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  1. If this is the case I think it’s more to do with a college level school expecting verifiable records/transcripts before being willing to admit a student. Clearly his prior HS wrestling eligibility wouldn’t weigh on a university admitting him or not. Arizona HS system can admit him and if they choose even pass him on some type of diploma track. Colleges have a slightly higher standard of proving eligibility in order to receive admission. I’m guessing some type of standardized testing (ACT/SAT) would help prove he qualifies, but there maybe other uncertain information that the school would like to see verified too. Ensuring everything is on the up and up with any prior school documents would definitely hold up their process. Hopefully whatever the issue is gets resolved.
  2. Would have been nice to see where Hudkins lines up here if he wouldn’t had went out earlier with a season ending injury. He was slotted in the #2 spot per Flo’s Big10 rankings prior to that.
  3. You aren’t kidding there. I’ve seen Atlanta basically shut down before over something that wouldn’t even cause a school delay many areas l of the north. But when you have little public works dedicated to snow/ice prep or clean up. You have most vehicles with tires not designed to for slick conditions. And you have drivers that have no clue how to drive on snow/ice it’s going to be a mess.
  4. Guess that .5 stalling warning I was asking for didn’t come into play since it went to a full stall point.
  5. No ones really questioning his wrestling based MMA skills. But some of his other poor decision may not have stopped him in the octagon, but they haven’t won over many people either. Not sure if some of those poor traits he already started in college, but they sure got magnified once he gained UFC success.
  6. Does a stall warning count as 0.5?
  7. Each school typically faces 9 of the 13 other Big10 teams in dual competition each year. And they are not just locked into “their half” or a couple of the AD’s need to be told they are scheduling their team in the wrong half. So it’s a fair to say they face a little portion of the conference than just half. Now who they schedule for the other 5 or so duals is up to the school so that is where the strength of schedule would vary more from team to team.
  8. Is David Taylor loaning out his unicorn for this? Or does this leprechaun taking a chance at use one that’s not familiar with the BJC? Clearly Taylor will be busy lassoing the comet and saving mankind, so his unicorn will be free for the night.
  9. Sorry, forgot he lost in the semi’s. But he was still basically the #2. I fixed it.
  10. Gable Steveson the returning 3rd placer who lost to the champ by 1 in semi’s last year.
  11. Seems kinda quiet in Stillwater in general this season.
  12. While Lee’s scramble awareness has improved some, he still at a disadvantage against top scramblers if he can’t finish really clean . A guy like Yanni that likes to force scrambles and is always hard to finish anything clean on will still give him some trouble.
  13. Nick Lee wasn’t likening that head pinch at all, but eventually squirmed his way out of it and took over.
  14. Parris maybe able to keep it competitive but I think Gable still had it on him this year. Gables more mobile and technique savvy than most HWT too. It maybe a dog fight but Gables just got a better feel for positions than Parris and it’s likely makes the difference in a few flurries. Now if Parris works another year to continue his development in the weight room and in match awareness he’s going to be a tough one for anyone to compete with.
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