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  1. I'd say it's more of a refusal to understand. Not that it's too difficult to understand. When HS fans watched college, how long did it take to explain the differences in riding time, moves that are legal in college but illegal in high school and the length of periods.There are enough differences between age-groups in folkstyle wrestling that makes failure to "understand" criteria a non-starter for me. You watch something enough, and you say you can't understand the criteria, then I don't really have an answer. It takes how many times to understand the rules and differences in rules between styles and age groups of other sports we follow? A couple of times, right? There is zero difference. Constant confusion is just not giving it a chance. It's fine. People who don't want to like criteria will always find a problem with criteria. They're not going to change their minds. It's a refusal, not a "can't understand."
  2. Caution +1 for fleeing, which tied the score 7-7. criteria to Navruzov.
  3. He’s got nearly 1600 episodes, saying “most of it discusses false information” isn’t accurate. I pick and choose my episodes based on the guests, but he’s had a large net of guests and some are wildly whacked out of their minds, while others are highly intelligent and educated. He’s not for everyone, but a handful of polarizing guests doesn’t make “most” of his 1,591 episodes centered around discussing false information.
  4. Or the individual who writes the show notes isn't exactly down on the sport enough to know the difference.
  5. Update from Stanford wrestling about their inactive "CardWrestling" account. https://twitter.com/KeepStanfordWRE/status/1348680960309542912?s=20
  6. He’s not wrong. There probably isn’t much crossover on a venn diagram between Rogan listeners and GMA watchers - I think it’s fair to say this did expose Burroughs to a group of people who may not have known anything about him or heard of him. He won Olympic gold nine years ago and those spots aren’t fresh in the minds of too many. I’m about halfway through the episode and I’m grateful he’s such a great ambassador for the sport.
  7. I could talk to Sparks all day. Great guy to know and great guy to sit and talk wrestling with over a beverage or a vodka and sprite (that's not my choice)
  8. Bronco, They have Media Relations contacts on their page. Every single college athletic department has one under its staff directory. That's where you should voice your question and concern, not yelling out into the ether of a message board. You might also want to read the room about events being hosted in California. If we weren't amid a pandemic where certain states have different stipulations than others, I might share in your frustration. I've said it once and I'll repeat it - this is not college wrestling's help desk. Go to the source, no one's going to do it for you.
  9. Oh, now you're playing the victim card?
  10. So you start this thread to "ask a question," because you don't know what Hodge did to promote the sport. But then make a claim about Hodge's accomplishments paling in comparison to others, when you started this thread claiming you don't actually know what his accomplishments are to even compare. Might have to go back on my ignore list for this one.
  11. Promotional and marketing discussion notwithstanding, I think this is an extremely valuable thing for Flo to have done with this doc. I hadn't seen it before, but it's one of those things we would have lost if they weren't persistent about getting the rights to bring it back to our eyes. I'm working on projects to bring some of the historical articles and things written in old AWNs and NCAA guides back into a new digital world. Some of that will involve podcasts of content that's absolute historical gold, but the only way to access them is actually own the hard copies. Making this available for a new generation of viewers is extremely important. We've got a crop of wrestlers coming through who don't have access to things in the pre-internet and pre-video era. We've been fortunate enough to document the greats like Burroughs in real time. The old timers on this board got that through the printed word for the most part - video features like this were few and far between, so Flo bringing it back, as somewhat of an archivist and historian, should be praised.
  12. I'd say this is a much better hire: https://wucardinals.com/news/2020/12/21/wrestling-wheeling-tabs-two-time-national-champion-ownbey-as-head-coach.aspx
  13. I watched on Track last week. I think Flo doesn’t pick it up until the start of 2021.
  14. This question gets recycled every year. There are a number of countries that have streaming rights via third parties from UWW events. We (the U.S.) are not the only ones. To my knowledge, Russia, India and Japan are three countries I know have these types of plans in place. I tried to watch the site with the rights for India and the video was geo-blocked.
  15. Overall, this was a very exciting card from a wrestling perspective. A lot of "unknowns" in some respects, but the wrestling, boy the wrestling was super good. I think I saw at one point 1,500 people watching BEFORE Gross-Gilman stepped on the mat. Overall a good night of competition.
  16. I probably get asked the racial makeup of our last 4 Olympic teams two or three times a month as well as the NCAA and NAIA champions. Mostly coming from ADs and school presidents who are looking to add wrestling at their school for men and women and want to know how diverse the sport is.
  17. 2004’s freestyle squads were very diverse. Abas, Guerrero, Kelly, Williams, Cormier, McCoy Sanderson was the only non-minority there. Three of the four women on their inaugural team were also minorities (Miranda, O’Donnell and Montgomery) with McMann the only non-minority.
  18. First six letters have meaning, last however many there are were just the left over tiles on my scrabble tray.
  19. That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works!
  20. You are now, TIFWIWBIUTRDB.
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