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    Impressive Iowa

    Nice try. Lets look at the evidence. Your user name is "1032004". What letter does 1 COINCIDENTALLY resemble? A capital I. 0 is obviously similar to O. So we're at IO. What is a 3 but a sideways W? IOW. Finally, 2004. The UN designated the year 2004 as the "International Year of Rice." What State produces the most rice in the US? That's right, Arkansas. What is the first letter in Arkansas? Right again, it's A. Nice try, Coach Brands.
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    David Carr Twitter

    Pretty Cool
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    Just when I thought I was out....

    After three years of reffing and, (up until about 10–12 days ago), 100% confident my coaching days were days of the past.....not so much. Perfect situation has arose at a school well established in Athletics and plenty of resources, but never had wrestling. Starting one next year, they came calling....by the time we got done with talks it’s a scenario I can’t pass up. Super excited, but I can’t tell anyone yet, so you guys get to be my social media for the weekend. This is the third program in the area I live that I’ve started from scratch. I’m fired up for this one. ‘pray’ for me. Cheers!
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    College wrestlers getting married

    Team Bar Lizards here
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    Connor's Dad

    Rusty was a longtime contributor to my network and this is heart-breaking. Parents like him make fans out of a lot of people - his support of his son and the path to college made me want to follow Connor and his career. This is never easy, but this one is a gut punch.
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    I previously posted about the website I created, FreestyleWrestling.org. This contains all of the matches I've compiled for the top 20 Men's Freestyle guys in the world at each Olympic weight since 2018. So, there are roughly 8-10 thousand match results. Goal is to add non-Olympic weights by next Spring. I have updated the site and added the results for the 2019 US Men's and Women's National teams since 2018. Felt like you all would be interested in that and could use it as a resource for the upcoming Olympic Trials and beyond. Because there are so many results, I've noticed a few errors here and there. I'm doing my best to clean them up. If you do use the site and find an error, let me know by sending an me an email at JonathanJKozak@Gmail.com.
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    Purdue Suspends 13

    Too many boilermakers at this party?
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    My Son

    So I know this isn’t wresting related but, hopefully, my boys will want to at least try out wrestling in a few years. My oldest, just turned 3 two weeks ago and My wife and I would never force them into anything, so I guess we will see. Today, at daycare, they started “fitness time”. I was sent this pic shortly after, and thought I’d share as I almost pissed myself seeing it. When I picked him up, as usual, he told me about his day... Him: “I cried today Daddy” Me: “why’s that bub?” Him: “Daddy...jumping jacks make me sad....” Me: “same buddy, same....”
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    ******Breaking News******* New variation of gut wrench discovered off of the coast of Italy!
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    The biggest difference is working with sildanefil is really hard.
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    Best Colleges for each weight.

    Since the weight changes, most titles by weight (1999-2019, 2021) 125: Iowa (5) 133: Oklahoma State (5) 141: Ohio State, Oklahoma (4) 149: Penn State (4) 157: Penn State (3) 165: Penn Sate, Oklahoma State (4) 174: Penn State (5) 184: Penn State (6) 197: Oklahoma State, Iowa State (4) 285: Minnesota (6) Most placewinners by weight (1999-2021) 125: Iowa, Minnesota (15) 133: Iowa (16) 141: Oklahoma (14) 149: Iowa (14) 157: Iowa (13) 165: Oklahoma State (13) 174: Penn State (13) 184: Cornell (14) 197: Minnesota (13) 285: Minnesota (17)
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    Lack of nicknames

    Gable Steveson already has the name "Gable Steveson", so that doesn't work for Spencer...
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    Tom Brands tests positive

    Ryan doesn't do vaccinations. OSU is immune. All prayed away.
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    Connor's Dad

    Wow. What happened? He was such a nice guy, I mentioned on here two weeks ago that he just randomly messaged me to let me use his Peacock log in when I was complaining on one of the threads I couldn't get signed up to watch OTTs. He did not know me at all, so it was just an act of true kindness. Rest well, sir.
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    Nolf Question

    Dake taught him a refresher course in physics. Nolf passed with flying colors.
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    In 1966, a high school sophomore named Siddidi Finch, an adopted Iranian-born foster child from Oak Park, Illinois, whose parents died in a plane crash near Nepal, entered the Tbilisi tournament in Georgia and won... defeating 5-time world champ Ali Aliyev. He was denied the championship' however, when it was discovered he did not meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years. He never wrestled in high school folk style matches and only pursued freestyle. The majority of his training during his teen years occurred in Japan, where he was coached by the father of Yojiro Uetake Obata, and accompanied the elder Uetake on many trips to Tibet to learn yogic mastery of mind-body under the great poet-saint Lama Milaraspa. The elder Uetake when asked about the wrestling skills of the teenage Finch, stated: "Siddidi has taught my son, Yojiro, many skills." He did however, after graduating high school, walk on at Portland State university, where he twice defeated Rick Sanders in wrestle offs, but was denied a starting spot in the line up because of "academic performance"... The truth is, Finch rarely attended classes, other than to take exams, and in fact his GPA was a 4.0, but the University staff frowned on his absences from the classroom. After the debacle at Portland State, Finch decided not to pursue a wrestling career, instead choosing to play the French horn or golf or something. What if.... Imagine how great he would have been. Perhaps better than Cael... Below is the only known photo of Finch, sparring with Yojo, taken by his father:
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    Now that Cael and Penn State went 4 for 4 on Saturday night can they stop ruining Greg Kerkvliet and Brady Berge...Greg was already wrestling on one torn acl for years and now he’s pushing through a second, and while I appreciate his dedication to the team, someone needs to be an adult in this program and tell him to get healed up.. it’s ridiculous, the man has Olympic gold potential but at this rate he ll have arthritis in both knees by the time he’s 25 . Not to mention the long term effects of the concussions suffered by Berge and now the undetermined leg injury. Greg really has the potential to do something few wrestlers have ever done for team usa but Cael couldn’t seem to care less. He have complete tunnel vision on the the college program , probably to the fault of their wrestlers health .. I would much rather see Greg win 2-3 world titles and Olympic gold than watch his undersized and chronically injured body get pounded by brutes like Cassiopi and Schultz, and then be medically screwed the rest of his life Does anyone from Penn State administration, or athletic department , or John Fritz himself see that Lee interview last night and ask Cael “what the hell are you doing”, ruining one of the best team USA prospects in a long time , just so PSU can maybe go 5 for 5 once a decade? With injuries like this someone needs to be an adult and tell Greg and Brady to take care of their bodie, they only get one, but from the interview last night I’m guessing Cael's whole attitude being passed to his wrestlers is win at all costs to get "more point scorers." hope Greg and Brady can finally get their bodies right before long term damage starts to set in
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    I saw this first and thought it was your predicted score. I also thought it was reasonable.
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    Separated at birth?

    Kaleb Young looks a bit like a chocolatier we all know...
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    Hey guys Coach Fiorito here and I'm back at with my latest Wrestling Mastery video. This time having the honor of covering the best double leg takedown of our era. We've all seen it! I took it under the microscope. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making these videos.
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    Dake at it again

    I don’t know about this Dake fellow, but he hasn’t beaten as many people as melanoma.
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    Oily Bohunk

    65kg qualification

    It kills me to feel a vibe on here that JO owes US wrestling fans something for this result. Having been a part of someone else's journey to an Olympic spot, previously, I have always felt that there could be room for criticism for athletes who show a lack of dedication around preparation for an event like this (I don't think that's the case here with JO) but any disappointment in their actual performance is FOR them and not WITH them. From my spot on the couch, JO doesn't owe anyone of us anything regarding his performance. He went on the mat looking to do the best he could to achieve his dream to wrestle in the Olympics and came up short. No doubt he has disappointment, and will second guess what he did, but he doesn't owe me anything. I feel terrible for him.
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    Is it possible some of the women got the deadline for submitting the W-9 from KJ?
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    JO on Baschmania

    JO barely knows me but knew I was a big fan of his. In 2015, I was diagnosed with the “Big C”; apparently the same flavor that took out his grandfather years ago. When he learned of my situation, he texted me just about every day checking on my status until I was out of the woods......A guy old enough to be his father who he hardly knew.. People who question his character don’t know him. And yeah, when it comes to a technical master of the sport, you won’t find many sharper. Sucks what happened in Canada and he isn’t already locked into Tokyo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    74KG Olympic trials bracket

    This is how I would draw the bracket.
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    I just wanted to give a shout out to Pitt who had 2 finalists. Neither won obviously but I hope this helps them mine the ridiculous talent-rich area they reside in.
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    BMon, In the body of my response, being on your stomach is one of the prime reasons one gets "ridden," or turned. Why is he on his stomach to begin with? There are a multitude of methods to prevent that. Virtually everything in wrestling has a stimulus/response mechanism involved, called "setups." There are setups to takedowns, setups for riding, mat returns, breakdowns, pinning, escaping, and reversals, etc. Once a wrestler understands those processes, it rarely matters whether he is on top, bottom, or neutral. The S/R methods all share commonalities between humans and they are predictable. Trying to adequately explain, verbally, the techniques of riding is extremely challenging. Top and bottom wrestling are the most difficult aspects of wrestling to learn and to teach. It's becoming a lost art and I understand why so many coaches and wrestlers like freestyle. It’s way easier. Consequently, it's why I love folkstyle, a wrestler can't be good in just one facet, he has to exhibit comprehension and competency in all three facets. On bottom, one of the important techniques is to keep your hands/wrists free. Watch the NCAA's and notice how many wrestlers break down to an elbow while on bottom. Big NO, NO. Wrists are begging to be controlled. Stay off your elbows, keep your hands/wrists free, stay off your belly, and you've just gotten light years better from bottom. Riding or controlling the bottom man doesn't mean you grow roots on his ankle or stay stuck in one position. The true art of top wrestling is learning to change off, switch sides, and work the bottom man from head to ankles, while making him carry your weight, keeping him out of balance, and creating pressures and torques to make him use more of his strength and energy to neutralize or counteract all the forces. You and others may call it stalling, but it isn't. It has a cumulative effect on the bottom man's stamina and psyche. He's not scoring points, times ticking down, he's frustrated, fighting hard wasting energy and getting tired, top guy is gaining a point, and you're in his head because he knows he can't get out unless you let him out. If/when he does get out, his reactions may be slower because he wasted so much energy on bottom...and your'e still in his head with riding time. Many times in close matches with quality kids, the determining factor its RT. That's why RT is an asset to the sport. No one should be given a free out or up, just because he can't do it himself. If he doesn't like being on bottom, learn to get out and you are now in your desired "neutral." If someone can dominate you on top, he deserves some reward. Appropriately, that is riding time, control time, you suck on bottom time... call it whatever, but the top guy should not be penalized and taken out of a position of dominance/control and put on his feet just because the bottom man is inept. That's actually a form of "income inequality." There are plenty of lousy bottom wrestlers who can't get out but are difficult to turn because they've spent so much time there. So RT is his penalty and top's reward.
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    Vak / TBar LJB / 'The Field' Jimmy Cinna / ATM machine
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    Ferrari Predictions

    He called him AJ Ford Focus which is objectively funny. Great way to win the internet. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    American University wrestling?

    I sent an email to the AD, Dr. Billy Walker, to ask him several questions myself and others had about the wrestling team. I was pleasantly surprised when he called me in less than 5 minutes. The first thing we talked about was dropping the program. He told me in no uncertain terms that topic of dropping the program was never even brought up by the president & he should have been more forceful in his email to make sure nobody got that impression. Other points he mentioned are that the season will DEFINITELY go on & there will be a national search for a head coach beginning ASAP. He also said he and others in the athletic dept. are giving Jason and Jeric all the support they can so that the season can go on with as few problems as possible and they are trying to reschedule with Navy (would have been this weekend I believe) in addition to their other matches they have. I really appreciated the phone call which he had no obligation to make. Dr. Walker, who wrestled at Air Force and does not know me from Adam, was concerned that people were thinking the program might be dropped. He did not say why Coach Moore is no longer there which I expected. As for all of us who are fans of Teague we will miss him and hope he succeds in his next job. I personally wish Coach was still there coaching & I really hate to see him go. But, if he can't be the coach, then we all are going to be rooting like crazy for a great hire. While I read here on this board where people were saying AU is no Ivy league school, that may be true. But it is WAY above the level of most colleges including what it takes to get in there, succeed while you are there and how graduates are perceived in the work force especially in politics, business and law just to name a few. I know my kid is getting a hell of a lot better education than he would have almost anywhere else. If I hear anything else I will let everybody know.
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    Carson Karchla

    It's the disease of the internet. Some people are so eager to correct others and pick fights that their brain alters everything they read.
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    RIP Dan Hodge

    Dan and I met for the first time in 1975 when I drove to Perry to interview him for my book "Two Guys Named Dan". He and his wife Dolores became very dear friends with my wife Bev and me. They were our guests many times at the WIN Memorabilia Show during the NCAA tournament and the fans loved him. I never knew a celebrity that was more patient and kind to all those who came to meet him and get an autograph. Some were even brave enough to shake his hand, and once in a great while someone would say "Give me a shot, Dan!" and in seconds they were begging him to let go! While Dan was entertaining the fans, Dolores was working with Bev behind the tables. They were an incredible team for over 60 years! In 1995, I created "The Heisman Trophy of wrestling" and named it for Dan. In 2009, I wrote his biography entitled "Oklahoma Shooter: The Dan Hodge Story" and it sold out within a year. Dan and Dolores stayed with us many times in our home in Newton, Iowa, and we have stayed with them in Perry. I have never known anyone like him and today there is a big hole in my heart. -- Mike Chapman
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Was this Hall’s true kindergarten year, or his RS kindergarten year?
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    Why not Cox at 97kg for Poland?

    He couldn't make 97kg, so he's going 92kg.
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    Jumping ship / Turncoats

    Became a wrestling orphan on April 2, 2020. School turned its back on me over the next month and continues to shun any and all inquiries. That school in Norfolk is no longer part of my life in any way. Degree is off the wall and somewhere in storage, everything that bears its name is gone and thrown away or donated (except the wrestling stuff). The school turned on us, so I jumped ship from EVERYTHING else associated with it.
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    How Much Money

    Spent 20 years of my working career in wrestling, never competed past the junior college/junior international level, never made a lot of money at it. But man, traveled the world, front row seats to the best action on the planet, tons and tons of friends, experiences, and memories. Lots of stress and frustrations along the way, but wouldn't trade that 20 years for a lottery ticket.
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    Can the Deans Transfer Together

    Max is transferring to get away from Gabe.....but Gabe is just going to keep following him from school to school like a demon in a horror movie.
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    OK, you roped me into this, so let me give you my assessment The US system is very rigid, but at the same time very fair, no exceptions. The Iranian system attempts to be flexible, and make the decision based on what the leadership thinks gives Iran the best chances of success. That results in lots of accusation of favoritism and unfairness by those who are not selected. Now give you an extreme example of when the Iranian system would have worked perfectly. in 1992, Dan O'brien was the defending decathlon world champion, and the hands down favorite for Olympic gold. He had an off day in the qualification, failed his pole vault attempts, and therefore did not make the team. Under the very fair US system, he did not make the team. Under the Iranian system, someone would have said "are you nuts?" and put O'brien on the team. That would have been unfair to the guy who took third in the qualifications, but would gained US an almost certain gold in Decathalon. Which system is better? Not a black and white answer.
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    If anyone should be sued, it is Zain for the crime he committed against USAW in Canada last March. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There are a few points here that seem very clear to me. I know that the original post had a joke about Vak and Mallard Drake, but this is a serious issue. Tom Brands took action to sanction DeSanto; this was a calculated move designed to preempt any more severe NCAA action on this infraction. He moved to control the ultimate outcome. I cannot fault Brands in any way; if I were the coach, I would have acted the same. To sit on one's hands and do otherwise could have led NCAA officials to come to the conclusion expressed by Force118 above, namely that threatening any NCAA personnel at the NCAA tournament should result in an automatic disqualification and loss of team points. My own personal point is that, as a PSU wrestling fan, I would not want Iowa to lose DeSanto's team points. This would be an empty victory, one that wasn't earned, but resulted from a penalty for bad behavior after the fact. This opinion shows that I am a traditional, somewhat conservative American, and I believe that Cael Sanderson and his squad, if given the power to decide whether to deduct the points from Iowa, would pass. You have to earn it. Finally, mental health is an issue here, and Austin DeSanto, although he has made significant progress in dealing with losing, anger, and emotion, still has some ways to go. Mental health issues are not like throwing a switch; Tom Brands threw the switch and now Austin is okay. It's a long process, and we, Coach Brands, Iowa, and the NCAA, should encourage DeSanto to continue his progress. I look forward to seeing him next year. He's a competitor; he's entertaining, and he's an excellent wrestler. He brought a full 7 minutes to the match with Fix. Although it was a shortened season, the NCAA big dance was pretty exciting, all in all. Congratulations to Iowa on the team title. Congratulations to PSU for four individual championships. Looking forward to next year.
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    Man how good is Brian Smith?

    Missouri isn’t exactly a long time top wrestling destination and yet Smith has them up near the top every season. Even with top coaches like Henson and Eierman leaving. Man, I really wanted him back at MSU once Minkel finally left. Not that he would have came back after a 5 minute conversation with anyone representing the dumpster fire that MSU’s Athletic Department currently is. Still, back on topic. They lose both Eiermans and haven’t missed a beat. Many thought the way the left showed some internal problems that could cause a serious drop off. Instead, Hart takes over 141 and is ranked 4th. On top of that, they should rather easily have all 10 qualify for NCAA’s. I just can’t imagine any coach doing more with what Missouri has to offer. I am truly very impressed!
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    Kolat not wasting any time

    I think so. I feel like any top tier wrestler who can get into Princeton is choosing Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, or UVA. Maybe a couple others (Michigan, American, Brown?). Princeton is on the list for every single one of those. Attending Navy is insane. Your whole life revolves around the Navy. It takes someone who really wants to make a career in the Navy. There just aren’t that many high level recruits like that.
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    Willie Trials

    Who is going to make a movie out of this saga? Also, what does Danny DeVito's schedule look like?
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    Did Nomad Really Get Fired?

    The anger on this board is only outweighed by the general ignorance of corporate responsibilities vis a vis communications. What do you expect a corporate entity to provide in terms of information on employees being released? Have you never worked in a corporate environment or had employees (both good and bad) you were personally and professionally responsible for? To say anything would be unwise and could not possibly benefit the firm. The vitriol towards Nomad is hard to understand. He's' a little bit of a nerdy dude, but he clearly loves the sport. Not everyone is physically / mentally built to be a competitor. So what? A large dose of anger management and general personal awareness could benefit the discourse here.
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    BTS Chicago 6/28

    To me, the overall day was worth the $20. I didn't really have high hopes that the main event would be the best match. Richards and Sanders was worth a good portion of the money as a viewer. I try to find the overall value in these things. I don't pay $60 to watch one UFC fight, I pay to watch all of them on the card. There's going to be snoozers in every type of fight card. I'm glad I paid for it. To a good cause, BTS Chicago and the athletes. Oh by the way - If you pirated this stream, you took/are taking money away from our athletes and non-profit organizations aimed to help kids wrestle. Times might be tough, but don't be a cheapskate.
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    2050 the year

  47. 8 points

    Sadulaev speaks

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    What's going on in Columbus?

    1 is too many.
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    David Carr Twitter

    no one is taking the bait dude.
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    He was speaking in code. And the G was silent. Probably why you missed it.
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