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  1. Cutting the team at my alma mater has caused me to reallocate funds to different schools in the state. Not another dime goes to that school in Norfolk. My degree is off the wall and anything that says the school name (other than wrestling-related stuff) isn’t visible anywhere in my home. Stanford has Fortune 500-types as CEOs who have money that admins will pay attention to. That school in Norfolk has business owners, but they own tier shops and contracting companies.
  2. Ollie's a good dude. Coached out in New York for a while. Worked with him at one of the Grapple at the Garden events. Bratke used to have the snark from the couch, now it's Ollie and I'm here for it.
  3. The music during competition was all in-house and we at the table didn't have control over it. I can't remember the walkouts, since I had production talking in my ear to "go red, go blue!"
  4. Three have left their shoes on the mat: Frank Molinaro, Jackie Cataline and Jonathan Anderson.
  5. Good episode. Went into some deep waters on things that haven't been widely discussed.
  6. Each division has its requirements for membership, but even those can be skirted or cheated, such as the attendance requirement to be an FBS football program. Eastern Michigan routinely buys up enough tickets so they can hit the required average of (I believe) 15K per home game, when the actual butts in seats is closer to 4-5K. Central Michigan applied for a waiver to get by the six-sport men's minimum sponsorship number. They have to be at six within two years. That to me was the most dangerous situation of the over 400 teams cut since March 11, 2020. There is nothing that prevents schools from cutting sports other than the baseline of what they must be to maintain D1 status. IIRC, FCS and non-football D1 schools only need to sponsor 14 sports, where FBS schools need to sponsor 16. That typically leads to Football, Golf, Tennis, XC and T&F (counted twice) or some variant of that, sometimes including baseball instead of another. You can't drop basketball and be Division I. The NCAA is "run" by the school presidents. That's the membership. Title IX can't be used in the way it was blamed in the past. We all know that was the easy way out when it came to aligning gender equity numbers, but now, if you're an AD and you create a Title IX issue - you failed at your job. It's not something new. To blame Title IX in this era for sports cuts means you absolutely suck at your job and can't think for yourself. Too many of these administrators were taught by the "cut first" generation and that's the only way they know how to do things - same with the cut-first ADs who have become consultants and all they know how to do is cut sports. It's hard to tell a school what they should or shouldn't provide, the NCAA membership, which is the schools and those presidents, made the rules they abide by. They'd never agree to being held to a standard that doesn't give them an exit strategy.
  7. Just for the sake of argument, let's apply a little spin and some T-I-C-ness and maybe some left-field faux logic to the subject, because we all know there are lies, damn lies and statistics. 1. Record: Both undefeated. Push. Simple enough. 2. Pins: a 5-4 margin in a season with a much smaller pool of matches, make it a tough distinction. Gable also had one AA heavy (Hillger) not wrestle him and another ranked heavy default in one second rather than compete in the B1G semis (Lance), who he teched earlier in the year. 3. I like applying percentage of opponents (like the pin percentage), but that also seems to cancel out #5. If Gable had better competition, of course Lee SHOULD be more dominant in categories 2 and 3. 4. Another way to look at this: Gable's lost to one guy in his career, twice, an eventual NCAA champion in the Big Ten finals and the NCAA semis. Lee's lost five times to four different wrestlers - of them, one was an NCAA champion and the other four never made an NCAA final. So another thing to MAYBE consider is are we looking at credentials wrong? Ok, we've got titles, Spencer also has one extra year on Gable, so he's got that added chance for another accolade - this is also why I personally never liked the category because it dings underclassmen. 5. Hard to argue this point, although Lee didn't wrestle as many backups as Steveson did. 6. Lee's never been falsely accused of a crime. Is that still playing in his favor? We all know ol' Royce Alger is the Sheriff around those parts ... 7. Heart. What is this, Captain freaking planet, but seriously, I think wind and water might be better categories.
  8. I've known Tom and Terry for almost 20 years. I STILL can't tell them apart, unless they're next to each other and Terry is rocking in the chair or Terry mentions liking my karaoke. That's not one I'm going to raise an eyebrow about. I obviously don't see what you guys see but not sure I can really criticize that harshly for confusing twins, esp. when most of the sport can't tell them apart.
  9. Guys, ESPN had massive layoffs during the pandemic. The production crew staff is almost entirely new. Definitely not the full crew they'd had in the past. They've piped us in for their feed to fill it out on the multi view. It's the arena feed. Just something to keep in mind.
  10. Winner of this year's Clerk's "I'm not even supposed to be here today" Award.
  11. Been doing it all season.
  12. Actually, it is different. This 34-team tournament awards season-ending All-American plaques that are identical to the ones presented to the Division III placewinners since the division was started in 1974. My feelings are irrelevant, the facts aren't, however. Have a nice day.
  13. Typically 60 teams qualify individuals through the regionals. It lacks some of the usual suspects, but it's been a great event. Kids celebrating hard just the same when they punch through in the bloodround or win in the semis. I guess it's a good thing for the kids out here scrapping you aren't the one who gets to make the distinction of who is and isn't an All-American.
  14. Navy and Nebraska. 8 each if I remember right.
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