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  1. Trying to equate the death of the 13 soldiers that died in Kabul to virus deaths. There is NO WAY he ever served. NO WAY.
  2. Typical. Wants someone else to do the work for him.
  3. Very sad story about Vern Gagne killing someone.
  4. F U and your comment about the soldiers.
  5. Sure would have been fun to see Spencer Lee at strength at Tokyo.
  6. I'd hire David Taylor right now to lead a top program, with a mentoring assistant coach at his side. You don't want to lose a guy like David Taylor. A few years as an assistant is a great idea, but who gets him first?
  7. Dan Gable dominated until Dan Gable retired. None of his disciples came close to matching him. Cael Sanderson became the next Dan Gable. None of his disciples will come close to matching him. On a different level, you can say the same with Rob Koll at Cornell and Tom Ryan at Ohio State. Those who follow will not come close to matching them.
  8. You denigrating his faith is pretty pitiful and not even remotely clever.
  9. I hope Kyle Snyder doesn't believe that.
  10. www.hesgoal.com has about 10 Olympic channels a day. Worth a try.
  11. Set it up like this: 1) If you are scared to come and compete at Tokyo, stay at home. 2) If you want to come and compete, compete. 3) If you are scared of watching from the stands, stay at home. 4) If you want to watch from the stands, come on in. 5) If you want to wear a mask at the venue, wear one. 5) If you want everyone to wear a mask, stay at home.
  12. Snyder will get the gold. One of three for the US.
  13. How about Tom and Terry in a pull up contest?
  14. Yep...those idiots over at The Lancet should have listened to some guy on a wrestling forum before accepting any scholarly research papers. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanonc/article/PIIS1470-2045(13)70366-8/fulltext
  15. LOL It took a minute to follow you. I'm only getting older.
  16. Wasn't Koll the youngest D1 head wrestling coach in the country when he took the Cornell job?
  17. The education is secondary to the name of the institution. That being said, calculus doesn't care if you understand it at an Ivy or a non-Ivy.
  18. From 2010:https://www.nature.com/news/2010/101128/full/news.2010.635.html From 2021: https://scitechdaily.com/holy-grail-hyperbaric-oxygen-treatments-reverse-aging-process-in-first-clinical-trial/#:~:text=The researchers found that a,accumulation of old and malfunctioning Face it: He's smarter than you.
  19. I was there in Albany, and the crowd was still buzzing about it half-way through the next match, which featured some undefeated guy vs. Jon Trenge.
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