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    Missouri Border Brawl Results

    Brock got the first TD with a slide-by, Clayton got 2 escapes, 2 TD's and a 2pt nearfall.... (and about 3 1/2 minutes of riding time)
  2. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri Border Brawl Results

  3. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri Border Brawl Results

    Clayton dominating Kaid Brock is telling. It will be interesting to see him @ 141 for Mizzou next year....
  4. fudge_tunnel

    Missouri Border Brawl Results

    Smith and Stroker didn't/couldn't wrestle at the Dapper Dan - neither are from PA. Smith wrestled Josh Shields @ 160 and Stroker lost to Vincenzo Joseph @ 152...
  5. fudge_tunnel

    Number of participants by team

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Dyin' time's here
  6. fudge_tunnel

    Number of participants by team

    ....and your solution is?
  7. Former Lehigh NCAA qualifier, Frank Cagnina, becomes a 2X Division 2 national champion.... Former UNC NCAA qualifier, Ziad Haddad, also becomes a 2X D2 champ...
  8. fudge_tunnel

    Mizzou, Iowa, tOSU: Who did seeding help the most?

    Ok.....that was damn funny
  9. fudge_tunnel

    Isaiah Martinez

    Then Martinez beat Delgado for 3rd in that same tournament (after Delgado beat Mecate in the WB semis)...
  10. fudge_tunnel

    WWC and Big 12 Merging?

    That would make quite a qualifying tournament... OU Okie State West Virgina Iowa State NDSU SDSU Air Force Utah Valley State Wyoming U Norther Colorado Arizona State Boise St Cal Poly Oregon State Stanford Cal - Bakersfield Not sure how Fresno St and Grand Canyon would factor into this, but still...
  11. fudge_tunnel

    It's Official: Fresno State Wrestling

    My guess is Eric Guerrero....
  12. fudge_tunnel

    Sammy The Bull...Wow

    A couple of Mizzou wrestlers (DeAngelo & VonEgidy) went w/ him to WVU, and he also picked up Matthew Schmitt & Dustin Gray as a recruits out of MO.
  13. fudge_tunnel

    Could Joey Davis transfer to Ohio State next season?

    It seems more logical that BoJo moves up to 174 next season, with the exodus of seniors there and the fact he looks like a 184 lbr wrestling 165. Add in Dieringer being @ 165 another year as well...
  14. fudge_tunnel

    First time attending NCAAs; tips?

  15. fudge_tunnel

    Seating For BigTens, Iowa/Minnesota, Get Ready To Rumble!

    I can't wait to see the MAC tournament seating arrangements. The Ohio U/Eastern Mich and Kent St/N Illinois crowd banter will be epic/possibly deadly....
  16. .......been waiting for Denny's response
  17. fudge_tunnel

    Can Anyone Beat Cox?

    Broke'd 8th metatarsal....
  18. fudge_tunnel

    MAC Tourney Seedings (Top Four) + Update of 1-8 Seedings

    What tigerfan said. If you want some good/quasi-famous fare, I suggest either Shakespeare's Pizza or Booche's Burgers - both on 9th street (downtown), and both very tasty. Another good place to grab good pub grub is Shiloh, off of 4th & Broadway, and this probably won't be as packed as the joints on 9th street
  19. fudge_tunnel

    MAC Tourney Seedings (Top Four) + Update of 1-8 Seedings

    Ouch - not that they had a shot at many, if any, qualifiers, but it sucks for those who now have to take a bye in the tournament rather than have a match. I guess on the bright side, it saves the program some money
  20. fudge_tunnel


    After watching that GIF a couple of times, I'm reminded of the various posters on here who basically claimed that Waters maliciously shoved said Iowa backup with lethal force nearly to the ground, almost killing him...
  21. fudge_tunnel

    MAC Tourney Seedings (Top Four) + Update of 1-8 Seedings

    SHP - when you say Buffalo won't be participating, are your talking about the pre-tourney meeting, or the tournament as a whole?
  22. fudge_tunnel

    Can Anyone Beat Cox?

    Quit being so hard-on silver medal....