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  1. Didn't ever get academically qualified at Nebraska Lincoln.
  2. Without looking, I believe you mean the Daktronics Open. The Bison Open is next weekend. Yup, changed it, thanks
  3. https://www.nmnathletics.com//pdf8/974000.pdf?ATCLID=205725197&SPSID=64499&SPID=7136&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=15000My guess is they never wrestled the finals/ consi finals at 174 as it was all NU guys who just met in ranking matches on Friday, but might be wrong.
  4. Cory just didn't want to wrestle anymore.Probablly pursued it initially because freinds and family wanted him to at least try it. He is a brainiac like his brother,so will be a sucessful student like Craig, but just was done with competative wrestling.He definately was a more polished wrestler than Craig out of highschool, but he just never really had that piss and vinegar, or wrestling 'attitude' his brother had.Who, out of highschool, would have projected Craig to do what he did? Craig chased a dream of following in hometown hero Brad Vering's footsteps, and was totally 'all in'.Without a certain California stud who wrestled in Ames, he would have been undefeated his final two years of college, mainly on his 'want to'. Cory didn't have that, or want it like big brother. You cant fault a kid for that.
  5. I would say Wilson might end up being the guy, unless Koene goes down.Dont Know about Morgan,...Kiley has really hit the weights, and would have a tough pull to 133.
  6. Spenser Johnson had knee surgery right after the season last year, and will be back to wrestle off Kolb at some point.Kolb is not a big 184 pounder and I'd guess he replaces Inhen at 184 next year.Micah Barnes looked good, and will also figure into the future at 174/184 Kokesh pretty much dominated Koene. Sueflohn is at 149, ...still a pretty good sized 149 pounder, and i thought he looked so so, but it was the first weight cut of the year. The discouraging, but maybe not surprising thing is our starter at 125 was beaten by both Lambert, and Coufal, both true freshmen.I wouuld almost be ready to burn Lambert's redshirt, but though he is beating Nagel, I'm not sure it would mean he'd win more matches if he took the spot. This is a hole in our lineup at this point, but the future looks better.Ben Morgan will also figure in there somewhere in the 2 lower weights. Kiley and Galloway could meet up again as early as tommorrow at the Bison open.
  7. Burroughs is like 2 years older than Dake, so it's not like he is that much older than him. Dake has some ground to make up on Burroughs.When they had a go this summer, Burroughs took him down 10 or 11 times in 6 minutes.Taylor will not have it any easier with burroughs either.
  8. I heard mudflap was trying to teach him to shingle,but not with much luck.:?
  9. Coachp


    Robert Kokesh -Nebraska Conner Medbery - Wisconsin
  10. Sounds like he's never lifted weights.Neither had Burroughs when he arived as a 141 pounder :P
  11. http://newyorkwrestlingnews.com/national-champion-anthony-abidin-talks-about-his-commitment-to-wrestle-for-nebraska/
  12. Here is confirmation: http://newyorkwrestlingnews.com/national-champion-anthony-abidin-talks-about-his-commitment-to-wrestle-for-nebraska/
  13. Bo Pelini and Mark Manning a close freinds, and do all they can to support each other, and they both are priveleged to work under the best AD in the buisness. I cant imagine a program out there being more progressive and spending more money on improvments academically and athletically for the STUDENT athlete than has happened under Tom Osborn at the University of Nebraska. You could ask any head coach in any minor male or female program in the system, and they would echo this sentiment.
  14. That would be interesting for sure. As far as other Husker news, Cagnina never made grades, and will not be in Lincoln.
  15. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?spid=28&spsid=58&db_oem_id=100
  16. The coaching freindships, and crossover among players, trainers, aids, grad assistants, along with office staff,maintenence, janitorial, etc., of different sports are so intertwined, at any university, that my opinion is, that it would be impossible that more than the four power guys,one football assistant coach, and two janitors were the only people who knew something sinister was going on. It just couldn;t be hidden that long.
  17. Along with slowing Burroughs down efectively in the dual, and almost beating him, and again wresling him tough at NCAAs
  18. Notre Dame, ...then make them reinstate the wrestling program:D
  19. I'll go with the Huskers vs the Buckeyes in their dual!
  20. Nope, but live now in their arch rival town 50 miles to the north.
  21. I had a pretty good granby.Now it was mainly for escape, as I didn't know the granby to 5 points techniques kids hit today, but could use it to get away vs most guys. Also, my main claim to fame in highschool as a 3 year starter was I was never pinned in my 3 years as a starter, or my freshman year as a part time starter.
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