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  1. I actually thought the same thing when I caught it. They offered good in-match and video review insight, had plenty background information to offer in between scoring attacks, and above all else they didn’t feel the need to give a play by play of everything single action when it was clearly viewable on the screen.
  2. There is also no concept of capitalizing the first letter of the first name unless your name is Jaden.
  3. Eggum media conference on the state of Minnesota wrestling.
  4. Schultz style in HS seemed to be to physically “bullying” around his competition until they back peddled and eventually wilted. But that won’t be as easy for him against DI level HWT. He will improve, but he’s still got some work to do on more skillfully moving around and wearing down his college competition.
  5. Well Japan was losing it anyways on what looks like their decision. And I’d say the IOC would be in charge of coordinating the logistics with the new locations not Japan.
  6. I gotta pay for the service and they want a tip too. Man someone better make sure my glass of filled and fresh bread is on the table.
  7. It was always iffy but it seems like a slim chance could exist if they would just go with a bargain bin options. No fans and spread the categories of Olympic events out over several different host counties. Basically what already occurs for a World Championship of those sports every year, and you just call it the Olympic year. Then just do their best to maintain a “bubble” for the course of those events. Sponsors and TV still get their commitment, athletes still get their shot, and with sports at a minimum I’m guessing fans will tune in at high numbers. Sure not all countries will be able to easily send their whole squad multiple places, but it at least gives most a chance to compete in something that they may never have a shot at again.
  8. It sure takes the memory of a macaw though.
  9. Silly Hammer, we are talking about fantasy match-ups here. How’s Dake record with those?
  10. He may have bested the Spaniard, but let see how he does with the Giant. His way isn’t very sportsman like.
  11. Gilman is getting better at beating Gilman.
  12. Gotta love seeing Vape ads on a athletic event.
  13. Not sure he’s elite on top but anyone is going to be scoring multiple points on top if they land with the right lock.
  14. Must have got past 90 on the attempted leg lace. Not sure where the added Yanni 2 came from if it wasn’t that.
  15. Yanni score confirmed. Huge lead for him just needs to close it out before Khin get a TD and starts turning him.
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