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    Separated at birth?

    Austin DeSanto and Michael Imperioli from Goodfellas:
  2. TheOhioState

    NC State vs Ohio State 1/6/19 6:00 EST on ESPN2

    Or, is it Myles Martin tagging off to Kollin Moore?
  3. TheOhioState

    Fix v. Nick

    Suriano will win.
  4. Rivalry means: Which guy would you rather beat in the finals?
  5. TheOhioState

    Hair Cut

    Let's just get along. Merry Christmas to all of you out there.
  6. TheOhioState

    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

  7. TheOhioState

    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

    I found the answer. It's not Davion Jeffries.
  8. TheOhioState

    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

    Who did Joe Smith lose to his soph year in the finals at Stillwater?
  9. TheOhioState

    Four Finesilvers Finish First

    Fastest pin should be the Quicksilver Award.
  10. TheOhioState


    Slaps with permission. Not sure about safe houses.
  11. TheOhioState

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Iowa will always hold on to that fan base and place highly at Nationals. The key for PSU and tOSU are their coaches. Once they leave...who knows for sure if their programs will still sustain at such a high level? Given that both programs now expect excellence every year, I'd say it's likely that excellence will still be the norm after Sanderson and Ryan retire. But probably quite that high.
  12. TheOhioState

    Top 20 guys going down this weekend

    Arizona State also could have won the dual if Daniel had beaten Singletary. It was 1-1 until Singletary's TD near the end of the match. Yeah, I know Myles Martin would have made a difference (and Moore very little,) but the fact remains that Arizona won 125, 165 and 174, in addition to pinning at 184. Therefore, I conclude: 1) Arizona State is not terrible 2) Arizona State is actually a really good team 3) Silvermedal is right 4) You are wrong 5) You won't admit you are wrong
  13. Big money is going with Sadulaev the next time these two wrestlers meet. But hey...don't just pick your favorite...let's get some skin into it. Let's bet, but let's use profile photos as our chips. If your wrestler wins, you keep your profile photo. If your wrestler loses, you have to choose the President of the country of the winning wrestler as your photo. Duration= One month. I've got Snyderman.
  14. TheOhioState

    Who do you have next time? Let's bet on it.

    Then GoQuickly.
  15. TheOhioState

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

  16. http://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/ohio-state-wrestle-offs-information/
  17. TheOhioState

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Maybe my sarcasm didn't come through enough...
  18. TheOhioState

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Lost at Big Tens and Nationals his freshman year. Seemed to improve after that. Maybe the program is OK.
  19. TheOhioState

    Validative experiences

    I went to the 2006 Big Ten Wrestling Championships at Indiana, not only because I was joining a friend at Big Tens, but because a guy wrestling for Ohio State, who I had known from my gym, was trying to make it to Nationals. In a crucial match, he had it locked up, and then he got taken down in the last few seconds. He lost the next match, too, and he never went to Nationals After his near miss, I was working out in the gym at the hotel where I was staying in Indiana. It was a very small gym. Only enough room for two stationary bikes, two treads and a few free weights. The only other guy in that room was a guy in a hooded shirt on a stationary bike and me on a tread. I looked closer. It was Dan Gable. I got off of my treadmill and said hello. He asked me if I had a kid wrestling, and I replied that I was following a young Ohio State man from my gym who had just lost. He asked his name, and I told him. Gable said, "Hell of a double-leg." After that, I got back on the tread and absolutely killed myself to run hard in that hot room. After all, Gable was the only other person in the room. I was walking in the main area about an hour later, and I told my wrestling buddy about the Gable story. When asked about how hard I worked, I said "I did the best I could." Gable walked by the same time and said, "You did well." This is all true, and it ranks near the top of my validative experiences. Anyone else?
  20. TheOhioState

    1988 NCAA wrestling finals video availability

    I think my videos go back to 1990. I'll check.
  21. TheOhioState

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Sorry JT#1, it was 10-3. http://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/three-buckeyes-claim-all-american-honors-at-2003-ncaa-wrestling-championships-4/ At 157, No. 2-seed Keaton Anderson, who entered the tournament nursing a knee injury, faced top-seed Luke Becker of Minnesota (in the consis). The two split a pair of matches earlier this season as Becker topped Anderson in the final of the Las Vegas Invitational, while Anderson settled the score with a 10-3 decision in the dual bout. Also... https://www.michigandaily.com/content/m-wrestlers-clutch-upset-over-buckeyes I agree about moving up to 157. I would add that Keaton got permission from Russ H. to train with Mike Davies at his Fitness Factory. I know he felt that training over there made him stronger and better equipped to make a run for the national title. That knee injury at Big Tens ruined things for him. A real good guy who deserved to win it all.
  22. TheOhioState

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Keaton Anderson over defending national champion Luke Becker 10-3 in the 2002 Ohio State vs. Minnesota dual in St. John Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Loudest I ever heard it in St. John.