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  1. JasonBryant

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    Zahid was a true freshman in college at the time.
  2. JasonBryant

    Clarion 1973

    Divisions 1-2-3 didn’t become a thing until the early 70s. There were “college” and “university” divisions but even before the three-division format, the “university” division was basically open, so you’d have to really define what “non-D1” really means. In some cases, schools were dual affiliates of the NCAA and NAIA and wrestled both tournaments (contrary to the myth that the NAIA champ “qualified” for “D1”) in that era. I’ve got that info, it’s just a manner of presenting it properly.
  3. JasonBryant

    What's up with the video's on Flo?

    I sent an e-mail to a friend (non-content) who works there since there was a video that had no player and no controls. I loathe autoplay, but at least the first video I could quickly stop. One solution for the time being is to right click and mute the tab, then unmute it when you want to watch a video.
  4. TheOpenMat.com releases one each week for D1. I remember putting that together in 2010-12, and it included all divisions. Now if you wanted to do all divisions, it would be so much more expansive. We’ve come a long way, but check TOM on Thursday or Fridays and they break it down (regardless of outlet)
  5. http://almanac.mattalkonline.com Scores, schedules, standings ... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. JasonBryant

    Final Thoughts AWL

    Edit: It’s never worth replying to you.
  7. JasonBryant

    Lehigh at Iowa

    I’ve been building a number of databases the last few years, really kind of following the late Jay Hammond’s lead on the concepts he had with wrestlingstats. I’ve had to teach myself MySQL. Several of my free lists are at almanac.mattalkonline.com.
  8. JasonBryant

    Final Thoughts AWL

    You’ve had more excuses for why people you know “were going to buy but didn’t” than anyone I’ve ever seen. Wondering if it’s just the same three people with different reasons each time.
  9. JasonBryant

    Final Thoughts AWL

    Don’t do too many PPV buys in too many other sports, do they? UFC main events usually don’t even start until around midnight Eastern. This was an 9-8-7-6 start time. MLB games in Central Time Zone mostly start at 8:05, so that 9th inning for East Coast Cubs fans never seems to be a problem, neither does the final two minutes for NBA fans. You have often pointed out people you know who end up not buying, or are turned off by something that’s more minutiae than actually a rationale. Do you live in a Senior Living facility? A sporting event on a Saturday night ending at 11 pm eastern is too late? Newspapers even had time (should they have needed it) to put this in their papers on the East Coast. Ending time of the AWL was clearly not an issue.
  10. JasonBryant

    Final Thoughts AWL

    There's a difference between turning a profit and turning enough of a profit to make future events viable. There's the gate and the PPV. Viewers aren't spending any money if it's free. What is better engagement? 50,000 people who MIGHT watch and do nothing, or 500 people who are engaged and spend money to watch again and again? It's always a sliding scale, chicken-egg, but just because something's on TV for free doesn't mean people are watching it. If we had big money sponsors paying to be seen, then sure, open it up, make it free, but this stuff costs money to operate. One of wrestling's big problems with things like this is they lose all sorts of money when it's out there for free and investors and advertisers get no ROI on anything. The non-wrestling brands who might come in for 1-2 events get zip and bail. At least with PPV, you know exactly where to market and how to market. It's those fans who help growth by word of mouth and attending. Things like this don't get the drive-by fan to watch or attend at this stage of their existence.
  11. JasonBryant

    Final Thoughts AWL

    A certain number of viewers don’t translate to dollars in the niche sport streaming market - paying viewers do. An event with 300 PPV buys, for example, will make a tournament significantly more than 10,000 free viewers.
  12. JasonBryant

    Final Thoughts AWL

    You can get what, one MLB game a week, one NBA game a week, you do get more NFL, but the amount of pro sports on broadcast channels is dwindling. If you want to watch every MLB game, their streaming package is around $115 a year. I’ve cut the cord, but I really only get Sunday NFL and selected CFB that I watch live on an antenna up here.
  13. JasonBryant

    Another Barstool Wrestling Blog

    My assumption based on how i’ve seen the matside controllers work is if they weren’t running a local server and someone was entering results manually if something went down. It’s more of a guesstimate than an actual answer.
  14. JasonBryant

    Another Barstool Wrestling Blog

    That can happen when the matside scorekeeper closes the match and actually enters it incorrectly.
  15. JasonBryant

    Another Barstool Wrestling Blog

    KB's a pretty funny guy generally. Even with things written in this manner, I'd just like to see the grammar/consistency of style tightened up. Seemingly forced F-bombs aside, Bauer knows wrestling, but there's also a demo of Barstool's readership that isn't exactly the most savory of sports fan. Good for bringing the sport to a new group of readers for sure. Waiting to see what else he brings to the table. People had mixed emotions on the All-Ear team, this blog was about how I picture some wrestling fans tailgating outside of a tournament might discuss an event.