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    German Wrestling League Videos

    Just thought somebody might want to watch a few matches Alejandro Valdez vs Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov 65kg freestlye Akhmed Magamaev vs Nurmagomed Gadhziyev 97kg freestyle Arsen Musalaliev vs Ali Shabanau 87kg Freestsle Edit : also Sharif Sharifov fought Elizbar Odikadze this Saturday and I'm looking to find a video
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    Lee Kemp or are we not counting the wrestlers that won the 1980 trials? 3 Time World Champ which is one more than Dake. Gene Mills was also part of that 1980 group.
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    Rewatching Nickal vs Dean

    Dean got even sicker when he realized he lost to a guy with noodle arms. Not becoming of the Destroyer of All Worlds.
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    Anyone that's ever done a push-up or pull-up has lifted a weight heavier than 45 pounds.
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    Cox is the best

    Cox beat Dake well before he had transformed himself into that all that and a bag of chips. Dont kid yourselves, he beats Dake all day. Also, JB will continue his complete domination of Dake.
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    PSU room battles/roster spots

    Halls head just isn’t into that much of a cut.
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    Mark Kerr 190, 1992 NCAA Champion for Syracuse
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    This guy must be freebasing Fox News
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    Without Flo about 80 to 90 percent of wrestling that is currently aired goes off air. The fact they put so much content on air, even behind a paywall, is good.
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    Rewatching Nickal vs Dean

    It's summer all over again, except instead of Zain is not better than Yianni this time it's Bo is not better than Dean. Except, scoreboard.
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    Cox is the best

    How many times has the new and improved David Taylor beat Kyle Dake in a fantasy matchup? :)
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    I am displeased, and reminded just now watching a video on FloGrappling, that I have to sit through a commercial before I can watch the video. Didn't I pay for this service? Why should I have to watch a commercial to see content. The numerous Rocket Mortgage commercials during Beat the Streets were so annoying.
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    It does. I love my hulu live. You won't regret the change at all. Navigating it does take some getting used to.
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    given Metcalf is an assistant coach at ISU I have a hard time thinking of him as the face of Iowa wrestling.
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    Flo Wrestling is good/bad for wrestling

    But isn't the argument that wrestling needs more "fans"? Someone that already watches NCAA wrestling is already a fan. IMO, wrestling can be "grown" more by getting people that aren't currently watching really any NCAA wrestling to instead watch some, than by getting people that already watch NCAA to watch international styles.
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    RTC Questions

    Ok, that is clear now. Thank you for your answer.
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    Best wrestler to never make the Olympics?

    Lee Kemp is the American with the most world titles without wrestling at the Olympics. There are two Soviets who had the same number or more titles without wrestling at the Olympics. Aslan Khadartsev won three world titles in 1983 and 1986 at 100kg and in 1987 at 100+kg. He also competed at worlds in 1989 and got bronze at 100+kg. Three world titles and a bronze is the exact same results at Kemp. He obviously missed out on the 1984 games because of the boycott. Not 100% sure if he would have been the guy at 100kg in 1984 because the next year Leri Khabelov won worlds at 100kg for the Soviets, his first of 6 world/olympic titles. Khadartsev was the Soviet rep at the Friendship games in 1984 and won the title at 100kg, though I have no knowledge on how that team was selected. In 1988 the Soviets sent Khabelov at 100kg and Gobezhishvili at 130kg both won gold. Both also represented the unified team in 1992 and won medals. Salman Khasimikov won four world titles for the Soviets at 100+kg in 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983. Soslan Andiyev represented the Soviets at the 1980 games and won gold. This was the 6th of his 6 world/Olympic titles. In 1984 Khasimikov obviously didn't wrestle in the Olympics due to the boycott. He also wasn't the Soviet's rep at the 1984 Friendship games that honor went to Malkhaz Mermanishvili who won them. In 1985 Gobezhishvili was the Soviet rep at 100+kg and won worlds and as stated earlier Gobezhishvili was the rep at 130kg in 1988 and 1992. I imagine now it is more likely to get a 4 time world champ and that doesn't the Olympics. In the past the 80s there were 10 weights at both the world and the Olympics so if you were the best in the world 4 years then there had to be an Olympic games somewhere in the middle of those 4 years and you probably got to go. In all three instances where someone won 3 or more a boycott played some roll. This will probably be more common now that there are 6 weights at the Olympics and 10 at Worlds. Since non-Olympic weights started in 2014 there have been two wrestlers who won 2 world titles at non-olympic weights and not yet made an Olympics - Kyle Dake and Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov.
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    What does an athlete make at a RTC?

    Most if not all RTC's are non-profit. The money comes from donors typically associated with the program. The benefit is having post-graduate wrestlers training with current college wrestler (which is legal per NCAA waivers).
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    tOSU at 149

    I think we know more when we see if Decatur burns his redshirt at 33. If Decatur stays in redshirt, maybe Pletcher makes the cut to fit in Hayes at 141?
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    One more thing. I will NEVER do business with rocket mortgage. Beat. Down.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    You seem to think you have all the answers already. What socialist countries should we model the USA economy after, in your expert view?
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    But you do realize that much of our economy is reliant on the consumer class right? If there is less and less equality, no re distribution of wealth, no welfare, or strong social programs than 1. The country as a whole will suffer and 2. We will essentially revert back to feudalism, where there is virtually no upward mobility and all wealth is inherited. There needs to be a balance.
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    Flo Wrestling is good/bad for wrestling

    I love Flo.....not always perfect.....but a lot of positives....great for our sport......been to 41 NCAA'a/35 in a row (not counting 2020....already have my room, tickets, plane fair), 26 BIG TEN's, 17 World Cups and many other major wrestling events, even the 1971 USA-USSR dual in McGaw Hall, and I still have to have my Flo.
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    Both are headed to U23's, unless they bail on World's.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    You better lay of the sauce, bernie. They only have so many stents they can give you.
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    Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov, Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov and Magomed Kurbanaliev are all good choices for us, too
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    1981 NCAA Wrestling Champions

    I think Joe atiyah was 1 seed didn't make weight became silver medalist for Syria Martucci was at LSU had Atiyah in weight went back Trenton state beat tough Tony Smith in finals D111 and went on roll to win D1 s D11 had Gonzalez champ year before Cuestas . Where takedown machine. Gonzalez, Azevedo, Cuestas Cal State Back to back to back Want see fun match you tube 79 finals Gonzalez vs Mills. Wild Frank C
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    This is clearly a person who has never been sick and needed to take medicine. You'd have to figure people here would have respect for pharma between lamisil, Valtrex, etc. A flu shot might have saved Logan Stieber from that loss to Retherford his senior year. Prescription meds go through clinical trials and are made by US or European companies. Their contents are highly regulated/controlled and contamination is rare and a huge issue whenever it does happen. China has never developed a drug. Supplements you are right.
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    Best wrestler to never make the Olympics?

    Jim Jordan. Gave John Smith a better battle at the trials, then he faced at the Olympics.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    It's not a joke when your kid is maimed or killed by the vaccines that are supposed to help you. Big pharma is a scam, so are vaccines. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    P4P US FS rankings

    To play devil’s advocate, what are the criteria? W/L record for past year? 3 years? 5 years? Head to head wins? Hardware at Olympic weights > at non-Olympic? Points scored against? My point is it’s an impossible list to be objective about. How do you knock Dake down but prop Cox up when they’re both 2x world champs at non-Olympic weights? I don’t think Dake’s weight was easier than Cox’s. Yes, Cox didn’t give up a point this year but neither did Dake last year and he was obviously injured this year and still won. You have 2-1 head to head record for Cox versus Dake, but does anyone with half a brain think that those results are truly reflective of both at the same exact weight? Cox probably had 20+ lbs on Dake who weighed in at 183, give or take. And if Cox and Dake aren’t that far apart, then what do you do with JB? No gold in a while but lost to Sidakov at a tough weight twice. Is that as good as non-Olympic gold? If not, at least his track record against Dake should suffice to put him over Dake, but then what about “the right look” criterion that gets bandied about? Does anyone think JB looks like one of our top 2 or 3 wrestlers? It isn’t just his losses (plural), but even his wins have been ugly on multiple occasions. Not ugly as in “he could’ve done more” but ugly as in “holy sht that was way too close.” If you forgive JB for not passing the eye test of P4P 1 or 2, what about Snyder? At least he hasn’t lost to someone like Imart. And does the loss to Sadulaev even count on a US P4P list? He’s 1-1 against the best guy in the world and doesn’t crack top 4 P4P in the US? Then there’s DT, world champ at an Olympic weight who can’t beat an American but can destroy a guy probably higher on the world P4P list than DT is on any American list.... There’s no way to rank this list objectively. Your list shows your bias, plain and simple.
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    P4P US FS rankings

    Agree JB is ahead of Dake and 79 is not an Olympic weight, but by that same token, how is Cox the clear 1 then? He’s not if we’re using the same criteria for all on the list, which we should. As for who wouldn’t have won 79, how about the guy who beat JB and took him to the edge in a 3-series match, Imart? Going by his very recent results at 79, I’d bet he probably wouldn’t win.
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    From that story: When Bauman stepped down as KU wrestling coach to enter medical school before the 1932-33 academic year, Mehringer became a student-coach for the second time in his young life. He met with continued success on the mat, but Athletic Director Phog Allen would not grant him the funds necessary to travel to the National Intercollegiate Meet to attempt to win a NCAA crown. (Thus it was that Mehringer, an Olympic champion, never could claim a NCAA title.) Financial considerations, made more difficult by Allen’s refusal to permit Mehringer to keep his campus job, led the star athlete to leave the University after his senior year without a degree. Phog sounded like a complete tool.
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    Welcome back amigo!
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    P4P US FS rankings

    flawed logic as it relates to P4P. IF we are looking at M & W freestyle (which I DON'T believe was the intention) gray and stock absolutely belong in the conversation. example: do we really think that seth gross (#1) or spencer lee (#3) could beat zahid valencia (#2) or anthony cassar (#4) in the NCAA p4p rankings? of course not - the weight differential is too big. whether or not someone could beat someone else has nothing to do with p4p rankings (unless of course you are talking in the same weight/division)
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    Chris Edmond (University of Tennessee) 1985 National Champion
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    P4P US FS rankings

    At this point, Mensah-Stock is prolly above Gray for women. Random trivia while I hide out: Mensah is a fairly common surname amongst Akan speaking people of West Africa(primarily Ghana). It is also a name given to the third born male child of a family. Therefore, one of my names is Mensah.
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    P4P US FS rankings

    Leaving out Gray is disrespectful unless we're talking strictly men's FS
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    Fighting Illini 2020 Preview

    Where do Shannon and Luffman project through their careers? Bonafide AA? Multi AA? Was really surprised Shannon chose IL since he was in the EAP
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    David Taylor and JB

    I’m not sure anyone goes into a UFC Fight either just trying to make weight and not worrying about being prepared at a high level. I stand by my statement if a women who just had a baby 4 months ago can be physically ready for a high level UFC fight I don’t see why a man couldn’t figure our how to juggle their Olympic preparation and home life with a newborn. Sure it’s not a walk in the park, but that’s why you make plan. A newborn isn’t the only obstacle people have had to overcome to make a Olympic medal run.
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    red blades

    Wrestlingreport forums — dead?

    I blame FLO.
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    Cornell Big Red Wrestling

    I think I have a strong legal case and would prevail in at least the People's Court and possibly Night Court.
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    Does Tayler get a raise?

    I think it’d be helpful for young/even college wrestlers to know. Obviously they need to go to school or learn a trade too, but knowing what type of earning potential they could have competing would certainly be good to know. Even if Snyder is “living well,” I’d guess the majority of it is coming from endorsements.
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    Wrestling regions in each country

    You conflate authoritarianism with totalitarianism. They are not the same things. Try educating yourself before you rant.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    I'm pretty positive Snyder thinks about things in a completely different way than your takes. 1. He's not worried about school pride, he wants to get better by wrestling better practice partners everyday-not just 1 or 2 top guys brought in once a year. This shouldn't surprise us considering he skipped his last year of high school to train at the OTC. 2. Coaching style/technique does make a difference. He's been with Tervel for many years now-makes them best friends and close but also gives him limited perspective on technique and training that could help him. Also, he's really close to Brandon Slay-the move puts him only a few hours from him at UPenn. 3. Family is important to him. He and his wife (not girlfriend) are both from Maryland-the move puts him much closer to home.
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    Good to see the PSU / Iowa bickerers already in mid-season form...
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    Iowa early 80s a couple times Zalesky bros and Banach bros all were AA same year Iowa early 90s a couple times Brands bros and Steiner bros all were AA same year
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    No NWCA All-Star Classic in 2019

    Its a shame. Yes not having the 1s vs 2s every match made it not as exciting, but there were still great matchups amonst numerous highly ranked guys. Not having the event sucks for people who enjoy high level college wrestling.
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    Flo is irrelevant to wrestling. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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