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  1. Zain loses regularly at 65 kg. He's got no shot at Chamizo, who has gone toe to toe with much stronger men in Burroughs and Dake, plus Sidakov.
  2. I'd like to see more competitive matchups, but maybe not to the extremes Iowa have taken where I think they are underdogs in almost all their matches. Somewhere squarely in the middle of where two of the top 3-4 powerhouses in the American wrestling world have fallen in their matchmaking.
  3. I'm wondering who pushed for this exception. We all know the rules are really focused and pushed by the revenue sports, but most major basketball programs don't really have a bunch of seniors.
  4. I haven't seen this discussed anywhere on the forum yet, but J. Jaggers on FRL said that the exception allowing scholarships not to count for this year (or next year, it wasn't totally clear) would only apply to seniors. I hadn't seen it written anywhere either. If this is true, that's obviously a big win for Iowa, since it will give them a free extra year of Spencer Lee, Austin Desanto, Jaydin Eierman, Kaleb Young, Alex Marinelli, and Michael Kemerer.
  5. Plus, if Nick actually does bump to 149, would that's mean the Lee' would be manning 149, 157, and 165?
  6. Lee is best served by avoiding Yianni (as is anybody at that weight area). Iowa has the best line up, BUT with all the gloves off, there is no guarantee, because it will end up being a BRUTAL NCAA tournament if almost nobody redshirts.
  7. I believe it was already political thru President Trump's timing of his decision, and that, in and of itself, wasn't necessarily a negative thing. People got mad that posters were making it political. I'm just pointing out that Coach Gable is totally ok with it being political.
  8. Because they have told us that this is not, in fact, political.
  9. I'm eager to here the people on here castigate Gable for making this political.
  10. Tough break for the seniors last year. Congrats to the guys that get that opportunity this year, although I imagine there are going to be some awkward scholarship conversations.
  11. I think your perspective would be fair if Burroughs was the one who initiated this "confrontation." It's not like Burroughs has been giving interviews calling Taylor a coward for running from him ever since Taylor moved up. And Taylor didn't ask for another shot, he essentially insinuated that Burroughs was taking the easy way out by taking on Zahid as if he himself had not taken the easier route to a world team spot by moving away from his nemesis. And I'm not saying he needs to carry it forever, but when it comes to this particular man, Jordan Burroughs, who beat him repeatedly before Taylor (and Dake) left for perceived easier roads....yeah, you have to wear that one, especially if you initiate the "confrontation."
  12. I didn't say he isn't allowed. I said you'll sound like a tool when you were at the same weight and you left because you couldn't beat him. It's no shame, he wasn't the only guy, Dake did it, too. The reason there haven't been more Burroughs/Taylor matches isn't because of Burroughs, it's because Taylor left the weight after repeatedly losing. Take the names off it. Wrestler A and Wrestler B wrestle each other several times. Wrestler A wins them all. Wrestler B moves to a new weight class.20 pounds heavier than even his college weight. Wrestler A continues to dominate the same weight. Wrestler A comes up for a one-off exhibition match, and Wrestler B tries to call out Wrestler A for not wrestling Wrestler B. It's ridiculous, so of course Wrestler A mercilessly dunks on Wrestler B. Use it in any forum. Lets say you and I got into many scored debates on this forum and you won them all. Then I left and started posting exclusively at another forum. You came to that forum for one debate, and then I called you out for not debating me. I left. I could have kept debating you here, trying to beat you, but I left.
  13. Taylor was at his weight class, which was right at his college weight class, and he left. If Burroughs is coming up for a one off match, what does he owe Taylor? You can't run away and then demand somebody face you.
  14. It's not an easy comeback, since Taylor is the one interjecting himself for no discernible reason other than he's still salty about his 0 for whatever record against Burroughs. You're always going to look like a tool when you try to talk down to a guy who has beaten you repeatedly.
  15. I haven't watched episode 3 yet, but just to jump in: Metcalf had, as I recall, taken a high school position, then had switched to taking a position at USA Wrestling, then went to Iowa State. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. Anthony Valencia has had a better career than Andrew Alton. Either way, you're being oddly obtuse. Under this logic, EVERY top recruit should go to Penn State, regardless of personality fit or wrestling style, and that's just not how coaching works.
  17. Who are you addressing here? You went from proper nouns to pronouns after Taylor, but I believe you're referencing Burroughs as having made the cowardly statement. Want to verify before I respond.
  18. That happens a bunch, I wouldn't read much into it.
  19. Kind of off-topic, but I disagree. Well, in terms of their face-to-face interview on FRL. Normally Dake is really good at this, and has a real sly sense of humor. That face to face he wasn't at his best, though still better than Burroughs, though to be fair, Dake knew what was happening and Burroughs did not.
  20. yes, he is usually not great at smack talk, but there is no curve on this one, this is just straight up good trash talk.
  21. Yeah, I changed the title. I don't even care, this was funnier.
  22. I don't want this to get lost on only the International forum. It's the most smack I think a non-Downey, non-Dake wrestler has talked in years. RIP to David Taylor.
  23. RIP to Taylor. My condolences to his wife.
  24. Yeah, but that's more about mentality vs. style. Valencia is more in an Iowa mold (though that's not perfect either.) Facundo is a little slicker and has more variety, which I associate more with Penn State. I could see him being Okie State, too, in terms of style.
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