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  1. Episode 1 is out. My first distinct observation: Josh Churella appears to have aged 30 years since 2008.
  2. Completely disagree on the asterisk. Also, Eierman has three NCAA placements: 5th, 4th, and 3rd. Lee's highest career placement so far is 5th, though I know most of us believe he would have been top 2 last season. Why is he somehow affecting the view of the title this season for whomever wins it?
  3. Definitely not an asterisk. This happens all the time. Nobody gives, say, Chris Bono an asterisk. Plus no guarantee Yianni would be at 141, many think he'd be at 149. What's this about Lee though? I thought he was in. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. Cass is would be better suited trying to utilize his upperbody stuff. He doesn't have the quickness to score on leg attacks.
  5. Cass wrestling him much better than he has previously. Just needs o be able to generate some sort of angle. Which, I know, easier said than done.
  6. Cass took the first shot I can remember him really taking against Gable and ended up in a position where I can remember for the first time Gable looking a little uncomfortable in that upperbody tie. Still hasn't been close to an offensive score.
  7. Just different levels, man. Cass is REALLY good, and Gable just toys with him.
  8. Fortunately it seems like Minny's takedown total is likely to double after the HWT match.
  9. Lets see if last week's trend of Nelson Brands being the greatest wrestler in history continues.
  10. Why does it always feel like Angel Rivera has to involve himself in every match?
  11. Sparks is defending well, but at some point he needs to take an attack.
  12. Getting married in college is so....antithetical to the college experience, lol.
  13. No. He infamously committed via dueling videos with Gavin Teasdale to Iowa. Iowa went .500 there.
  14. In case anybody was wondering, it's gone: 125: Lee FALL McKee (14-0 at the time) 133: Desanto TECH Dryden (21-2, I believe) 141: Eierman MDEC Polanco (22-9) 149: Murin DEC Blockhus (5-1) 157: Young DEC Lee (4-3)
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