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  1. You should try to upload your video sometime - if you can convert it from VHS.
  2. A fling thing is: a) a dog toy b) a song by AC/DC c) an Internet hookup site d) all of the above The correct answer wins this shirt: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/5056845558963917843?vet=10ahUKEwjBuef59szdAhUNuFMKHeFPAfYQpCsIBg..i;0ahUKEwjBuef59szdAhUNuFMKHeFPAfYQpCsIBg..s&q=fling+thing+shirt&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiE5daM98zdAhUBn1MKHQ2ADhYQ20sICg#sgro=om&vet=10ahUKEwjBuef59szdAhUNuFMKHeFPAfYQpCsIBg..i;0ahUKEwjBuef59szdAhUNuFMKHeFPAfYQpCsIBg..s
  3. Well, I was going to work out today, but after that match I'm too tired...
  4. I think Hellickson perceived Strauss's behavior as inappropriate but not necessarily as sexual abuse. And the fact that some of the wrestlers are saying it was an open secret in the locker room which they all laughed about may have played into that perception. Perhaps if one of the wrestlers had directly reported something like digital/phallic penetration or masturbation, Russ would have handled it differently. I can't get inside his mind, but its conceivable that he just saw Strauss as a voyeur who would cop a feel when examining the wrestlers. And if the wrestlers were just laughing it off and not viewing it as abuse at the time either (as DeSabato himself said) then maybe that's the way Hellickson saw it too. Sounds like he did raise the issue of non-team members hanging out for long periods of time in the showers/steam room, as well as telling Strauss that he was too "hands on." And Russ might very well perceive those same events differently today than he did back then - which was almost 3 decades ago.
  5. I wouldn't put too much credence in anything that Dunyasha Yetts attributed to Hellickson - unless it was confirmed by Russ or a recording, etc. (Note: Not saying you are necessarily taking Yetts at his word as you did say "if true.")
  6. D.D. Detar, captain of Penn State's first national championship team (front row, middle). Detar became head coach the following year. He was better than Ruth, Taylor, Nolf, etc. Detar was also undefeated against Dake.
  7. What with all the lawsuits flying around, I suggest you refrain from saying that you were "holding his stuff."
  8. Yes, Hellickson described the environment on video - and USA Today also reported that he said the following: Hellickson said he was aware Dr. Richard Strauss made the athletes "uncomfortable" and he brought it up with the doctor directly. Hellickson has said that at the time, neither he nor Jordan had any idea that Strauss was abusing students and “if we’d have known it we’d have said something.” Jordan has denied allegations that he knew of claims of sexual abuse. In a phone interview with USA TODAY Monday, Hellickson said he told Strauss that some of the athletes were "uncomfortable" with him showering with them and that the doctor responded that Hellickson also showered with the athletes. “I said, 'Not for an hour, Doc,'” Hellickson said. And the Chicago Tribune reported that DiSabato stated the following: DiSabato said he never spoke up about Strauss while he was at the university because he didn't consider it abuse and because he didn't want to jeopardize his wrestling career. He said Strauss' behavior was an open secret among wrestlers, who would snicker when a new teammate headed into his first exam with Strauss. The above reports agree that neither Hellickson, Jordan, nor DiSabto viewed Strauss's actions at the time as "abuse." Apparently, however, DiSabato finally realized he'd been abused - but not until immediately after the $500 million MSU settlement made the news. Merely a coincidence? Not IMO.
  9. I thought X and Y both dropped their programs.
  10. I imagine it all went down something like this: Setting: A couple of old tOSU wrestlers are sitting at a bar knocking down some cold ones and watching Sports Center. The newscast reports that MSU will be paying out $500 million to victims of Nassar's abuse. Wrestler 1: "Wow! That's a lot of green. Those gals are going to be set for life now." Wrestler 2: "Yep, they sure are. Say, you know what...that Nassar guy kinda reminds me of 'ole Doc Strauss." Wrestler 1: "Oh yeah, I remember how we used to laugh about the way he'd ogle us in the shower and try to feel our nuts during physicals. Of course, back then we all just thought of him as a harmless old homo. Besides, he knew we'd knock hell out of him if he tried anything like Nassar did to those girls." Wrestler 2: "True enough, but - the more I think about it - maybe we can piggy-back on this Nassar deal and get a payday too. Tell you what: I'll check on the statute of limitations. You read up on the symptoms that victims of sexual abuse exhibit. Then, we'll meet back here in the bar next week and shoot the $hit some more." Wrestler 1: "Sounds good. Hell, I'm beginning to think we might be able to pull this off. With a little practice, we should be able to generate some crocodile tears that'd look just like the real tears of those little gymnasts." Stay tuned...
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