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  1. fudge_tunnel

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    This is not surprising, having spent time in the north Dallas area and having the Ferrari’s in our club for a short time. They should have stayed in Allen, where things are often “overlooked” for the sake of athletic achievement
  2. fudge_tunnel

    Foxcatcher Movie

    Having coached with Andre in north TX and hearing the various stories and his personal situation first hand, the goings-ons in “Foxcatcher” seem like child’s play by comparison...
  3. fudge_tunnel

    Best High School Team Ever?

    I’d be more interested if the topic was “Best Public High School Team Ever”....
  4. fudge_tunnel

    125 getting more interesting

    ......IF he can make 125 again and/or on consecutive days
  5. fudge_tunnel

    Iowa vs. Purdue (BTN) - 1 PM today

    Took 2 full periods before the announcers knew who the Iowa wrestler was....
  6. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Chris Myers’ yelling = incoherent, unintelligible babbling. The best part about his ramblings was he was completely oblivious to his absurd lunacy. Steroids rot your brains, kids...
  7. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    My son and I were going to go, however... - the venue sucked (terrible for wrestling in general) - there were only 5 collegiate men’s matches - traffic on I-70 sucks on Friday (and every other day) Whoever was responsible for organizing this from the NWCA needs to be reassigned and/or terminated. Pathetic attempt of a showcase event on every level.
  8. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Illinois’ 149 was dq’d for 4 “hands-to-face” calls, and I believe the 197 got a call in OT to lose as well It will be interesting to see how this new rule will affect matches/duals this year
  9. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    It was quite an event, for the dozens in attendance....
  10. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Same here. At my son’s club practice last couple of weeks (in Parker) there has been no mention at all from the coaches - who are all D1 wrestlers and AA’s. I’m the only one who is bringing up.
  11. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    6 days before the event and <50% of the lineup has been announced. Any chance this thing is cancelled?
  12. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    So far, this is who’s been announced... 133 - Tariq Wilson/Seth Gross 141 - Hoey McKenna/Kaid Brock 174 - Jacobe Smith/Myles Amine 184 - Taylor Venz/Max Dean Hwt - Derek White/??? Kinda weird that the entire lineup has yet to be set, a little over a week beforehand. Friday afternoon traffic on I-70 in Denver is not fun, I hope it’s worth it...
  13. fudge_tunnel

    AJ Ferrari

    It’s gonna be a while before he’s in college....