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  1. From a fan standpoint, I’d prefer it be hit on one thread and updated there vs. new threads. If I still moderated this page, I’d make the same suggestion and ask you to do that or pay for advertising.
  2. Not as yet - I usually hang back until I know what the local movement is doing before I move in on things these days. Ever since my Cleveland State interview years ago, only one AD has been willing to come on the show live. Most are now just refusing all interviews. The school that paid me to do their show wouldn’t even come on and went with a full department Q&A they had to get a bunch of eyes on. I’ll ask soon but I’m again unlikely to get any of these ADs to own it beyond a comment in a Friday release.
  3. I hate when scholarships are used as an expense - they aren't a fixed cost. It's just sending money from one part of the school to another, while the part that takes gets the money to the school from the walk-ons doesn't get any credit for bringing kids in to the university bottom line. It's a one-way transaction that's a failure. Shell games. And don't tell die-hard football fans their sport doesn't make as much as they think they do - they'll automatically turn into some revenue seeking realist about our sport, but not their own. Distrust the admins until they take away your precious football.
  4. He entered the open in 2013 IIRC. Didn’t do so hot.
  5. I don’t go to Walmart to tell them what’s wrong at Target. Go to the damn source first. If they willfully ignore you, then by all means complain away. This board is not the Flo/InterMat/Track/et al help desk.
  6. I’m providing a direct instance within the sport of wrestling and journalism. I’m not an accountant, so I’d feel my experience is more in line with the norm in this segment of the industry.
  7. I worked for a major daily newspaper with a competitor in the same market. I didn’t have a non-compete. I’ve also worked for two wrestling-centric non-profits and left both of them to take on other wrestling-related media opportunities. No non-compete there either. Just my experience where I’ve spent the vast majority of my career - had no non-competes.
  8. On a hiatus until wrestling comes back.
  9. I probably need to update this since the pandemic caused a rush of new podcasts www.mattalkonline.com/directory
  10. Heard through the grapevine he's got a gag order of sorts. I haven't spoken to him for that reason.
  11. Selig asked Sander if the visit to one of his old schools resulted in them putting up a statue. Sander replied saying if they put up a statue, it'd be there to catch the pidgeon droppings Selig said maybe they could be caught on that receding hairline. Sander said they could bag it up and sell the pigeon droppings as fertilizer. Selig then said it could be a "revenue generator for wrestling" Basically, the AD was joking with his buddy (err, paid consultant) about the revenue wrestling generated - a full two months before the announcement was made and a full month before the final "Strategic Review" was submitted. ALSO of note that the consultant routinely came back to ODU administrators asking how to write certain things in the report. Basically, Selig (ODU) paid this guy 12K to write up some report on how to cut wrestling. The school apparently doesn't have a copy of the survey results - and I'm still trying to verify there was even a set of sport rankings compiled.
  12. ODU was announced April 2 after securing a "consultant" to analyze the department to see what sport needed to be cut. One can go through my Twitter timeline to see the lack of transparency and the general disdain for common decency AD Wood Selig had for anyone, especially the wrestling team, when discussing it with the consultant. COVID was mentioned in passing in the release as it came three weeks after winter and spring sports were cancelled. Stanford clearly also used this as an excuse to jettison 11 sports, including men's volleyball, which has won two NCAA men's volleyball national championships, the most recent coming in 2010. I keep track of all the drops at http://www.mattalkonline.com/covidsports across all sports in all divisions.
  13. Most college sports fans only tolerate other sports. When a non-rev Olympic sport gets cut, the rallying cries are never led by the “fans” of the school, it’s just the fans of that particular sport. Take my alma mater - they aren’t ODU fans, they’re ODU football and basketball fans with a scant number giving a crap about anything other than those two -except when nationally ranked. Same can be said for pretty much every fanbase - there are a few exceptions.
  14. Getting pulled into the repechage is also a false finish. Guy can get blasted in a small bracket, not score a point and end up pulled into a medal match. One dude at veterans wolds was 0-2 and got pinned and teched and finished 5th (he didn’t score any team points since he scored no technical points). Being pulled into the repechage is irrelevant. He won 2 matches before being bounced. it’s not a perfect system to place by any means, but that’s what it is, so that’s what it is.
  15. With a nice portion of it going to the awesome seafood spread at now-defunct O'Sullivan's Wharf in Norfolk.
  16. Correct. Haselrig tied Joel Greenlee 4-4 at the 1988 All-Star Classic. I'm not positive, but if Jay Hammond had it on his record, I'd rest assured those matches counted as official bouts back then. The rules have fluctuated on what counts and doesn't count.
  17. I'm sure TOM checked with you on their editorial schedule. I would 100% expect to see something on it before the event commences.
  18. Probably find a stray hit in the corners.
  19. Might need to take a Big Green Clean Machine to the entire interior before selling.
  20. Whatcha got on my white ... Chrysler LeBaron?
  21. When schools turn down money to keep a sport, it's clear where the priorities are. My point is that there are so many piss poor people in leadership at some of these schools and those are the schools hatcheting sports because their leadership is unable to check off some simple boxes and keep chasing pipedreams. Stanford isn't the example. I'll use some of the MAC schools like Akron or my alma mater in Norfolk, chasing the football dollar at what cost? So you can go 1-11 or better yet, go 10-3 and beat Eastern Michigan in a Thursday afternoon bowl game named after fried chicken? Those are the pretenders I'm talking about. The first thing some of these leaders need to do is stop pretending and looking for their next job. If your financial plan is ruined because of one season of football, then you done failed at your job. Akron, for example, will go to Clemson and take a beating for a million bucks or something like that. Maybe less, but while clamoring for college football to be played, these admins are putting their kids at risk by sending them into a game with a school with multiple times the resources and in some cases, multiple times more of the talent. Those are the games the FCS and middling-FBS kids get hurt in. Sure, you can capture lightning in a bottle like App State did vs. Michigan or ODU did vs. Virginia Tech, but Akron needs to be playing schools like itself or like-schools drop down to FCS and get over themselves as an FBS school. That's kinda where I'm going with this. This isn't all about the pandemic, but this pandemic has exposed where the shortcomings are in college sports more blatantly than previously accepted - except for SEC football fans (I kid, I kid, kinda).
  22. I believe it has to do with when the NCAA officially included women's sports. Prior to that, the participation records (are spotty) and were only logged once every five years. Even though Title IX was enacted in 1972, it's real teeth didn't start showing with backwards-thinking athletic leadership until 1979. Three years after the real enforcement of Title IX, we have official NCAA participation records.
  23. There are leaders and there are followers. There are leaders and there are pretenders. We're seeing who the pretenders are with what schools are opting to cut sports right now.
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