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  1. Maybe the front page of the site of the forum you are reading? TheMat, UWW, Flo … well, those are three of the biggest wrestling sites in the world. IndianaMat, major news outlets retweeting the info on social platforms, my daily wrestling newsletter … if you were looking for it and didn’t see it, what do you actually look for on a daily basis? I’m asking sincerely, since if people can’t find this easily, then maybe someone’s doing something wrong. Cause it should have been impossible to not read the brothers line by most.
  2. Oregon's admins have slowly raised the number from $8M back in 2006 to an absurd $75M.
  3. It doesn’t take a whole lot. The scummier ADs will throw around giant endowment figures to scare people off. “We need $25M” - uh, that’s half your existing athletic budget, bozo. It takes a decent amount plus a welcoming administration.
  4. Problem is with Chicago State is it's basically the odd man out. No one wants them, they bring nothing to the table athletically and they're on an island in regards to similar institutions. The MEAC is on its last legs and Chicago State wants in, but it puts them back in an issue with travel expenses. They should drop to Division II and groove into the Great Lake Valley or GLIAC. Similar institutions and they might actually not finish in dead last in everything. They also just cut baseball.
  5. The once proud athletics program is in shambles. The school is no longer competing in the PSAC or NCAA and is an independent with just THREE varsity sports left. If anyone is going to touch Cheyney, the entire school needs open heart surgery, a brain transplant and an injection of some serious money. The place has almost closed on numerous occasions. It's unfortunate because it's got such a great history and tradition. I grew up with Hampton and Norfolk State in my region and have long been an HBCU football fan - the Classics, and there's about 50 of them every week it seems - are true spectacles of sports and community. But Cheyney ... it's just a shell of itself. With the right situation, it could have been checking the boxes you've pointed out, but not anymore.
  6. Loss of weights at the lowest end impacted Asian nations considerably. Instead of medal contenders, those weights don’t exist anymore.
  7. I’ll often comment on good hires. This isn’t one of those times.
  8. At this exact moment, if you started 70 teams tomorrow, you'd have some issues roster filling to get every school up to 30-40 over night. But when you get a generations worth of kids going to college, that will only increase. The numbers at the HS level will only go up as well.
  9. Lawsuit definitely expedited things, but it had been in discussion prior to COVID. Barta's pretty much owned that and the lawsuit impact from the onset here.
  10. Wasn't by much, but Greco did have more entries than Men's Freestyle again ...
  11. Sweden blew two 6-0 leads in the first session. That was an OOOOF.
  12. I did the prep with them. We clearly know it was freestyle. That's what they referenced. Semantically, you're looking into it too much. They were correct for their context. We're not talking about Greco in a freestyle match. Neither are they. I said "men's freestyle" on the PA and on twitter. They had the same intel. They didn't botch it. Molehill.
  13. He was the first ever men's freestyle world champion from Poland. In the context of a men's freestyle final, it would be accurate.
  14. Where are you seeing Brunei? BRN here on the brackets at the event and on UWW. That's your official source.
  15. Bruh. Fujinami is the freaking real deal for Japan. Shocker I know. She's 17 ....
  16. 2018 was the first year of the new scoring IIRC.
  17. This has been debunked every single year it gets brought up. There’s a number of countries who have this type of streaming agreement. Also, if people think the infrastructure behind any multiple mat websteam of this nature is getting cheaper … come to an event and see how many moving parts and costs are associated with it.
  18. Give or take 40 age-group world champions in each style. How spoiled we are and how critical of our own success we are. C'mon ...
  19. Well, every c Well, pretty much everything that doesn't have a live camera on the clock. SOP that the clock on the feed/tv isn't official. I know it sucks, but it's not uncommon.
  20. Pretty clear 0:00 here in the building.
  21. Went from essentially non-existent (I did free AUDIO for USAW in 09, 10 and 11). In 13, it was done free via UWW (on what was then known as LiveStream) as a result of the Keep Olympic Wrestling Movement. To my knowledge, there was no live stream in 2014 because the facility internet was absolutely horrible. In 2015, it was streamed on ESPN platforms, so there had to be a subscription for that to watch, right? Flo/Track had a split UWW contract. Then Track fully. Then Flo fully. To my knowledge, only once has this been free in the U.S. and that was the first year of the re-brand and the fight to keep wrestling in the Olympics. (I can't be 100% certain, since I was at all of them and couldn't see with my own eyes what the situation is). And we revisit this EVERY year (it's not new), that some countries have rights fees and pay for them, while others developing do not. You have every right not to buy it, but let's also not make it seem like this event was out there for free live for a large timeframe before it went paywalled. It wasn't.
  22. Shawn Kenney is on ACC Network. Jason Knapp did a lot of Pac-12 network and NBC Olympics stuff. Kenney is part of the NCAA crew as well.
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