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  1. MadMardigain

    Wick vs. Cenzo

    This none match was somehow still less disappointing than the Fix vs Suriano match.
  2. MadMardigain

    So, NO Penn State, Okie State matches on FLO?

    Both feeds were still not working correctly a few min into 1pm ET. Website was shaky in general around that time. Then they finally both got kicked as first matches were underway. So yes some technical issues at first but it was cleared up relatively quickly.
  3. MadMardigain

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Answer to OP’s question is not The Fans.
  4. MadMardigain

    Flo messing up already

    Ok State crashes flow. It’s starting to be fact.
  5. MadMardigain

    The Mat.com forum readers rankings

    I came here hoping to seeing a ranking of TheMat members who are actually capable of reading a post correctly. Leaving disappointed. :( If we are just ranking wrestlers then I believe David Taylor still wins any and all hypothetical matchups on here.
  6. MadMardigain

    Crazy for You - Things I learned today

    Only if you learned it from a coach wearing a collared shirt under his singlet.
  7. MadMardigain

    Mason Parris

    Parris is not without a decent wrestling skill set. He has more than athleticism and some middle school moves in his tool box. However, it doesn’t do him any favors that some of those technique he’s been successful with in the past do not have the same success rate against a 245+ pound mature man that’s college tested.
  8. MadMardigain

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    Not to mention the most famous “Read my lips” line ended up turning out to be a false statement.
  9. MadMardigain

    Serious Question tho...

    Not sure the story but understand you don’t have to be a scholarship athlete with multiple varsity wins to say you wrestled for a school. If you are in the room grinding on a daily basis with the team you wrestled at that school. Even if he didn’t start there he could have easily come to the school later to finish up college while wrestling as a backup. Either way if Smith and Co. is running practice you are picking up some good technique.
  10. MadMardigain

    Flo and Southern Scuffle

    I have seen a lot less technical issues over the last year or so out of Flo and the few I have noticed seems to get cleared up quicker than in previous years. Kudos to Flo for improving on the streaming side of things.
  11. MadMardigain

    Richard Perry accident

    Awesome video. Glad to hear the progress.
  12. MadMardigain

    Lance Palmer just became a millionare

    He’s been in the Fight game awhile now as a previous WSOF Champ (Profrssional Fight League now) as well as wins in other “minor” league MMA organizations.
  13. MadMardigain

    Gavin Teasdale update

    One from Penn State or one borrowed from a local high school?
  14. Looks like Flo has comprised Final X to only two spots: Nebraska and Rutgers. Thoughts? Seems like a much better move than the three locations of last years event. Rutgers allows the Pennsylvania and Cornel crowd to make it over. Nebraska is friendly to the Iowa and Oklahoma crowd.
  15. MadMardigain

    Midlands finals

    Brace for the Title!