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  1. MadMardigain

    What about Robles

    Special Olympics are for those with learning imparements. I’m pretty sure Robles imparement wouldn’t apply to that competition. Nor does it have wrestling as an event. The Paralympics would be for those with with some type of physical impairments. I’m not sure the parameters for participating in this but Robles may well qualify for this competition if he choose to participate. However, wrestling hasn’t been an event in the Paralympics since the early 80s. Judo is the only current combat sport in this competition. Since judo is mostly based on standing throws without the ability to grab a leg, Robles may not fair very well in that event. But, I’m guessing with his athleticism he could do well in a couple other Paralympic events if he wanted to.
  2. MadMardigain

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Still on the recovery from injury.
  3. MadMardigain

    What Redshirts are making some noise in the “Opens.”

    Bump for the 2nd weekend.
  4. MadMardigain

    Flo - live events not on Roku/Apple TV

    Speaking of the Flo App any reason it’s not been added for the Amazon device yet? I’d love to have access to it on my other non-Roku TVs.
  5. All I want to know is has he figured out how it not get ridden like a mule against a good top guy. Until then these TD shows against none top 10s are not as impressive as they used to be.
  6. MadMardigain

    Flo - live events not on Roku/Apple TV

    Usually the feeds are in order by when the event occurs. I’m guessing someone mislabeled the tag somehow and it moved the feed to the back of the que.
  7. MadMardigain

    Robles going for pullup record at Jets game Sunday

    Hey now......well...in truth that’s a fair analysis. j-e-t-s..next year, next year, next year. Did I miss the earlier memo on the Robles Movie though? Sounds like it’s been in the works awhile but first I’ve heard of it. https://www.google.com/amp/arizonasports.com/story/1663562/asu-wrestler-anthony-robles-movie-unstoppable-filming-start-2019/amp/
  8. MadMardigain


    Two weeks top and I better see a vast difference! :)
  9. MadMardigain


    Nice. Solid opening gesture on Bono’s part if he put together the plan to have the mat made.
  10. MadMardigain

    What Redshirts are making some noise in the “Opens.”

    Bump for Day 2 of opening weekend Opens.
  11. MadMardigain

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Honestly if you keep doing it after 3 prior calls from the ref you being pretty careless. I get it a habit, but man you gotta remember to go to something else when in that situation. But agree it will be an interesting first half of the season as some guys have to adapt to this.
  12. With the first few weeks of the season being full of college opens we have a opportunity to see how some of next years class will look against top competition. Who are the are first year redshirts or possible true freshman that are having some standout results at these events?
  13. MadMardigain

    Last Man Standing?

    Yeah, the show got canceled by ABC last season. However, Fox picked it up and it’s going again this season. :)
  14. MadMardigain

    Super 32

    Finals just started a little after 3ET.