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  1. Based on how they did and who they faced which uncommitted recruits should be hot commodities for coaches?
  2. MadMardigain

    Jason Tsirtsis

    Sorry, I didn’t mean for the last statement to be directed at you for the previous comment. I could tell you were giving more of a half hearted rib than trying to be a jerk. I just felt since we were on the subject it was worth pointing out the progress Escobedo continues to try to make at IU. One that will hopefully see more solid wrestlers give it an honest chance during their recruitment.
  3. MadMardigain

    Jason Tsirtsis

    On another note, at several points in the Goldman era IU only had two coaches on staff. On a few rare occasions a third volunteer coach but that was almost always a recently graduated IU wrestler who may have been a one time NCAA qualifier who remained a year or two at best. Constant cycling of staff and only a few came from having a few years of outside coaching perspective before landing at IU. Now IU has three paid coaches in Escobedo, Dixon, and I. Jordan, plus adds J. Tsirtsis as a volunteer assistant. All of which have years of experience wrestling and coaching. Escobedo and Dixon with a good outside of IU coaching experience, and Jordan wrestling for a out of state school and was from a different state before coming to IU. I’m not sure anyone can say double the normal coaching staff isn’t a good thing. And doing so with two recent wrestlers (Jordan and Tsirtsis) who have AA-proven skills, can still hang in the room, and have an outside perspective to me is a bigger positive for the program. Hopefully they can keep these two around a few years cause I think it’s a big plus for recruiting.
  4. MadMardigain

    Jason Tsirtsis

    So what he’s saying is this move could yield some serious improvement against Big10 competition. Way to turn a negative comment into a positive one. Now that’s optimism!
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    Don’t mess with Jobu...
  6. MadMardigain


    They have been knee deep in Nationals since this past weekend. I’m sure there will be some type of post Fargo report next week.
  7. MadMardigain

    Scoring blunder at Fargo

    At the end of the match someone at the table said they needed to brick it and since they did not the score stands. I guess the question the OK coaches needed to bring up is how do you brick something that was never indicated as a score by the mat officials and at least the side official to start with but then ends up showing up as a scoreboard point later. They did check on this discrepancy at the stoppage but were told it was right and to return to the corner. I did not watch the whole match to say where the point may have came from if as the table said the score was right.
  8. MadMardigain

    Fargo foreign wrestlers?

    Semi-foreign in terms of Puerto Rican wrestlers being able to compete at Fargo. Sure its a territory of the US, but they also have enough autonomy to be considered separate entity for some world sports competitions.
  9. MadMardigain

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Matt is the last of the Nick Lee and Joe Lee brother line.
  10. Miss the day of the MedicineMan led Jadidi photoshop tournaments?
  11. MadMardigain

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    He would have choked out the lawyers.
  12. MadMardigain

    Forum going soft?

    Stop speaking of “he who shall not be named”
  13. MadMardigain

    Forum going soft?

    You mean gets Daked!
  14. If anything this tweet sounds like PDIII has went more “PGIII” since making the national team. Comeback when you have some true PDIII quality stuff to post.
  15. MadMardigain

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Yes. After transferring to Turkey his name got changed. The name basically means Ghenghis Khan. Pretty sweet if you ask me.
  16. MadMardigain

    Zain's left knee?

    When your wife/gf changes her excuse from “I have a headache tonight” to “I’m taking a Dake tonight” then you’ll know it’s truely hit the mainstream.
  17. MadMardigain

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    No comparison. It’s too hard to rip someone’s head off from a front headlock without Triceps.
  18. MadMardigain

    Zain's left knee?

    Come on ......you want us to believe that Koll holds a certificate of honors from the prestigious Sinai Kreese dojo of coaching tactics. Those things aren’t handed out like candy.
  19. What are you trying to tell us? Stop beating around the bush and just spit it out already.
  20. MadMardigain


    The main advantage of the US strikes again in that one. Thank god we left the best of 3 period ball grab era behind. Blocking, stalling, and waiting to go after one score to steal the match shouldn’t be the main offensive mindset of this sport.
  21. MadMardigain

    Forum going soft?

    Oh you went and spoke his name....
  22. MadMardigain

    Yasar Dogu

    Yes Stieber has a early international win over him, but Sat was somewhat young at the time room. While Sat isn’t a spring chicken, I recall him doing decently well in the 2017 Worlds. So he may still have a few years left of being competitive.
  23. Surprisingly, I also stand my best chance against Snyder on Twitter too. Though it still not much of one.
  24. MadMardigain

    Yasar Dogu

    Always liked watching Opan at the Russian events that Flo covered. Kinda lost track of him when he transferred over to Turkey. Hopefully I can catch him in this one.