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  1. JasonBryant

    NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results

    This is true, although legend has it that Pete was a smaller man in high school and grew significantly upon his arrival at the Naval Academy.
  2. JasonBryant


    I was six days prior to my 18th birthday. Summer after my senior year in high school. Found the tickets via 411 (no internet, no ticketmaster for this show). Drove up with a buddy, watched the show, mind exploded.
  3. JasonBryant


    They did indeed. Greatest show I've ever seen.
  4. JasonBryant


    These guys were gawd-awful. Saw them open up for Wu-Tang and Rage Against The Machine back in August of 1997. Every song was basically the same - hard riff, REVOLUTION, RAHHHH. Repeat for 30 minutes.
  5. JasonBryant

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    Many just assume Graham is private ... it’s in St. Paris, Ohio. I always referred to them as Graham (Ohio) to try to steer the public to understand that. I know some places like to list the city first like “Clearwater Countryside” in Florida. If we had some reporting uniformity, it might impact the public perception of Graham specifically.
  6. JasonBryant


  7. Did you want to lose all of wrestling in the Olympics? So you can have your men's only world with no wrestling in the Olympics or you can compromise? Or is that why you believe wrestling lost spots from 1996? The Olympics started dropping wrestling spots before the women even had their four weights in 2004. Look it up. 10-8-7. Facts. I'm going to say a properly funded athletic department that does its due diligence in properly adding sports and adhering to gender equity has NO requirement to cut wrestling from the men's side of things. So if you're mad at women as a whole for cutting programs, blame piss-poor administrators for not understanding change is coming. You clearly didn't get that memo. If you would be aware of how college sports actually operate, you'd see that when a women's sport that's been added in the past ten years, there have been minimal cuts to the men's funding of the same sport. I don't have the data on over 1,000 NCAA schools off the top of my head, but I look at this stuff closer than you do, I can definitely tell you that. Wrestling fans should be wrestling fans, greatest sport in the world, right? That's what we preach? All the things it teaches us, to fight, to adapt, to respond to adversity. But to you, girls can't have the same thing? But if they do, you won't embrace them getting to experience the same thrills the boys get? To hell what the kickball and roundball fans think. We are better than that. You don't want to watch, that's your prerogative, but to denigrate those girls and women who decide to put it on the line for their school and country, that's dated. Spare me the bullsh*t about watching the sport at "the highest level." That's a copout of epic proportions and it's the same excuse I hear from bitter old folks who can't stand to watch women wrestle (or any women's sport). I've heard your excuse countless times from other people who don't get it. The same people who b*tch and moan about women's wrestling being not "the highest level" will in gyms watching bad high school wrestling tournaments week after week. Yes, that's a snarky answer because attitudes like yours hold the sport back. Adapt or get run over. You know the best thing about time capsules? They can stay buried, with people often forgetting where they left such dated ideals. Yes my answer is snarky, but at least it's not disrespectful to the sport. I can deal with logical and legitimate gripes about the wrestling we choose to watch. Claiming "the highest level" is groundless. Welcome to my ignore list, old timer.
  8. You clearly don’t pay attention to college sports - colleges fund all sorts of non-revenue women’s sports that typically have small attendance figures and they will continue to do so. You have the right to your opinion regarding bathroom breaks, but it’s dated and we will be better as a sport when our fans embrace all our athletes. Back in your time capsule.
  9. JasonBryant

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    Do you exist just to be a pain in the ass on this forum? I mean, if you want to make a faux-relevant troll account, go to Twitter. Hammerlock doesn’t need any competition over here.
  10. You realize how impossible that is, right? You going to be the one to come up with the funds to re-open Dana College? You also realize how flawed that thinking is? Not supporting a group of athletes in our sport for something completely unrelated to them? They took the McDLT off the menu! I'm boycotting Subway! Pfft.
  11. JasonBryant

    Updated: NCAA's Prediction - Mid-February 2019

    I just couldn't figure out whether or not you were calling it now ...
  12. JasonBryant

    No. No. No. No!

    Productions costs are WAY more than that, even for public television.
  13. JasonBryant

    Oldest Wrestler in NCAAs

    Tanner Hall just turned 26 if my math is right.
  14. JasonBryant

    Dan Gable - The Champion

    @Cooch1, which one powered the Space Modulator? Wait, that was Illudium Q-36
  15. JasonBryant

    Tapatalk ads & app links

    I've paid for Tapatalk (I also use it for other forums), but I'd agree that the mobile site is pretty freaking good since the site update. JB