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  1. JasonBryant

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

    How many months since a meaningful rule change in our folkstyle wrestling? Last major rule change internationally was 2013.
  2. JasonBryant

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

    Technically, they don’t. It’s 3-3, TB2, RT:06 Tie score on the board.
  3. They posted the job, but replied on Twitter they’d be announcing sports additions on August 21. Me thinks that if you want to surprise folks with an announcement, a public job posting kinda blows that surprise. My niece goes there, so I’m pretty happy with this.
  4. JasonBryant


    Me, Willie and Earl did two live shows from Fargo on Short Time. Julia Salata joined us for the first one.
  5. JasonBryant

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    One I'll gladly give up.
  6. JasonBryant

    Forum going soft?

    I don't think any topics would be taboo if people could actually have a rational and mature dialogue. Some of you prove time and time and time again you don't have the ability to conduct yourselves in such a manner. Ruining it for the rest of us who can actually have a legit discussion. Don't blame the rules and the platform when it's the users who are being donks.
  7. JasonBryant

    Good for you USA Wrestling staff...

    Never said there was - trust me, the inbox fills up from opposing fan bases when athletes from certain programs get posted more than others. Who needs an algorithm when you have wrestling fans?
  8. JasonBryant

    Good for you USA Wrestling staff...

    Or they just rotate the amount of times they have specific athletes on the main pic of the story. Can’t always be the same guy/girl. Sometimes you have to put a shot of the non-credentialed. This is NBD, LJB
  9. JasonBryant

    Forum going soft?

    if I had to guess, I’d assume it was because the thread devolved into non-wrestling political babble. Don’t blame the mods for users posting stupid sh*t unrelated to the sport.
  10. JasonBryant

    Forum going soft?

    I was not the mod during the whole Mike Zadick issue (there, I said it!) , I was still at InterMat until August of 2008. Wrestling 411 after that. I didn’t start moderating this board until December of 2009-October of 2012. During that time, I outlined rules and best practices. I can’t speak for the moderation before me, but I felt I was fair, approachable and transparent - but I did prefer to answer most questions directly asked - although few actually took the time to contact me directly. I banned 12 accounts in 3 years, most trolls and repeat signups from previous bans. The 2008 purge had that many in a week and the 2009 one (Shovegate) was likely more. Neither of those were on my watch. Just wanted to clarify. Magistrate! (Some if you understand what this means)
  11. JasonBryant

    Check out this smoke show

    But does Bo know Diddly?
  12. JasonBryant

    Check out this smoke show

    You can edit your own listing, you just can’t create it.
  13. JasonBryant

    Check out this smoke show

    Still one of those “not telling the whole story” and “selective context” types of things.
  14. JasonBryant

    Check out this smoke show

    Still more legitimate than someone we know.