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  1. When schools turn down money to keep a sport, it's clear where the priorities are. My point is that there are so many piss poor people in leadership at some of these schools and those are the schools hatcheting sports because their leadership is unable to check off some simple boxes and keep chasing pipedreams. Stanford isn't the example. I'll use some of the MAC schools like Akron or my alma mater in Norfolk, chasing the football dollar at what cost? So you can go 1-11 or better yet, go 10-3 and beat Eastern Michigan in a Thursday afternoon bowl game named after fried chicken? Those are the pretenders I'm talking about. The first thing some of these leaders need to do is stop pretending and looking for their next job. If your financial plan is ruined because of one season of football, then you done failed at your job. Akron, for example, will go to Clemson and take a beating for a million bucks or something like that. Maybe less, but while clamoring for college football to be played, these admins are putting their kids at risk by sending them into a game with a school with multiple times the resources and in some cases, multiple times more of the talent. Those are the games the FCS and middling-FBS kids get hurt in. Sure, you can capture lightning in a bottle like App State did vs. Michigan or ODU did vs. Virginia Tech, but Akron needs to be playing schools like itself or like-schools drop down to FCS and get over themselves as an FBS school. That's kinda where I'm going with this. This isn't all about the pandemic, but this pandemic has exposed where the shortcomings are in college sports more blatantly than previously accepted - except for SEC football fans (I kid, I kid, kinda).
  2. I believe it has to do with when the NCAA officially included women's sports. Prior to that, the participation records (are spotty) and were only logged once every five years. Even though Title IX was enacted in 1972, it's real teeth didn't start showing with backwards-thinking athletic leadership until 1979. Three years after the real enforcement of Title IX, we have official NCAA participation records.
  3. There are leaders and there are followers. There are leaders and there are pretenders. We're seeing who the pretenders are with what schools are opting to cut sports right now.
  4. Partially true, partially false. In 1981-82 Wrestling had 146 out of 276 D1 schools fielding wrestling (52.9%) Men's Gymnastics had 59 out of 276 D1 schools fielding wrestling (21.38%) In 2018-19 Wrestling had 75 of 351 (21.37%) Men's Gymnastics had 15 of 351 (4.27%) Source: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/research/sports-sponsorship-and-participation-research So we're at the same participation percentage as Men's Gymnastics -- 37 years ago. Yes, we've lost a significant number of programs in the last 40 years (the true part), but on more than one occasion, people have come on the boards and made bold predictions asserting we'll be down to x-amount of programs in 2-3-4-5 years. You aren't the only one to make this type of claim, which makes me wonder if some of our fanbase gets off on being the first to speak these hyperbolic, doomsday scenarios with some weird sense of pride.
  5. Problem is, we've been at the mercy of FB/BB determining which conferences we compete in. West Virginia, for example, has its non-rev/Olympic sports budgets impacted immensely because the FB/BB leadership wanted to be in the Big 12. Those costs aren't due to soccer, for example, rather it's the position the school put the soccer team in. Far-flung conferences have had horrible results for non-rev/Olympic sports.
  6. On the flipside, we've been hearing this doomsday scenario told for the last 15 years ...
  7. Such a freaking cop-out, too. Schools: "We don't feel the need to serve the underserved" Also: "We have no vision, imagination or desire to be innovative"
  8. D1 minimums are 14 and 16 (FBS). The whole desire to be D1 and not be up to par in D1 is a big issue. Even non-football schools have issues competing and being financially viable at that level. Of the over 220 sports dropped so far, none are at Power 5 institutions.
  9. To me, the overall day was worth the $20. I didn't really have high hopes that the main event would be the best match. Richards and Sanders was worth a good portion of the money as a viewer. I try to find the overall value in these things. I don't pay $60 to watch one UFC fight, I pay to watch all of them on the card. There's going to be snoozers in every type of fight card. I'm glad I paid for it. To a good cause, BTS Chicago and the athletes. Oh by the way - If you pirated this stream, you took/are taking money away from our athletes and non-profit organizations aimed to help kids wrestle. Times might be tough, but don't be a cheapskate.
  10. Taylor Miller’s story on Jenna absolutely 100 percent has ZERO to do with politics and logical readers trying to find a political statement there can’t - it’s a human interest story about one of our World Teamers. You aren’t interested - fine. Don’t make up political spin where there isn’t. Was my story on Mike Pucillo coming out gay a few years ago on The Open Mat political? Nope. It’s a story about people. PEOPLE, not politics.
  11. Been plenty of stories by USAW that are faith-based, including the series of Facebook Live chats via FCA Wrestling. Facts are your friend.
  12. Relevant story during Pride Month. Read the room. Jenna's an awesome person and has represented us on the World stage since she was a kid. It's relevant to wrestling because she's a Youth Olympic Games alum, a Junior World teamer, a Senior World Teamer. I've done a lot of features and asked questions to wrestlers about their off-the-mat lives, ranging from collecting atari games, to being a mother and competing, painting shoes, building businesses. You saw the headline, you knew what it would be about - you can stop reading and go on with your life.
  13. Rau and Downey were signing "Crimson & Clover" to one another DURING their third-place match at the Challenge Tournament a few years ago in Rochester. One of the stranger things I'd seen/heard, but knowing both of those guys, not really THAT surprising. Maybe they'll run it back.
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