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  1. The rule is intended to deter wrestlers from feigning injury.
  2. You are right,lol, if it wasn't an Iowa guy, they would have called the obvious fall.
  3. Admitting drinking that swill, is the first step in being an overcomer.
  4. Just admit you are wrong,... you are making yourself look really dumb. Skipping or ignoring losses, to jump your guy over a undefeated, with a common opponent win, returning AA guy, isnt how it works.
  5. But why? We want the best wrestlers, not novelty selections.
  6. The Indiana vs Nebraska dual? I thought the guy was terrible, and several times didn't know a reversal, from a takedown. I kept thinking,...'dude, just give us their names, and a little background, and shut up, because you dont know wrestling.
  7. 197, they hit heads, and the guy who defaulted either got a tooth or teeth, knocked out, or bit through his lip real bad, and at Heavyweight, it was a knee.
  8. Escobedo shut them both down, but the outcome of both matches wasn't in doubt.
  9. Bunch of little girls in this thread.....
  10. Not near as annoying as Gantry in this thread, and on this forum.
  11. Lot of emotions, and all fired up, as they were honoring, and celebrating the life of a team mate killed in an auto accident in the fall.
  12. That;s correct,...so if Iowa wins the title, it really doesn't count.
  13. They haven't tended to punish guys for weak schedules. Hence why Mizzou has had a quiet a few guys overseeded in the past (I say this as a Mizzou fan). Thanks for the response, Crotalus!....I meant more specifically this year, because there are no regular season out of conference matches. I really haven't had much problem with how it has been done in the recent past (before Covid). They have tweaked it a bit over the years, and may need to sometime again, but it does seem to be working for the most part. I am just wondering out loud how to compare a big 10 kid who has multiple losses, all to highly ranked Big 10 opponents, while guys in other conferences might have much better records, but haven't had to wrestle strictly Big 10 opponents.
  14. That was a funny story about going to McDonalds late at night, after winning the Gold in London!
  15. What are they going to do to account for this with seeding for NCAAs? Several of those potentially undefeated guys would have 2, or 3 or even 4 losses if wrestling a better schedule, while Big 10 guys who wrestled a better schedule have 2 or 3 losses, all in conference.
  16. It's the Big 10, and they have Keven Warren, so if like football, you will see them make poor decisions, and they will announce them late, and will appear to be the most screwed up, poorly run, and inept conference in America,... oh and dont forget that all the while, a pantyweight liberal political agenda will be front and center.
  17. Maybe a dumb question,do seniors that have graduated, still have to take classes? How many hours?
  18. Didn't Hendricks get pinned in the finals that year?
  19. Sure Brent, we can go with that one....
  20. Caleb Young over Peyton Robb lol
  21. What I have seen, doesn't appear to be true color, but the old film colored, which shouldn't surprise anyone.
  22. They would prove nothing with an 8 man field. All past champions have stood up to the rigors of making weight 3 days, and working through 30 guys.
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