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  1. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Bill Racich, Ursinus Coach Passes

    Very sorry (and sad) to learn of this. He really was a tremendous and giving person. RIP Coach!
  2. Old_Marine_Wrestler


    I was watching BTN last night and a commercial featuring Anthony Ashnault discussing Rutgers wrestling appeared. It also included his father, brother, sister and mother (I believe in that order) with the message being not only does anyone wrestling Rutgers have to contend with Rutgers, but an/the entire family. I've had the BTN as part of my cable package for approx 5 years. This is the 1st wrestling centric commercial on the network I've seen. None about the shaved-head LDS guy, Tan Tom or the identicals with the ill-fitting clothes = programs that have won the NCAAs. Nope. None of those. But there is one of Ashnault and Rutgers...
  3. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    hows stolls health?

    SIG line bet?
  4. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    Zain, Taylor, Ruth - all great to watch and fantastic wrestlers! I go with Ruth over Taylor. Like me, (although for different reasons!) he chose Penn State for Penn State, not because of who the coach was. Not the original question, but I'd put it as decades: 70's - Andy Matter 80's - Dr. Jimmy Martin 90's - Kerry McCoy (was it mentioned that McCoy's freshman year he was at 190? After the move to heavy he went on that 3 year 1 loss run) 00's - Phil Davis 10s - Ed Ruth
  5. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Rest in Peace, Mike Duroe

    couldn't have said it better, so I won't try. RIP
  6. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Zalesky wins national title.

    One of the players on this OSU team (Grant Gambrell) had a brother that wrestled for Clovis HS on one of their State Championship teams. Madison Gambrell was a CA state placer (8th in 2009 at 103s) and second at Senior Nationals.
  7. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Iowa State Next Year?

    Is Gadson training at the Ames RTC?
  8. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Edmond Ruth

    Apparently Edmond is moving (or already has) to Clovis CA and will be attending Clovis North HS for his senior year. Older brother Ed currently trains in the Clovis/Fresno area.
  9. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Why Kids Not Wrestling

    You're reading it correctly. However, the Air Force Academy, USNA and West Point have every wrestler on 100% "scholarship". Each of those rosters are above 45 wrestlers.
  10. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    PDIII training situation

    Watching PDIII lose to a wrestler my son beat in HS (while that wrestler was coached by Dan Dennis) is almost surreal.
  11. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    "Greco All American" just seemed a bit too pretentious, even for an "Old Marine Wrestler" Old (because time stops for no one) Marine (well, Once...Always) Wrestler (same, once...always)
  12. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Anthony Ashnault

    He's probably more of a title threat at 149 than Suriano is at 125 - and that's not a dig at Suriano. Both will be scoring big points for Rutgers.
  13. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    Goldman Retired....

    Question regarding your comment - have you ever spent any time or had a one-on-one conversation with Duane? If not, it may be understandable to make that first part of your post. If so, I guess you and I have different expectations and thoughts of what a head coach and distinguished wrestler should be saying about people and places. Regardless, hopefully Angel Escobedo is able to get things going in the right direction. The coaching staff needs some stability as it has seen a lot of turmoil since 2011 (Dubuque, Leblanc, Simmons departing - with none leaving to take a head coach job). The issues the program has had were Duane's responsibility.
  14. Old_Marine_Wrestler

    DeSanto to...

    California it is "State".