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  1. I had to hunt this one down. first response was "we don't track" and then I checked the records and noticed I've received data from them the previous two times we've released the numbers. They say they have some way to tally it. They need to ticket. Everyone needs to charge for their home events.
  2. Since this was quoting what looks like a new deleted post from someone I (rightly) have ignored, I shouldn't have to explain the journalistic work I do on a daily basis. Not everything I do counts as journalism. Almost everything I produce is rooted in journalistic ethics and integrity (save popping off at morons on the interwebs, which is my personal time, right?). The amount of research that went into getting the data to develop this press release is journalistic research. Had I written this as a story vs. a release, it's journalism. The NWMA doesn't produce original journalism as a standard. It is a group of professional journalists and content creators (which has become the term for people who produce content but may or may not check the journalism box at all times). The podcast work I do - journalism. The research I do for basically EVERY journalist who's ever e-mailed me looking for something - journalism. My broadcasting at world and national events - journalism. My PA announcing? Not journalism. HOWEVER, the research I do for that job gets used for my online preview guides (journalism) and it's also provided as a journalist resource for those on media row, international and national federations and Sports Information Directors, who in turn, disseminate that to - you guessed it - journalists and their own news gathering or news reporting sites. Am I an active reporter these days? No. I consider myself an independent media professional - I have contract agreements in place to work events for USA Wrestling, UWW, NCAA, NAIA and the NWCA. None of that would have occurred if there wasn't some degree of journalistic integrity, training and professionalism to it. There are plenty of full-time journalists covering wrestling. Some are from outlets you might not read regularly due to your geographic location, internet browsing trends or fandom of a particular team or region. Wrestling's also a sport that's been heavily driven by internet outlets since the mid-90s, when InterMat and TheMat first came on the scene (started by Tom Owens and Joe Lareau, respectively). There's still dinosaurs who work in media relations who won't credential websites because they're stuck in the 80s. This thread is about college attendance, not about me, but since people want to make it about me or claim there aren't any real journalists covering wrestling today, I'm going to strike that down with the mightiest of "OH HELL NOS." Am I a journalist? Yes. I have been since I was 15 years old and wrote my first story for the local paper. Journalist isn't some boxed in term that only applies to one type of news reporting/investigation/coverage style. Social Media isn't journalism, but it can be used by journalists as a tool for journalism. There isn't much in this sport that I do that isn't rooted in journalistic intent or output. And allow me to pat myself on the back just for a minute - you don't win 16 national journalism/writing awards and get inducted into Halls of Fame for journalistic work - if you aren't a journalist. Dude. Now, can we get back to discussing the relevant topics here?
  3. Indiana doesn’t ticket either. Imagine a nice little kick in revenue if you charged $10. Seems to be a bargain price to pay for a D1 dual.
  4. I apologize for the press release not breaking down the attendance situation at the 50+ schools that did report their numbers. When Cornell reported its numbers, they listed one event over their caps of 300 (3 events) and 500 (1 event). Rather than spend the time on a school that was adversely impacted by school-inflicted limitations, I focused on the top 10. It’s a press release, after all. I provided sufficient enough context when considering the totality of the numbers. My mistake for not listing every school’s exact situation. I’ll own that.
  5. Penn State sold out everything in Rec Hall and BJC this season. Lehigh's Grace Hall is close to capacity at most of its home duals. UNI was limited with the issues it's got in West Gym and was likely woefully undercounted for the McLeod Center dual vs. Iowa State. Cornell had one dual that was over 800, but then capped at 300 for three duals and 500 for another.
  6. Not a shocker here as Iowa leads again. I'm still frustrated at the amount of schools that A- Don't ticket the sport at all and B- don't even count to begin with. http://www.nationalwrestlingmedia.com/2022/05/as-fans-return-to-college-wrestling-venues-iowa-sets-new-division-i-home-attendance-record/
  7. Discrediting? Right. That's the whole intent here. The double down on this silly topic is real. A real waste of everyone's time. Now, for the last time, I'm really done. Sorry for my involvement in this thread. It was a mistake. One I will own.
  8. Oh, the backtracking and the deflection from one's own refusal to accept a key factual error (I never did dismiss the story mind you, I said the factual error was significant). You're confusing my only stance - the date is extremely a relevant fact to have messed up - with other people's points about discrediting it. I never discredited the story. I said the date error was not something to overlook. As far as calling me a bully and some establishment flack. Whatever you have to tell yourself to try to hang on to this "i'm not wrong, though" sentiment. Just say "my bad" and move on. No one cares about it that much. If they did, the actual release would have been posted here a month ago by another concerned fan. Just own it dude. I own my mistakes - and yes, I've made just about every one of them in the past 25 years at some point or another. Now, back to ignore. Have a good day.
  9. So running to the board to post this: "Just days after the shocking news of the implosion of the cryptocurrency market, Michael Novogratz, one of the digital currency's biggest boosters and investors, has stepped down as head of the Hudson River Park's main nonprofit fundraising group, Hudson River Park Friends." So nothing about this being time-sensitive is worth caring about in your eyes? I can see why you don't work in a newsroom anymore, if you ever did. Back on my ignore list.
  10. ... I worked in a newsroom for eight years ... this is a significant correction. The date is 100% tied to the newsworthiness of the current crypto "crash" - since BTC is at $29,800 (as I type this) and on April 14, it was hovering around $40,000. But if factual inaccuracies don't bother you, so be it.
  11. Gray is my sentimental favorite, but he only won ONE state title in high school. My high school teammate Mike Akers was a Fargo finalist and was on a Cadet World Team and was a four timer, lost to Josh Moore in the Beast Finals (up a weight). Akers was ranked #1 at one point in his HS career. Qualified for NCAAs as a true freshman at Virginia Tech. From my era watching for the 95-current era, Quinn Foster was super under appreciated since he was at a private school and then Blair. Michael Martin gave CP Schlatter his only HS loss. Dynamic folkstyler, modest freestyle success. Bond, Gardner, Childress check those boxes. I might put Luke Owens ahead of his fellow Grundy heavy as better, but Childress did win four titles. Owens won 3 and a Junior Fargo title. Childress has a Cadet title. Might have to come back to the thread with some more thought out options.
  12. Where did Chris Phillips avenge that loss? IIRC, that was in the quarters at Ironman. Ruth won HS nationals that year too - his one loss in season was the spladle in the first round at the Beast by the kid from Mt. St. Joes in Maryland. Ruth came back to take third. If Phillips beat Ruth later, I’d be the first I’d heard of it.
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