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  1. You know you can’t bleed a turnip, right?
  2. Rider’s Tim Lengle has been known to make his opinions known on calls and when he does get into it, you notice. Great dude and while all ATCs “care,” Tim is next level committed to his wrestlers.
  3. The dropped football in 1939 and later brought it back. They’re currently Division III athletically.
  4. Division III does this numerous places and has for as long as I can remember. New England even has a "Futures" Tournament at the end of the season. D3 doesn't allow redshirts, so they're all eligible. I believe getting on the football "4 games" rule and preserving a redshirt is tailor-made for wrestling.
  5. Ok, misread it. Flo started in 2006, not FRL. First episode of FRL was January 9, 2015. First episode of Mat Slammers was actually February 2007. A full year and change before my first Wrestling 411 episode in November 2008.
  6. It’s about the same age. Both started in 2006. Mat Slammers is/was the first wrestling podcast. They’re still at it, too.
  7. Let’s pump the brakes on that. Wrestling media sites have been around since 1995. This sport has been internet media driven heavily since 2000. The first wrestling podcast pre-dates Flo and numerous wrestling podcasts existed (and still exist) before FRL. This forum, for example, has been a site of note well before Flo and FRL.
  8. Bronco, I’m pretty sure none of those football places you mention have access to the portal. They’re getting the info from parents, and perhaps second hand sources from those teams. The answer is no, fans cannot (and should not) have access to the transfer portal. It’s on the athletes to actually publicize that on their own. If it was public, the amount of contact that would be thrown at these athletes would be nuts from fans and boosters( esp. with the money sports)
  9. Pretty simple ... I'm an Old Dominion graduate.
  10. Can't really elaborate, since it's pretty simple without trying to come across as trying to hawk a product on this thread. I produce a digital document each year before the NCAAs that is very similar in nature to these older championship guides. I have a number of them myself and they're great for history. Mine gets used by ESPN, media and production crews as well as the fans who buy it for their computer or tablets.
  11. I produce something somewhat similar with my annual digital D1 preview guide.
  12. Turned out being a pretty good flick.
  13. I wish the Big Ten thing wasn't a fact. It's more of a measure of trying to quell people from spreading misinformation than it is trying to rain on anyone's parade. I've heard that myth repeated so many times ...
  14. When the Big Ten expansion rumors swirled, I called their Associate AD and got the line “Notre Dame has no interest in bringing back any sport we have dropped.” Reason I called was to investigate the myth that the Big Ten required wrestling - it does not - so I was barking up the ND tree to see if that was a possibility. Nope.
  15. This was actually a pretty good team on paper coming into the year, but man, I've not see a team decimated by injuries this much in a while. Lehigh that one year they started 0-7 ... was that last year?
  16. Bronco, I guess this goes without saying, since I know Stanford's online live streaming folks will never read this message board, but have you reached out to their media department (usually contact info is listed on a school's staff directory, which is under something like Inside Athletics). I get the frustration and venting, but have you attempted to reach out to the source vs. running here to post your (understandable) discontent? Just asking.
  17. I use squoosh.app, a free online resizing tool that's super helpful when you have size restrictions, like a podcast RSS feed (where the show image cannot be over 500K)
  18. I've gotten the exact same message and replicated it several times when logging on to the wifi at MSP. Sometimes the IP address is different and I don't get the banned message, but it happens 8 out of 10 times.
  19. I've actually gotten this when I log-in from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Wifi. What's likely happened (from my experience) is someone who was banned had created multiple names and to keep that person from re-registering new accounts, the IP address was banned. I'd suggest contacting Willis (the forum administrator) and see if you can get the IPs you have been accessing unbanned from the site.
  20. Illegally pirated stream there Marcus. Per my other post, giving these pirates the views actually detracts from the networks that spend the money to put this on the air.
  21. This is also a key factor to know when it comes to where you're watching those streams. If you see those matches on BTN's YouTube channel, watch them there, do not watch them on pirated channels, because we're in an analytics-metrics based world when it comes to viewerships. Pirated content takes the eyes off the originators of the content and doesn't accurately give those outlets/networks the right viewer numbers. I've seen some pirated channels with 50-60K views in a matter of days, but the networks who produce this content don't see those eyes. So if you've got the choice between a BTN-channel or a pirated one, choose the network. Their numbers are directly related to their promotion and investment into the sport.
  22. They also found some chirpers ... two guys behind me last night could have fit in well heckling at Carver.
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