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  1. They would prove nothing with an 8 man field. All past champions have stood up to the rigors of making weight 3 days, and working through 30 guys.
  2. If Iowa wins the title with no one there, did it really even happen, and does it count?
  3. Well, except now 40,000 more people will be streaming it.
  4. Penn State was never going to challenge Iowa, but at least now, that has sunk in to their some of their more delusional following. I hope Nebraska continues to peak, and put up bonus points to contend for 2nd. If I added correctly, I think the Huskers accrued 26 bonus points at Big 10s. I could see the performance at Big 10, and the fact they qualified the whole team. have some influence with seeding in a few spots, whether it should, or not.
  5. You cant score on what you think was going to happen. It is what it is.
  6. You aren't even talking about the same match
  7. Coachp


    Crazy to think how far they have come since getting embarrassed in Madison first competition after Christmas. Wisconsin on the other hand, look like they have regressed since then.
  8. He was handling him? The final score says otherwise, and my name isn't Bud.
  9. Desanto had his head on the mat the whole 3rd, and twice when Lvett was about to turn him, it was stopped for pd, in Carver, of coarse.
  10. Rode him hard, plus Ridge loves cradles.
  11. Kinda like their football uniforms, ...Sort of a cross between horse racing jockeys, and circus clowns.
  12. Looked like 2 to me, hooked the leg, and totally behind him, and I am no Rasheed fan.
  13. Well crap...I guess the Huskers may as well not even get on the plane.
  14. Neither was a 'must call'. On the first, Labriola got a last second takedown over a rival going back to high school, turned away, gave a fist pump or two, and when several steps from the ref and oponant, while facing away, spiked his headgear, then proceeded to shake hands, and was in total control for end of match hand shake. On the second, after the dual ended on a pin, the team, and coaches, and associates, basically celebrated with fist pumps, back slaps, and hugs, which must be loss of control of mat area....wth?
  15. I didn't realize there were any dinosaurs left.
  16. Nope, wont even make finals at Big 10s
  17. Might want to put Nebraska on that list as well.
  18. The official whose call is challenged, should have no input or decision making power in the review. It is ridiculous to think that they can be impartial when a coach just challenged their officiating.
  19. So, it was cute, or funny when he was all about Iowa, but now it , after 10 or 12 years is finally wearing thin? I hated the 'schtick' from day one.
  20. They said 'Diamond' configuration. Think dark color on a chess board, with the light color being warmup and extra area. I had my tickets since just before last years tourney, and I still dont know if I have decent tickets or not.
  21. Dont forget the two guys finishing up Mormon missions who will be back for next year.
  22. How did Rutgers get Big 10s before the Huskers, since Nebraska was a member 3 or 4 years longer. Is there any rhyme or reason to a rotation?
  23. I have him as a top 5, but then think about how he looked against Wilke, both when he lost, and then also when he won at Big 10s.
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