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    Separated at birth?

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    Just put a bit of water in the bottom of a saucepan and let it cook inside covered for a couple minutes if you dont have a proper steamer. If you have a pan with a steaming compartment, steam as normal.
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    Career Senior Freestyle Records

    I am an old retired guy with time on his hands. So I did create a list of the senior freestyle matches that Burroughs, Cox, Dake, Snyder and Taylor have had. I picked all of the current gold medalists we have to try and make these lists. I am missing some data (names, country the wrestler came from, or scores) on a few items. I might also be missing other tournaments. If so, please let me know. All input is appreciated. The Burroughs list from his website is very complete. The Snyder list from his wikipedia page is missing the 2015 US Open that he won and a 2018 World Club Cup Dual match with India that he won. I tried to identify all the world medal winners each guy wrestled and calculated other comparative data. So scroll down to the bottom of each excel workbook page and you can see some of the calculations I have done. I think we live in a good time where we really have outstanding freestyle wrestlers in this country. Some have accomplished more, but we really have a good overall team. It is a lot of fun to follow. I have found it pretty disappointing how poorly documented the records of our greatest freestyle wrestlers are. I find all of the discussions on the forums interesting but often lacking in the real data. So I decided as part of my retirement time hobby, I would try to study it a bit. I guess it's time to share that info with all the other geeks and nerds out there. I wasn't ever sure what I would do with the stuff I created. If someone wants to put any of this out there on Wikipedia, be my guest. I am trying to do this same type of thing for Baumgartner, Gable, Jackson, Kemp, Sanderson, both Schultz brothers, and Smith. I have an outline done but this is very tough sledding finding the info. I am pretty certain that I can never find all the info and will end up with just an outline. But still lots more digging before I know that for sure (months away from having anything I am sure). Also, there is a wikipedia page that shows all the US Men's Freestyle Wrestlers by year and how they finished in world or olympic championships. I retyped this data into a spreadsheet, made a bunch of calculations and observations, and then created two summary pages. That is the second attachment you see. I focused on 1960 thru 2018 since those were the years we were basically competing every year and are completed. I am happy to answer any questions. Just type them out. Thanks Tim Freestyle Records for 5 current wrestlers.xlsx US Men's Freestyle History.xlsx
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    @KMF - hate to be a grammar snob, but I think you meant to say "too" instead of "to".
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    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    He’s earned the right to redshirt. This is an individual sport.
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    So all in all, Tom Ryan has had better offseasons. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Instead of other threads getting hi-jacked all the time, why don't we just keep the discussion in one thread. I think Flo wrestling is good for wrestling. The first thing that is always up for debate here is whether or not flowrestling helps grow the sport. It does. Why? Consistency and accessibility. When I was growing up there was one way to watch wrestling. Iowa Public Television had a handful of Iowa matches every year. That was about it. There would be the occasional National duals match or National Finals, but not much else. Now I can watch every Big10 match and a handful of other programs live or days/months/years after the event. This is unprecedented for wrestling. I would never have dreamed 20 years ago that I would have this much access to wrestling. Not only that, but I have wrestling podcasts, news, recruiting, storylines produced daily whether is is written articles or in podcast form. It has allowed me to go beyond being a casual fan. I have yet to find another website that compares with the consistency or mass of content produced. Now could ESPN take over those matches? Absolutely they could and it would probably be cheaper too, but lets assume they were ever even interested, the moment that there was a conflict with ESPN's larger goals, wrestling would take a back seat. I don't see wrestling taking a back seat at flo and I am willing to pay so I don't have to deal with that threat. I don't see why anyone has a problem with the payment model. 1. its actually affordable. 2. it makes sense to charge more monthly than annually. 3. There is enough demand to ask for as much as they do. It is the right to determine that cost, and I don't really see how that has hurt interest in the sport. Even without a flo account, I still have more access to wrestling content than I did 15 years ago.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Kyle Dake shuts down guy who has been piss pounding most of the world in the past year. Internet forums: "Dake looks bad, I expect Dieringer to take match 2."
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    I agree. If you aren't going to wear a polo under your singlet then why bother.
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    You can't change weights mid-process because you lose and think you might be able to beat the guy at a weight next to yours. Downey won the 86 kg spot by winning the US Open and then the trials, and now final x where he will essentially accept 2 forfeits from DT. It's against the ethic of the sport and would set up potentially disastrous situations down the road if they were to allow Nickal or Ringer to wrestle off Downey despite neither of them ever wrestling 86 kg. You'd have guys asking for special wrestle offs every year. The only reason people are having this conversation is because Downey rubs people the wrong way. It's not like he's some scrub. He's a junior world silver medalist, has a great freestyle skillset, and is an amazing athlete. I think we're going to be fine there this year. He's not a bad second option behind DT.
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    What a lawless society-things are going downhill. Can’t believe somebody would post HS wrestling news in the college section. What is the world coming to.
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    This guy must be freebasing Fox News
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    In freestyle why in the world would you open up when you're up 4-0? When you open up you expose yourself some too, and one 4 pointer and Ringer wins. He did exactly what he should have up 4-0 in a do or die series.
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    Iowa is off on a team bonding and firearms safety training weekend at Camp Anawanna. Gotta get off to a better start to this season.
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    Tom and Terry's new recruiting pamphlet...
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    With Myles Martin being the front runner to win 184 it could end Cornell and Penn State’s 8 year run of champs. If he wins this year will be the first year since 2010 that a non-Cornell/Penn State wrestler will win 184. 2018 Bo Nickal PSU 2017 Bo Nickal PSU 2016 Gabe Dean Cornell 2015 Gabe Dean Cornell 2014 Ed Ruth PSU 2013 Ed Ruth PSU 2012 Steve Bosak Cornell 2011 Quentin Wright PSU 2010 Max Askren Missouri During this 8 year streak the school’s have had 2 matches against each other in the finals (2012: Bosak vs Wright and 2017: Nickal vs Dean). They have also met in the semis 2 times (2014: Ruth vs Dean and 2013: Ruth vs Bosak) and once in the quarterfinals (2018: Nickal vs Max Dean). During the 8 year run of champs the only 2 years that one of the schools didn’t have an AA at the weight was 2015 and 2016 when Matt McCutcheon finished R12 (2015) and 0-2 (2016). Ironically, neither school had an AA at 184 in 2010.
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    Tommy Aint Afraid to Run

    One thing about Tommy gents is he aint afraid to run he aint gonna throw Lee and Young out there on account hes afraid theys gonna get beat just ask him gents its a coaches decision he said he did the right thing now the gratest coach of the worlds oldest and gratest sport never did protect a seed nor keep a guy on the sidelines no he coached them up and they went out there and took on all comers but Tommys no Gable and that aint no lie. Gents the Voice of Wrestling was there in full war colors and listening to my fellow Hawkaholics they was disgruntled drove all that way and watched a miserable series of matches and such but most of thems drinking Tommies Kool Aid and content to finish 4th so leave that to them that wants it sure 4th is 4th but thats what you got hombres you want the thrills and chills of being in the team race choose another team hombres.
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    Separated at birth?

    Austin DeSanto and Michael Imperioli from Goodfellas:
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    Bo on Flo

    I love Bo (his personality and his family). have known them a long time and they are very good people. Bo's suggestion isn't a bad one. It would be a really cool piece or series/concept. However 2 things - i think he approached it wrong. we have a million archives we can run and paying wrestlers to talk about them before we re-run them, while a cool concept, shouldn't be 'assumed'. that's just not feasible. Second Thing - it was pretty odd b/c we reached out to Bo when he graduated and asked if, now that he could make some money, he'd be interested in doing some things. he said he would in the future but he was prepping for FS season. so it was odd to see that method when he had an open invitation and could have gave us a holler. it's all good though. cp and bader talked to him since and it seems like he's gonna do some stuff with Flo in the future.
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    German Wrestling League Videos

    Just thought somebody might want to watch a few matches Alejandro Valdez vs Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov 65kg freestlye Akhmed Magamaev vs Nurmagomed Gadhziyev 97kg freestyle Arsen Musalaliev vs Ali Shabanau 87kg Freestsle Edit : also Sharif Sharifov fought Elizbar Odikadze this Saturday and I'm looking to find a video
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    Hey guys, Here is a podcast I recorded with Coach Brands two weeks ago. He drops a ton of stories on Gable, the Steiners and his run at Iowa, but two of the most interesting were: Brands talking about his respect for John Smith and Brands' rivalry with Alan Fried. Here is the link to listen. Ryan Warner Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast
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    74 kg discussion

    Gomez (1x medalist) and Bezkod (2x medalist) will have the most heroic road to the finals. Pigtail- Eachother R32- old man Garzon (4x medalist) R16- Demirtas (2x medalist) Quarters- Burroughs (5x champ) Semis- Sidakov (reigning champ) Finals- Chamizo (2x champ) That's just ridiculous.
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    Not that great. Better. 1. 4x champ. One of four ever. 2. NO REDSHIRT 4x champ. Only one ever. Can't be emphasized enough. 3. Moved up on purpose to wrestle the defending and future Hodge winner and future world champ. Beat him three times in three different kinds of matches, twice from behind. 4. Beat two Iowa and two Penn State guys in the finals. Those four were: Guy who won Hodge year before and year after. Guy who was undefeated champ the year after and future Olympian. Dake put a literally humiliating beating on him with a shocking 6 minutes plus of riding time. Guy who was champ the next year. Guy who in future lost OT in finals and lost OT in semis to champ in one of most controversial matches ever. 5. Undefeated last two years. NCAAs those years: Jr. year: 1st pd fall, 1st pd fall, 2d pd fall, 4-0, 4-1 Sr. year: First four matches: 29-0. Final vs 2x Hodge winner (who had pinned way to finals with three in first period and won in 3:25), 5-4 with late stalling point, opponent took off ankle bands with time still on clock. 6. Did all this while dealing with going to class and getting good grades at Ivy League college, which I guarantee you was a factor in his (few) losses.
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    Zaurbek Sidakov Slide-By Study

    For those interested in film study, here is a video I created analyzing 2018 World Champ Zaurbek Sidakov's Slide-By technique:
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    Anthony Echemendia

    I've really begun to sour on the flo guys the last several months. Overall, Flo is great for wrestling due to the coverage it provides, but some of the personalities are wearing very thin. Nomad is unbearably arrogant at this point. Pyles has begun to approach that point as well. Willie was always there, but now has added overall incoherence to it as his brain appears to be turning to mush. To make it worse, they have incredibly thin skin too.
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    Jason Tsirtsis

    Put down "confused" just to have all of the icons taken care of on that post!
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    I’d feel empathy for him if there were actual communists doing harm to a world team member. But he’s just spouting fantasy. Plus, he adds the hashtag winnerswin as he goes 0-2. lol
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    But the age group silver, besides being against just kids, not the best grown ups, was seven years ago, when he was 19 or 20. Not only was that a long time ago, but the years in between, when he was an inveterate and unrepentant screw up, were the young adult years when unfortunately a fair number of talented young people blow themselves up. And Downey seemed on a mission during that time to ensure that he not only blew up but nuked himself, but by all appearances in the last year or so he's found a way to bring himself back from that brink and become a productive person. In other words, he doesn't today like the same complete irredeemable jackass that he appeared to most of the wrestling community to be for the better part of seven years. The prior world silver is just a small example of the kind of talent that he screwed up in the intervening seven years when he accomplished nothing on a par with that. That's what me and others are trying to say about this complicated situation. He still ain't our favorite, but we're really happy to see that he's made the improvements he's made and we'll take it over what preceded it. And we hope he can get some points to help the U.S. win the team title. Also, why do people keep acting as if David Taylor is John Smith and Dan Gable rolled into one? "Cleared out weight"? That doesn't make any sense. The top guys in the weight class above and below him have materially better college and senior level records than him. The guy below him beat Taylor so often, so badly, and in so many different big matches in folk and free that it's been a source of fodder for years for running jokes on these boards. The guy above him won more NCAA titles and more world medals and beat him in the Olympic trials on one leg. Why would either of them clear out for Taylor, and why would anyone competing in either of those weight classes prefer to wrestle Dake or Cox instead of Taylor??
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    Tommy Aint Afraid to Run

    Odd though that Brands is willing to build a rocket ship to travel to other galaxies to find better competition but when he crosses the border to Illinois he gets scared for his wrestlers and has to implement an alternate plan. :(
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    Separated at birth?

    Mason Reinhard WI 184 pounder Trevor Brandvold MN asst coach Had to have been weird for Trevor to recruit him to WI. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I care. Enough to fly out there to see it, actually. I took notes of the match, since I follow both of these guys pretty closely. Period 1: First minute is what you'd expect from two guys with their history of trading matches: caution. Very little from either but Yianni did control the center of the mat more and had the only legit TD attempt close to the minute mark: an elbow slideby attempt which Eierman was ready for. Last two minutes of the first were uneventful but Yianni asserted himself more as the aggressor, generally controlling the center of the mat and the tie-ups. He also took the only significant shot of the period but Eierman's head-hands are too tough when he's first-period fresh. Period 2: Y chooses down and E immediately sticks in the right leg. Spends about a minute on the crossbody ride breaking Y's tripod down. Very similar situation to last year's second period at this same event, when Y was down. But this year Y had more strength to take the tripod to standing position a few times. After about minute of riding time, Y stood up and when E draped over him to attempt a mat return, Y tried a sweet looking arm throw to his right. Ultimately, it was not successful as a throw but it did shake E loose and Y got the escape after giving up 1:15 of RT. After a restart from going OOB, Y immediately starts pressuring forward, forcing E to either shoot or back up. E backs up and circles, faking a few shots, setting up Y's patented misdirection single. Y fakes left (slaps the leg) and immediately slides right to a single. Eierman sprawls but Y is already in deep and in position and secures the left leg to lock up a double but is halfway out of bounds and E smartly hips out of bounds, leaving Y with a low single to try to pull back in to the mat before the period ends. Period 3: E chooses down and has to escape in 15 seconds to secure his RT but fails to do so. Y used a claw and two solid mat returns to keep E down, but E is very active from bottom and got out fairly quickly. Alas, only 56 sec of RT. Now they're neutral where Y has been the aggressor the whole match and E looks tired to me, not moving as well. Y looks fresh and keeps pressuring forward. E fakes a few times but Y doesn't flinch and keeps pressuring. Y hits a low double that converts on the edge with 25 seconds left. Fresh start after going OOB. E shows urgency and gets up twice but Y responds with two athletic mat returns, the first one being Dake-like but with a very solid counter attempt from E who pivoted his hips midair and tried to land on Y after the back arch, drawing oohs and aahs, but no dice. Key Takeaways: 1. To me, Yianni looked significantly stronger/bigger than last year. Eierman clearly had the strength advantage last year and that is now gone. Look at last year's match at the SB Duals and then this year's. The main difference from bottom is that Y is now a man. 2. Y controlled all the action from the feet. He controlled the center of the match for 90% of the time they were in neutral and took the only meaningful risks, showing good variety with a throwby attempt, his patented misdirection single attempt (which he was in a decent spot to get had time not run out in the 2nd), and the low double that was money in the third. 3. Eierman is still dangerous as hell and usually only one move away from stealing any match. He will be very hard for anyone to keep down for long unless he unexpectedly starts struggling with the weight cut and loses steam by the third.
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    I'm copying this post I made on the other thread because I'm shocked at the lack of understanding on display about the Fix / Takahashi match. You don't seem to understand what passivity is in freestyle wrestling. The ref put Fix on the shot clock because he was passive, backing away from Takahashi's offensive setups. Folkstyle folks be like, "Only leg shots are offense." Watch that match again and realize what I'm sure the USA coaches have now realized, which is that wrestlers who want to pull out of a Russian tie or a two-on-one had better find a way to do so without backing or running away. Takahashi works his offense off of a few different two-on-one arm ties. 30 seconds into the match, Takahashi, standing on the center spot of the mat, reaches for the two-on-one twice. Fix backs and then runs away to the outer part of the circle and the official uses his blue hand to make the "move forward and engage" signal. Fix continues to try to escape Takahashi's throw-by set up, a two-on-one on Fix's left arm, and it's clear that ref is going to warn him (5:18). Fix's mistake is that he isn't clearing the two-on-one and transitioning into his own offense. He's moving back into outer space. Imagine a wrestler who works his offense off a collar tie, and every time he locks another wrestler up with a collar tie, that wrestler clears it and backs up instead of looking to attack. Imagine a guy who shoots from space, and instead of re-attacking and generating offense, the other guy keeps backing away. This is essentially what Fix is doing in this match; he's backing away from Takehashi's offensive setups. Watch the whistle start after the first passive warning. Fix starts in a very forward position, over the center of the mat, but as soon as Takahashi goes for the two-on-one, he circles into the orange outer band. The ref immediately puts his blue hand up and encourages him to engage. Do you not understand that this is passivity? Takahashi continues to go for the two-on-one tie on Fix's left arm, and Fix continues to back away, and it's no surprise that the ref puts him on the 30 second clock at 4:31. Watch the entire match with positioning in mind. Takahashi works the middle of the mat the whole time. After the first shot clock point, Fix ties up in a collar tie and makes some effective fakes, causing Takahashi to back away. The ref immediately lifts the red hand and warns Takehashi for passivity. The ref does a good job in this low scoring match of encouraging action. It's a disappointment that a wrestler with the dynamism of Daton Fix was unable to create more action. The takedown and ensuing flurries of action at the beginning of the second period were good signs, and Fix should have continued. When he creates action, he scores more that his opponent. Again, Takehashi continues moving forward, looking for the Russian tie on the left arm. Fix never turns it into HIS offense. At one point he uses his left arm to overhook, a great tactic, as Takehashi doesn't seem able to create action. The ref blows it dead quickly, as noone is attacking. Lessons were learned from this match. Daton will be better prepared for his next meeting with Takehashi.
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    Top 5

    1. Cinnabon 2. Cinnabon 3. Cinnabon 4. Cinnabon 5. Cinnabon He's the reason that I seldom come here anymore. When it's closer to the season, I'll be back in full force I'm sure but he makes it hard to bear.
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    Jordan Burroughs DNP 3-1-1 Kerry McCoy DNP 1-3-1 TJ Jaworsky DNP 1-1-1 Ricky Bonomo DNP 1-1-1 John Smith DNP 2-1-1 Mark Schultz DNP 1-1-1 Nate Carr DNP 1-1-1
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    huh? sumo matches are like 12 seconds long. this was nothing like sumo. people need to watch more sumo and stop using it as a pejorative to describe anything they don't like about other wrestling styles.
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    Bo Nickal

    I think that's a pretty foolish/narrow view. There's real talent at this tournament. There are many more quality champs than there are Richie Lewis'. What better way to simulate a world championship? Here are some of the guys that competed in U23's last year: Idrisov -- wins U23's last year, wins Russian nationals this year. Rei Higuchi -- doesn't need an introduction. David Baev -- 2nd at U23's last year, wins Russian nationals this year. Salkazanov -- just took 3rd at Dogu. A. Kentchadze -- senior world silver, plenty of other senior level accomplishments. N. Kentchadze -- senior Euro bronze. Ghasempour -- senior Asian champ, now ranked top 5 in the world. Naifonov -- senior Euro champ. Plenty of senior level accomplishments. Russian nationals champ. Suleymanov -- ranked top 10 at the senior level. Zubairov -- just took 3rd at Dogu. Matcharashvilli -- senior Euro silver. Gamidov -- Russian nationals runner-up. Shabani -- just teched Alborov and took Snyder down to the wire. Is Nickal too good for this tournament? Because every one of these guys is more credentialed than he is at this point.
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    Cox vs "Snyder or Taylor"

    Nah. The PSU fans posting that he will go up to 97 because he has a better chance beating Snyder than Taylor have the inside info.
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    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Omg, please let Downey win a medal so I can inject his Twitter into my veins for a year until Final X next year. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    We're leg grabbers- always have been. Our young kids don't learn throwing proficiently or consistently. Additionally, there's a lot that can go wrong in big matches if you don't execute correctly. IMO, our feet wrestling has never been a problem - international wrestlers don't typically like our aggressive style and pushing of pace on our feet. Rather than throwing, I'd like to see us be better in par terre.
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    I speculate he has more fun when he shoots.
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    Great article. Enjoy. https://onwardstate.com/2019/04/17/penn-state-wrestling-oral-history-day-cael-sanderson-turned-college-wrestling-on-its-head/
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    Logan Stieber retiring

    Even as he retires, half of the wrestling community sticks to their guns, refusing to spell Stieber correctly.
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    Memories of hero wrestlers

    The post about Mark Hall stopping to sign autographs for kids even after his loss in the finals had me reimincising of a moment that stood out to me when I was a youth wrestler. I started typing a reply about the story but didn't want to hijack the thread away and though it would be cool to share stories about when we were younger and a memory of a hero wrestler of ours. I still remember as a child at midlands walking up to Leroy Vega from MN (my favorite wrestler at the time) and asking for an autograph prior to his finals match with Jody strittmatter. He asked me if I could find him after the match. He ended up losing (I was heartbroken) and later in the concourse or whatever its called he actually saw me came up and said would you still like my autograph? and signed my program. I remember being floored by the fact that he came to me and remembered. It's something that stuck with me my entire life.
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    Not making any attempt to mount a real offense in neutral stopped him more than the alleged headgear grab (and the non-existent hands to the face). And for the record, I wanted Fix to win.
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    Dude, it was MSU.
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    A proposal to address ducking

    How to address ducking? Tom Brands c/o Hawkeye Athletic Department University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242
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    Sad to see what "Iowa style" means these days.
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    Separated at birth?

    More like:
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    Hair Cut

    Jay Z Kanye Eminem Chris Rock, Louis CK, Rickie Gervais A person who is trying to verbally injure someone and spits the worst name they can think of ........ I could go on, but to what benefit Ever strike out at someone and make a derogatory ethnic or religious remark? Ever? Ever say something for effect and miss the mark, offending people? Never? Ever say something rotten and regret it forever? Does it mean you truly hate and would discriminate against all members of that ethnicity or religion? We are a wrestling community getting sucked into the racial divisiveness that sells advertising clicks. The kids on the team are watching the adults and shaking their heads. No more from this corner.
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    Merge two teams together. Works every time.
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