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    Desanto Team Point

    I think the unsportsmanlike call came from a face mush right after the whistle, which got the crowd to start booing him, so he carried on... Some people strive win and lose with grace. Other people are DeSanto. At least he's consistent.
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    New Flo Rankings

    dmm..If you have read the boards much (some college, but a lot on international boards), you know "Jaroslav" has been on these boards for a long time and playfully needles people when they're getting irrationally butt-hurt. He's teasing you. Calm down. You accuse him of hiding behind a pseudonym but he's been openly talking about himself as the one responsible for the rankings this whole time. Now you start attacking him and his character and on and on by his real name when you're the only one hiding in this exchange. He's respectfully answered every single question or comment people have put out there. I'm not a fan of Flo's customer service, but, dude, take your complaints (which are warranted) to the proper channels. "Jaroslav" is on this board as a fan because he likes to talk wrestling and because he likes to be helpful in explaining why he's done what he's done with the rankings. Reading your posts makes us all cringe--and not because of anything about JH. Yikes, man.
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    Somewhere, tbar just felt a tingle in his junk, letting him know somebody said something that might not be 100% positive about Penn State.
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    With Myles Martin being the front runner to win 184 it could end Cornell and Penn State’s 8 year run of champs. If he wins this year will be the first year since 2010 that a non-Cornell/Penn State wrestler will win 184. 2018 Bo Nickal PSU 2017 Bo Nickal PSU 2016 Gabe Dean Cornell 2015 Gabe Dean Cornell 2014 Ed Ruth PSU 2013 Ed Ruth PSU 2012 Steve Bosak Cornell 2011 Quentin Wright PSU 2010 Max Askren Missouri During this 8 year streak the school’s have had 2 matches against each other in the finals (2012: Bosak vs Wright and 2017: Nickal vs Dean). They have also met in the semis 2 times (2014: Ruth vs Dean and 2013: Ruth vs Bosak) and once in the quarterfinals (2018: Nickal vs Max Dean). During the 8 year run of champs the only 2 years that one of the schools didn’t have an AA at the weight was 2015 and 2016 when Matt McCutcheon finished R12 (2015) and 0-2 (2016). Ironically, neither school had an AA at 184 in 2010.
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    Not the best day for PSU

    Did PSU have a bad day, or did the Badgers have a good day?
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    Not the best day for PSU

    You keep a tally sheet?
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    No Teasdale?

    What if everyone is ducking HIM by wrestling when they know he isn't... Think about it.... Actually, don't...
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    Life is better when anything from New Jersey isn’t involved.
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    Can we talk about the ridiculousness of Ashnault accruing riding time while bouncing on one leg desperately fighting off a reversal? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    To answer the op - NOBODY, we all lost. Here is a clip of the match. if you watch it long enough they move.
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    Hope nobody does a six shooter at Stoll this year. It could induce a PTSD episode. Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
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    Ugh.... Why is it that so many wrestlers from New Jersey seem to have modeled themselves from characters on jersey shore?
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    PSU v Wisconsin

    Bono making a difference there. Wisconsin is going to be problems. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Ryan Deakin

    Poor Ryan Deakin probably logged onto the forum this morning thinking there was a 10 page thread about him...
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    Patrick Brucki= Brian Shute https://twitter.com/tigerwrestling/status/1049335449284698112?lang=en
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    Yarygin 2019

    HWC is sending the following wrestlers as of right now: Thomas GilmanCory ClarkSammy BrooksForrest Molinari
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    And then you've got the lamborghini cousins too... I'll see myself out.
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    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Gfelleer didn't let Ashnault punk his team. Not sure how coaches feel but thought it was appropriate.
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    Not the best day for PSU

    While saying anything suggestive of criticism of penn state. So as to not give inappropriate and adverse arousal to the cockles of tbar’s heart, you will want to follow the example of the post above and quickly make several complementary comments onto the psu program after the slight suggestive of criticism.
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    Celebrations: response to Gf and Ash

    Baby from Dirty Dancing on themat.com forums? Never thought I'd see the day.
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    The whole thing was a disaster. One thing is sure, the refs need to decide the challenges in a LOT less time. That match dragged on forever.
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    PSU v Wisconsin

    I prefer Moran won, as opposed to Lee lost, but I am a UW alum.
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    Flo split screen?

    I am always here to help the citizens of this great country.
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