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  1. All 3 will have 4 years of eligibility left as well. Hopefully Hawks will be able to get into the lineup next year. Jeremiah Kent is no slouch
  2. Running camps. Interesting, especially for someone who “didn’t want to wrestle”
  3. While Greeley does have a distinctive odor most of the year, it’s not exactly in “Eastern” CO. It’s <30 miles from the front range It’s probably a good thing it’s not a cultural fit with Denver/Boulder
  4. Ya, those guys are the worst….
  5. 23? Soon? He won his last NCAA title in ‘13, and his birthday is in February. Try again
  6. Not sure where he tore anyone down. He’s just pointing out that winning a TAPPS state title in wrestling is not a massive accomplishment, which is true. I’ve never figured out why LCS, and the other parochial TX schools, don’t apply for UIL status. Would have loved to see how Skyler Smith would have performed against the public school boys.
  7. Didn’t Whitfield make the jump from class 1 to class 3 this year, and completely dominate the perennial powerhouse Neosho at state? And regarding OP recruiting back in the day - the really didn’t have to. Kids WANTED to go there. If a family was moving to the KC area and their son was a top quality wrestler, and it made sense geographically to live in Gladstone, why WOULDN’T they go to OP? They were a national top 10 team, you would get exceptional coaching, they travel to some of the toughest tournaments in the country, and college coaches were well aware of the talent at that program. Liberty is building a similar formula now. We’ve considered moving back to KC for several reasons, and my son, who is an 8th grader, said the only school he’d want to go to is Liberty. If we did that, would they be accused of recruiting a kid from out of state? I wish Mayabb nothing but success back at OP. We ran into him a number of times out here, and he still is a ball of energy. it’s just going to make wrestling in the Northland that much more competitive And speaking of public high school recruiting - CO has open enrollment. You should see the frantic, and legal, campaign to snatch up 8th graders right now. It’s bananas
  8. I’ve been out of the loop in MO for a while now. I still follow from afar, but I’m pretty consumed with CO wrestling now. Only wish we had a message board like we had back in the day
  9. How about that club out of KC......Victory? They still producing tough kids?
  10. He and Schultz are going to have an interesting hairdo competition...
  11. Abas to Fresno St? At least we have another college to root against for all other sports (Boise St, EMU, Oregon, etc)
  12. Unfortunately for the Ferrari boys, they are their father’s children. Hopefully the apples fall FAR from the tree
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