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  1. Was Townsend Saunders the Face of Abercrombie and Fitch in the 90’s?
  2. I’m not sure anyone goes into a UFC Fight either just trying to make weight and not worrying about being prepared at a high level. I stand by my statement if a women who just had a baby 4 months ago can be physically ready for a high level UFC fight I don’t see why a man couldn’t figure our how to juggle their Olympic preparation and home life with a newborn. Sure it’s not a walk in the park, but that’s why you make plan. A newborn isn’t the only obstacle people have had to overcome to make a Olympic medal run.
  3. True, the best hats are the one that are old and broken in. And this one from 2012 seems it would do the trick to help him get back to his Olympic Gold form. But I though we were talking about babies here not his hat game?
  4. UFC fighter Makenzie Dern had a child 4 months ago and she is fighting on tonight’s MMA card. Doing so at her regular weight class, when she has even missed that weight in prior fights. If she can manage to make it back in that time I’m guessing the dads can too.
  5. He’s saving them up for the Olympic Year. They haven’t been on the radar enough to make the banned substance list yet.
  6. Maybe this goes better in the Legends of the Mat sub-forum, and one day it should definitely be placed there. But for now it deserves the main forum attention that I hope it gets. Almost annually we see the topic making notice of the former DI programs that are now canceled. This clearly is worth mentioning often as notice of what we once were and a warning of what we have lost. However, I feel one piece of their story is often missing. We rarely hear about the top wrestlers they used to represent these programs. Or about the years where some of these schools actually had the talent to finish high at nationals. As someone who loves a deep dive into the history of things I would greatly appreciate any information that can be shared. Not to mention these schools and wrestlers deserve all of the respect and credit we can shine on them.
  7. But Snyder doesn’t have a stable of unicorns does he.
  8. Was The College of New Jersey DIII at that time too and Martucci got the prior benifit of lower division champs competing in DI championships. Or did it just drop down a few divisions since the 1980’s? I always like hearing about the lesser known lower divisions guys making a major DI championship run when that was still an option.
  9. Zadick is the topic of a different thread. ; )
  10. If only he knew someone that works there?
  11. As a former marching band member my wife may agree with you on this, but I choose to ignore this opinion as a valid one. I watch Flograppling often when big events occur. Though I’d much rather see wrestling too, I’m sorry that you are unable appreciate the similarities of grappling and would somehow prefer marching bands as a more legitimate sport. When FloMarching has a cross over event with wrestling please let us know.
  12. Freestyle. Nick couldn’t find an offensive attack. PD3 and his mullet won by tech. Respectable bro hug after.
  13. How’s does Top 10 played out if averaged out by number of attempts? Obviously you have to cut it off at those who had multiple World/Olympic attempts (maybe 3 or more appearances). If not the guys with 1 gold in 1 World/Olympics ends up trumping everyone. I’d rather see it averaged based on attempts rather than just placements to also count for the times these guys didn’t place. More math than I plan on doing on the weekend but I’m sure someone already has the stats handy which are needed for it.
  14. Unicorns aren’t born they just sorta appear.
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