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  1. fudge_tunnel

    Austin Myers

    Presumably, PEDs will be allowed....
  2. fudge_tunnel

    Austin Myers

    Committee, probably...
  3. fudge_tunnel

    OkSt vs Mizzou, Sat 1/27

    Ya, love to hear his batsh*t crazy dad’s excuses for this one....
  4. fudge_tunnel

    OkSt vs Mizzou, Sat 1/27

    He’s bye-bye...
  5. fudge_tunnel

    OkSt vs Mizzou, Sat 1/27

    Get used to HWT by committee....
  6. fudge_tunnel

    Pin Fall

    He did?
  7. fudge_tunnel


    What’s the deal with him? And where’s his crazy dad been?
  8. fudge_tunnel

    Texas HS Wrestling

    Texas has 2 collegiate programs - Wayland Baptist (NAIA) and Richland College (Juco). I doubt we’ll see a program emerging anywhere from within the UT system. I think the best bet for a D1 program will be from one of the privates (SMU, Rice, TCU, U-Dallas, Baylor, etc) or a non-UT affiliated school in North TX, where the sport is more popular. UNT would be my guess (if it were to ever happen), here are a couple of reasons - 1. The Dallas area and panhandle typically dominate at the state level 2. Their proximity to OK for recruits 3. They have a club program now run by Andre Metzger 4. I believe it is the 4th largest school in TX, with almost 40k students 5. Tuition there and cost of living in Denton County are relatively lower Again, the chances of this happening are slim, unfortunately. It doesn’t help that the town that UNT is located in - Denton - has zero high school wrestling in any of its schools (4 high schools with 2k+ students, and no wrestling... makes no sense)
  9. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri Tigers

    I guess I’ve been out of the loop....what are the new rules?
  10. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri Tigers

    Which records exactly? Just curious
  11. fudge_tunnel

    Cox Fires Back at Taylor!

    I don't think he walked around over 205 lbs as a senior in HS, though...
  12. fudge_tunnel

    Cox/Taylor Who Ya Got

    Strength and defense wins the day - Cox, 2-0
  13. fudge_tunnel

    J'den Cox

    While weighing around 205....
  14. fudge_tunnel

    Who is your team?

    1. Mizzou (alma mater) 2. Army (dad's and grandpa's alma mater) 3. Cornell (family is from upstate/Finger Lakes region of NY) 4. Fresno St (because they're coming back)
  15. fudge_tunnel

    Mizzou - Next Year

    He's already redshirted
  16. fudge_tunnel

    Mizzou - Next Year

    Ok......but he doesn't have a spot, unless he bulks up to 174 and Wisman to 184
  17. fudge_tunnel

    Mizzou - Next Year

    125 - Punke 133 - Erneste 141 - Eierman 149 - ?.....maybe Retherford will transfer 157 - Lavallee (why move down?) 165 - Lewis 174 - Wisman 184 - Wyatt Koelling 197 - Miklus HWT - Myers (though I'd like to see how Campbell looks)
  18. fudge_tunnel

    Mizzou - Next Year

    Any word, then, why is is/was so woefully out of shape?
  19. fudge_tunnel


    Will IMar go up to 174 now....?
  20. fudge_tunnel


    Probably not a good decision?
  21. fudge_tunnel


    Gross just shut down. Weird
  22. fudge_tunnel

    Tonight's order

    Many times
  23. fudge_tunnel

    Snyder Hurt

    Even steak?