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    In the US, they would have scored that move 4 for Zain with the takedown... and waited until after the match to do it.
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    Shouldn't be too hard keeping a lid on it when every single person has a connection to the whole world at their fingertips
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    Zain should do the right thing

    Stay on the college board Cinnabon
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    Yasar Dogu

    Can we just all agree that it's obvious Koll and Dake paid off the Dogu officials to make this happen?
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    Yasar Dogu

    Zane wins everyone gets to shut up.... Yianni wins everyone gets to meltdown... Perfect.
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    Flo folks - many are going to wake up tomorrow and want to see the Z Y match. We will go to your website and watch it. When we do we will feel we are getting value for the money we spend on Flo. Request to help us have a good experience ... Please post the video with no spoiler in the header. Do not put any news headlines on your site with the result in it. Let us easily find the video and be able to watch it without having the result given away by anything on your site. Please keep this going at least until noon eastern time to give folks on the west coast a chance to wake up and watch. thank you!
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    Zain will win arbitration

    Zain could pull a world class anti hero move if he defaults tomorrow match. Think about it. He can claim he was injured by an American world team back up. This would effectively give him the Yasar gold medal, secure his spot on the team, and give tbar lots of cover.
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    Yianni at Yasar

    I had bridge strength of a 1 ton truck spring.
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    Zain should do the right thing

    Unless the World Team Trials match results are overturned, Zain won the the spot on the World Team and he will and should be our rep, with no regrets. Last I checked, the Yassar Dogu was not the US team qualifier.
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    It's like waking up for Christmas.
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    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    Tom Minkel wrestling and parrot training academy.
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    Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

    Yasar Dogu

    we so exciting when watching every year Yasar dogu , but we know so few about this Turkish phenom in whose honor this tournament is held.
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    Calm down dude, it's an internet message board, I'm pretty sure everyone here knows anyone that is talked about here has accomplished way more than 99.9% of the people posting here. That doesn't mean they are immune to criticism. I guess no one should report on any sporting events unless you were a Hall of Famer because after all most people writing about sports will never accomplish anything near what the person they're writing about has. And what do you mean "we know better than he does" anyway? Of course delaying the match is what's best for him, that's the whole argument. He should be allowed time to recover from his injury, but shouldn't need to take his sweet time in doing so.
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    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    No comparison. It’s too hard to rip someone’s head off from a front headlock without Triceps.
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    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    To be fair, these results also make Bo look damn good. He kept if far more competitive than any of JDen’s international opponents have so far. I don’t think it’s far off to say Bo is a top 5 at 92.
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    Yianni at Yasar

    Dan: you know you’re violating the terms of your restraining order with this thread.
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    USA Wrestling (website): Get it together!

    Is there a way we can copy this and set it as a stamp or something? This would be a solid response to sooooo many posts.
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    Calling Rick Tucci, Rick Tucci, you there Rick???
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    Yianni is the evolution of American freestyle wrestling. A technical wizard with great instincts-truly amazing to watch.
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    This is evidence for the jury when koll takes his case to people’s court.
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    Awful to see this pathetic MMA tactic make it's way into other grappling disciplines. Every person in the world just wants to latch their name onto someone more popular. Sad. If he sincerely wanted to wrestle Kyle Snyder he'd just show up at a tournament Snyder was entered in.
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    Here's a question... If it takes outside the room competition to get reasonably ready (a common assertion in this thread), then why did Dake wait until the deadline to file for the extension. He knew he needed months of prep and overseas matches so he knew months out he wasn't taking part in Final X. Why the wait to file for extension? The only reason is to make Dieringer get his weight down and peak for no reason. Dake is well within his rights here and USA Wrestling created this animal, but Dake has turned the gamesmanship up to 11.
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    I'm going to lay out my perspective on this. Naturally, no one else needs to accept it, but I think it has a lot of utility. When I was a kid (this would be around 3rd and 4th grade), I used to look at the wall charts to see who was in my weight. I developed a good sense of who everyone was, and could tell how tough my weight was. I would go down the chart, and think, "He's good. He sucks. He's okay. He's really good; if I make it to the semis, I'll probably have him. He's okay..." After a few years, I found myself going down charts and thinking, "He sucks. He sucks. He sucks. He sucks..." At a certain point, I realized: "These guys don't all suck. I think I've gotten good." Most people start off with a fixed frame of reference. The people who become sufficiently good at something tend to grow beyond it. "Garbage" is a pejorative term. It's like "lard-ass". Now, you can define your terms however you like, but if you call someone "lard-ass" and don't expect him to be offended, you're pretty foolish. Saying, "Well, look, it's not my fault... here's what the term means, and here's how it applies to you" is either disingenuous or clueless. Likewise, the average middle school wrestler is average. If you want to say "garbage" covers that, you can, but I don't think it's a good idea. The gap between the best middle school wrestlers and the average ones is indeed large. As we get better at the sport, that gap will inevitably get larger. That's not a good reason to term the average ones (or even the beginners) "garbage". Likewise, the gap between good college wrestlers and the best middle school wrestlers is large... and should be, else what have the college wrestlers been doing with their time? That's not a good reason to term the best middle school wrestlers "garbage" either. If a good coach takes an average wrestler and works with him for awhile, he becomes a good wrestler. How do you describe this? "Well, you were garbage before, but now you're not?" Again, you can define your terms however you like, but not all definitions are equally useful. Talking like this isn't productive. Regarding most wrestlers at any given level with scorn is, in my view, stupid... and that's what this amounts to.