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    Changing college to freestyle

    VPO: Victory by Points (0 points for opponent) VPO1: Victory by Points (opponent scores) VSU: Victory by technical superiority VFA: Victory by fall the 1 at the end signifies a technical point scored, which is use for classification points. A wrestler who gets beat 9-1 scores one classification point whereas a wrestler who gets beat 9-0 doesn't.
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    Changing college to freestyle

    It gets confusing, but I dont think the battle for riding time is drawing in boatloads of fans either. I love folkstyle, but it is far from perfect.
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    You are my new favorite prepubescent poster! Thanks for the laughs and anger!
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    Lee's olympic run isn't legit

    There is no third period in freestyle so he’s golden
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Yazdani vs Bayat https://tamasha.com/v/BPZXB Yazdani vs Mojerloo https://video.varzesh3.com/video/204211/کشتی-حسن-یزدانی-در-نیمه-نهایی-لیگ-برتر-کشتی-آزاد
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    Well I met bill Clinton back in the day and all he did was stare and creep on my girlfriend (who was 18) so in hindsight I think we would’ve preferred a cold cheeseburger and some limp fries over creepy looks from Bill
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    I bet they will get a very classy and healthy meal. Cold Big Mac and limp fries are so appetizing.
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    The Brace is Back

    Full disclosure: I actually heard that Nolf's leg was an issue earlier in the day. He was seen limping around at precisely the moment that IMAR entered the NYAC. Apparently, even looking at IMAR causes his leg to hurt. Instant limp.
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    He had mono. Got it after that first flurry. Should be fine going forward.
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    It did that the first time I tried but now seems to be working. Thanks for the thread, I learned that Sean Fausz is an assistant coach there, and they have a guy named Legend Lamer on their team. Apparently he's a 149, if he wrestles Brock Mauller that may be the matchup of the 2 best wrestling names.
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    As usual, no love. Now they are not even in the top 20? Seriously, do you guys never learn? Surprises lurk. We have a ton of talent sitting out on the sidelines this year, but given the overall talent on the squad (including coaching), I wouldn't be surprised to see them crack top 10. But as usual, in the rankings, they are nowhere to be found. We'll see.
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    Here's how this is gonna go... Minute #1: Takedown Bo, Takedown Bo, Takedown Bo Minute #2: Takedown Bo, Takedown Bo Minute #3: Takedown Bo, Takedown Bo Minute #4: Takedown Bo Minute #5: Takedown Bo... oops, Gordon gets out and to Bo's back for a funky reversal... body triangle locked in place by Gordon... rear naked choke applied... Bo Taps... This will be the gist:
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    Iran Wrestling News

    lol I wrote it about not getting too excited before reading yours. but seriously speaking even against both Geno and Akgul if Zare survives the first period he can beat them in second period. they both have conditioning problems even when they are 100% in shape. but that's a big if, we know how good they are in executing gut wrench. but Zare also can improve his par-terre defense , I'm sure he never faced anybody as good as Geno before. but, I'm not so sure if Zare's style works well against both Hadi and Mohebbi. they are both very big and won't get tired easily. but who knows, he is improving.
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    Ag stands for silver
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    I’d like to apologize for posting 30 times in a row. I got excited.
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    Sweet. Lets hope they get better treatment than cold McDonalds.
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    Agreed fully. I am stoked for this match, and will watch if it airs on Flograppling. Bo has a path to win, especially if it ends up being a takedown match. If at any point Bo is exposed or Gordy gets behind (since he can't pull guard), Bo is in MASSIVE trouble. Also, Gordy on his back is going to be comfortable for him, unlike Bo. Gordy will and can wriggle to his spot, and it's <insert thousands of holds/chokes> from half guard (which i assume will be allowed).
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    Lee's olympic run isn't legit

    Worked out well for Carl. No 4 timers have won the Olympics other than Carl. Rare feat. Dake has a legit shot at being the 2nd guy to do it.
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    Hot Take: VT at tOSU

    Seriously. There guys are always ready to go. They just got a handful of recruits I am super high on too. They are going to be nasty in 2021 and 2022. Like dark horse title contender maybe
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    Folks... wasn't an attempt if bigotry or facism... just hate the toon's intention of $hitpo$ting on a forum I genuinely otherwise enjoy.
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    That Saturday dual is NC State vs. Cornell, not UNC vs. Cornell. I'm heading to Little Rock...Arizona State could blank Penn State 60-0, and it wouldn't even be the biggest story of the weekend, IMO.
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    Changing college to freestyle

    Not if you are the one getting the points for it. In fact, I think the guy in control should get a point for EVERY MINUTE. Only 1 point for strapping a saddle on a guy and riding him 6 minutes is bogus.
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    For both gi and no-gi matches, IBJJF rules (https://ibjjf.com/rules/) will be implemented (...) Takedown (2 points) - When one of the athletes, starting the movement with 2 feet on the ground, causes the opponent to land on his/ her back, sideways or seated, establishing top position for 3 (three) seconds. - When an athlete forces his/her opponent to the ground on all fours or belly-down, points shall only be awarded once the athlete performing the takedown controls the opponent’s back without the requirement of placing hooks and keeping at least one of the opponent’s knees on the ground for 3 (three) seconds. Well, Bo will have to take Gordon down and avoid Gordon sticking to him for 3 seconds.
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    2009 NCAA Champions

    Burroughs beat Gillespie 13-4 in the semis that bracket also had J.P. O’Conner, Adam hall , cyber Sanderson , Jason Welch , Neil erisman, Matt Moley, chase pami and Scott Winston....a lot of AAs, national champs, college coaches
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    red blades

    Jim Jordan

    You guys do know that T-Bar is a Russian plant, right?
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    Didn't realize we had exactly the same. Fine, give me Spencer.
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    Lee's olympic run isn't legit

    Lee has mental toughness anyone saying he doesn't can't agree with you sir..
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    Seth Gross 2020

    I 100% agree with this. Also it’s hard to gauge just how committed said NCAA champs are. For any post grad who is down on the ladder it’s easy to see how they could commit to an event but not train 100%, may not want to go But figure why not just give it a try. A certain fraction of post grads who lose in these events are halfway out the door. You just don’t know.
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    Or Thomas Haines
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    Whitehill to Clarion

    Haha. That was the first thing I thought of too! Absolutely no worries though. It happens. Crazy busy as it is, and then you add all the fallout from committing and whatnot. He seems like a great kid.
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    Brandon Eggum and Gopher wrestling

    JRob is one of the greatest coaches of all time. He was gigantic in Gable's early success at Iowa, besides taking Minnesota, and winning multiple titles there. It's a tough job following legends. Really tough.
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    The Brace is Back

    Amazing how every time Nolf wrestles IMAR in freestyle his "leg is hurt." This is twice in about six months.
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    Yep sure is for Jason Welch.They know each other from when Jason was at NW.Max is a 2012 graduate he did Judo now he's back wrestling.Hes a JR so will have 1 more year next year.Barzowski and Smalling are #1 and #2 in D2 both IL kids.Max isn't currently ranked
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    daktronics open referree

    Happens there all the time to the Huskers, trust me!!!!!
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    Hot Take: VT at tOSU

    This is a crazy dual
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    I would watch. Wrestling is still wrestling, I’m a fan of all of it. I prefer watching NCAA division 1. But I still enjoy watching youth, high school, freestyle, Greco, etc.at whatever level. I think supporting the sport in general is a good thing, not only supporting the men’s wrestling like Marcus.
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    Seth Gross 2020

    Because he looks like a skeleton lol. I agree there are lots of people making tough cuts though. Just sucks there are only six Olympic weights. I think it seems worse for Gross because he is so tall and doesn’t look like he has it to lose
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    Seth Gross 2020

    Do not be a prisoner of the moment.....
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    molinaro is kinda nuts NOLF IS WRESTLING I AM THRILLED
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    OSU v Lehigh

    I'm pretty sure Lehigh and Ok St have wrestled more than twice
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    Ohio State at Pitt

    125 is a huge cut for Jordan.
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    Ohio State at Pitt

    Man Malik let’s goooo They need Decatur to drop or something. I like Heinselman a lot, but Ohio state needs AA threats at every weight. I’m still annoyed he didn’t redshirt. He could’ve used the year. To me, he is missing some size and has some defensive things to clean up. He is a lifetime 125er, so that isn’t the reason. They have serviceable backups here and Decatur could eventually drop. It wouldn’t kill them in duals.
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    Missouri vs Illinois

    Malik not currently on the team.Wisman a little banged up
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    Most religious D1 wrestling program?

    ...... isn’t you wanting someone’s IP banned over a post you don’t like literally the definition of bigotry? If you don’t like a Jimmy post then just don’t click on it. Pretty simple. If it still hurts your feelings then log off.
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    Rudis podcast on transfer portal

    Why? It sounds like Eierman wanted to go to Iowa, and now that he has a chance he is. He is doing what he feels best for himself. Something that Dernlin says he supports for athletes, but blasts Eierman for actually doing.
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    Is there a wrestling connection? Or it just kind of like an American cult leader who has 1/3 to 1/2 of the country believing his pathological lies and ignoring his corruption.
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    Tom Ryan interview on Flo

    This is true. Any athlete is entitled to look out for their own best interest. However, in any sport if a coach is able to build a group of athletes that combine a drive for individual accomplishment with a love of the team (and a healthy level of selflessness), that coach is more likely to build a consistent championship team. It is true in other individual sports such as gymnastics, or selfish team sports like basketball. Tom Ryan gets that and it is why he has consistently successful individual and team results. I just hope he is consistently second!
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    However, Kyle Conel's mustache did look very good.
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    Most shocking defeats

    Jimmy Carter defeating Lee Kemp in 1980.
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