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    Bold is not the word I would have used.
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    Diet pop/soda is HORRIBLE. Either drink the real thing or drink water like you are supposed to!
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    2020 US Open?

    This is on Flowrestling: USA Wrestling has released the Olympic Team Trials procedures for next year, confirming a number of important things. Among the most important one: Penn State will host the Trials April 4-5, 2020 Non-Olympic weight world medalists will receive a bye to the semifinals of the challenge tournament Olympic weight medalists will once again receive byes to the finals Wrestlers who qualify the weight but don't medal at worlds will get the 1 seed at Trials The "last chance qualifier" for the Olympics will be in Sofia, Bulgaria from April 30-May 3 The list of ways to qualify, along with the procedures as a whole, are posted below.
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    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    According to that serial liar (or so I'm told) Rob Koll: He also had some things to say about Yianni and the path forward, but since he really can't be believed, I won't repeat it.
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    Buvaisar has to be on there.
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    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    Wrestling has a lot of bitter Betty’s as fans. Koll’s legacy will take care of itself, as it does for others.
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    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    Well so far I haven't seen anything from Nickal that would indicate to me that he get past either Cox or Snyder. But maybe he can make the U23 team and have a great World U23 tourney and build off it.
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    I don’t drink pop anymore but don’t mind a cold beverage from time to time like this
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    Bottles, the cans screw up the taste.
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    The battle 'tween Pepsi and Coke, Is thought to be some kind of joke, Both are good when they're cold, When warm they're unsold, Let's argue for free vs. folk!
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    Only way to rehydrate in Detroit:
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    there is only 1 Olympic Qualifier next year. it's May 1st. we need our 1's to go to that if we aren't qualified at a wt. imo any criticism that USAW didn't do enough to take ncaa guys into account is misguided. with the PAN AM OG Qualifier in Mid March, the most ideal situation would have been to have our #1's set in January some time.
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    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Pico not getting a gold medal because of Yazdani doesn't make pico a worse wrestler then our other junior champs. Pico was elite for his age, and needed to be to beat Zain as much as he did. He was a great prospect, for MMA, and looked like he would have been representing us had he stuck with it. Its irrelevant because his management let him down, and rushed his whole career. Now whether they turn it around or not is a different question. Pico was better then you seem to be giving him credit for, but its stupid to argue, because he slowed down his wrestling growth by switching sports, so Zain has passed him. But to pretend Pico was just another wrestler and only made the Olympic trials finals because he got lucky, seems ridiculous.
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    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    It's amazing Pico inspires such debate. He was an exciting prospect years ago. That's the end of his wrestling story.
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    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Well its good to know Zain only lost to 0 time junior world champ pico, instead of Phenom Pico, over and over again. On the senior level (which trumps juniors) Pico made the finals of the Olympic team trials, which is better then most of those guys have done on the senior level. So basically, only 2 people on that list should be on that list, with Fix tbd. Pico losing to yazdani in the finals of worlds doesnt make him any less of a wrestler then any of the guys you mentioned, outside of Snyder, and Cox. But Cox started his domination on the senior circuit much later then picos attempt.
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    The Mt Rushmore topic

    Freestyle: Smith, Burroughs, Baumgartner, Kemp (Snyder is knocking on the door) NCAA: Uetake, Gable, Cael, Dake Overall prestige: Gable, Smith, Cael, Burroughs
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    Jordan Burroughs Final X weigh-in

    That’s the spirit.
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    Made Up Positions?

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    Worthwhile Stieber interview

    If you've ever been fortunate enough to talk to Geoff Stieber, you understand why the son's are such good people. He guided Logan and Hunter (as well as Cam Tessari and Chris Phillips) to be successful in this sport and never allowed them shortcuts. At the same time, he kept them in their tiny community and created a source of pride for their hometown. Think about every wrestling Dad you know and ask how many would have sent their incredibly talented sons to a program without any other great training partners or a stud staff? The Steibers learned values beyond winning from their father. Mom is fabulous as well.
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Wrestling and IQ

    the most important thing people need to remember about IQ is that I have the highest possible number.
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    Teasdale at Iowa?

    TBar carries himself as if every fan of every other team would change their allegiance to PSU if they were only smart enough. Its pretty smug and obnoxious.
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    Teasdale at Iowa?

    I've still got option C A. Lee - Teasdale - DeSanto - Murin B. Lee.- Teasdale - DeSanto - Lugo C. Lee - DeSanto - Murin- Lugo
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    Stop 1984ing us

    You’re right that the easier solution is to erase the entire topic from discussion. But the better solution is to delete the uncivilized posts and warn/suspend/ban the posters who cross the line. I do not think the actions of the immature few should limit discussion between the responsible majority. The rule itself is arbitrary, as why should taking college credit preclude an individual from discussion (vs being a coach or international wrestler). The suggestion to “go somewhere else” if we want to discuss the topic doesn’t validate the rule. And if the employees of USAW are too overworked to moderate individual threads (as you were back in 2011), an easy solution to that dilemma is to assign section volunteer moderators for international, college, high school, etc.
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    Should I-Mar leave Illinois

    By owning you? Wasn’t Joseph like 2-3 or 2-4 against IMar. Granted, he beat him on the big stage twice, but owning is a ridiculous word to use. Kind of like saying Donahoe owned Hazewinkel to keep him from winning one, even though Sam majored him at Big 12’s less than 2 weeks before.