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  1. Eischens issue is going to blow up - I need to get my facts in line before I post the scenario, but the short short version is Stanford admins added insult to injury with this young man's competitive career.
  2. Buddy of mine down there recommended Heim for BBQ. Any opinions?
  3. Well, five of these six are in the Top 20 ...
  4. Big 8/12 was 5 for quite a while.
  5. Being associated with the WAC isn't something established state schools are looking to do, save the ones who are still with the league. They're doing an expansion into Texas, restarting league-sponsored football and kicked out one of the biggest outliers in college sports, Chicago State. It's identity is going to grow with its own view vs. trying to get bigger schools than the Tarleton's of the world. I see where you're going with it and it has some logic, but it's just absolutely implausible at this point in time.
  6. You're asking what HE adds of value? You're a putz. BTW, here's what Rutgers sent out. "PISCATAWAY, N.J. (Feb. 19, 2021) – Tonight’s scheduled dual between Rutgers wrestling and Maryland will not be contested due to a positive COVID-19 test result within the Scarlet Knights’ program. The decision to postpone was made out of an abundance of caution surrounding the health and safety of the participants. "
  7. Situations were vastly different at the time. Big 12 wasn't taking affiliates at the time when UNI inquired and Mizzou's move to the SEC. Bowlsby's listened to the existing coaches and did talk about expansion with affiliates on a recent State of Wrestling Podcast (WIBN Speaker Series) I had with him. Comparing UNI and Mizzou's previous overtures to CBU's current situation aren't comparable when you look at the actual facts of their respective situations.
  8. Problem is, what kills the survivability of programs now is not being in a conference, so it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't type of situation. Never would have thought the Pac-12 would take CBU to begin with. Big 12 will replace the CA spot that Fresno State will leave (ack). Too many stuffed shirt politics at the President and AD levels to actually do something logical by taking the public schools in the west and putting them in the Pac-12. Having a conference affiliation in D1 is only as strong as the AD wants it to be. When you're an affiliate, it's easy to say "we aren't in a conference that sponsors wrestling." Thankfully CBU didn't end up in the SoCon, which is what it was looking like for a while might happen.
  9. The French dude is a bad example. He’s been there since he was a young kid.
  10. Your link is wrong. https://content.themat.com/usawrestling/marketing-posters/WhyMMAShouldWrestle.pdf There you go.
  11. There's been an increase in wrestling podcasts since the start of the pandemic. I can't even listen to them all. But listening time isn't the problem. When you have organizations that rely on events to drive business, what usually gets cut out of the budget first? Free things that don't make money. I can't speak for Rudis on anything beyond my first-hand experience. They were great to me and I appreciated the opportunity.
  12. The Rudis shows have been retired. Doesn't mean they won't bring them back, but I know my role with The Rudis Podcast stopped when the pandemic hit and they decided not to bring them back. I really enjoyed my time with it. Got a chance to speak more from my seat vs. asking the questions. </thread hijack>
  13. And the start of the MLB Season, Frozen Four, The Masters ... There is a lot of additional pro sports clutter out there. I love a one-semester model. I think it would help with retention, which is a big problem with APR. That's a Catch 22. We want first generation college students, but many come from backgrounds where education wasn't part of the baseline growth experience, so when they struggle in college, we penalize them for being in eligible. Educationally - and I say this not as an educator but through experiences I witnessed in college - that first semester has academic probation written all over it. The athletes tend to get better help than the general student population, but when you fall behind, you fall behind.
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