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  1. Ok......but he doesn't have a spot, unless he bulks up to 174 and Wisman to 184
  2. 125 - Punke 133 - Erneste 141 - Eierman 149 - ?.....maybe Retherford will transfer 157 - Lavallee (why move down?) 165 - Lewis 174 - Wisman 184 - Wyatt Koelling 197 - Miklus HWT - Myers (though I'd like to see how Campbell looks)
  3. Any word, then, why is is/was so woefully out of shape?
  4. Will IMar go up to 174 now....?
  5. Probably not a good decision?
  6. Gross just shut down. Weird
  7. Daniel Lewis with 6:51 of RT....?!?!?
  8. This arena + P&L would be a great venue combo. However, the lack of hotel space downtown, public transpo and daytime parking (on Thurs/Fri) would be disastrous.
  9. What's the criteria for being granted a medical? I have no clue....
  10. Yikes........looks like Miklus might be out for the year. That really sucks, hopefully he's a candidate for a medical RS
  11. Well, there is certainly a lot of "Panic" around here...
  12. Wouldn't B. Askren's 2nd title ('06-'07) be included in the last 10 years? That would make 6 for Mizzou....
  13. Peters has also beaten Barlow 4 times, including the in the blood round at the NCAA's last year. McGee ranked at #4-ish is very fair
  14. I was on Pearl St on Sunday, and a number of people down there smelled like dogs. And a few strongly resembled dogs...
  15. That's actually in West Hollywood, and those "whimsical virgins" are dudes...
  16. Don't forget all the epic matches between Dennis and Dlagnev in high school...
  17. What constitutes a *native*? We moved to CO a couple of months ago - when my 9 yr old qualifies for the '32 games, will he be considered a native Coloradoan?
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