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  1. With Gaethje losing it will be 2 vs. #4 for the belt. With a chance for Connor to hold the UFC hostage for some more money if he wins. Ferguson can be in line to face the winner.
  2. Now I have to go and find another favorite MMA fighter. Heck of a performance against a very dangerous string of opponents in his last few fights. Completely understand him walking away after his fathers passing. It’s going to be the Porier vs McGregor fight to determine the new champ now.
  3. Well at least I now can tell my wife who the real blame belongs to for me passing out on the couch last night. Thank for helping a brother out fellas.
  4. Though well intended all I got to say is “Good luck with that one Michigan.”
  5. Nice. I need to get back to catching some of the Bellator events.
  6. Uh I’m pretty sure you have to be signed to the UFC to win a championship before the year end. Let along the fact you usually need to be ranked in the UFC and have a pretty good win streak to get a belt shot. So no I don’t think he will be the UFC champ by the end of the year and probably not even in the company by that date.
  7. Rally’s generally are done to help inspire the base of the party to make a push for their candidate on both a national and local level. i.e. get the names of the local candidate out, help a campaign, make calls, wear shirts, get people registered, make sure people get to the polls, etc. They are just as much to help the local push since state government and national congress seats are big for the party too. The hope is those attending the rally will go out and try to get the support from others who are still on fence or aren’t sure they are voting at all.
  8. Haven’t looked into the wording. So is it worded as you mown have 6 years to compete in 4 seasons? Or do you actually get 5 years of eligibility now if you fall within the Covid time line?
  9. True. She was a contender. Is her sister still involved at all? Haven’t heard much since Teshya left the sport.
  10. Will Micic be celebrating his 30th birthday before he finishes his eligibility.
  11. I think you can call them National Champ considering it was still a Open invitation event for the counties Senior Level athletes that has always determine the years National Champ. Anyone could have participated so it not really USA Wrestlings fault not everyone decided to show. Sure you can call it a watered down year, but the winner is still this years National Champ. Those guys were willing to accept someone else being called this years National Champ or they would have signed up. That’s just like not calling a NCAA champ the Champ due to the top three in that weight class taking a Redshirt year. Or this years World Series/NBA Champs not being called Champs due to the shortened year and some stars opting out. Or not calling the winner of the election President just because the actual useful top political minds aren’t interested in stepping into the competition/job. It is what it is.
  12. We got a senior level wrestling event in at fall of 2020. I’m good with it. We all knew how registration for this one was going to go when it was announced the Olympic Trials qualifiers were locked in and the World Championships was a wash. It’s just nice to see the competition. Not to mention some of the results were actually good to notice from a domestic development and depth standpoint.
  13. Club soccer is rarely out of swing.
  14. Let’s get real there is no way Dake wins a fantasy match against 2018 Penn State. That’s a big point swing for Happy Valley.
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