is clear now. Thank you for your answer.
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    Could be. Maybe Gable should have continued to coach. I guess when they changed the scholarship rules that might have had an impact.
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    PSU is a fairly heavy favorite. They have more sure things. Nick Lee isn’t placing worse than 4th and might win it all. Cenzo is 3rd at worst. Likely 1st Hall is 1st Cassar is top 2 and likely champ RBY top 6 - weight is much weaker and he placed at some be of the craziest weight dive ever seen as a true freshman thats a ton of guaranteed points. That’s a minimum of 80 points. Then they have Konel/Beard (0-25 points), Verkleeren (0-10), Berge (0-18), Shakur returning AA (0-20)...PSU is going to score a lot of points. Like they may pass last year’s point total Iowa has these minimums Lee - 25 Desanto - 13 young - 8 Marinelli - 8 Warner - 8 62, or 18 less than PSU sure these guys could score more, but that is almost a whole champion difference Marinelli, DeSanto and Warner could win it all, but none are expected to Iowa will have to overperform to win. This is the best shot they have had in years and I think I want them to beat PSU for the sake of someone new in there, I’m just not expecting it
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    Iowa State this year

    Echemendia's matches... the only ones i've really seen is in Freestyle, and he seems to be a killer there. I'm unsure that I've seen any folkstyle matches. His game on his feet will keep in nearly every match, however, if he's anything like Micah Jordan on bottom, he'll have massive issues this first year. David Carr has the ability to win 157, upsetting Hidlay (and probably everyone else). If he goes 165 (which i think is better for his FS aspirations), I think he's a solid AA.
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    Iowa State this year

    I'm looking forward to a world where ISU is relevant again. Maybe Dresser can move to OU when he's done and perform another resurrection?
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