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  1. At one point he was merely a regular college freshman called Jeff who had agreed to enter into the warm glow of the Ohio State tanning beds. However, once he emerged from the violet lights his body had transcended into the cradle locking machine to know be only known as J.
  2. In HS I was close to 6ft and making 125lb. But I was basically down to skin and bones to make it. I can’t imagine someone being able to compete at a world level at that height and weight. Let the short guys have the weight.
  3. As much as I like Frank, I’m really starting to wish you wouldn’t rely on his wisdom so much. Make better sig-bets next time.
  4. Just put a ring right beside the mat (elevated). I watched a Bellator or One event where they had a kickboxing crossover event with a ring and cage set up side by side and it worked fine. I would do a changeover as it would end up being a very long intermission to move the mat and then properly set up the ring. And anyway I think it would be more entertaining to alternate between the mat based sports and the ring base ones in my opinion. This should be right up Flo’s ally since they now have several combat sport verticals they could cross promote. Get some solid names from each sport and your sure to have a decent selling event across all those platforms.
  5. I’m not sure too many US-raised wrestlers have found a way to pay to transfer to a foreign nation to compete. Most of the current wrestler had prior dual citizenship due to immediate relative (parent or grandparent depending on that nations stipulations) and used to that to obtain citizenship eligibility. They have not previously competed for the US on the senior level, so no type of transfer of paperwork to a new country was necessary. Sure they may have live in the US for most of their lives, but they not necessarily transfers their citizenship to a complete new country just to compete like we have seen in other cases. Russia on the other hand seems to be the regular plucking ground for Olympic level transfers.
  6. Other than the previous World Cup cycle I would consider the US good team when looking at the over all world rankings. But they are not at the level I would like/expect to see them consistently at, which is lower Top 10 and always pressing for a World Cup Semis birth.
  7. Short answer not in last World a cup cycle. And not really a top level team ever. Longer answer. CONCACAF wise (North America, Central America, and the nearby islands) we are usually second fiddle to Mexico, but our region generally isn’t known for much. The fact we didn’t even qualify for the World Cup out of that group last cycle is absolutely ridiculous and was one of the lowest points in American soccer ever. In the entire PanAm sphere we are often just outside the top 5. But there a pretty big drop off after the top teams. Internationally it depends on where you place the cut off for good. The US is still better than many counties out there, but we should be considering the population and training advantatge our country has over most of the world. But with all they we haven’t been a relevant top 15 team much. And the few times we have been inside the top 15 in the last few decades our inconsistency usually drops us out soon after But the current group is a very young squad, they have a decent amount international club guys helping with experience, and they have been showing potential when compared to how the last World Cup cycle went. I think we have enough talent to make this years World Cup. Heck we may even get a good enough draw to get out of pool play and into the elimination tournament, though likely with a quick exit. I think the potential of the current squad will be seen more in the 2026 World Cup cycle. Which coincidentally happens to be hosted jointly by the US, Mexico, and Canada.
  8. When your parents take your XBox away from you there are only so many places a 12yo can practice their fortnite trolling.
  9. Yeah while that part definitely completes the sentiment above, I figured it wouldn’t clear the censor police.
  10. Took, Cannon to 3 matches but ended up injury defaulting.
  11. Stanford went from not finding enough money to support several sports to now apparently being able to paying for one of the top coaches. I guess someone there believes the injected cash flow will be available for awhile.
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