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  1. 13 hours ago, JasonBryant said:

    Since the weight changes, most titles by weight (1999-2019, 2021)

    125: Iowa (5)
    133: Oklahoma State (5)
    141: Ohio State, Oklahoma (4)
    149: Penn State (4)
    157: Penn State (3)
    165: Penn Sate, Oklahoma State (4)
    174: Penn State (5)
    184: Penn State (6)
    197: Oklahoma State, Iowa State (4)
    285: Minnesota (6)

    Most placewinners by weight (1999-2019 - will add 2021 in the AM)
    125: Iowa, Minnesota (14)
    133: Iowa (15)
    141: Oklahoma (13)
    149: Iowa (14)
    157: Iowa, Nebraska (12)
    165: Oklahoma State, Wisconsin (12)
    174: Oklahoma State, Penn State (12)
    184: Cornell (14)
    197: Minnesota (13)
    285: Minnesota (16)

    Pretty great illustration of the jump the program made when Cael got there.  Most champs at 5 weights (a lot of repeat guys, but that's ok), but not top AA/placewinner anywhere except 174.  The last 10 years are really carrying PSU's numbers.

  2. 5 minutes ago, LJB said:

    says the guy who clearly doesn't look at join dates...

    I went ahead and ran the numbers on this.  972 posts for jross in about 1 2/3 years, works out to 585 a year.  5,595 posts for LJB in a little under 5 1/2 years, works out to 1,017ish per year.

    Although you can't really trust the numbers since the change over, I had way more posts in total

  3. 1 minute ago, Lurker said:

    I don't think its the making weight 13 minutes late he or anyone is finding dishonorable.  I believe its this display of entitlement that one deserves a second chance after missing weight and anything less is terrible and some kind of a disservice to us all.

    This came after I had started my last response.  Sure, you and others can feel that way.  I disagree.  If a rule is stupid, I don't think you're dishonorable for not following it.  Nor is it dishonorable if you choose to follow it.  For example, it's illegal to cross a street anywhere other than the crosswalk.  People jaywalk all the time.  Are they dishonorable?  I would say no, because generally, while I understand the purpose behind that rule, I don't think it's a matter of honor whether you follow it or not.  Others can disagree.

    That also elides the fact that this is the Olympics and only comes every 4 years, and he feels (at least is alleging) that he was told the wrong time by somebody who he trusts a great deal AND works for the organization responsible for these decisions that the weigh ins were a different time, AND this could have a huge effect on the rest of his life, both financially and also achievement-wise.

    So I don't think it's about "honor" in my estimation.  For me it's about getting our best Olympic Team, since I believe our sport is best served by having the best team.  For Cox it's about getting maybe his best shot at an Olympic title, who knows where he'll be physically in 4 years.  For you and others, you feel our sport is best served by adhering to that rule to show people the importance of following the rules and/or fairness to other competitors.  That's fine, too.  I just don't think "honor" comes into it. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Mphillips said:

    Is it missing weight or is it being accountable to the rules/guidelines?


    1 minute ago, LJB said:

    i am equating USAW and all their athletes holding up their end of the bargain on all the rules they agreed to uphold as being honorable...

    i am not saying anything about cox himself being dishonorable, but...

    to be 100% clear...

    i am saying there are many posters on this silly bbs who have no idea what real honor is...



    It's functionally the same thing.  Cox is the one appealing the decision, saying he should be allowed to compete despite not making the weight until 13 minutes after the 8:00 A.M. deadline.  If you're saying the idea that he should be allowed to wrestle despite not making weight in time is dishonorable, and Cox is arguing that he should be allowed to wrestle despite not making the weight in time... 

    It's ok if you think he's being dishonorable, but that is absolutely what you're saying.

  5. 2 minutes ago, LJB said:


    you either are a personal acocuntabilty guy or an excuse maker...


    Or the thing I care most about is having the best Olympic team in 2021, not whether or not your (or anybody's) child learns "personal accountability" from J'Den Cox.  Most people don't care about what happened at the 1984 Olympic Trials with Randy Lewis and Leeroy Smith, et al.  They care that Randy won the gold medal.  My concern is that we have the best Olympic team (which we might already).  I think it's more important that we have our best wrestler at the weight, no matter what (excluding criminal charges or PED suspensions).  You and others feel it's more important to have fealty to this rule about weigh in times, whereas I don't care about it, since to me it has no impact on the competition.

  6. Just now, Lurker said:

    I hear you, but this situation would be a direct derelict to every other competitor in that tournament, regardless of weight class.  I can't see something of that magnitude.

    I agree.  I don't think it will happen.  I think that ship sailed when the tournament took place.  There have been some creative options put forth, but I just don't think that an arbitrator will reach that far to make this happen.  Maybe if he'd immediately sought an injunction, although practical time concerns would have made that difficult.

    I do think it SHOULD happen, though.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Lurker said:

    All these ideas on how to rectify this situation (that has no need to rectify) are nice fantasy and all because we'd love to see Cox vs Snyder, but there missing a couple crucial elements in context:

    They are all giving one guy something no one else who didn't make the team gets.....a second chance.

    And they are giving him that second chance because he did something none of the other competitors who don't get a second chance did.......miss weight.


    I mean......there's that.

    Wait, are you saying that it's possible a high caliber athlete would get special treatment?


    Gasp GIFs | Tenor

  8. 2 minutes ago, shieldofpistis said:

    I think its good to make it clear Snyder is rep and decision won't be reversed because he can't properly prepare for Olympics with burden of dealing with this 

    To answer your question, because people want to be pithy, Snyder is the rep, but Cox is still appealing the previous decision.  It seems unlikely to get overturned, so it's not quite like Zain/Yianni from two years ago where an overturn was more likely.

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