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  1. fudge_tunnel

    NCAA 2017 Session III Thread (Quarterfinals)

    Imagine if Daniel Lewis was actually in shape...
  2. fudge_tunnel

    NCAA 2017 Session III Thread (Quarterfinals)

    All Lewis had to do was stall for :20. Pathetic
  3. fudge_tunnel

    NCAA round 1

    Daniel Lewis with 6:51 of RT....?!?!?
  4. fudge_tunnel

    Spencer Lee loses on controversial td

    And Clyde is very happy about that...
  5. fudge_tunnel

    West Virginia

    Scott Barker
  6. fudge_tunnel

    2019-2022 Championship Sites

    This arena + P&L would be a great venue combo. However, the lack of hotel space downtown, public transpo and daytime parking (on Thurs/Fri) would be disastrous.
  7. fudge_tunnel

    Stroker done at Minny (link)

    Think "black-n-gold"....
  8. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri vs Ohio State Thursday

    What's the criteria for being granted a medical? I have no clue....
  9. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri vs Ohio State Thursday

    Yikes........looks like Miklus might be out for the year. That really sucks, hopefully he's a candidate for a medical RS
  10. fudge_tunnel

    The Smiths....down the road.

    Well, there is certainly a lot of "Panic" around here...
  11. fudge_tunnel

    Most National Champions since 2000?

    Wouldn't B. Askren's 2nd title ('06-'07) be included in the last 10 years? That would make 6 for Mizzou....
  12. fudge_tunnel

    MAC pre-season rankings

    Did he beat this guy?.....
  13. fudge_tunnel

    NCAA Finalists - Who ya got?

    Peters has also beaten Barlow 4 times, including the in the blood round at the NCAA's last year. McGee ranked at #4-ish is very fair
  14. fudge_tunnel

    Iowa State

    I was on Pearl St on Sunday, and a number of people down there smelled like dogs. And a few strongly resembled dogs...
  15. fudge_tunnel

    U.S. olympians not attending Rio?

    That's actually in West Hollywood, and those "whimsical virgins" are dudes...
  16. fudge_tunnel

    Burroughs and Molinaro

    Don't forget all the epic matches between Dennis and Dlagnev in high school...
  17. What constitutes a *native*? We moved to CO a couple of months ago - when my 9 yr old qualifies for the '32 games, will he be considered a native Coloradoan?
  18. fudge_tunnel

    Cox/Snyder and Stipend Allowances

    I'm not sure about Snyder, but I'm quite sure that Cox won't do anything to jeopardize his amateur status. Particularly since Mizzou has a very good shot at a team trophy next year, and his lifelong commitment to the school and program.
  19. fudge_tunnel

    Medal Round discussion

    He was yesterday, too...
  20. fudge_tunnel

    Session 3 Discussion

    Collica winning that match was an absolute crime. He did NOTHING the entire match, Mayes shot and pursued repeatedly and HE got hit for stalling. A complete joke.
  21. I agree with Henson for College & Intl, but I might consider TJ Hill for HS. His list of cadet and junior accomplishments is ridiculous. I think if he could have stayed in college he would have surpassed Sammie for collegiate accomplishments, too.
  22. fudge_tunnel

    School with best venue for a dual?

    Mizzou! Wait.....nevermind
  23. fudge_tunnel

    WIN Magazine 2015-16 Individual college rankings

    it's always fun to read message board cat fights....
  24. fudge_tunnel

    Tonight's semi finals session thread

    Kyle Snyder ran for 5+ minutes. Complete bullsh*t
  25. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri Border Brawl Results

    The both weighed in at 139 lbs...