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  1. VakAttack

    Penn State vs Iowa

    Man, TBar is a sad individual. I like my trolls funny, not moronic.
  2. VakAttack

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    I guess Cassar is the early leader for the HWT spot.
  3. VakAttack

    Busiello to......ASU?

    Certainly ups the intrigue for the Robbie Howard recruitment. Still hopeful for him to come to Iowa, but no doubt PSU is in play now.
  4. VakAttack

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    He looked fantastic against Nickell with a wide variety of attacks. He struggled against Rooney. He'll likely lose to Suriano and Micic, but Lizak and Pletcher are very beatable for him, plus the other guys in the B1G that he'll see just aren't that great. He'll be a high seed at NCAAs.
  5. VakAttack

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    You have to stretch to have a negative view of Desanto's start, especially given the mollywhomping he put on top 15 ranked Nickell.
  6. VakAttack

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    I think SUriano actually matches up well w/ both Fix and Gross.
  7. VakAttack

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    Hahaha, what did Ye Olde Pigge Farmer finally get the Almighty Banhammer for?
  8. VakAttack

    It's that time yet again.

    125: Spencer Lee 133: Nick Suriano 141: Yianni DIaknomngonfved 149: Brady Berge 157: Jason Nolf 165: Alex Marinelli 174: Zahid Valencia 184: Myles Martin 197: Bo Nickal HW: Gable Steveson
  9. VakAttack

    Mason Manville

    He seems happy with his uphill battle to make the lineup. More power to him.
  10. VakAttack

    Bill Zadick

    Different coaching skills required for college, does Bill have that kind of skillset? I think Bill will stay in the Freestyle realm as long as he stays coaching.
  11. VakAttack

    2918/19 hokie line up

    I know the rules about getting extra years is changing, but I don't think most of these guys will still have eligibility in 2918.
  12. VakAttack

    Ohio State 157?

    It's best for tOSU to have Hayes at 149 and Jordan at 157, but better for Jordan the individual to be at 149.
  13. VakAttack

    Roman Bravo Young Predictions

    I wasn't counting Brooks, since he's going OTC, not coming in to wrestle right now. Brooks is their most talented incoming recruit (presuming he actually comes). I do think RBY is more talented than Teasdale and Beard. It wouldn't be a bad argument that Beard ends up the better college wrestler given Penn State's huge success rate at the upper weights. Teasdale seems to have tailed off a bit to me, plus there are apparently off the mat concerns with him.
  14. VakAttack

    Roman Bravo Young Predictions

    I think RBY is probably the most talented of the true frosh coming in for Penn State, but 133 is also going to be a bear of a weight. I think he will be excellent this year, and he might still miss the podium.
  15. VakAttack

    JO nagging Retherford

    This is wrong. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk