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  1. Coachp

    Zain's left knee?

    Yanni should still be alive to qualify by finishes the wrestle off with Zain.
  2. Where was Ryan Kaufman. Wouldn't he have been a challenger here?
  3. Kyle, we all know you will peruse this thread. I just gotta say, you are embarrassing yourself with your recent skirt the rules antics.
  4. Coachp

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Everyone, including you, knows the score wasn't correct. Fix it....do the right thing.
  5. Coachp

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Then the only thing they can do at this point, is have the integrity to rule the result of the match null and void, based on the scoring being wrong, and wrestle match 2 again, and then 3 if needed.
  6. Coachp

    Hutmacher to Nebraska

    He is cutting down from 300 now, and he and his Dad are heavily into weight training, so my guess is he will play over 320. I would love to see him wrestle, but not in the cards. Does anyone know if he and Stevesen matched up on the high school circuit, Are they just 1 year apart, or two?
  7. Coachp

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    LOL, no, and not even a big Yanni, vs Zane fan either, I support them both,.... I just dont want to see what we saw in those matches. These guys are putting their whole lives into this, and they deserve better from the judges that what happened. If nothing else happens, I hope the head official is never allowed to officiate above a kids level match again.
  8. Coachp

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    The part of the first match I questioned the most was 2 and 2 for Z, when it could have been at least 2 for Y, so 6 or even an 8 point swing. I think the head official at the table has a picture of Zain on his bedroom ceiling based on his decisions in both matches.
  9. Coachp

    Hutmacher to Nebraska

    Dont forget the potential NFL career if he continues to develop, which wont be a problem physically since Zach Duval is one of, if not the best strength and conditioning guy in CFB, along with Tony Funoti as a position coach..
  10. Coachp

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Everyone's attention is on the 2nd match that the officials totally botched, but Zane won the first match with some pretty sketchy, and questionable calls as well.
  11. Coachp

    Should Mark Hall redshirt this year?

    So, basically run from a challenge?
  12. Was at a weigh in once, as a coach, and a Hwt kid from another team, who was just a beast, along with being all tatted up, stepped up to the scale with a piercing, and a stud on his dick, which the officials made him take out before allowing him to weigh in,... but the damage was already done, because all the other kids in the weight class basically were already beaten, and just laid down, when they stepped on the mat to wrestle him.
  13. Simply make sure the official scale, is calibrated with any check scales, or have the official scale available to wrestlers to check on. Watch the question asked him at the 1:40 mark, and what he says around the 1:45 mark...
  14. Burroughs was quoted as saying he was 2 pounds under after his morning workout, and drank some fluids, then was fine all day, on two different check scales they had access to, but the official scale when it became available was weighing heavier. Snyder was over as well.
  15. Coachp

    Final X - Lincoln

    Oh, they absolutely were scrambling at the end, and Manning looked pretty worried, but my point is, it was not a hard pull that affected his performance. He said he was two under after morning workout, then was ok during the day, checking on the check scale, and another scale in the locker room, but the official scale was unavailable, and when made available for weigh ins, it was off from the check scale. Snyder was over on his first attempt as well. You really need to watch and listen, he goes into good detail, and said he was followed around by a videographer who was working on a project, so his day was documented.