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    34 yo wrestler at ASU

    Pretty good story. Crazy that he is almost as old as Mark Hall.
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    Separated at birth?

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    Over the last few years, the US has dramatically improved it's junior world success. I looked at the last 10 years to try and understand how we can use this larger data set to help predict future college success. There is way more you can do with this data. I kind of wish I was still in college so I could spend way more time on this, but I still think this info is interesting. I'm specifically looking at Men's Freestyle. Facts From 2009-2018, there have been 27 junior world medalists, including 5 who have at least 2 medals. I'm removing Pico from the rest of this as he gave up his college eligibility without wrestling, so I'll be using the 26 number for the rest of this. The USA has won 9 golds from 7 wrestlers (Mark Hall (2x), Spencer Lee (2x), Mekhi Lewis, Daton Fix, Gable Steveson, Kyle Snyder, Dom Bradley) Only 1 of the gold medalists who has competed in college hasn't won an NCAA title (Dom Bradley). That included Hall and Lee, both of whom won titles as true freshman. Medalists with completed eligibility average 2.8 AAs over the course of their career. That means that a medalist is more likely to AA than not in any given year. 20 junior world medalists have competed at least 1 year in college. Only 3 haven't AAd and only 1 is out of eligibility (Butler). 13 of the 26 medalists have used up their NCAA eligibility and 12 AAd at least once. That suggests that junior world medalists have a 92% chance of AAing Only 1 of those 12 out of eligibility AAers AAd once (Pat Downey), wihch suggests junior world medalists have an 85% chance of AAing at least twice. 11 of the 22 wrestlers who have competed in college at least for 1 year were finalists. 9 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least 3 times! (69%) 10 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least twice Ryan Deakin and Mitch McKee are at risk of throwing off these numbers, as they are both junior world medalists (and finalist) who haven't AAd. Each still has eligibility, so it is likely they AA. 7 out of 12 guys without eligibility remaining won an NCAA title. This suggests that 58% of medalists will win a title. What is even crazier is if we include those still with eligibility (excluding those that haven't competed yet), 50% have won an NCAA title! The guys added here include Zahid Valencia, Mark Hall and Spencer Lee. 6 out of those 12 won multiple titles! There are all kinds of interesting extrapolations that can be made from the data, but it is pretty clear that being a junior world medalist means it is highly likely you will AA multiple times and you have about a 50/50 chance of winning more than 1 title. For a gold medalist, the likelihood of winning a national title is 75%. If we take this way too far... Gable Steveson, Mekhi Lewis and Daton Fix each have a 75% of winning a national title at some point Both Mitch McKee and Ryan Deakin are very likely to AA Joey McKenna has at least a 69% likelihood of AAing this year (although if we account for it being his senior year, nobody who has AAd previously and won a junior world medal didn't AA their senior year, so 100%) Micic is extremely likely to AA and likely to win a title in the next two seasons Aaron Brooks, Zach Elam and Brady Berge have a 76% chance to AA at least twice and a 58% chance of winning a national title. Mark Hall, Zahid Valencia and Spencer Lee are likely to win at least 1 more title I can't wait for the season to start
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    We aren't talking about Valencia because TBar/BTFB/Cinnabon don't hate ASU as much as they hate Iowa.
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    Bobby Knight

    Just watched the 30 For 30 - "The last Days of Knight". It's amazing how much physical abuse and bullying he got away with at Indiana (and Texas Tech) without anyone standing up to him. It led me to Knight's wikipedia page to read through a list of all his incidents dating back to the 70s and came across this: "1960 Olympic gold medalist Douglas Blubaugh was head wrestling coach at IU from 1973 to 1984. Early in his tenure while he jogged in the practice facility during basketball practice, Knight yelled at him to leave, using more than one expletive. Blubaugh pinned Knight to a wall, and told him never to repeat his performance. He never did." I thought this crowd might appreciate this.
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    Thoughts are with Willie

    Willie Miklus' father passed away today. I've known Willie for 5 years, he's an outstanding young man. A very sad day.
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    Mckee/Brock style

    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.
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    Hot off the presses: The University of Iowa has "officially" elected to replace the pseudo-famous Herky the Hawk mascot after nearly 70 years of history with the school. The new mascot, Doofy the Duck, is set to take over for Herky in 2019 and will be represented on the new team singlets at the prestigious Midlands Open hosted by Northwestern. Despite the tradition that Herky has brought to the school for nearly a century, the community as a whole feels that the new mascot is a better representation of the current nature of the wrestling program.
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    Desanto Team Point

    I think the unsportsmanlike call came from a face mush right after the whistle, which got the crowd to start booing him, so he carried on... Some people strive win and lose with grace. Other people are DeSanto. At least he's consistent.
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    Separated at birth?

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    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    The year is 2024, Grant Leeth is completing his junior year of eligibilty but also now eligible to run for president...
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    @KMF - hate to be a grammar snob, but I think you meant to say "too" instead of "to".
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Rocket Mortgage ad on Flo

    those ads aren't chosen by the themat.com, they are populated by a third party vendor based on your browser history and ISP details. so maybe it's time to start surfing in incognito mode.
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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    Ian Miller not being in one is the worst NCAA finals call.
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    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Bo is so lucky with the fluke pins :)
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    Glad to see that the Iowa fanbase has taken a completely unbiased look in to the accusations against this Iowa wrestler and cleared him of all charges.
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    Richard Perry accident

    Thought this was worth re-visiting. Very inspirational and amazing recovery!
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    Separated at birth?

    Vitu Arujau and Christian Pyles
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    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Snyder needs to know I got pinned too. Many times. And look at me now. It will be okay.
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    What a lawless society-things are going downhill. Can’t believe somebody would post HS wrestling news in the college section. What is the world coming to.
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    RBY possibly just tore his ACL

    That’s one way to finally get a solid 125lber.
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    Phillippi screwed up

    He should’ve transfered to Penn State, Okie State, Iowa, or Ohio State. It is pretty much impossible for anyone to find success outside of these programs. I don’t know what he was thinking going to Pitt. Edit: Oh never mind he just beat Fix!
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    Steveson workout video

    Haselrig is a unicorn: He won a PA high school title despite attending a high school that didn't have a wrestling team. He won three D1 titles despite competing for a D2 team. He made it to the Pro Bowl despite never playing football in college.
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    PSU looks horrible

    125-Do they even have one? 133-RBY gets tossed on his head. At least DeSanto was able to fight off his back even if he puked. 141-Lee-His weight was so weak and he barely beats a true freshman whose parents apparently aren't sure if forests are real. 149-OkStates backup beat the guy Berge lost to. Shameful. 157-This weight was so bad that their backup walked to the Finals and then made sure to make it easy for Nolf keep his 100% bonus rate. 165-I thought he was supposed to have really turned it on this year. Tbar said so and he definitely would be the one to know if men are turned on. Too many close matches. 174-Hall barely beat a fat 157lber. shameful. 184-Rasheed only beats VTechs backup 4-1??????? 197-Nickal beat who he was supposed to beat. 285-Cassar lost to a Senior 1x qualifier? Really????
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    Bench Misconduct

    So you should have been penalized, too?