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  1. It doesn't matter if Iowa wins by 40, there's still a flaw in the system.
  2. 125: Lee DEC Picc 133: Desanto MDEC Witcraft 141: Murin DEC Hone 149: Lugo DEC Lewallen 157: Young DEC Sheets 165: Marinelli DEC Wittlake 174: Kemerer DEC Smith 184: Assad DEC Montalvo 197: Warner DEC Geer HW: Cass FALL Harris Ok, I put it on wax, I predicted the shutout. I will, inevitably, be wrong somewhere.
  3. To be clear, I said "on paper it should be a shut out". It's hard to believe this dual will ACTUALLY be a shutout. I'll guess Okie State gets a win at 184. Maybe Brands sits Desanto to avoid any potential suspension issues going into B1Gs?
  4. Two relatively tight matches, but the next TD that Joe smith scores on Kemerer will be the first.
  5. On paper it could be shut out. Okie State's best shot at wins are 149 and 184, maybe 19 given Warner's general head-casieness. I like Lugo over Lewallen relatively comfortably. Lewallen is not the style that is going to give Lugo difficulties, it's the Degen's, the Sasso's, etc. Lewallen gives Lugo much the same match up as Brayton Lee did last week, and Lugo was never in danger there, either. 2017 Joe Smith lost both of his matches against Michael Kemerer.
  6. https://blog.apastyle.org/apastyle/2012/04/using-a-or-an-with-acronyms-and-abbreviations.html ACTUALLY there is some debate on the matter. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. That sucks. Very promising start to his career. Good luck saving loves, though! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  8. You're inferring "scienter" from prior bad acts, which is something that most states don't allow for, if you're going to try to sound smart. Desanto had one hand on the head neck for two seconds, and one hand on his hip for a brief second. Lee used Thomsen's head to stand up (face mush), then put his hands on the neck, buried his head in the nect all after everybody knew it was a techfall. I say it not to impugn Lee, because he didn't do anything wrong either, but to point out the hypocrisy. You're seeing what you want to see. I acknowledge all the other stuff/antics happens and there are people who hate it. I don't hate it at all, I love it, but many do hate it. Here though, in this match, he didn't do anything that other wrestlers don't do all the time. You and others are seeing what you want to see, suffering from confirmation bias.
  9. Again, Desanto didn't do anything here, any different then thousands of wrestlers before him. Keeping your hands on the opponent until the ref blows the whistle is ridiculously common. There's nothing here to "apologize" for. As to the other antics, I'm not apologizing for them or pretending they didn't happen, I just happen to enjoy them. He and Spencer do the exact same thing. In this Minnesota match, Desanto did nothing wrong. I don't think any of the antics are bad, but some do, I get; it just didn't happen here. You're talking about "seeing" intent. 1. that's not something you can see; 2. You're seeing what you want to see. Desanto is not slamming the head, clubbing, etc. He's got his hands on him, just like Spencer.
  10. Again, if you care about his extra stuff, the only thing that happened this year is, what, the kissing headgear thing? He did nothing wrong in the Minnesota match. You can't criticize him for something he didn't do wrong.
  11. If you're going to criticize Austin Desanto for his "extracurriculars", whatever. I think it's dumb, but then stay consistent. I'm going to use the word "you" here, but I mean it in the general sense of the term: 1. He didn't do anything wrong in this scenario. I just posted video of Spencer Lee doing the same thing. If you're going to criticize him for "extracurriculars", make sure there are actually extracurriculars happening. 2. Stop pretending you "hate it." You love it if it happens to Desanto. You can't hate these kinds of extracurriculars but then revel in it when it happens to a guy you don't like, because clearly you do not hate it. That's the bottom line on that one. Because that's exactly what is happening, it's people actually reveling in wrestlers doing things they claim not to like.
  12. He held it until the ref ended the match, this is such a common thing even Spencer Lee does it. And if Dryden wants to slap the hand away, whatever. Then he piefaces Desanto after the match for no reason, and then Desanto gets in his face, which is a totally reasonable reaction. Honestly, I don't even have a problem with any of it, it's all good theater. But Dryden is the one who instigated it, Desanto did nothing wrong here. Even if you just have to dislike Desanto, and you don't like the (apparent) kissing the headgear, in this case, he did zero wrong, the other guy did, and a large contingent wants to come at him for it. So he can't win with that crowd either way.
  13. Desanto didn't hit him with a move, he just waited for the ref to call the tech. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  14. You interjected, I am trying to clarify exactly what it is you're trying to argue here.
  15. Didn't you just argue that forums are only for this purpose? Or are you trying to claim that I am arguing that exchanging ideas is nonsensical, and then mock me for your own self-created point that you have attributed to me?
  16. The match was still going on. Like, there was literally time on the clock.
  17. No, the idea being that forums are supposed to be fun, not just the sterile exchange of ideas in nonsensical. I have played many, many sports. I just got done playing some pretty intense indoor volleyball, actually.
  18. A forum can be whatever you want it to be, ideas are often exchanged at parties. Sports is 1000% theater. It's only purpose for spectators is to entertain. It's just the gladiator "games" put into more modern, more palatable contexts.
  19. Man, some of you seems like real "life of the party" types. Outside of Desanto's two very public issues where guys could have been (but thankfully weren't) hurt 2+ years ago, everything else is all good theater, which is all sports are: theater. We've got all different kinds of it, but only the Iowa guys (and Gable Steveson) seem to catch any flak for it. We've got Minnesota fans , with Gable on the team right now AND a history of Mike Thorn existing, getting upset about Desanto.
  20. Lee has primarily showed struggles against highly athletic guys (Rivera, Picc, Bresser, Glory). Mueller doesn't really have that aspect to his game. He's a bit of a plodder and mostly relies on his length and counters from neutral.
  21. Mueller doesn't have the adjustments to make. He's not athletic enough. Guys like Rivera and Picc can give Spencer trouble because they're highly athletic. Mueller isn't explosive. And he doesn't score from top against good guys, he's just a leech. His only real shot is to hold Lee to a maximum of 1 TD in the first, not getting turned, and getting on top of Lee for a period. If Lee chooses neutral, Mueller will be forced to choose between going bottom and getting one point escape, or choosing top and trying to get a few stall calls.
  22. I should be clear, I think Woods is better than Murin, I just don't think you can seed or rank him that way based on his season so far. Woods has a better loss, but nowhere near the quality of wins.
  23. Lee-Mueller is a bad match up, stylistically, for Mueller
  24. Gfeller is not as good as Chad Red or Mitch McKee and is not a starter on his own team.
  25. Chad Red is also much better than anybody Real has beaten.
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