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  1. Pretty incredible tournament from Stefanowicz. Congrats!
  2. Come on Vito! Prove me wrong!
  3. So we have two third matches so far, both WFS. Helen Maroulis, the greatest US women's wrestler ever in one match. Macey Kilty, the future (along with Kennedy Blades) of women's wrestling in the other.
  4. Burkert! Oh, wow, great job Helen! This is a great match!
  5. Congrats to Ildar! That's got to be an incredible feeling to get to represent a country as an immigrant!
  6. I know I'm not alone, but I get very nervous for Helen every time she wrestles. I feel the same way with Berge. The stuff we know about head injuries now has really shifted my perception on them.
  7. That was a shot at DT, not Dake. DT made a similar comment after Cox lost in the last Olympics. Or maybe world championship, I don't remember exactly.
  8. Young Macey Kilty is leading late in Match 2!
  9. Moore just doesn't have it mentally in this match up.
  10. @MizzouGrad burner account? ;)
  11. It can't be stated enough how impressive it is that Dake is STILL improving. At 30! Somebody get me a book on functional patterns!
  12. Will we get any 3 match series?
  13. Eh, I just disagree. It's not like he complained or made excuses, etc. Also, all the questions were about him and his future. I think you're being a bit unfair. There was nothing unclassy about it. Anyway, we're debating semantics. Dake has surpassed Burroughs, finally. It's felt like this should have happened a couple of years ago, but Dake kept pushing, grinding, and improving. Dake is better than he's ever been at 30. Bring home that gold, Dake! Really want to see him vs. Sidakov.
  14. I imagine it's a little difficult given how Dake has talked to and about Jordan during the duration of the rivalry.
  15. Most of the bluster, I believe, was Dake just having to get over the mental hump. I know it morphed into genuine animus, but great job for both men. The USA has to be incredibly proud of everything JB did for the sport and for the country. Very classy interview!
  16. He kept going low ankle. And Dake just kept stopping it DEAD. Dake looked FANTASTIC. Bring home the gold, Kid Dynamite!
  17. I do not understand what Burroughs is doing here. Really poor strategy. Come on JB!
  18. Feel bad for COleman and Sancho. I don't think even their own families are watching their match.
  19. If he loses, though, he's down 3-0. Fortunately, he won and the score is correct.
  20. They're really challenging for 1 point? Definitely a step out. It does appear that the knee didn't touch, though.
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