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  1. Great topic,...would love to be enlightened, and learn, too. UCLA, Notre Dame, Kansas, Oregon before Phil frik'n Knight....who else ?
  2. The weight cut will be the toughest part.
  3. I hear what you are saying, and I think that is the reason the match is being voided, and wrestled again, rather than correcting the score, and giving the win to Yianni, like should have happened in real time.
  4. The arbitrator ruling on procedure, essentially voided the incorrect call. so ya, he did.
  5. It wasn't just a 'bad call', because that was then compounded by total failure by the officials to allow an improper challenge, and then compounded that by overstepping the scope of the review, going back a minute into the match, and then changing the score, and the outcome. There was nothing else that could be done but the legal system, to get it right. I think they should have corrected the outcome of this match in the arbitration, resulting in a tied series, one win apiece, with one match left to wrestle for the spot.
  6. Why is it at Rutgers, when they are the newest member of the Big10, when Nebraska hasn't hosted, and has been a member 8 or 9 years. What is the upcoming rotation?
  7. Actually, the arbitration righted the incorrect change that occurred at the end of the match by the lead official. Now the guy who actually should have won the match, has to rewrestle it, instead of just being declared the winner. There lies the injustice.
  8. Anyone have a link to the Dogu match between them?
  9. In this case, lawyers who dont even know wrestling could score it better than the officials did from matside, and on the mat that day.
  10. Yanni should still be alive to qualify by finishes the wrestle off with Zain.
  11. Where was Ryan Kaufman. Wouldn't he have been a challenger here?
  12. Kyle, we all know you will peruse this thread. I just gotta say, you are embarrassing yourself with your recent skirt the rules antics.
  13. Everyone, including you, knows the score wasn't correct. Fix it....do the right thing.
  14. Then the only thing they can do at this point, is have the integrity to rule the result of the match null and void, based on the scoring being wrong, and wrestle match 2 again, and then 3 if needed.
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