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  1. Lovett will never get close to 141 again, and Robb will never see a lower weight again either.
  2. Didn't even notice, they are all just wrestlers to me.
  3. I will disagree. since ivy league or those types of institutions aren't getting their wrestlers out of the student population that qualified academically to attend the school, but are recruiting the best wrestlers they think they can qualify academically, sometimes one way or another.
  4. On a side roll to his back. That will haunt him the rest of his life.
  5. Reverse roles, and Warner gets the pin in the first, and doesn't get called for any of the 3 stalling calls. More to blame than Reenan.
  6. He was also pinned in the 1st....just ruins the viewership, enjoyment. If they are the best team, let them prove it on the mat, not from the corner.
  7. Ref just handed that 'win' to Warner. Total BS calls.
  8. He sure did. I think Robb can still beat Wetzel, but that was a bad reversal of a call.
  9. Just got word received a MFF
  10. Why isnt Labriola assigned a mat? Anyone hear anything?
  11. Thank You my friend!
  12. Any place to see the revised 157 bracket, or what changed?
  13. Yes Nine qualifiers, but Robb and Venz are both from Minnesota, and everyone else from a different state.
  14. Nebraska.... Christian Lance is from Missouri
  15. Nebraska has 8 of their 9 qualifiers from different states. Only Robb, and Venz are from the same state of Minnesota. Other states represented are California,Indiana,Idaho, Nebraska,Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois
  16. Is your guy a 3 time AA who wrestled a Big 10 only schedule?
  17. Switch Nebraska and Misery
  18. Coachp


    Cant write off 'white chocolate' Hardy, either. He will just get better, the longer removed from the 2 year absence from wrestling. Davenport is in there somewhere as well.
  19. Parris seems like a great kid, too. I hope he beats GS. He comes off in interviews as very humble, and well spoken, and almost an awe shucks, Opie Taylor type.
  20. If I'm deaf, I look at the scoreboard and the clock every chance I get. I also have someone in the corner who is familiar with my situation, and I can trust. I though the official did fine, and is very qualified. Not that it matters, but was a D2 champ. This kid handled it well. Family and friends struggle with the reality of the situation by jumping on social media and playing the victim card. My opinion only.
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