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  1. Didn’t the program just end their women's RTC program a couple years back? And now the school add a women's program. Seems like some of the program cogs and athletic admin cogs could have made a better connection.
  2. He pretty much said in one of his last Flo interviews he is looking some someplace with a strong RTC to help with his international/Olympic aspirations. While he can always find that post college, it sounded like he was looking for the complete package to be there during college too.
  3. Carroll’s just a Junior so has an additional year to figure out where he ends up. But the 197 to HWT gap does end up costing several solid athletes.
  4. I’ve got 2 of those 3 covered, but I’m just not a fan of needles.
  5. The Australian Wombat Wranglers may feel the insurgence of Capybara publicity could potentially cause a a shift in interest known animal species. And don’t get the Blob Fish folks going.
  6. Giving him a mouth piece of a manager will help some with that.
  7. Yeah that was a short lived plot twist, but created the break up of the American Alphas with him and Betts. Neither seems to prosper as much as individuals.
  8. It’s like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. “The world may never know”
  9. Sorry somehow the start of the message didn’t make the final cut when I submitted it. It was suppose to read to “And you’d also be the one to think” Penn State wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinder at 125 for most of the pre-Suriano era either. i.e. jimmy not going to be satisfied with anything. Well possibly with the exception of a Cinnabon.
  10. Penn State wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders at 125 for most of the pre-Suriano era either.
  11. Just think Bob you could be just a few more sessions away from tossing those blue ED pills aside.
  12. Yes, a 39 year old man isn’t in his prime and Woodley not quite where he was when he has the title. But he’s definitely got himself to a much better level than many guys at that point in their career. I’m not sure we are really arguing something different, but if you want some added perspective into it all I’ll put it below. As you mentioned you don’t follow MMA much, or you may notice the quality of opponents he recent lost too. If he dropped those fights to little know middle level fighter I’d agree he was at the twilight of his career sticking around a little too long. But lost his belt to the current champ and 2 pound for pound (no clue how they keep Jones at 1 without fighting) by a decision. Then he lost to the current #2 ranked fighter by decision. He followed that up with a loss due to rib injury, which I would ring up in the fluke category more than him getting beat on skill, though it was to the current top contender for the title. His last UFC loss was a little more surprising with getting caught in a choke after looking good early on, but it’s to the current #4 ranked guy. So sure someone can paint the picture that the 4 in a row shows he’s some old guy who can’t hang anymore, but honestly those were all to arguably the very top guys not mid-card fighters. Woodley would still be considered a quality fighter in his current state of 39 if he choose to be. But he was looking to get in a couple solid pay days before hanging it up and he wasn’t going to be able to work his way back to even a OK UFC pay day without a few more fights first. Not to mention the damage taken compared to a Paul boxing match. If he doesn’t get a rematch with Paul I wouldn’t be shocked if he tries to get at least one solid payday fight at another MMA organization to help pad his retirement fund with more than he probably would get for many of his prior UFC title defenses. Woodlet looked pretty fresh for 8 rounds of action and he attempted to have some decent movement in the ring for someone that’s not trained in traditional boxing. Sure he’s not making a career out of the sport and it maybe more of a knock on Paul than anything but if Woodley executed a better attack plan his hard handed striking would have likely put him over the top with one of the other judges since the 24yo Jake Paul was mostly just jabbing and maintaining beyond the opening few rounds. Honestly if you watch the fight I really can’t say either of them were interested in putting too many shots together most rounds. But as mentioned above it was still more of an attempt at some type of “boxing” than we had really previously seen in the other Paul matchups.
  13. It was mentioned, but none of those loses were due to TKO and during his career Woodley has rarely been in trouble due to strikes even against some hard hitting stand up guys. Woodly didn’t look like a skilled striker in the fight, but he had enough form and the danger of a power puncher to not just be Paul’s punching back. True be told Woodley took less damage (not much was really dealt out either way) and was in much better physical shape at the end of the fight than Paul. Paul just put pointed him over the 8 rounds by getting in more jabs and a few combinations in the early rounds. Woodley wasn’t really interested in pushing the pace, which I figured was a strategy to conserve and then unleash on a tired Paul later on. But that didn’t really happen either. Paul has developed some OK boxing form for a short fight, but clearly hasn’t developed the discipline and cardio to hold it rounds progress. If I’m Paul’s handlers I’d stick with more over-the-hill athletes with a name but little traditional boxing technique. Woodley was about as much of a step up as Paul can currently have a shot at winning, and honestly Woodley has some opportunity to prevent that.
  14. Yes gotta thanks BTSports for an overseas feed. Paul wanted to walk away without the rematch challenge from Woodley. But after some smack talk Paul said he would do another fight if Woodley goes through with the I love Jake Paul tattoo. I don’t think he’s really interested in the rematch if a better spotlight and payday is out there vs. another fighter. But I also think Paul realized after this one that he’s not at the boxing level needed to face anyone with a higher boxing IQ than what Woodley offered.
  15. Paul’s honestly worked pretty hard at his boxing for the last few years. Plus has the money to build a solid team around him. Paul’s not ready to face a pure boxer, but he’s developed more punching technique than the average tough-man brawler. I had no faith in Askren winning, but figured Woodley has the chin and punching power to at least put up a decent fight for him. I think Woodley would actually win if he adjusted to a slightly higher striking pace and got in some more combinations.
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