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    Dream On

    The smell of the wrestling mat, you all know it. That familiar combination of Polyethylene foam, disinfectant, human sweat. Laced with the smell of athletic tape and the aroma of popcorn. I'm about to step onto the mat against a salty opponent, but I'm not nervous at all, I'm calm/at peace...he's really good, but I'm better. I feel loose, bouncing lightly on the balls of my feet, doing the wrestler's version of the Twist dance. The crowd is making noise and birds are chirping, but then, that doesn't make sense, birds in the gymnasium? I hear a dog bark once, and the gym scene narrows and fades into a fog. I am slowly waking from a dream, still feeling good, ready to wrestle...my brain is rebooting from dream to reality with the speed of a Commodore 64...first I realize I'm not in the gym, but laying in bed, but that's ok because I can still get up and wrestle. But then my mind tells me it's not 1983, not even '93 when I was 36 and could still roll around... years click forward, through the 90's, 2000's, 2010's, like frames of film, until I reach the humble realization that it is 2020 and I'm 62 years old, not bouncing on deck at a wrestling meet. A notion sparks, that I could get back in shape! I've still got eligibility! Until my Commodore pulls up inventory: a knee that hurts every day, a busted shoulder, a wrist that hardly bends and broken, arthritic fingers, AND 25 pounds of emergency rations in a roll of fat around my belly. The spark is snuffed out. The sad fact settles in, that I'll never, ever, compete again. I've had vivid wrestling dreams where a guy shoots in and I'm countering so fast that my reaction beats the thought to my brain. I can do moves I've never done, like Vincenzo or Chandler, stuff I was never any good at. But then I wake up, spend a full minute working the pins and needles out of my left arm and limp to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I rub my eyes, but can't clear the glaucoma. Sometimes they are anxiety dreams, where they call my name to the mat and I can't find my head gear, or my shoes anywhere. In those dreams I never get to step onto the mat. But after all my wrestling dreams I am left with one comforting thought; because of wrestling, I'm tough and resilient....and pretty sure I could still pin WillieBoy.
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    When Echemendia was 15, he allegedly defeated Thomas Gilman. By my calculation, Gilman was 12 at the time.
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    No fans at NCAAs

    Every one is going to be mad about this after the fallout of coronavirus isn't too horrible, yet it will be likely that its not horrible because the country did things like this.
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    Lee Kemp

    I just finished watching "Wrestled Away, the Lee Kemp Story" on Amazon Prime. If you grew up during that time, I think you will enjoy it. I know I did. I've met Mr Kemp once shortly after he came from behind at the buzzer to defeat my team mate Paul Martin in Stillwater. It was the disco era so a few guys from the team took a couple of the badgers down to the local place to dance, after the dual. I'm sure he wouldn't remember me, but I was one of the guys that pointed him toward the dance floor. I finished the video believing what I had thought since my first time I saw him live and shook his hand and met him. He is truly the kind of man that I believe we should all aspire to be. The class and dignity he exhibits in this movie is subtle, but it sure didn't go past me. I wrestled in his bracket at the 76 Olympic Trials in Cleveland. I was not even close to a factor, but a guy named Joe Wells pummeled me to within an inch of my life and Joe was 4th at the weight, behind Dziedzic, Schalles and Kemp. Lee and Jimmy Jackson were the two college champs from that year who finished in the top 4. Kudos to you Mr Lee Kemp. I've been around a lot of great wrestlers, and they are often, but not always great men too. You sir are the Gold Standard as far as I'm concerned. Lee if you read this I was the guy in Cleveland yelling "don't grab Schalles leg!" If you were there, you would understand. :--)
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    No fans at NCAAs

    How will the refs know when to call stalling on Iowa’s opponents?
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    Really bad press for NCWA

    And this is the problem we have right now in America, a bunch of bozos think they know better than scientists and epidemiologists that have spent their entire life studying viruses.
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    My wish for each wrestling country

    I know none of these will happen in the near future, but here is one thing I wish each wrestling country would do differently. Russia - Get hard vigilant against juicing, and get rid of it once and for all. Russian wrestlers are already very good, no need for juicing USA - Get rid of folkstyle wrestling at the college and high school levels (at least college levels) , and replace it with Freestyle wrestling. I guarantee US would do much better in world championships and olympics Iran - Stop the stupid policy of avoiding athletes from Israel. Go back to the days before the revolution where Iranian wrestlers pinned Israeli wrestlers left and and right Countries that suck in wrestling (e.g. Bahrain) . Instead of paying good wrestlers from other countries to change their citizenship to yours and wrestler for you, do what India did, invest in some good foreign coaches, and turn your program around.
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    I previously posted about the website I created, FreestyleWrestling.org. This contains all of the matches I've compiled for the top 20 Men's Freestyle guys in the world at each Olympic weight since 2018. So, there are roughly 8-10 thousand match results. Goal is to add non-Olympic weights by next Spring. I have updated the site and added the results for the 2019 US Men's and Women's National teams since 2018. Felt like you all would be interested in that and could use it as a resource for the upcoming Olympic Trials and beyond. Because there are so many results, I've noticed a few errors here and there. I'm doing my best to clean them up. If you do use the site and find an error, let me know by sending an me an email at JonathanJKozak@Gmail.com.
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    Purdue Suspends 13

    Too many boilermakers at this party?
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    My Son

    So I know this isn’t wresting related but, hopefully, my boys will want to at least try out wrestling in a few years. My oldest, just turned 3 two weeks ago and My wife and I would never force them into anything, so I guess we will see. Today, at daycare, they started “fitness time”. I was sent this pic shortly after, and thought I’d share as I almost pissed myself seeing it. When I picked him up, as usual, he told me about his day... Him: “I cried today Daddy” Me: “why’s that bub?” Him: “Daddy...jumping jacks make me sad....” Me: “same buddy, same....”
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    ******Breaking News******* New variation of gut wrench discovered off of the coast of Italy!
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    No fans at NCAAs

    Largest NCAA tournament venue ever... lowest attendance ever. Can't wait to hear Terry berating officials, echoing across a silent, empty football stadium.
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    Ed Ruth pouring one out
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    Downtown Brown

    Whatever happened to Jim Gibbons

    I do not know what he does full time, but I’m told on weekends he tends to bring his hips to the party.
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    2020 D1 All-Americans.

    It's not great, but its not nothing either. We got lemons and somebody made some lemonade.
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    drag it


    Wanted to give some separate-thread props to these two guys. That was fabulous. The first half of the dual had a close score but no competitive matches and with the injury at 133 everything seemed a little off (watching by TV anyway). Then the top marquee match of the top dual of the year if not years leads off the second half and the 2x nat'l champ and the guy who was undefeated against him put on a show. Great ties all match, particularly multiple extended stretches with the best double unders guy and the best double overs guy getting their holds in and ending up in a titanic throw that went the other way from prior matches. Marinelli battling back and hitting his own throw which with more time in the period might have made it a nail biter to the end. Blood all over both wrestlers faces for half the match. Boom! Great stuff.
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    Hey guys Coach Fiorito here and I'm back at with my latest Wrestling Mastery video. This time having the honor of covering the best double leg takedown of our era. We've all seen it! I took it under the microscope. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making these videos.
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    Dake at it again

    I don’t know about this Dake fellow, but he hasn’t beaten as many people as melanoma.
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    USA In Trouble

    Own a business, don't post dumb ****. Easy as that.
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    2021 Olympics

    I’f it gets canceled do they just skip it all together until 2024 or start the next 4 year cycle beginning with 2022. Either way they better hurry up before Dake is too young to compete anymore.
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    Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy

    Makes me laugh that some still want to point to missing a match the week immediately prior to the US Senior Nationals where he hoped to qualify for the US Olympic Trials and he missed matches the week after he won the US Senior Nationals where he blew through a bracket with 6 former NCAA Champions, a World Jr. Silver medalist and a host of other All-Americans. Also, don't forget that Tom Brands announced that he would miss matches on both weekends prior to the season even starting. I guess those of you that hold that opinion are in the distinct minority, since Intermat stated that his margin of victory in the voting was one of the largest margins ever amongst the voting panel and he also won the popular vote by taking 58% of the total votes among the 8 finalists. His bonus point percentage is only second to Caels 95% and he had a bonus percentage of 94%. Rather than try to tear down a young mans accomplishments, I'll just echo what the obvious vast majority are saying today--well done Spencer Lee.
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    Thread Deletions, etc.

    The threads regarding COVID-19 are extremely relevant to the sport, and all sports, however, each and every time threads like this surface, several users cannot resist the urge to throw in comments about politics and political figures. Several users then cannot resist the urge to make attacks on those comments, sending those relevant threads to the garbage bin. If you don't want threads removed, don't send them spiraling down the political gutter.
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    Just cancelled my wedding

    1st question: why would you get married nationals week? She must be one hell of a woman.
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    What single match

    This may be a hot take, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Jack Mueller doesn’t even qualify for Big Tens.
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    Reactions vs Posts ratio

    Although my point total is far below many others, I still have a community reputation rating of "excellent." That's one thing I like about this forum, the low standards.
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    DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love

    This kid is giving me whiplash with the love/hate/love sentiment he's triggered in me the past few years. In high school, I LOVED that he refused to go to a different weight as a senior, seeking out a rematch with Lee after getting teched the year before. I LOVED that he won that match, refusing to let up in the third period. I LOVED that after that match, even when Lee gave him credit and wouldn't use his injury as an excuse, DeSanto made a point of volunteering that Lee clearly was favoring his leg and wasn't at 100%. And I LOVED that he stuck with his commitment to Drexel -- and that he continued to make noise there as a freshman with his relentless style. But I HATED that another side started to show at Drexel -- seemingly trying to injury his opponents. The match with Charles Tucker was an eye-opener, and the NCAA match against Micic was horrifying. I HATED that he transferred to Iowa -- not just because I'm no fan of them, but also because his bad tendencies were apt to get worse there, not reined in. And once at Iowa, as expected, I HATED that not only did he continue with physical unsportsmanlike conduct, he added a verbal component to it too, jawing repeatedly at opponents and generally making an ass of himself. Yet now the pendulum is swinging back again. He's openly admitted his past conduct has been out of bounds and needs to change, and so far this year, he's been pretty well disciplined. He's continued to be relentless and has upped his technique too, and for the most part he hasn't acted like a douche when, for example, losing to Gross. All good. And I loved his last match against OSU, where he destroyed the kid the "right way" -- breaking the kid, but more to get the tech than to be an ass, and then getting the hell off the mat without adding any BS shoves/jawing. Hope DeSanto stays this way as I want to root for him.
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    Amazingly, I emailed Tony Ersland about it and he replied right away, he said he was clarifying if it was hands to the face, and had other things to discuss with the ref not related to the 285 match. It was a very nice reply and he wished Trent Hillger well. Nice guy.
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    Is this Brands Do or Die year?

    Let me guess....you had a cinnamon roll for breakfast this morning?
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    American University wrestling?

    I sent an email to the AD, Dr. Billy Walker, to ask him several questions myself and others had about the wrestling team. I was pleasantly surprised when he called me in less than 5 minutes. The first thing we talked about was dropping the program. He told me in no uncertain terms that topic of dropping the program was never even brought up by the president & he should have been more forceful in his email to make sure nobody got that impression. Other points he mentioned are that the season will DEFINITELY go on & there will be a national search for a head coach beginning ASAP. He also said he and others in the athletic dept. are giving Jason and Jeric all the support they can so that the season can go on with as few problems as possible and they are trying to reschedule with Navy (would have been this weekend I believe) in addition to their other matches they have. I really appreciated the phone call which he had no obligation to make. Dr. Walker, who wrestled at Air Force and does not know me from Adam, was concerned that people were thinking the program might be dropped. He did not say why Coach Moore is no longer there which I expected. As for all of us who are fans of Teague we will miss him and hope he succeds in his next job. I personally wish Coach was still there coaching & I really hate to see him go. But, if he can't be the coach, then we all are going to be rooting like crazy for a great hire. While I read here on this board where people were saying AU is no Ivy league school, that may be true. But it is WAY above the level of most colleges including what it takes to get in there, succeed while you are there and how graduates are perceived in the work force especially in politics, business and law just to name a few. I know my kid is getting a hell of a lot better education than he would have almost anywhere else. If I hear anything else I will let everybody know.
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    Carson Karchla

    It's the disease of the internet. Some people are so eager to correct others and pick fights that their brain alters everything they read.
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    RIP Dan Hodge

    Dan and I met for the first time in 1975 when I drove to Perry to interview him for my book "Two Guys Named Dan". He and his wife Dolores became very dear friends with my wife Bev and me. They were our guests many times at the WIN Memorabilia Show during the NCAA tournament and the fans loved him. I never knew a celebrity that was more patient and kind to all those who came to meet him and get an autograph. Some were even brave enough to shake his hand, and once in a great while someone would say "Give me a shot, Dan!" and in seconds they were begging him to let go! While Dan was entertaining the fans, Dolores was working with Bev behind the tables. They were an incredible team for over 60 years! In 1995, I created "The Heisman Trophy of wrestling" and named it for Dan. In 2009, I wrote his biography entitled "Oklahoma Shooter: The Dan Hodge Story" and it sold out within a year. Dan and Dolores stayed with us many times in our home in Newton, Iowa, and we have stayed with them in Perry. I have never known anyone like him and today there is a big hole in my heart. -- Mike Chapman
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Was this Hall’s true kindergarten year, or his RS kindergarten year?
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    USA In Trouble

    My son is a former wrestler and current Army Airborne Ranger and veteran of Iraq. We talk about this all the time and he's pretty clear. He and others fight to protect rights those in other countries aren't allowed to exercise. Does he stand during the anthem? Yes. Is he offended if others choose to kneel? No. Why? Because that's a right Americans are privileged to enjoy. Unlike North Korea, Iran, Belarus, and other places, citizens here don't have to stand, sit, kneel, etc., when commanded. That's the beauty of being an American. You want to live somewhere where you're forced to stand, bow, or dance when the great leader enters--or else--plenty of places to go for that. Thank God America is not one of those places and we should all pray it never is.
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    Kemerer gets 6th year

    I've had a Twitter for over 10 years, personally. NBD.
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    I’m a nurse. So continuing to work as usual.
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    Yup, and so should sealing off on the bottom so as not to give up a wrist or block a leg coming in. Staggered stances are also stalling: you should have to present both legs for attack. Further, blocking leg attacks with either your head, hands, or hips is stalling.
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    uncle bernard

    RBY should have been DQ'd

    Pulling the knee against the joint from the middle of the foot is illegal. It resulted in an injury and thus should have been 6 for Iowa. Brayton Lee was dq'd for something similar earlier this year.
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    BTS Chicago 6/28

    To me, the overall day was worth the $20. I didn't really have high hopes that the main event would be the best match. Richards and Sanders was worth a good portion of the money as a viewer. I try to find the overall value in these things. I don't pay $60 to watch one UFC fight, I pay to watch all of them on the card. There's going to be snoozers in every type of fight card. I'm glad I paid for it. To a good cause, BTS Chicago and the athletes. Oh by the way - If you pirated this stream, you took/are taking money away from our athletes and non-profit organizations aimed to help kids wrestle. Times might be tough, but don't be a cheapskate.
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    Whatever happened to Jim Gibbons

    Jim Gibbons classic line while broadcasting the Midlands final between Joe Colon and Tony Ramos, "Joe Colon has prison strength"!
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    No. There are a lot of things I will do, but attending any kind of entertainment event - sports, theater, concert , and especially indoors - is something that should not be considered at this time. We'll see about 6 months from now.
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    Where is Suriano?

    When the coaches allowed Ashnault to compete in the NCAA finals last year they had to know there was a chance he could win and take some attention away from Nick. I think he has a legit beef this time.
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    For those of you reading "Unofficial Rules of Wrestling" 1.You only get once pass at celebrating a victory in an overly emotional way, usually when you win a big tournament (like state) for the first time. After that you have to act like you've been there/done that before. Don't be the Roger Federer of wrestling. For those of you who don't know who Roger Federer is, he's arguably the greatest tennis player in history who's won every major tournament a bunch of times. But every time he wins the same tournament again, he flops down on the court, cries, or gets hysterical in some other way like he's a rookie winning the tournament for the first time. 2. You should, as a matter of respect, shake your opponent's coach's hand after the match. The only time you don't have to do this is if your opponent's coach makes a negative remark about you during the match ("He's tired!", "He's doing nothing, ref!" "He's just resting on bottom!", etc). He disrespected you, so there's no need to show him respect by shaking his hand. 3. If you're a nobody (unranked) wrestler who makes it to the state finals against a superior wrestler, don't get overly emotional if you lose. You haven't achieved squat during your wrestling career (which is why you're unranked) and only got to the finals through some fluke. So don't act all angry/devastated when you lose as if you were expected to win. 4. If you're a nobody wrestler, chances are you're going to be spending a lot of time in the consolation bracket. If the #1 or even #2 ranked wrestler gets beat at some point in the tournament and chooses the indignity of joining you and the rest of the yabos in the consolation bracket, don't act all high and mighty and wrestle to defeat him. He's already lowered himself to try to get a meaningless 3rd place. He doesn't need the additional insult of some scrub wrestling hard to defeat him. The rule is you wrestle a solid match but the #1/#2 ranked wrestler gets to win. 5. When a weight class gets called at a tournament and all the wrestlers come down from the bleachers to get their bout sheets, it's the lower ranked wrestler who takes the bout sheet and brings it to the assigned mat for the match. 6. Rules for wrestling against the #1 ranked wrestler/returning champion: *Don't step on to the mat for the match before he does. *You wait until he offers his hand for the handshake before the match starts, never disrespect his higher position by offering your hand first. *You never take the first shot of the match against the #1 guy/returning champion. 7. Your headgear should be relatively clean and presentable. Don't tape it all up, put stickers on it, have it all torn up. It's pretentious and screams that you're trying way too hard to look tough/cool. 8. Tape up visible tattoos. This used to be the sport of kings. Don't denigrate that ideal by your trashy tats. Nobody cares how "meaningful" they are to you or how they make you "unique" (unique like every other jackwagon with tats). 9. Win or lose, go to center mat and get your hand raised or stay there while your opponent gets his hand raised. You don't look extra cool/defiant by running off the mat before your opponent gets his hand raised. 10. If you get screwed over in the finals there are several ways of handling the screw job. The ultimate option is to not show up to the awards ceremony so the 2nd place podium is awkwardly empty, which lets everybody know a screw job took place. The other more discrete option is to show up to the awards ceremony and stand on the 2nd place platform. But when the guy comes around to drape the silver medal around your neck, don't bow down and let him do so. Instead reach out and take the medal from his hand and hold it to the side during the ceremony. This is a subtle way of letting everyone know that you'll take the medal but you don't really accept it. If you want to really go all out, you can stand on the 2nd place platform but refuse to take the medal as he presents it to you. 11. If you win a tournament, don't "invite" the 2nd and 3rd place finishers up to join you on the 1st place podium. It's beyond condescending. You're basically saying to them "You weren't good enough to be up here on your own, but I'll give you permission to join me up here even though you don't really belong here." 12. Keep your headgear on after the match until you're off the mat. Have you noticed that the guy who wins is usually the one who pops his headgear strap off immediately after the final whistle or completely takes off his headgear while the guy who lost usually keeps his on? It's like some act of additional bravado after having won. Oh you say it's "uncomfortable" to keep wearing it? You were just wearing it for the entire match you hypocrite. You can keep it on for a few more seconds until you're off the mat. 13. Don't wear t-shirts advertising what "tough" camp you went to over the summer. Nobody cares or is intimidated that you made it through some "intense" camp. Besides it makes you look foolish if you end up losing to a guy who spent his summer sleeping in until noon and playing video games until dawn. 14. If a guy is wearing those old school tights (leggings) under his singlet then he's either the best wrestler at the tournament or the worst wrestler ever. There's no middle ground when it comes to guys wearing tights under their singlets. 15. If you get bounced early from a tournament it's perfectly ok to get the customary serving of extra large nachos with all the fixings and sit up in the bleachers and enjoy it with a huge satisfying grin as you watch everybody else still wrestling and struggling to make weight for the second day. It's one of the greatest joys of losing. 16. If the ref who's gonna be reffing your match is big fat guy then it's almost a given he's going to act like power hungry prick. If he's sporting the classic fat guy goatee (because fat guys think a goatee makes their double/triple chins less noticeable) then it's assured he's gonna be mega prick. The reason these fatties are colossal pricks is because (1) they're fat and (2) they achieved very little during their wrestling careers and now get a kick out of passive-aggressively projecting their fat frustrations on other wrestlers. The only good thing about having a fat ref is that if you put your opponent on his back these fatties will call a pin faster than they can wolf down an entire pie since it's super uncomfortable for them to be down on the mat on their huge gut for too long. 17. If you opponent is going through an "intimidating" pre-match warm-up (slapping himself all over, blaring angry music from his oversized headphones, doing air sprawls, etc) then you're probably going to beat him fairly easily. The guy's scared and he's trying to hide it by going through this elaborate routine to try to "psyche" you out. The guy you have to worry about is the quiet one who's just standing off to the side of the mat, calmly watching the match going on before you two are up, maybe just nonchalantly bouncing up and down a few times being his entire warm up. 18. Awesome singlet + Brand new state-of-the-art wrestling shoes = mediocre wrestler 19. Your opponent is unusually undersized for your weight class but is highly ranked even though he comes from a no-name school with a non-existent wrestling history? Prepare to be destroyed. 20. You're not listening to a damn word your coach is telling you right before your match if there's a hot stats girl or female trainer nearby. 21. The token chick wrestler on the all-male wrestling team has major issues that you cannot even begin to comprehend. Just let her be. After a few months of trying to prove "she's just as good as any guy", possibly a year if she's really hardcore, she'll get bored and quit. 22. If a wrestler has an injured leg and you see his opponent intentionally avoid shooting in on that leg, don't mistake that for sportsmanship. He's actually hurting the injured leg more by shooting in on the good leg. Why? Because when he gets a single and gets the good leg up in the air he's making the guy balance himself by putting all his weight on the bad leg. Oldest trick in the book to make yourself look like a good sport to the uninformed fans. 23. There are few things more annoying than a loud shrieking middle aged woman cheering during a wrestling match when the rest of the crowd is relatively quiet. "WHOOOOOO!" Alright JOHNNY! WHOOOOO!" 24. It's always disappointing to win a tournament and the medal you get is the exact same design as the medal you got at another tournament a few weeks ago. 25. You made a huge mistake by not taking advantage of the information the announcer said about you to the crowd during your finals appearance at that tournament. While everybody announced that they had a 4.0 GPA, or had signed to wrestle at this or that college, or dedicated this match to their parents, etc...you could have "Been recently nominated for the Nobel Prize and dedicates this match to himself because without him this match wouldn't be taking place right now." 26. How sharp and GQ a coach dresses up to coach his wrestler in the state finals is inversely proportional to how many times he's coached a wrestler in the state finals before. 27. Wrestlers who dye their hair for the state tournament are the watered-down version of tattoo guy. Just like guys with tats, nobody who dyes their hair thinks of it as an original idea on their own. They saw some other shmucks do it and so they decided to copy said shmucks but think they're being original and unique by doing so, much like every guy who gets a tat thinks they're being original and unique. 28. Matside dads are the worse. It's all but guaranteed they've pushed their son to become a wrestler and are living vicariously through him, like most sport's dads do. It's also guaranteed the son hates wrestling even if he's really good at it. Watch any wrestler who has a matside dad and you'll notice he's miserable out there on the mat, even if he's in the process of techpinning his opponent in the state finals. 29. Parents who wear t-shirts and sweaters with encouraging slogans about their son wrestler ("Go Johnny!, "Team Johnny", etc) come in two varieties. Some are plain obnoxious, especially if their son is an awesome wrestler, and they wear those slogans as a way to brag and let everyone know they're the parents of an awesome wrestler. And some are the sweetest, nicest couple you'll ever meet and are being genuinely sincere by wearing those shirts as a way to support a son they love very much. They're the kind of adorable couple who bakes snacks for the entire team and even become friends with their son's opponents and opposing coaches. Likewise, their son is also a respectful person on and off the mat and together they represent the family you wish you had. 30. Muscle shirt guy is harmless. He's just a dude who works out only his glamour muscles (biceps, pecs, abs) for the attention. He's not as strong as he looks. Definitely not even close to being as strong as farmer boy, who although looks soft compared to muscle shirt guy, will toss you around like a ragdoll during a match by using his unbelievable Herculian strength that is achieved only by those who grow up on a farm.
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    Stop sending Zain as our rep

    Then somebody needs to beat him. Yianni had his opportunity. Maybe he gets him this time? Or JO does? Either way, it's his spot, he did nothing wrong other than earn it.
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    Hello, my name is Idaho....and I'm a wrestlingaholic....
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    It's what we should do. What an amazing product, great dual, twists and turns throughout. Great individual performances from Spencer, RBY, Nick Lee, Cenzo, Marinelli, Kemerer, and Cassioppi. Cenzo-Marinelli match of the night, what a battle. OW to Kemerer. Hoo boy, I am JACKED up. My cousin, NOT an Iowa fan at all, was raving about the product. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Suriano .

    If this means the end of Fix and Suriano matches, sign me up.
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