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    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Hopefully this one doesn't embarrass the wrestling community like the last few.
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    Penn State vs Iowa

    The National Dual dates.
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    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Literally the first response is an example of this
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    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    That was up to Desanto standards.
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    A true fresh schlatter took a loss 1-0 to a returning AA in the first two weeks of the season and proceeded to roll the rest of the season and even majored the returning champ and won the title. Moral of the story, while true frosh come in with a lot of hype, some early season hiccups or slips aren’t an indication of where they will be at the end of the year. Gable will be just fine!
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    Housebye posted that days before Yesterday’s match..... it is is obvious he is referring to their freestyle encounter. Gotta love the internet.. lol
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    noted. i will get word back that we need to fix order of live events on app.
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    pffft...he may get the 60 sec record, but never the 60 minute record held by Abbas Jadidi
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    I"m looking forward to period 3 vs Lizak.
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    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Max can only be a vast improvement over that other wrestler in Congress to say nothing of our wrestling former Speaker of the House.
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    Period 1 Micah TD, left side low single, 2-0 MJ Sasso escape, 2-1 MJ Sasso short offense to an ankle pick, 3-2 SS Sasso looks for cradle, Micah defends and is able to stand up, 3-3 Micah swing single attempt, Sasso closed whizzer, period ends 3-3 Period 2 Sasso starts down, quick escape, 4-3 SS Micah turning up pressure, gets a leg, Sasso forces scramble, action out of bounds Micah in on Sasso's left leg two more times, finally is able to turn the corner, 5-4 MJ Sasso with short time gets a clutch escape, all square, 5-5 Period 3 Micah starts down, quick escape, 6-5 MJ Micah back in on Sasso's left leg... can get this at will, no finish Sasso from front headlock is thinking big, swing and a miss on the inside trip, takedown Micah, 8-5 MJ Sasso goes tripod standup, hits a switch, is looking to slap on a cradle, Micah bails, 8-7 MJ Short time, Sasso cuts him, can't find an opening, match over, 9-7 MJ Probably more detail than you needed, but I don't think track is planning to remove the paywall on any of these matches, so there you go. Micah initiated most all of the action in this match and could get to Sasso's legs with relative ease. Finishing was a different story... it's very difficult to finish on Sasso from a head inside single position, and he's always looking to put you in danger after you get stuck under him. Micah looked to have a decent size advantage on Sasso, as to be expected. I disagree with silvermedal a little bit though... the match didn't start out with great intensity, but by the time both knew it was going to be a match, I think what you saw was pretty close to 100% effort from both guys. Always difficult to gauge with teammates, but for what it's worth it didn't feel like Micah was holding back.
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    Exactly. I agree with Rob Koll on this one. Bottom is an attitude/mentality position.
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    I guess we know who to blame that there will be no dual....the two coaches who MURDERED the National duals.
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    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Hopefully he works to stem the flow of illegal immigration, cuts down on Medicare fraud, and works to end the Chinese screwing the USA. MAGA
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    Either you are angling for a Troll Award or you can't read. I didn't claim he lost. I claimed he won. Read please. It's a lost skill in the Internet Age. I said it was a close one. There is nothing fake except your claim of falsehood.
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    I fully agree that I should be making more money!
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    SOCIALISM!!! SOCIALISM!!!! Nice argument, loser.
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    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    Sacred Heart getting a D1 win early in the season.
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    DeSanto might creep onto the podium, but he's probably not beating any of those guys. I see him as a 6th-8th type guy right now, and that's probably too high.
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    Suriano will beat DeSanto and so will the others mentioned.
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    Fargo has fallen in that it isn't he clear #1, that's a fair assessment right?
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    Busiello to......ASU?

    I could verbal to PSU. That doesn't mean I'm getting in there.
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    0-3. I don’t think he’s on their level. Suriano will beat him with his offense while Gross and Fix will beat him with their defense.
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    Well that gives Jets and Bills fans something worthwhile to watch.
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    Worlds Should be in the USA

    The U.S. won't be granted another world championship event with the travel restrictions currently in place.