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  1. Willie is @MS1 (Mat Scouts) I'm @mattalkonline Easy way to do it is to select the wrestling tab at the top of the page, you'll see the content from the wrestling-centric creators there.
  2. I always reference this match as the impetus for the rule change. A lot of data probably backed up the change, but this was the most visible example. Or as some call it, "The Waller Rule."
  3. As of the 2018-19 participation report, there were 313 NCAA-sponsored wrestling teams. If you breakout Division I and Division II for a "scholarship" offering division, you'd have 137. I'm waiting for the 2019-20 participation report to be released (usually around this time of year annually), which will provide official statistics to reference. My tracking counts are including announced programs that may start in 2021-22. On JUST the men's side, the last time NCAA Division I men's wrestling was over 100 teams was in 1995-96 (106), that year, there were 277 men's college programs sponsored by the NCAA. Since then, all three divisions had dips, but Division II and Division III have shown rallies, some with new schools coming on board from the NAIA then adding wrestling, others from Division II members adding wrestling. In 95-96, D2 was at 52 teams. It dipped to 38 teams in 02-03, now D2 is up to 62 as of the reporting 2018-19 year. Division III was at 119 in 95-96, then dipped to a low of 87 teams in 2011-12. As of the end of the 18-19 reporting year, D3 was back up to 108, with more on board for 2019-20 (once official). The NAIA, which isn't counted in the NCAA research (for obvious reasons) had 18 teams in 2001. EIGHTEEN. They finished 2018-19 with 68. We're at 313 four-year men's programs at the end of the reporting year. Women's wrestling went from 4 teams in 2001 to an announced 87 teams going into the 2021-22 season across schools in the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and the Northwest Conference. Per your last line, men's ice hockey has 67 D1/D2 schools competing in "D1 hockey. Men's Volleyball has 46 teams in D1/D2 competing in "national collegiate" men's volleyball. Both of them have separate Division III championships. Under the current structure, there's no indication or evidence we'll go back to one division anytime soon.
  4. My bad on the year. 2004 was the first year I'd covered the event in Cleveland, it was also the first year the NJCAA and NAIA were added to the fray. That's also why I said '04. You're correct - 2002 was the first season there were three divisions. Pretty sure it was in Columbus that year. The 1994 Central Oklahoma team was the only non-D1 team to place in the top eight. UCO (D2) was 7th - beat Wartburg, Fresno State and Michigan, all on the consolation side. Augsburg went 3-8 all-time in the event with a 1992 win over WVU, that 98 win over Pitt and win over then-D2 NDSU in 1999. Based on my time at the NWCA, it's my belief that the divisional concept was always the idea since the NWCA took the event on its own from the Virginia Duals, which started it.
  5. Not so much. They invited the returning champs from D2, D3 and the NAIA until the tournament created divisions for each in 2004.
  6. Ron, Brackets from that era are hard to come by. I’m working on building a massive database of place winners from college tournaments dating back to the 1950s (and conference tournaments prior) The brackets ... most are all but lost. From the ODU standpoint, as an alum, I want to document it away from ODU since the school will never update wrestling records again.
  7. College Division. ODU didn’t move to D1 until after the three divisional structure was established.
  8. They aren't defending anything. They don't lose their old title if they don't win. Just like using "former" champ - you don't actually use it. So if you hear me talking about individuals, I'll call them "past champions" or "past All-Americans" but not "former champions" because unless they've been stripped, they're still a champion. It's not a championship belt that trades hands. Then you're a former champion if you're a boxer who lost a title fight.
  9. From a fan standpoint, I’d prefer it be hit on one thread and updated there vs. new threads. If I still moderated this page, I’d make the same suggestion and ask you to do that or pay for advertising.
  10. Not as yet - I usually hang back until I know what the local movement is doing before I move in on things these days. Ever since my Cleveland State interview years ago, only one AD has been willing to come on the show live. Most are now just refusing all interviews. The school that paid me to do their show wouldn’t even come on and went with a full department Q&A they had to get a bunch of eyes on. I’ll ask soon but I’m again unlikely to get any of these ADs to own it beyond a comment in a Friday release.
  11. I hate when scholarships are used as an expense - they aren't a fixed cost. It's just sending money from one part of the school to another, while the part that takes gets the money to the school from the walk-ons doesn't get any credit for bringing kids in to the university bottom line. It's a one-way transaction that's a failure. Shell games. And don't tell die-hard football fans their sport doesn't make as much as they think they do - they'll automatically turn into some revenue seeking realist about our sport, but not their own. Distrust the admins until they take away your precious football.
  12. He entered the open in 2013 IIRC. Didn’t do so hot.
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