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    MAC adds 3!!

    If you need an alum of the third, let me know......:twisted:
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    All He Saw Was ...

    I hope the award account is adequately funded. The prizes these young men are expecting (2 golds and a bronze) total $550,000, correct? It's also possible the organization paid premiums like an insurance policy. I just hope these guys get paid. $250,000 isn't a lot of money to many of us, but to hard working young guys like Varner and Burroughs, it's a prize they will treasure. [/quote 250K isn't a lot of money to many of us? That is unquestionably the silliest comment I've ever read on this forum--and that's saying something. You obviously haven't seen my asinine comments over the years...$250k, after taxes, should be in the $150k range. That's a decent amount of money, but by no means makes him a rich man. If he chooses to stay and train in Lincoln (which has a relatively low cost of living) he should be just fine. However, I'm sure he will make much more money in appearances and (hopefully) endorsements over the next couple of years. Burroughs seems to be an easily marketable commodity - intelligent, articulate, polite, etc. I don't think Cejudo is struggling financially since winning in '08.
  3. this thread to be deleted in 3...2...1...
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    Henson to Missouri as asst

    Imagine "what if".......
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    Henson to Missouri as asst

    I don't know why he specifically chose Clemson, but he had to leave Mizzou (if we wanted to continue to wrestle that is). I can't give specifics, but maybe his old coach @ Mizzou can.......as I'm pretty sure he visits these message boards from time to time.
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    Mizzou's Smith gets 5 year extension

    In a press conference a few weeks ago the SEC Commisioner, Mike Slive, was asked about adding wrestling to the conference, and he basically said it won't happen.I wouldn't hold my breath on this one
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    NCAA Division I Championship Ticket Trading Post

    Tickets, scmickets...........anyone have an extra hotel room?
  8. fudge_tunnel

    NCAA Division I Championship Ticket Trading Post

    I need 3 lower level tix (together). AND.....and a downtown hotel room (double). PM me if anyone out there has either. Thanks!