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  1. I'd rather that Snyder train elsewhere and win gold than stay and get silver or bronze. Of course, it could be the reverse...we're not going to know. Good luck to him. He's great for wrestling no matter where he trains.
  2. I know a top coach who couldn't wrestle at states his senior year. Want to go down that road?
  3. "They’ll be talking about Sanderson, too, who has turned Penn State from a traditionally strong program into a powerhouse, winning the past three NCAA titles. He couldn’t have done it without Taylor, who had committed to Iowa State when Sanderson coached there but got a release to follow Sanderson to Penn State, or without Ruth, who had been recruited by former coach Troy Sunderland and who swears he didn’t even know who Sanderson was (“the guy whose name is on my shoes …”) but decided, of course, to stay." https://pennstatermag.com/tag/cael-sanderson/
  4. https://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/intermat/matboss/ohio-wrestling-legend-alan-fried-explicit-the-matboss-podcast-ep-18/
  5. He's a real good man, as is his father. Wish him all the best.
  6. It's amazing how threads can stray...
  7. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/July/23/Taymazov-stripped-from-2012-gold-and-Dlagnev-to-get-bronze
  8. After countless reviews, who really knows the correct outcome of that 2nd match? That's right. No one. Therein lies the problem. Let the courts wrestle with it. They'll come up with a decision, and we'll nod our heads and move on. Such is our sport.
  9. I'd be happy to sit down to a cold can of Gable, while my wife reads a story to the girls:
  10. The battle 'tween Pepsi and Coke, Is thought to be some kind of joke, Both are good when they're cold, When warm they're unsold, Let's argue for free vs. folk!
  11. Madonna was there, watching the weigh-in closely:
  12. The bottom line: You, me and the refs can't agree on these calls. Solution: Bring back the ball grab, but do it without the wrestling. If you grab the ball that says, "TEAM," you're in.
  13. Yep...the NFL constantly has to wait until the courts decide the outcomes.
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