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  1. Sure Brent, we can go with that one....
  2. Caleb Young over Peyton Robb lol
  3. What I have seen, doesn't appear to be true color, but the old film colored, which shouldn't surprise anyone.
  4. They would prove nothing with an 8 man field. All past champions have stood up to the rigors of making weight 3 days, and working through 30 guys.
  5. If Iowa wins the title with no one there, did it really even happen, and does it count?
  6. Well, except now 40,000 more people will be streaming it.
  7. Penn State was never going to challenge Iowa, but at least now, that has sunk in to their some of their more delusional following. I hope Nebraska continues to peak, and put up bonus points to contend for 2nd. If I added correctly, I think the Huskers accrued 26 bonus points at Big 10s. I could see the performance at Big 10, and the fact they qualified the whole team. have some influence with seeding in a few spots, whether it should, or not.
  8. You cant score on what you think was going to happen. It is what it is.
  9. You aren't even talking about the same match
  10. Coachp


    Crazy to think how far they have come since getting embarrassed in Madison first competition after Christmas. Wisconsin on the other hand, look like they have regressed since then.
  11. He was handling him? The final score says otherwise, and my name isn't Bud.
  12. Desanto had his head on the mat the whole 3rd, and twice when Lvett was about to turn him, it was stopped for pd, in Carver, of coarse.
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