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  1. Was at a weigh in once, as a coach, and a Hwt kid from another team, who was just a beast, along with being all tatted up, stepped up to the scale with a piercing, and a stud on his dick, which the officials made him take out before allowing him to weigh in,... but the damage was already done, because all the other kids in the weight class basically were already beaten, and just laid down, when they stepped on the mat to wrestle him.
  2. Simply make sure the official scale, is calibrated with any check scales, or have the official scale available to wrestlers to check on. Watch the question asked him at the 1:40 mark, and what he says around the 1:45 mark...
  3. Burroughs was quoted as saying he was 2 pounds under after his morning workout, and drank some fluids, then was fine all day, on two different check scales they had access to, but the official scale when it became available was weighing heavier. Snyder was over as well.
  4. Oh, they absolutely were scrambling at the end, and Manning looked pretty worried, but my point is, it was not a hard pull that affected his performance. He said he was two under after morning workout, then was ok during the day, checking on the check scale, and another scale in the locker room, but the official scale was unavailable, and when made available for weigh ins, it was off from the check scale. Snyder was over on his first attempt as well. You really need to watch and listen, he goes into good detail, and said he was followed around by a videographer who was working on a project, so his day was documented.
  5. That was a great watch, and helped me as a fan, who was frustrated while watching live, and then at the way the outcome was decided, to put facts to my thoughts. I hope this doesn't just get swept under the rug, but there can be a fair resolution for both wrestlers.
  6. Anklepicker, you are wrong about the 'hard time making weight'....That was not the case in regard to almost missing weight,....watch at about the 1:50 mark where he days he was 2 pounds under after workout in the morning.
  7. ya, we know,...and your favorite breakfast cereal is fruit loops...
  8. lu1979, Is Hardy back from his mission for this season? He was a member of the 2018 class I believe.
  9. Jason Kelber had Terry Brands pinned in their 1991 finals match, but it wasn't called. Kelber of course, still won the match.
  10. I dont see any returning starters changing weights, or really being challenged for their spot. 149 is at the moment a hole to be filled. Caleb Licking, who wrestled unattached at 157 this year, I believe is going down, and should be challenged by Colin Purington for the 149 spot. I see Peyton Robb being the guy at 157.
  11. No, I am not getting away from your point. I recognize it as a biased, and off topic troll to a thread about lineups, and will agree to totally disagree with your off topic point, and am done with it. I would though, love to see some discussion on the lineup I suggested, if that piques anyone's interest.
  12. Even though Berger's four losses on the season were to Nolf 3 times, and a SV loss to Pariott at Vegas, while also beating Hidlay in their only meeting during the season, there is 'no way' he is beating Hidlay or Panteleo, because the NCAA Hidlay was all the sudden better than the during the season Hidlay, and ipso facto, during the season Berger was also better than NCAA Berger...? What an interesting take on things, LOL Now could we get back to the intent of the thread (next year's line ups),....before you hijacked it with an off the wall, and baseless assertion?
  13. Well, I haven't posted in probably 5 years. I will make an attempt at Nebraska's line up, and hope others can provide input as well. 125 Alex Thomsen 133 Jevon Parrish 141 Chad Red 149 Caleb Licking 157 Peyton Robb 165 Isaiah White 174 Mikey Labriola 184 Taylor Venz 197 Eric Schuttz HWT David Jensen
  14. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=56&SPID=28&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=209778959&DB_OEM_ID=100
  15. I like how you think Grappler6, I can agree with that.
  16. Nebraska hired Besik Kudukhov? Nice catch! Epic fail :oops: :lol:
  17. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml ... =209575755 I know this is on the college board, but since JB is the best on the planet, it deserved mention to his international fans as well.
  18. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml ... =209575755 Now recruits can know with certainty that they can be mentored by the best wrestler on the planet if they sign with the Huskers.
  19. DF, I know you cant help yourself, but just stop being a dum bass
  20. Except every time that gets brought up, a bunch of people defend him. This forum needs an ignore function,...the guy is a total douche.
  21. :(...along with the fact with most cradles and tilts, you are exposing your own back! :(
  22. Nobody is hating, just trying to bring those on DTs nutsack down to reality. Burroughs is just better. Taylor needs to bulk up and go to 84, and then push Ruth up as well. That would be a tough world team lineup.
  23. Of course that's part of it. That said, Taylor didn't gas at all against JB a year ago. It sure looked like he did to me. He basically shut down with a lead, and wanted the match to be over before it was, allowing the comeback.
  24. I think he had ankle surgery, but it's beyond the 3 1/2 weeks it took Burroughs to recover after surgery so maybe it is something else?
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