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  1. You can only extend your vertical count so far before it starts to effect your ability to out big competitors for larger events. Under the current sports climate Flo may have to start making decision on what verticals are worth keeping if they really want to continue to grow their brand in the streaming world.
  2. He got LI Marty’ed. The Fireworks are about to start.
  3. This is all starting to feel like an episode of “ It’s Always Sunny in Austin, TX”
  4. Flobros, which member of the quartet are you? (Sorry, just had to do it)
  5. Since it’s an exhibition not affiliated with a USAW event is there a eligibility conflict? Though keeping out any grappling event until his situation is finalized is probably a smart move to stay in the good graces of the organization and UWW. Who knows of his readiness. Although under the current situation it’s likely not a good look for Flo.
  6. You lost me when I read that people still rollerbladed post-2005????
  7. We will have to see what the first two months of school brings to determine what if any winter sports even end up occurring.
  8. Flo feeling some heat about keeping him on the card likely led to him making the statement. They keep silent from the issue, but we’re quick to retweet his apology. Glad to he was willing to backtrack some of his words, but hopefully some of it also came from an internal review of how he approaches a topic before posting too.
  9. Oh. I did catch that one with the “dingus” comment. Figured it was a mix up more than a issue.
  10. That was one. Though he also said she had no credentials either.
  11. Guessing there were some other matter (behind the scenes and in public eye) that were eating away at NJRTC before it got to this. Based on prior issues he was more than likely on a low tolerance policy and asked to restrain his social media rants when he arrived there. This one may have just been the finals straw which put the NJRTC in a spot that was uncomfortable. Probably felt a split helped then stay on track without any additional distractionS that may follow from him and others.
  12. She’s been the main voice calling out Downey for his recent twitter posts about women’s wrestling. They had some back and forth.
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