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  1. Moving from Madison to San Luis Obispo is an incredible upgrade in weather.
  2. People bust on this match, but personally, I love it. High drama. Also, you can't call Grajales a "flop" when he took third in the NCAAs one year. You just can't. David Craig is the one that killed me the most, though that seems to have been self-admittedly because he just was using wrestling to get his education and didn't truly love the sport. He could have been a total monster if he loved it, he was so gifted. I saw a lot of these guys wrestle, as I was a Florida high school wrestler. Let me tell you though, I have never been more impressed or surprised then when I watched Rocky Cozart, who was in 8th grade but I assumed he would win because of the last name, get absolutely demolished by some kid I'd never heard of in the state finals named Sam Hazewinkel.
  3. Wow, McKenna with the unavenged loss to Yianni.
  4. Wait, Willie has a burner that's just his name?
  5. Come on, man, I doubt anybody realized Koll was a viable option. I don't think anybody, even a member of Ray Blake's immediate family, would have picked Ray over Rob Koll. It's also possible that people knew Koll could be the guy, but they were asked not to release it until it was official, so Willie just gave who he thought was the best option of the "official" options.
  6. Bummer for Iowa, thought he was a lock there for a long time. Rumors started flowing out recently that he was going to Minny, I'm not sure how long ago. FRL today referenced about a week, so I dunno. One of the insiders might be able to give us more insight.
  7. Virginia is, at the very least, spiritually part of "the south."
  8. I'm pretty sure southeastern was a geographic designation, not a claim that Singleton might go to the SEC.
  9. Wow. He was just that far out on Cornell, or is he looking for a parachute? Because just going to being the RTC coach at UNC vs. program-building at Stanford are completely different jobs, with completely different stress levels. Also, are Abas, Griffith, and/or Woods staying on? Hard to imagine leaving when such a high level coach is coming right to them, plus they get to still live in Palo Alto, but they may have been burned too much to stay.
  10. SOmebody make sure Yianni's phone is plugged into a charger. Gonna have a LOT of incoming calls/texts.
  11. You can't really expect to overcome the Hage Hive.
  12. Even for me, super Iowa fan....this is a lot.
  13. I think I speak for the entire wrestling world when I say I'm glad this may stop Penn State from getting Shane Griffith.
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