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  1. It happened on the non-main mat. Oliver won comfortably.
  2. There has never been a more stark display of the emotions that happen in this sport. Ugh. I'm gutted for Jenna.
  3. Due to Kilty's injury, I will refrain from using a "Do you believe in Miracle?" joke.
  4. #NailedIt Though, to be fair, none of the picks were particularly brave or bold.
  5. It was an extremely odd reaction given his effort to actually win the match.
  6. Three of our 6 Olympic MFS representatives (plus somebody said Helen is there too, so potentially another), nothing to sneeze at there. They're the gold standard for RTCs right now.
  7. And then Bo storms off after not seeming to do anything to really try to win. Really, really weird. I hope that Taylor's output is back in line for the Olympics, because he is able to melt people with that pace.
  8. Bo just looks totally disinterested.
  9. If/when Nickal loses, I wonder if he'll regret not focusing on wrestling until at least now. He may be happy with his multiple interests and I'm sure it's more financially lucrative.
  10. No medals for losing close to your teammate, Bo. Need to let it fly!
  11. That's why I have Helen ahead, but I get it for someone to say Adeline is the GOAT.
  12. I agree, Dake would be a fair answer also.
  13. Definitely a good debate. DNP at the Olympics vs. Helen beating Yoshida I think tips it to Helen, but Gray has more total hardware, so I understand if you and others feel she's better.
  14. Gable may be our best wrestler already
  15. Congrats to Oliver. I am extremely pissed they started that match differently than they had started other matches.
  16. Shorter. Didn't they have a tight match in December?
  17. Poor strategy for Arujau, pushed him out with 3 seconds left on the shot clock.
  18. Gilman just too strong for Vito thusfar.
  19. Pretty incredible tournament from Stefanowicz. Congrats!
  20. Come on Vito! Prove me wrong!
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