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  1. Well I’m not sitting through a IU meet without getting my nachos and a ring pop.
  2. I think when his other option was to try to go through J’Den and/or Snyder. Testing some other waters.
  3. Well they did used to rock their peers and put suckers in fear.
  4. Well they did used to rock their peers and put suckers in fear.
  5. I like the art of the turn but also get annoyed with some of the quick one lock 10-0 runs. Pushing your luck can and should get you killed in freestyle, but to find the true best in the match I’d like to see more than someone getting caught in one hold. I could live with a compromise. Maybe 2pts for the initial turn then 1pt each for any continuation of the same turn after that. Most guys would either have to run it out of bounds and that leads to a restart. Or they would need to stop their motion and adjust away from the out of bounds which should give their opponent a better opportunity to fight the hold. Either way you likely get the winner that has deal with at least one neutral restarts or has to change to another hold to get the 10 point advantage. But I think the UWW like these sudden endings for now. To them it gives some lesser wrestlers from none wrestling rich countries a slight shot at pulling the upset by falling into the turn. It also makes the matches quicker which I think UWW feel added excitement for the crowd and motivates some action since the winner earn added rest time.
  6. I feel like you may have clicked the c key by mistake in corn. I’m sure those Jersey women have some real wild stuff they put on film when compared to Iowa.
  7. You forgot to include the line “In head and facial hair appearance only.”
  8. I almost missed my Jets pick rewinding and watching that clip a couple times. Good stuff.
  9. It’s not the golden age of boxing anymore. Fury’s pretty solid for today, has a good chin, and his heigth/length has gave some people trouble. But I don’t believe he’s in the Top 10 for length of title reign or title defenses at the HWT level. So hard to put him up there with some of the other names.
  10. The Saga Continues (WuTang WuTang) There is a middle video, but it’s basically an overlap of info from the first video and a little of this one, plus Chael saying he needs to find people who can tell him more.
  11. Haven't had a chance to listen to the interview. Does he have some family connection to Croatia? Is he moving there full time?
  12. Spitballing but did NYC still have that athlete vaccine policy not that long ago (just recently lifted). There was some type of big deal with this and an unvaccinated NBA player if I recall. Could be the organization decision at that time to move it this year so athletes wouldn’t caught up in that issue.
  13. I was told by some a year ago that this NIL thing wouldn’t turn into a distracting for athletes or coaches. But the more some of you talk the more this distracting seems to becoming a thing in wrestling. Let along what could become of the NCAA basketball and football world. I guess we will see over the next few years the impact it creates and the possible issue it causes.
  14. Hell of a 180 rumor mill from Woods being the new PSU darling to the Hawkeyes adding a new weapon.
  15. Yeah, I just wasn’t sure if registered RTC coaches were allowed to cross over into Volunteer Assistant statues though or if they were suppose to remain separate from school affiliation for some legal reason. By mentioning club earlier I was thinking more of running a connected youth club/academy as part of agreement to supplement living expenses while helping with the college program.
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