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  1. My mistake. I accept said demerit. I will now try to figure out the three seashells.
  2. The NIL portion of the deal allows him to do WWE-related promotional events, etc. and get paid for it. He will not be doing a dual on Sunday and RAW on Monday, for example. That's not how the NIL part of the deal works. His performance schedule/training part of the contract will take place following his career at Minnesota being done. Based on your previous comments about pro wrestling, I'm positive you have no idea what the details of his contract are, or how any of this all actually works.
  3. You seem to have an issue with people's taste and choice in entertaiment, and that's nothing you nor I have any control over. Repeating the same tropes over and over as if they're factual don't make them factual either. Look up the definition of drama. That's what the world of professional wrestling is. Calling it fake drama actually means it's not drama at all, when millions (and millions) of The Rock's fans tune in each week for drama. It doesn't require steroid abuse, that's a narrative pushed in the hater's guide to pro wrestling. The only thing of those three that are remotely factual is that it is ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. And people watch. Most stuff on TV that people watch is freaking ridiculous. There's even a show called Ridiculousness. Again, you seem to take issue with people's tastes in what they watch and the fact more people watch that than us, while annoying, is no battle we're ever, ever going to win. The mainstream's acceptance of professional wrestling as "wrestling" happened years and years ago. We lost that battle, mainly because of our own doing. That's not Vince McMahon's or Ted Turner's or Jim Crockett's fault - its ours and some of us want to run around and whine about the WWE as if it's done some type of damage to the sport. So Gable's going to the WWE and someone's upset about it. Boo freaking hoo. So ends my input in this thread. Good day.
  4. Did I ever utter they were anything alike? I did nothing of the sort. You’re trying to argue a point I’m not making. Carry on.
  5. This is that type of lack of actual knowledge of how “the business” works that’s populating the anti-WWE positions.
  6. Oh boo hoo. The "respect" argument being tossed out by the professional wrestling haters here and on the Facebook groups is strong and full of vitriol for no quantifiable reason. It's like to be respected in wrestling, you have to coach, be poor, only win medals and only stay in the sport and work at Dick's or Home Depot to supplement training. The ignorance of the "business" of professional wrestling/sports entertainment in this thread and the Facebook groups is also next level. We celebrate people being wrestlers in all walks of life - but there's this get off my lawn crowd who has some issue with the WWE et al using the word wrestling. You know who isn't complaining about us using the world wrestling? Professional wrestling fans. I don't watch it nearly as much as I did growing up, but I follow OUR people and if that's the career path they chose, guess what, their "amateur" accolades get mentioned pretty much every time they're on TV. Millions of viewers will hear about Jacob Kasper's college accolades as Julius Creed, same with Gable's gold. Just like they did with Kurt Angle. You know who hasn't put wrestling infront of millions of eyes each week for the last couple decades? Our wrestling. Gable (and everyone else who went the pro wrestling route) doesn't care about anyone's respect except those in their circle of trust. That definitely doesn't mean, you, me or any other blowhard on the web who wants to take a dump on other people's life choices and how they use their talents to make a living. Boo freaking hoo.
  7. Before anyone flips out further about the time differences, Cadets here in the U.S. were four minutes prior to the three-period dark ages rule set, when I started going to Fargo in 1999. They're also four minutes here now in Fargo.
  8. Might want to throw those underwear out then ... the corrupt line is for context, since many American issues with bad calls center around that word. If it's the worst you've seen in your lifetime, got any examples? A handful of bad calls over thousands made in the course of a week don't validate ineptness either. Individually perhaps. What makes it the worst in your lifetime?
  9. AWN, WIN, The Open Mat, InterMat - all free rankings. There are breakouts that might be paywalled (such as a recruiting ranking or "big board" or Top 200), but rankings have been almost always free from nearly every wrestling outlet, at least on the internet. Before the web, you had to pay to get AWN, so they were paid rankings in the print-only era. Rokfin creators are a different story, since Rokfin doesn't "do" rankings, rather the individual content creators who have channels can opt to do rankings if they wish (just like any outlet really) and they can paywall them or they can't - on Rokfin, it's really only Willie's rankings carry any sort of weight in terms of being referenced by SIDs and other media covering events.
  10. I hope you're only five. I kid, I kid. There were a couple iffy instances I noticed in the arena, but in large, there was nothing glaring that even gives me an inclination to call the officiating anywhere remotely close to the worst. Bad calls happen in every sport. I think we're so sensitive about being hosed (by actual bad officiating historically) that we will always jump to "horrible" when very few actually watch freestyle and Greco through the freestyle and Greco lens. We're watching with a college/folkstyle mindset and a casual understanding of the rulebook compared to those who actually live in that world 100% of the time. Even good officials make bad calls. A bad call at the NCAA gets the vitriol from the fans - some refs names become verbs as a result - but rarely is the word "corrupt" thrown at a bad call on the college mats. As soon as we go overseas, it's always corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. Let's not confuse corruption and blowing a call. I've been closely covering/attending world-level events since 2003. Prior to the current UWW regime (Martinetti era), things were really unbalanced. What we have now is light years better than it used to be.
  11. John Smith lost to Dan Foldesy … that loss doesn’t seem to haunt him in the discussion about all-time greats. Gable’s only two college losses are to an NCAA champion … that isn’t a hiccup in the grand scheme of things. There is also very little in the way of actual knowledge regarding the business of the WWE in this thread.
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