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  1. TheOhioState

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    After countless reviews, who really knows the correct outcome of that 2nd match? That's right. No one. Therein lies the problem. Let the courts wrestle with it. They'll come up with a decision, and we'll nod our heads and move on. Such is our sport.
  2. I'd be happy to sit down to a cold can of Gable, while my wife reads a story to the girls:
  3. The battle 'tween Pepsi and Coke, Is thought to be some kind of joke, Both are good when they're cold, When warm they're unsold, Let's argue for free vs. folk!
  4. TheOhioState

    Jordan Burroughs Final X weigh-in

    Or a wet one.
  5. TheOhioState

    Jordan Burroughs Final X weigh-in

    Madonna was there, watching the weigh-in closely:
  6. TheOhioState

    Final X - Lincoln

    The bottom line: You, me and the refs can't agree on these calls. Solution: Bring back the ball grab, but do it without the wrestling. If you grab the ball that says, "TEAM," you're in.
  7. TheOhioState

    Final X - Lincoln

    Yep...the NFL constantly has to wait until the courts decide the outcomes.
  8. TheOhioState

    Final X - Lincoln

    Let the courts decide what kind of team we have!
  9. TheOhioState

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    As long as we're doing definitions: Bergman is a surname of German, Swedish, Dutch, and Yiddish origin meaning 'mountain man.' The lion slayer couldn't handle the mountain man that day...
  10. TheOhioState

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    Is he a member of the US House of Representatives from Ohio's 4th District?
  11. TheOhioState

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    Ben Askren would quite possibly be a great coach. Lots of recognition in wrestling and MMA circles. I liked the way he worked with Tommy Rowlands on the podcast, too.
  12. TheOhioState

    Cox in MMA would be unstoppable

    My first big laugh of the day.
  13. TheOhioState

    One thing that Cael does not get enough credit for...

    Being great at challenges just adds to the legacy....
  14. TheOhioState

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    La Sombra Negra, aka "The Black Shadow" is the vigilante group that has MS-13 shaking in their boots.