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  1. Pyles on Flo says other schools still in consideration. Iowa State, Penn State, Nebraska, and Ohio State, to be exact. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. Also of note, these Rokfin Duals/National Duals/Collegiate Duals are scheduled for December 20-21. Will Suriano even be there, if he does rejoin Penn State?
  3. The bet, as laid out, actually says the opposite. For nhs to win, Lee has to be undefeated against Suriano and outplace Suriano at NCAAs. All Antitroll has to have happen is a Suriano win OR Suriano outplacing Lee.
  4. Sure, like I said, just my opinion, I don't think the format will be as previously advertised. Maybe @Husker_Du can set me straight, maybe I'm just being paranoid about the name thing. I don't think it's a coddling thing or a fear thing. I think the two programs don't like each other and they do not have to compete against each other here, since they already have a dual scheduled.
  5. That's from August 3, before Penn State had committed, and notably, the release called them the National Duals, which neither Iowa nor Penn State identify them as now. Like I said, gut instinct. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  6. It's pretty notable that Iowa has the December dual event on their schedule as Rokfin Duals and Penn State has them as Collegiate Duals, not as National Duals. I have a sneaking suspicion that the format will not be what we think it will be, and they will not be facing each other. Just a gut feeling. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. What is he putting on the line? He loses nothing if he loses, he can only gain. He's the underdog. Also, does this mean he was running from Lee for two years and now that Lee is injured he sees an opportunity? Don't make it out to be more than it is. It's a no-lose situation for Suriano if he follows through. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  8. I don't believe Iowa is sending a full roster to Midlands this year. At least that's what I've heard.
  9. Yeah, I'm not super-versed in high school results.
  10. Doesn't matter to me. Especially since Iowa isn't having a dual match w/ Rutgers this year, that means it would be Rivera's first time feeling Desanto, and we have a lot of evidence to suggest that's much better for Desanto.
  11. I would favor Desanto over Rivera if they wrestled, but only slightly.
  12. He took third last year, dominantly. He's an underdog to win the title, but he definitely could. Given the constitution of the weight, it's going to be tough, of course, and he would probably be the 4th betting favorite
  13. He did. That's the most interesting thing about this situation, followed by the idea of him going into a room with Thomas Gilman, given his history with clubs bringing in other elite guys in his weight. Or, at least, the reports around that.
  14. I'll believe Suriano is wrestling college when I see him on the mat. If he does, I have no doubt it will be for Penn State (against all odds). It's the ultimate mercenary move, literally coming in for just the second half of the season but: 1. Who would say no to Nick Suriano joining there team? Not many. 2. Who would say no to wrestling for Cael Sanderson and Penn State? Again, not many.
  15. Fair enough. I understand that it's more exciting this way. Maybe I'm being a stick in the mud about it, given my general preference for fun over "this is how my granddaddy did it!" mentality.
  16. I like (but don't love) greco, but I am not a fan of forced par terre. In general I'm against forced positions, similar to the clinch (although the forced par terre is not as punitive) back during the ball draw era for freestyle. You shouldn't just be given advantage positions you didn't earn.
  17. Like I said, it's perfectly possible Suriano signs with PSU. It's been rumored by reputable sources for a long time as a possibility. I just don't trust Mineo, and he's earned that.
  18. It's useless trying to parse thru Mineo's stuff. He says so many different things, including predicting Suriano to ASU like a month ago. He just deletes every wrong thing. We'll see on Suriano, this idea has been in the ether for awhile.
  19. Imagine the guy who switches back and forth between Nebraska and Minny telling Spencer Lee, three time NCAA champion going for 4, to stop making excuses.
  20. About the time I read play by play of Helen Maroulis' dominant world gold medal from my wrestling streaming sites Twitter account.
  21. I don't think he has the requisite athleticism or body dimensions to make low singles a viable option for him against Sad. He would need to become much more flexible to facilitate quicker level changes or just have longer arms to make up for it.
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