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  1. 20 hours ago, Katie said:

    I’m not sure we disagree.

    Most elite schools routinely admit the children of donors, and the children of those with family ties, even though they would never be admitted without such connections.

    I’m not sure what it means for those privileged students to “qualify” academically, but there does not appear to be one set, universal standard for what makes a student “qualified.”

    It sounds like you’re saying the same thing. 

    Yes, we agree

  2. 59 minutes ago, Katie said:

    Which school has the smartest wrestlers?

    Definitely not one of the D1 schools, which are notorious for giving breaks to athletes. (Of course, individual athletes at D1 schools can be highly intelligent.)

    I believe Cornell even has some sort of public school attached to it — the Ag school — which focuses on farming topics. So an athlete at Cornell could potentially benefit from getting a break as an athlete *and* a second break for attending the Ag school. 

    My guess is the smartest wrestlers are at MIT (D3).

    I will disagree. since ivy league or those types of institutions aren't getting their wrestlers out of the student population that qualified academically to attend the school, but are recruiting the best wrestlers they think they can qualify academically, sometimes one way or another.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Holtfan said:

    Blame Reenan for not wrestling smart.  Why dive out of bounds?  Just fall down, give up the TD, still lead by 1, no chance of giving up riding time, and let the clock run out.  You dive like he did, and you are going to get hit with a flee-stall call.  Almost automatic.  Reenan has no one to blame but himself, IMO. 

    Reverse roles, and Warner gets the pin in the first, and doesn't get called for any of the 3 stalling calls. More to blame than Reenan.

  4. 4 minutes ago, boconnell said:

    The stall call wasn't bad.  Nobody minds if Reenan gets called with under 10 seconds left and a 2 point lead after backing out the last 30 seconds like that.  But because he screwed up and got called 1 second before he got taken down, it feels bad.

    The first one was worse, but both bogus, and never called the other way around.


  5. 11 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    Pigtail now is Sheets vs frinzi from Lehigh 

    Hidley the #2 seed now wrestles #31Petite from Buffalo 

    Carr the #3 now gets #30 Hartman from army 
    Dellaveccia #4 gets Heller from Hofstra #29 

    Young # 5 gets #28 Licking from Nebraska...good break for Iowa 

    Braxton Lee # 6 gets Connor Brady from Virginia tech #27 


    rest of the bracket is the same 

    Thank You my friend!

    11 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:




  6. 3 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    NC State has 7 too: CT, Michigan, OH, PA, GA, TX, NY

    UNC has 7: FL, IL, MO, TX, CA, GA, PA

    Nebraska 7 also: CA, IN, Idaho, Nebraska, MN, PA, IL

    Purdue has 7: MI, IL, Montana, MN, PA, Iowa, Indiana

    Navy has 8 which is the most I see!: Kansas, California, Maryland, Idaho, PA, Oklahoma, GA, VA

    Nebraska.... Christian Lance is from Missouri

  7. On 3/11/2021 at 1:00 PM, Plasmodium said:

    Colorado in double digits.   Seems like an improvement.   University of Wyoming has wrestlers from 6 states going.  Can any other school beat that? 

    Nebraska has 8 of their 9 qualifiers from different states. Only Robb, and Venz are from the same state of Minnesota.

    Other states represented are California,Indiana,Idaho, Nebraska,Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois

  8. 2 hours ago, nhs67 said:

    Let's not forget that he did take the first wrestleoff against Red.  It isn't like he couldn't start.  He lost the spot when they had a 2nd wrestleoff.  Once Nebbie was struggling at 149 I think they made the choice rather than a 3rd wrestleoff that they would give Lovett the shot and he ran with it.

    Cant write off 'white chocolate' Hardy, either. He will just get better, the longer removed from the 2 year absence from wrestling. Davenport is in there somewhere as well.

  9. 18 hours ago, buckshot1969 said:

    I'm no Nostradamus but I'm going to predict nobody ever tries a cement mixer against Parris again. That guy is a BEAST and was better on top that I thought he is and I thought he was amazing on top. Can't wait to see him and Gable again.

    Parris seems like a great kid, too. I hope he beats GS.

    He comes off in interviews as very humble, and well spoken, and almost an awe shucks, Opie Taylor type.

  10. On 3/5/2021 at 10:03 PM, jchapman said:

    Ruff thought it was tied.  When Garcia was on the ground kind of taking a quiet moment of celebration, Ruff said he thought he was injured.  Thought they were about to head in to another round of OT.  Also said he would have tried harder to get off the bottom in short time after the third caution.

    If I'm deaf, I look at the scoreboard and the clock every chance I get. I also have someone in the corner who is familiar with my situation, and I can trust.

    I though the official did fine, and is very qualified. Not that it matters, but was a D2 champ.

    This kid handled it well. Family and friends struggle with the reality of the situation by jumping on social media and playing the victim card. My opinion only.

  11. I think it is funny that early projections for Lovett this year were at 133. If he doesn't take off the feed bag, he will be at 157 soon.

    Manning said in an interview, 'Ridge will never wrestle below 149 again, if not higher'.

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