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    This guy must be freebasing Fox News
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    Top Wrestlers in USA History

    Big Bruce by a mile. He doesn’t get enough respect here.
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    Continental Cup Khasavjurt, Russia

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNEhM8ElSrlEqr_vYVfk3A I have been watching here is link
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    Maybe if he really wants to win he will convert to Islam. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Good to see the PSU / Iowa bickerers already in mid-season form...
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    Cornell Big Red Wrestling

    I think I have a strong legal case and would prevail in at least the People's Court and possibly Night Court.
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    Does Tayler get a raise?

    I think it’d be helpful for young/even college wrestlers to know. Obviously they need to go to school or learn a trade too, but knowing what type of earning potential they could have competing would certainly be good to know. Even if Snyder is “living well,” I’d guess the majority of it is coming from endorsements.
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    1981 NCAA Wrestling Champions

    first SI article I ever read about wrestling https://www.si.com/vault/1981/03/23/825484/lookalikes-do-alike-the-mighty-banach-twins-captured-individual-titles-as-lowa-took-yet-another-ncaa-championship-its-sixth-in-seven-years
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    Gents when Tommy figured out talent wins even when it dont work reel hard and there arnt no future in being no developmental program he hit the road and started picking up some gents what was on the market run off or flunked out or otherwise on waivers hombres like Downey Lugo Teasedale Desanto and such now some gents say thats a stroke of genius and others say its like buying a used car you just bought yourself a whole lot of trouble Kale aint gonna buy a bus ticket for some gent what aint pissed his last drop and being one of Kales close personal friends I gotta agree hes a reel ***hole when it comes in between him and winning he took my old friend Andy Long on board and maybe he learnt his lessons or otherwise just wanted to win gents got him his first title some would argue a national titles worth rolling the dice and some of them same gents would argue thats what Tommys doing stacking his whole entire lineup with transfers. Now Tommys purse puppies and pickle sniffers is running there mouths about Teasedale saying hes the next coming of Jesus Christ killing everybody in the room and thats going to compel my team favorite Desanto to move up to 141 and them same gents is going to say thats all good and fine gets him another 10 pts at Nattys or maybe more. But friends the Voice of Wrestlings going to say theres a risk in them transfer gents and sometimes it take 7 or 8 second chances to make it to the next level and theres a risk of a slip or a trip or maybe even a big fall and maybe taking them transfer gents is necessary when you aint done your homework or want to take a shortcut or maybe when your heads on the block and your just plain desperate and I gotta say you take the risk then dont do the crime if you cant do the time be careful Tommy I sure hope for your sake you know what your doing.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    I'm pretty positive Snyder thinks about things in a completely different way than your takes. 1. He's not worried about school pride, he wants to get better by wrestling better practice partners everyday-not just 1 or 2 top guys brought in once a year. This shouldn't surprise us considering he skipped his last year of high school to train at the OTC. 2. Coaching style/technique does make a difference. He's been with Tervel for many years now-makes them best friends and close but also gives him limited perspective on technique and training that could help him. Also, he's really close to Brandon Slay-the move puts him only a few hours from him at UPenn. 3. Family is important to him. He and his wife (not girlfriend) are both from Maryland-the move puts him much closer to home.
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    Anybody wanting to make some serious money will be selling dreads at penn st home games
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    FRL doesn't work again. Flo should reach out to Silicon Valley to find some tech people who actually know how tech works.
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    Top Wrestlers in USA History

    For best at one time, Dan Gable should be in the conversation too
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    Zadick as new coach

    Cant really speak to any of this, but getting fired by ISU seems to be a good path to getting hired by USA Wrestling these days.
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    Iszmail Muszukajev ("Hungary")

    Thanks, found it: https://mobile.twitter.com/rader_jd/status/1176993417232076801
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    Ogalthorpe Haywood

    USA depth for Olympic Weights

    Well agree to disagree because I think you are stupid.
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    Cornell Big Red Wrestling

    September 21st Rob Koll World Championships update
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    Wrestling regions in each country

    You conflate authoritarianism with totalitarianism. They are not the same things. Try educating yourself before you rant.
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    So if they dont send someone at 97 kg and 125kg for the olympics or win 197 and heavy this year, is it the biggest letdown in the history of the sport? I mean all that talent guarentees those wins right?
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    Im speaking more of restaurants in SoCal or Las Vegas locally, especially ones that dont specifically offer a kids menu
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    Is Snyder to NLWC really a "betrayal"?

    Does anyone think maybe that there’s a possibility the three of them in their discussions on this...Ryan and Dlagnev have thought, maybe we have reached the top of what we’re going to achieve here. Maybe these are the kinds of changes needed to get back on top. And in that he has not only their full blessings but also their agreement?? Or is that just too out of whack?
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    Top Wrestlers in USA History

    They're ranked by World and Olympic medals.
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    Continental Cup Khasavjurt, Russia

    Imar will go tomorrow at 79kg is what I heard
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    Continental Cup Khasavjurt, Russia

    I saw Mehki won 3-2 still kind of hunting. Very disappointing for Zahid and Gilman
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    Yeah, talk about a recruiting advantage for PSU, they even have God telling people to go there now
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    I can respect that but I will say I was referring to freestyle and not folkstyle. In folkstyle I think Kerkvliet is not quite there yet with Cassar.
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    Continental Cup Khasavjurt, Russia

    57 kg: Thomas Gilman (Iowa City, Iowa/Titan Mercury WC/Hawkeye WC) vs. Mukhamad Ikromov (Tajikistan), 19th at 2019 Senior Worlds, bronze at 2019 Grand Prix of Spain 57 kg: Zach Sanders (Minneapolis, Minn./Minnesota Storm) vs. Khasan Husein Badrudinov (Russia), 2014 Junior World gold, 2016 Junior World silver, 2015 Junior World bronze 65 kg: Dean Heil (Norman, Okla./Titan Mercury WC/Oklahoma RTC) vs. Haji Ali (Bahrain), 7th at 2019 Senior Worlds, 2019 Yasar Dogu silver 65kg: Evan Henderson (New York, N.Y./Titan Mercury WC) vs. Gamzat Gamzatov (Russia), 23rd at 2018 Alany Tournament 74 kg: Dan Vallimont (Philadelphia, Pa./Pennsylvania RTC) vs. Nadir Hajiyev (Azerbaijan), no credentials 74 kg: Nazar Kulchytskyy (Minneapolis, Minn./Titan Mercury WC/Gopher WC) vs.Amin Tekushev (Russia), 9th at 2018 Ali Aliev Tournament 74 kg: Mekhi Lewis (Bound Brook, N.J./Southeast RTC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Davit Gevorgyan (Armenia), 16th at 2019 Junior Worlds, 22nd at 2018 Junior Worlds 86 kg: Kevin Radford (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) vs. Adam Gagiev (Russia), 7th at 2018 Alany Tournament, 10th at 2018 Ali Aliev Tournament 86 kg: Zahid Valencia (Bellflower, Calif./Sunkist Kids) vs. Omar Ziiautdinov (Russia), 5th at 2019 Medved Prizes, 7th at 2018 Ali Aliev Tournament 86 kg: Sammy Brooks (Iowa City, Iowa/New York AC) vs. Nick Heflin (USA), 5th at 2018 Ivan Yarygin 86 kg: Nick Heflin (Norman, Okla./Titan Mercury WC/Oklahoma RTC) vs. Sammy Brooks (USA), 2011 Cadet World bronze, 2013 Junior World Team member, 2017 U23 World Team member 97 kg: Ty Walz (Blacksburg, Va./Southeast RTC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Tamik Dzhikaev (Russia), 3rd at 2019 Junior Euros, 6th at 2019 Medved Prizes 97 kg: Hayden Zillmer (Minneapolis, Minn./Minnesota Storm) vs. Magomed Musaev (Kyrgyzstan), 2012 and 2016 Olympian
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    Kyle Snyder to Penn State

    WOW. I can’t think of any other scenario where a senior level wrestler switching clubs/RTC’s would be this shocking. It’s not that Snyder is leaving that shocks me, it’s where he’s going. The pride and joy of tOSU’s wrestling program (sorry Logan) and RTC/club is now going to be used as a major recruiting tool for their biggest rival. And only a few months after tOSU opened their new over the top facilities no less. I’m neither a fan nor hater of either program so no skin in the game...but yikes this must’ve been some ROUGH news for Tom Ryan.
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    Snyder to NLWC.

    Agreed. Although I would say not so much improvement as different...new ideas and as you said perspectives. Don't forget Cunningham too. Great strategist and programmer.
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    Wrestling regions in each country

    Turkmenistan really lighting it up on the world stage lately
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    It's possible, and a few people did it while beta-testing this summer, but it's A LOT of scrolling on a phone. With the long lists of wrestlers, and all the extra "sections" that are on the page, it's not optimized for mobile.....YET. I will work on trying to make it work better for mobile, but can't promise anything with drafts already scheduled to start in the next couple days. I don't want to implement something I'm not 100% sure on, then have the entire draft process blow up for EVERYONE because I didn't test enough before deploying.
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    Iowa early 80s a couple times Zalesky bros and Banach bros all were AA same year Iowa early 90s a couple times Brands bros and Steiner bros all were AA same year
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    Love being compared to UFC and ESPN. we're not there yet but someday!
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    Gotchya. Well, I guess I will continue to not follow your high school content. This is a long way of saying that making sure people pay for this is a lot more important to flo than trying to make it convenient, even for our paying customers, but we also dont have the time to fix the problem that is already obvious to us... thanks for your feedback.
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    Iowa State this year

    I feel context is needed a bit here in this statement. He was behind Mark Ellis for two years, whom may I add as a national champion & 6th in the nation. Had he wrestled just about anywhere else, he probably would've been a four time AA.
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    Steveson Olympic RS?

    Madmardigain,Scribe and Bob Dole: fantastic when we can get H. P. Lovecraft, Islam's re-animator and Mel Gibsons Gravy for the brain all on one wrestling thread.
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    Wrestling regions in each country

    Where's Long Island Marty when you need him?! :D Seriously though, this is one of Spey's specialties with his heat maps. He's great with this stuff.
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    Couple of other things with the Dagestani clothing. The hats are called papakha and Amazon (probably sold elsewhere as well) sells them in the $35-40 range and includes a Dagestan flag, so says the ad. Thinking about getting one for the upcoming winter. Saw a documentary but don't remember exactly, but pretty sure those big warm coats are made so the person can keep his sword or whatever weapon underneath with the opening in front for easy access. Didn't find these coats on Amazon yet. :D
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    Gilman in Russia

    I hear you. All valid points. I’d be shocked if he lost to a tier 2 though. If that is his level I doubt he shows up. That would mean Gilman is completely handling him in the room and maybe even Clark is beating him more often than not. If he lost to Gilman or Fix I wouldn’t be surprised. Lee and Gilman aren’t qualified yet for trials, so we will likely see both in freestyle in December. Lee can qualify by winning 2020 NCAAs, but it seems very risky to wait until then cant wait to see how this all plays out
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    Gimp, yes, immediately post-WWII since my grandfather was an American GI. To me, this is about how private companies opt to run their clubs. They happen to be in the U.S. I’m not sure what level of funding USAW provides to clubs and RTCs (if any), so this USAW “funding” of foreign athletes seems to me to be more just talk than it is actual dollars. Resources are in the eye of the beholder. Our entire country is founded by immigrants. Every week there’s some parade in some city about their home culture. None of our transfers are national team guys, so save a Junior (Micic) or Cadet (Amine) trip, how much has USAW actually put into these guys for there to be this much pushback? I want the US to win medals. I also have zero issues with athletes wanting to win medals for other countries. We don’t live their lives. We only know their motivations if we hear them talk on it at length (Amine is a guest On The Mat this week, for example: http://mattalkonline.com/otm585) These are private clubs providing the resources, not the NGB.
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    WNO Supermatch: PD3 vs Nicky Rodriguez ?

    Certainly not every one who has a criticism or a few falls into what I’m saying, but it’s pretty hard to deny that people like that exist. And it exists on this board, whether it’s Flo or Penn State or Iowa or Rob Koll or.....
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    Gilman in Russia

    Haha we have a lot of domestic results for him. I think he will always "upset" Joesph Mckenna but aside from that, his style just doesnt translate I'm aware of his less than ideal results due to his style but you just never know but I agree for the most part and dont expect much from Heil.
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    David Taylor Status?

    Stop...for the love of everything wrestling....stop.
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    sorry that i can't reveal the actual numbers but more people watch the PD3 Nicky Rod match than any other WNO match from ever prior event. it was a big win for everyone! except people who didn't want the match to be popular so they wouldn't have to admit you were wrong to someone they've never met before on an internet forum. but to everyone else, it was a win!
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    I’d love to see VT but I only see Myers(7/8), Moore (7/8), McFadden (3/4), and Bolen (3/5) making a run. If Bolen gets hot I think he’s a finalist.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Iran National Championships Finals 57kg: Mohsen Maleki (Tehran Environs) beat Mohammad Kaboli (Alborz) 7-2 61kg: Majid Dastan (Tehran) beat Mohammad Maleki (East Azarbaijan) 10-0 65kg: Morteza Ghiasi (Lorestan) beat Mehran Sheikhi (Mazandaran) 7-4 70kg: Mehdi Yeganeh-Jafari (Mazandaran) beat Hossein Mostafavi (East Azarbaijan) 6-2 74kg: Saeid Dadashpour (Tehran) beat Masoud Kamarvand (Hamedan) 3-2 79kg: Omid Hassantabar (Mazandaran) beat Mohammad Zare'ei (Kordestan) 13-4 86kg: Jalal Zaman (Mazandaran) beat Arash Nayyerabadi (Golestan) 4-3 92kg: Arashk Mohebbi (Kermanshah) beat Meisam Mostafa-Jokar (Hamedan) 6-2 97kg: Esmaeil Nejatian (Khorasan Razavi) beat Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian (Mazandaran) 4-4 125kg: Amin Taheri (Tehran) beat Ahmad Rasouli (Golestan) 4-0 none of the gold medalists are "new" maybe except 57kg and 61kg. Dastan was a bit impressive but the level was also not that great in this weight. Mohammadian-Nejatian was a bit controversial because the scoreboard wrongly showed Mohammadian as the winner but that was a mistake and they fixed it later. Nejatian won the final by a last second pushout. Dadashpour is also still the same. winning his matches in last 20-30 seconds. I don't know if they can count on him for this weak weight though, he is probably not worse than Afzali.
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    New Flo Color Scheme

    I normally don't say this, but it has really gotten to this point now. Why don't all the experts here start their own company. It is obvious to all of you that it is so easy and with so many experts in marketing, social media, content, customer service, and streaming services, why are we all wasting our time on this forum? We should be starting flos next competitor and grow the sport like everyone here is talking about all the time. By a lot of posters opinions, it appears that flo is not only hurting the sport, but leaving lots of money on the table. Come on everyone! Lets start a company and be rich!
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    USA depth for Olympic Weights

    The depth of these weights are stunning. Example, 285. At 6,7,8, 9 Nelson, Varner, Cassar, Kerkvliet. The other weights are just as deep or deeper. I don't ever recall the U.S. being so stacked with talent.
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    2020 Dark-Horse?

    All roads point toward Mehki in my map. He had limited freestyle experience. Dont know much of his training experience or future goals, hopefully in a legit RTC. Great attitude and ambassador toward the sport in interviews I have seen. Hall and Lee seem uninterested in freestyle right now. Cenzo...I have not seen him in a international style. Obviously NS would have a bright future, good partners in room.
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