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  1. fudge_tunnel

    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    Add him in with the rest of the highly ranked 2019 recruits, and UNC has a bright future....
  2. fudge_tunnel

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    What are the chances of this match actually happening (in the dual)....?
  3. fudge_tunnel

    2019 Senior First Time AAs

    Are you projecting to 2022, when he’ll be a Senior?
  4. fudge_tunnel

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    I like Daniel Lewis as the face and embodiment of Mizzou wrestling —> quiet, hard-working, fundamentally sound, good student and person overall. A very high caliber wrestler who is always in the hunt, it’s just there are always a few who are better - just like the Mizzou team.
  5. fudge_tunnel

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    This is not surprising, having spent time in the north Dallas area and having the Ferrari’s in our club for a short time. They should have stayed in Allen, where things are often “overlooked” for the sake of athletic achievement
  6. fudge_tunnel

    Foxcatcher Movie

    Having coached with Andre in north TX and hearing the various stories and his personal situation first hand, the goings-ons in “Foxcatcher” seem like child’s play by comparison...
  7. fudge_tunnel

    Best High School Team Ever?

    I’d be more interested if the topic was “Best Public High School Team Ever”....
  8. fudge_tunnel

    125 getting more interesting

    ......IF he can make 125 again and/or on consecutive days
  9. fudge_tunnel

    Iowa vs. Purdue (BTN) - 1 PM today

    Took 2 full periods before the announcers knew who the Iowa wrestler was....
  10. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Chris Myers’ yelling = incoherent, unintelligible babbling. The best part about his ramblings was he was completely oblivious to his absurd lunacy. Steroids rot your brains, kids...
  11. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    My son and I were going to go, however... - the venue sucked (terrible for wrestling in general) - there were only 5 collegiate men’s matches - traffic on I-70 sucks on Friday (and every other day) Whoever was responsible for organizing this from the NWCA needs to be reassigned and/or terminated. Pathetic attempt of a showcase event on every level.
  12. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Illinois’ 149 was dq’d for 4 “hands-to-face” calls, and I believe the 197 got a call in OT to lose as well It will be interesting to see how this new rule will affect matches/duals this year
  13. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    It was quite an event, for the dozens in attendance....
  14. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Same here. At my son’s club practice last couple of weeks (in Parker) there has been no mention at all from the coaches - who are all D1 wrestlers and AA’s. I’m the only one who is bringing up.
  15. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    6 days before the event and <50% of the lineup has been announced. Any chance this thing is cancelled?
  16. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    So far, this is who’s been announced... 133 - Tariq Wilson/Seth Gross 141 - Hoey McKenna/Kaid Brock 174 - Jacobe Smith/Myles Amine 184 - Taylor Venz/Max Dean Hwt - Derek White/??? Kinda weird that the entire lineup has yet to be set, a little over a week beforehand. Friday afternoon traffic on I-70 in Denver is not fun, I hope it’s worth it...
  17. fudge_tunnel

    AJ Ferrari

    It’s gonna be a while before he’s in college....
  18. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Interestling, I was at my son’s club practice last week (in suburban Denver) and mentioned this coming up, and none of the dads (who claim to be big college fans) even knew this was happening in Denver. I probably recruited at least 5/6 parents + kids to go, but it’s kinda sad and alarming that this event isn’t being promoted more heavily through our club (one of the larger ones in CO with a number of Div 1 AA’s coaching) and other clubs. We’ll definitely be there, however....
  19. fudge_tunnel

    NWCA All Star Classic

    We’ll, it’s in Denver this year. UNC and Air Force (and sorta Wyoming) aren’t exactly traditional collegiate wrestling hotbeds....
  20. fudge_tunnel


    Their non-con dual schedule includes... SIUE Princeton Bakersfield KSU Buffalo UVU .....not exactly the toughest competition
  21. First and foremost, listening to Killdozer is a recipe for disaster.....
  22. fudge_tunnel

    Iowa State Next Year?

    This is surprisingly, maybe he just wanted to finish college close to home. I can’t imagine any other reason - the Mizzou room is much tougher, and they have a shot at a team trophy. ISU has no shot at anything as a team, and the room for him will be a joke
  23. fudge_tunnel

    The 6th Year