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    Ohio State is vastly underrated

    I'm not sure I've ever seen Echemendia wear a shirt
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    Latest Interview with Sadulaev

    I found this latest interview with Sadulaev (credit to Ivan_FSWrestling twitter feed)..the problem is, its in Russia, no english translation. May be someone on this forum (that knows russian) try to translate it.. Few notes from Ivan_FSWrestling In short: -In 13-14 y.o the wrestling made me sick - the future of the Round 3 is in Snyder’s hand, just as is in mine. But we will meet again on the mat - If Russia banned from the Olympics, I will compete under a neutral flag - I don’t consider moving to MMA I have two ADAMS warns, if they announce me the third warn I will be disqualified - I don't care that # Tokyo2020 is postponed, we are all in the same conditions, but I was in good shape. - I would like 5 kids - my idols all three time Olympics winners in
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    Blue Dragons

    CaveTalk with PD3

    You do that...you try and stay clear...because you never know what you're talking about...nothing but lies, false statements, propaganda and hoaxes.
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    Will the season happen?

    You know something? Anyone who puts quotation marks around the word "experts" in order to dismiss their, well, expertise, doesn't warrant any more responses. Go listen to your own "experts" (I'm guessing Trump, Hannity, anyone who still thinks hydroxychloroquine actually works for the novel coronavirus, and anyone who still thinks that masks don't work).
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    Lots of redshirts this year?

    You can still sit out as a DIII kid. As for NAIA standing for that, I am glad it is at least looking like that instead of the old National Assoc of Inelligible Athletes look. NAIA at least has a rule where only so many individuals may wrestle in a dual or point scoring tournament for the entire year. If you are dumb as a box of rocks and can't beat the starter, you best hope you are in the top 12 in the room, otherwise exempted athletes (that can compete if not top 12 in the room) have to have a certain GPA or they are just open tournament guys. It helps reward hard workers in the classroom that might be 2-3 on depth chart.
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    Who were you wrong about?

    Sorry to disappoint everyone with high school practice results from 15 years ago
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    Who were you wrong about?

    The latest estimates are that Scotland has about 60,000 problem drug users, or 1.6% of the adult population. Scotland has "proportionately way more drug users than the rest of the UK" says Dr Andrew McAuley, a senior research fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University.Feb 26, 2020
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    cool guy...

    if anyone has ever thought... "dude should not post while drinking" it would have applied last night in a big way... all apologies...
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    Taylor vs. Sadulaev

    The only controversy is that Taylor tried to break J'den's leg because he couldn't score. J'den had to wrestle the rest of the match on a bad wheel and Taylor still couldn't score. In fact, J'den scored two push outs after that. Taylor fans need to get past the sweat and realize he can't (or couldn't at the time) get passed world class defense. Same reason he could never beat Dake. Taylor couldn't even make the team the years J'den won bronze, so your argument is pointless.
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    PIAA NEW Weights = 13

    I think there is a direct correlation between there being less recruitable males now in the population that are eligible for military service and lower numbers in wrestling (and other sports). The U.S. Army said over 50% of males were physically eligible for service in the 1990's and that amount is 35% now. Obesity is one of the main culprits of course (but wrestlers are getting bigger!) but lack of strength for non obese kids are as well which is a by-product of our soft, modern civilization. Another factor is single parenthood which is higher than 25 years ago. Blaming coaches is a lazy argument and continues to ignore the obvious problems when it comes to obesity, lack of normal physical strength and mommies who don't want their babies getting hurt.
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    Who were you wrong about?

    And then last NC entry to the list from me is the most obvious one, Michael Machiavello. Guy was a 1 time NC state champion and went on to win a national championship. He might win the NC award for least expectations with best results.
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