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  1. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    And legitimately boring to watch for most. Villains sell. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    True story. That's why Floyd Mayweather fights are so lowly rated.
  3. VakAttack

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    This is why injured players in other sports are always rushed right back into high level competition, and not sent to the minors, or put on minute/snap restrictions. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. VakAttack

    Stoll #1?

    Bunch of Billy Badasses on these forums that just easily shrug off gunshot wounds. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. VakAttack

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    It's not necessarily about not wrestling just to prevent injury. He was shot in the knee over the summer. He's obviously not fully recovered. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    No, I'm pretty sure this was invented by Tom and Terry Brands.
  7. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    We'll see. Admittedly, "don't try to break your opponent's arm" is a low bar.
  8. VakAttack

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    He says i nthe video he didn't really care about the shove, but he also didn't want people (i.e. his teammates/girls in the stands) to think he just took the shove. That's probably why it seemed partially half-hearted.
  9. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    The Micic match I won't defend, that's a different thing. But other than that, I have no issues. Desanto lost a tough match to Austin Gomez a few weeks ago in a highly pressurized environment (last match of the dual with the dual on the line) and he reacted well.
  10. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    Lugo seems pretty cool. I would agree that Spencer, Desanto, Marinelli, Warner, and Stoll all seem dorky in different ways.
  11. VakAttack

    Not the best day for PSU

    I'll be honest, I thought he might be. I was wrong. It's a pretty wide open weight, with Kolodzik or Ashnault being the favorites.
  12. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    We could definitely use more badasses like Bo Nickal. I think he might be the best collegiate wrestler this year, even better than Nolf. He just happened to sound like a dork (to me) during that speech. I fully defend anybody's right to celebrate while reserving the right to mock the execution of the celebration.
  13. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    I loved the ear thing, even though it sucked that it happened against my guy. I thought he sounded like a dork during his speech, but he definitely can say whatever he wants.
  14. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point

    Incorrect. I'm here for any of these types of antics. Including Gable Steveson, Bo Nickal, Anthony Ashnault, Thomas Gilman, etc. The only time I have a problem is what happened at NCAA last year w/ Desanto and Micic, where Micic could have been legitimately hurt.
  15. VakAttack

    Desanto Team Point