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  1. From that story: When Bauman stepped down as KU wrestling coach to enter medical school before the 1932-33 academic year, Mehringer became a student-coach for the second time in his young life. He met with continued success on the mat, but Athletic Director Phog Allen would not grant him the funds necessary to travel to the National Intercollegiate Meet to attempt to win a NCAA crown. (Thus it was that Mehringer, an Olympic champion, never could claim a NCAA title.) Financial considerations, made more difficult by Allen’s refusal to permit Mehringer to keep his campus job, led the star athlete to leave the University after his senior year without a degree. Phog sounded like a complete tool.
  2. Final X is still a thing. Rebrand only caught me once this weekend as I was looking for the Flosports app on my iPad, then I realized "Oh yeah, red."
  3. Sadly, this place and HR have been supplanted in this categorization. If you’re on Facebook, you already know this.
  4. I have absolutely no idea. Haven't spent much time digging on it to begin with. My comments are just my perspective without any extra knowledge of how things work with RTCs.
  5. Gimp, yes, immediately post-WWII since my grandfather was an American GI. To me, this is about how private companies opt to run their clubs. They happen to be in the U.S. I’m not sure what level of funding USAW provides to clubs and RTCs (if any), so this USAW “funding” of foreign athletes seems to me to be more just talk than it is actual dollars. Resources are in the eye of the beholder. Our entire country is founded by immigrants. Every week there’s some parade in some city about their home culture. None of our transfers are national team guys, so save a Junior (Micic) or Cadet (Amine) trip, how much has USAW actually put into these guys for there to be this much pushback? I want the US to win medals. I also have zero issues with athletes wanting to win medals for other countries. We don’t live their lives. We only know their motivations if we hear them talk on it at length (Amine is a guest On The Mat this week, for example: http://mattalkonline.com/otm585) These are private clubs providing the resources, not the NGB.
  6. My mom was born in Germany. Due to the travel issues some Americans experience when traveling abroad, I researched the viability of seeing if I could get a German passport. It would save me hundreds of dollars in visa fees the past few years alone. Well, based on when my mom was born (post-WWII), I wasn’t eligible. Had she been born after 1954, I could have been carrying a German passport. Point is, if the country allows it, they’re well within their rights. I’m not trying to compete, but I’m trying to make my travel experiences easier and save money based on a potential heritage benefit. International policy isn’t my strong suit, but if they have the opportunity, who are we to say “how it should be?”
  7. Recruits are now actually trying on the singlets and uniforms on visits ... so not all of these are bad photoshops. I like it. He’s doing what seniors should do, rather than committing as a sophomore, he’s getting miles of press out of it.
  8. FloTrack has been red from pretty much its inception. Other sites have also had differing color schemes. They’re going for a uniform brand identity. Note all the FloSports twitter accounts. We will probably forget about it soon enough. I’m not a fan of it, but it is what it is. I’m not a brand expert, so I’ll defer to what tests well - and let’s also admit we as a sport break a lot of the norms when testing. It might have tested off the charts in the general sports viewers for all we know.
  9. The record is staggering - they've averaged 5.3 losses a year. What's also not included is the 6 golds, 1 bronze performance in 2007 in Baku - which means they lost ONE match in that entire tournament.
  10. He was scheduled to take a trip to Lebanon with his family after the Worlds. They have property and relatives there. Lebanon's wrestling organization is basically just one guy in an office. They didn't do much, if anything, to work with Dom. I feel bad for the guy. When I interviewed him in April, he said he was very proud of his family heritage and trying to help create a sports legacy, but it was a major pain. I hope he can find some type of opportunity and get a transfer waiver or something (if such a thing exists).
  11. Pretty sure Sweden's folkstyle IS Greco.
  12. Partially correct. The tech did end the match, although in the pool system, you had the option to continue to try to work for the fall. I believe it was 34-2. Diatta got a one pointer in there later too. Don't exactly recall how.
  13. Yup. Exception would be Abounader last year. The Asian continental was during the NCAA Championships, so he got a waiver to quality since he competed at the Asian Games.
  14. Your country first has to wrestle at a continental championship. There are exceptions based on individual circumstances.
  15. According to my AncestryDNA, there isn't a smidge of my heritage that comes from anywhere other than Eastern Europe. Kinda depressing actually.
  16. "He's built like a Ken doll"
  17. Several other countries also have streaming rights with third party vendors. It’s not just the US. I posted it last year but can’t remember off the top of my head which nations have it (I know India and Russia are two). I’m sure a search in the forum would come up with the thread on it.
  18. Heino only went to college here. So we can claim him to some extent, but he’s not an American with dual citizenship, he’s all Finland.
  19. Ed did a pretty solid job on the story. He recently finished a book on Joey Davis.
  20. I have not been the moderator here since October of 2012.
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