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    just watched it... not even close to a pin... i really don't know what some of you people are seeing...
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    I'm in the camp that this guy should be ignored til he pays up.
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    Interesting that Desanto said he "just tweaked" his knee and is "100%" Things that make you go "Hmmmm..."
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    tOSU/PSU discussion

    I'm a Penn State fan, but found myself rooting for Traub!
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    Kyle and J'den will both be working on their cradles in the next few weeks.
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    I think ADS's meltdown in the RBY match may have played as large a part in this "warning" as his post match antics. The way he acted I initially believed he tore an ACL or something. As the match went on I smelled something more fishy about the whole thing.
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    Predict the top 8 at Heavyweight

    I’m in! Parris Steveson Cassiopi Hall Hilger Stencel Wood Thomas
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    The Art of Wrestling

    It's really difficult to not love this sport when it is done right, especially against some of the best competition on earth. Also, who doesn't love when Freestylers throw? Thos sport is art. The music might be a bit much for some. You may want to turn it down/off.
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    Shots Fired! (Chamizo)

    I mean, he loses to Burroughs and Sidakov... wouldn't quite say "Shell of himself"
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    Wrestling is too individual. I said I dont like tOSU, but I loved watching Micah Jordan. I could never root against Nato except when he wrestled an Iowa guy. I find it much easier to root against a school in football than I do wrestling.
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    Olympic Trials Finalists 86kg

    Downey can beat Yazdani? At what? Knitting and crocheting?
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    Did the big ten let Tom Brands make his own schedule this year? They haven’t had a single big match on the road all year.
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    tOSU/PSU discussion

    STEAL would be the optimal word. He stalled the entire match and zero stalls...sumfin
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    He won a Juco title at Iowa central community college and comparing him to Bo Nickal is crazy, Jones is a 1 time NY state champ, bo nickel has been a champion and wrestling on the national scene since he was a child. for comparison sake Troy Keller wrestles for Buffalo he was juco national champ in 2018 and he was 18-10 last year and was teched by every top guy he faced Richie Lewis was a 2 time Juco national finalist at the same school as jones transferred to Rutgers and never AAed being a Juco champion doesn’t really translate to Ncaa success, and from everything I’ve heard Jones is the ultimate Anti team, Me first guy there is, which is the complete opposite of what Iowa preaches, I don’t think he d make it through a semester with his attitude
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    JB goes to Tokyo . mspart
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    i'm just trying to do my part... make a difference...
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    Yeah, I think so. You must have an NCAA title or two of your own if you don't think it's impressive.
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    Nope. Only 1 team has ever placed all 10 wrestlers and that was the 2001 Minnesota Gophers. They Placed: 125: 3rd 133: 8th 141:8th 149:6th 157: 4th 165: 4th 174: 4th 184: 5th 197: 3rd HWT: 3rd
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    I love what Ryan has done at tOSU, but this statement necessitates pointing out the difference between someone's "seems like" and the actual reality. Still credit is due, since they have taken 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 2nd the past 5 years which is super impressive considering what PSU has done. 2007: 10th 2008: 2nd 2009: 2nd 2010: 8th 2011: 29th 2012: 5th 2013: 6th 2014: 6th 2015: 1st 2016: 3rd 2017: 2nd 2018: 2nd 2019: 2nd
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    Desanto is an unbelievable wresting talent but a complete head case and frequently a total tool. I hope he continues his show into Nationals and it costs the Cockeyes team points. Then we get get to watch Tom Brands mumble thru another barely coherent take on”circus boy “
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    all one needs to do is look at the boycott culture today this group/person said this... its wrongthink, they should be canceled
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    I will bet against him winning both tournaments, but you won't pay up, so why bother.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    He's talking about the world championships. Type Khutaba (SYR) into the youtube search and all his matches come up.
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    My girlfriend speaks 3 languages fluently and spoke Korean before she spoke English. She can get by in Spanish, French or Italian reasonably well, at least enough to understand what somebody is saying. She also studied linguistics in school. She says that Korean is easier to learn because the alphabet is simple and because the way the words are structured isn't like a lot of the romance languages that have gender pronouns. Maybe she's just extraordinarily gifted with Korean, I have no idea since I don't know about the language other than what she tells me. But the way she speaks of learning it, it sounds like she had an easier time with it than learning English. Her base language is fairly terrifying to hear though haha.
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    NCAA Transfer Portal for WRESTLING

    Bronco, I’m pretty sure none of those football places you mention have access to the portal. They’re getting the info from parents, and perhaps second hand sources from those teams. The answer is no, fans cannot (and should not) have access to the transfer portal. It’s on the athletes to actually publicize that on their own. If it was public, the amount of contact that would be thrown at these athletes would be nuts from fans and boosters( esp. with the money sports)
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    It's not always about the money or prestige. For some, its about being where you want to be and being where your meant to be. My bet is Terry would never coach elsewhere, not for all the tea in China.
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    Bear with me for a moment as I am guessing the single biggest way of getting wrestling out to the general public is through the Olympics and possibly to a lesser extent the Worlds and various Continental Championships. I don't know what sort of bump it causes internationally for the sport, but people may be inspired or at least recall an Olympian especially a medal winner. I think what I am getting at is how limited in scope those appear to be. As far as I know, the countries have one wrestler per weight class (and maybe not even one) that could compete, but not more than one. It's not the only sport that has this -- although many (i.e. Gymnastics, Track & Field) have multiple individual competitors -- with boxing sharing the same fate. I guess with boxing, though, there is always a professional option for those that don't make the cut -- Bud Crawford, for example. would lose his chance to make the 2008 Olympics, but actually turned pro and had three bouts before those Olympics came down. Sure, you should have the best in each country, but is it really the best field of competitors? Some questions / thoughts -- When Karelin went undefeated for 13 years, how good was the next best Russian? Could that guy have mopped up much of the competition too? In general, how often is the 2nd best Russian, Iranian, American, etc. a top 5 or 10 wrestler, but can't beat the # 1 in his country so misses out in these other competitions? What is the best tournament that features multiple wrestlers at the same weight for different countries? Why isn't this played up more as it seems like it would be THE event (except that maybe some are always saving themselves for the Olympics?) Not bashing the Olympics as much as wishing wrestling had something else that captured the public's attention the same way.
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    Forfeit Question...

    Erminio8, not sure about the latter question, but the answer to the first question is actually yes/no.
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    Forfeit Question...

    Yes/No. I edited this. Seton Hall is correct that it does not impact RPI.
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    Nickal’s weight

    Yes, of course. It’s all part of the same point. There’s truckloads of ego in giving up 20 pounds and trying to make the weight against Snyder and Cox, especially when there’s a weight you can easily make that while no cakewalk is at least your weight class.
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    TBH - you set yourself to a higher standard when you stated your religion. Your own belief is enough for your to consider changing your behavior, after you are made aware of it. Ionel was trolling you to get a rise. No, you did not deserve it. The best we can do on this forum is to prevent opportunities for trolling, through careful actions of our own. When it is too late, recognize when you are being trolled and stop feeding it. Keep the emotion out of your responses. Poke fun at yourself (example from me). You don't have to be right. You can also report it and if this forum has good moderators, they will address it (banning users for repeat offense). Comparably, reddit allows for downvoting as a means to shadowban users; a feature gap on this forum. My perception was that you misinterpreted ionel's initial intent. His first comment seemed like a joke, more at JC's expense than yours, and all in good fun. I considered a light-weight form of community hazing and somewhat humorous if you followed JC bets. You didn't read it that way and perceived it as a mean attack. Your first response was defensive "Don't compare me." This dug yourself a little hole. Ionel trolled with his implicit comment that one couldn't win a bet against himself. From there, you were angry and full-on engaged in a defensive mindset. You tell him to 'apply logic' and continue defending against a JC comparison. Then you state something that reads like a challenge to "say it to your face." Finally you dug yourself a large hole by stating your Christian religion. That statement made your defensive behavior look worse. Christians want to be sinless -- an impossible standard and one that causes everyone to scrutinize you closely... Your defensive comments were snacks for more trolling; "JC and new guy bad at betting." At that point, your actions turned to more defensiveness "I won more bets" and insulting/labeling "Who is the loser?" Then the community, and not just ionel, was hawk-eying your comments and all your mistakes were magnified - math, writing, putting words in other's mouths. Your last quote has one piece of humbleness to it "I reacted wrongly" and is defensive through deflection "look at what others are doing." Take accountability for yourself and let others take it for themselves. FWIW - if I was a moderator of this forum, the only ionel post that I'd consider unacceptable was the 3Rs post. If you reported it, I'd warn him and would also warn you. Note: I have reported repeat labeling behavior before but did not do so here.
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    Fake news. He'd be perfect for 143 with a same day weigh in, which is the exact equivalent to 136.5 with a day before weigh in. Who in your mind would beat him at such a weight?
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    European Championship - Feb 10-16

    Chamizo won gold by defeating Gazimagomedov in finals 5-3. It was a tough match, Gazi almost had the win if he could convert that step-out in the last seconds. Chamizo being Chamizo defended it well. later Chamizo made interesting comments (excerpt from UWW) After the award ceremony, Chamizo stated he believes that Gazimagomedov is a lot better than the man that beat him in last year’s world finals, Zaurbek Sidakov. “(Sidakov) is a cool guy, and he’s training good, but I think (Gazimagomedov) is much better than him,” Chamizo said. “Look, (Sidakov and I) wrestled in 2018, and my training was about 50%. I didn’t perform. It was the same thing in 2019. My knee and ankle weren’t good. Right now, I’m good. But, where is (Sidakov)?” UWW article also talked about Gazi should get a chance via wrestle-off with Sidakov for Tokyo seat As it sits now, Sidakov is the top choice to represent Russia at the Olympic Games. But, Gazimagomedov’s Yariguin win and European silver-medal finish further his case that he deserves at least a wrestle-off to show just how worthy of a competitor he is.
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    I think the limit is probably so someone like Cinnabon can’t make multiple alt accounts and give himself a zillion likes. Just a guess though. I’ve had the same problem where my first like of the day will say I’m already out for the day.
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    tOSU/PSU discussion

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    Kaleb Young is a poor man's Derek St. John. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Sprinting = tough guy? Yall are trying to hard.
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    He beat Askren at an Open tournament when they were both freshman
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    Top Colleges in USA for wrestling?

    If your nephew wins a world championship, he will get attention. :) Good luck. He has made some new fans on this message board.
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    Gilman in Russia

    Appreciated man. Few go to Russia and come home without intriguing stories!
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    Top Colleges in USA for wrestling?

    Yeah almost their whole team does it! Sorry that’s somewhat of a joke (although true) - but in most cases I’d imagine it would be tough to transfer from community college to the Ivy League. There are certainly schools that have lower admission standards and not highly ranked wrestling teams that might be willing to take a chance on someone with international success. I mean didn’t Echemendia basically get a scholarship to a top-5 ranked team based primarily on freestyle results? Although as mentioned you’d probably also want to be near an RTC in order to also train freestyle.
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    If you are who you say you are, you're good enough to pursue wrestling at the Division 1 level. What you need to do is take the necessary steps to become an eligible student. Look here: https://www.usa.gov/study-in-US#item-35632 It will otherwise be difficult for any coaches to invest time/money in bringing you to their team, not knowing whether or not you're ever going to make it to the university in the first place.
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    I coached NJCAA for awhile so I follow that still pretty much, rest of the divisions not so much. Much more of an international styles guy so much more of my attention is there though.
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    PSU Jarod Verkleeren

    Probably wrestling goes a long way in keeping him healthy. Regular exercise like Verk receives in the room is great for moderating blood sugar, plus discipline with his diet. I bet he's healthier than 90% of the non-diabetic people reading this post. I had no idea he was diabetic, but I respect him a little more know he's fighting a little harder than the other guys. Plus, got to respect a guy with less hair than me :D
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    On a side note. For one college practice I tried to only do moves named after people/places or I thought were named after people/places. I had to add places because I didn’t know what to do on bottom other than a Peterson...so I went granby. And I liked the Russian tie. I also used “Russian front headlock” because my old club coach (Rick dellagatta) called the front headlock that. needless to say, I couldn’t hit Barsegars and Metzgers worth a crap, but I was able to get pretty good at getting a Merkle from neutral just in that practice. Too bad that rule wasn’t in effect in 98-03. NOTE: It was a wager, so I picked the Russian front headlock over the John Smith Single upon setting the rules.
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    Your Best 6

    My personal opinion is JB is a little more likely than Dake. The thing for Dake is he can keep destroying 79 kg world championships every year and make pretty good money doing it. That’s a little tougher for JB considering 74 kg is way more loaded than 79 kg internationally as you mentioned before. But I will say this, their rivalry has been epic over the years and it’ll be a sad day for USA wrestling when the first guys hangs them up. I really believe that’s been an iron sharpens iron situation and they’ve been making each other better the last few years.
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