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  1. He and Schultz are going to have an interesting hairdo competition...
  2. Abas to Fresno St? At least we have another college to root against for all other sports (Boise St, EMU, Oregon, etc)
  3. Those guys looked like they pulled some serious weight. Almost scrawny looking And Chiapparelli‘s scramble at the end was ridiculous
  4. Unfortunately for the Ferrari boys, they are their father’s children. Hopefully the apples fall FAR from the tree
  5. Gonna be a loooooong season in Columbia....
  6. So.....the dad is telling the coach that he (the dad) doesn’t know what he’s (they dad’s) doing....?
  7. Also, don’t you have to live in the district in which your child starts high school? For instance, can you live in Parker and have your child attend a Cherry Creek district high school (rather than a DCSD school)?
  8. Chris Skretkowicz had to have been at least 6’4”-6’5” And no way Ryan Deakin is close to 6’
  9. He was always a better asst coach anyway. Not sure of any Mizzou supporter who would be upset with this if it were to happen, though he seems pretty busy with his current venture
  10. Since Saunders and Kolat are listed with 2 college programs, shouldn’t Henson?
  11. How many matches did Kerk wrestle this past season? Schultz won the Walsh Ironman, Reno TOC & Doc Buchanan (all of this tournaments repeatedly), was undefeated (again), was a 4x CO state champion (never lost to a CO wrestler). He has a case to be the #1 ranked HWT
  12. I agree they’ll need him, just don’t bet the farm on him being in the lineup by then...
  13. Don’t surprised if Schultz takes an Oly RS this upcoming year, then a regular RS the year after. Perhaps even a greyshirt in between.
  14. Barry Weldon @ 177. He looked like a modern-day 197 lbr
  15. Yes, but don’t expect to see him there for a couple of years. With the current crop of young HWTs, it makes sense for him to take time to work non-Greco aspects of his game
  16. Colby Smith is apparently transferring to Lindenwood....
  17. Absolute joke. Refs are scared to make tough calls
  18. Or he could be cutting to 141, when Eierman (possibly) takes an Oly redshirt....
  19. JT- I mentioned in my post U of North Texas, rather than UT, aTm or TT. The reasons for this are: 1. They already have a club team, coached by Andre Metzger. I coached a youth club team in Argyle, and he/they used our room for practice. Not sure if you’d want Andre as the face of a new program (he’s insane), but he definitely has the passion the get one started 2. Denton’s proximity to Oklahoma (45 min from the state line), DFW and the panhandle (5 hrs away). Fertile recruiting ground 3. UNT’s growing meteorically, relatively easy to get into a far less expensive than the other TX D1 schools 4. Downtown Denton has been labeled “little Austin”, and there’s a reason for that. 5. The chances the UT or aTm get wrestling are somewhere between 0-0.1%. 6. Wouldn’t help UNT that none of the Denton ISD high schools have wrestling, however most all other Denton CO, Tarrant CO & Collin CO ISD’s have it. Most of those many dozen high schools easily have over 2k kids, with a lot of over 3k (Allen has over 6k). Lots of kids to choose from
  20. Only 1 other in that weight won a national title - Jared Lawrence. Also had M Zadick, Dave Esposito, Jared Frayer. All very tough and multiple time AA’s, but not at the level of the ‘08 149, ‘94 158 or ‘19 133
  21. Don’t forget that Auburn & LSU had teams as well. My top 10 would be: 1. Syracuse (duh) 2. Notre Dame (f’ing cheatin’ Lou Holtz ) 3. Washington (duh) 4. UCLA (how easy would it be to recruit here?) 5. Colorado (we need a real D1 school here) 6. North Texas (lots of reasons for this) 7. Idaho St (screw BSU) 8. Florida (see UCLA recruiting) 9. Every other SEC school 10. Kansas St (screw kU)
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