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  1. Probably off someplace accepting a major international award on that same date.
  2. http://board.themat.com/index.php?/topic/28141-couldn’t-find-the-old-thread-about-this-guy/
  3. Well that just can’t be true since I was told when this all started that these deals wouldn’t cause a distraction for any of the athletes nor their team/coaches.
  4. Hey now that High Schooler was acing Advanced Bio.
  5. And IU is working on finalizing a deal to get the entire Iranian and Russian coaching staff and athletes to Bloomington. I think the outstanding fall foliage will win them over. ;)
  6. This is clearly a sign for @MedicineManto photoshop the wool Papakha hats from Dagestan onto the coaching Michigan staff.
  7. Minus the one weigh-in issue, seems like this move just helps bolster Michigans recruitment of wrestlers that are also aspiring to wrestle internationally.
  8. I’m definitely not young, but it’s now old enough that the real younger ones on here don’t get it either.
  9. Back then they didn’t want him. But now he’s hot they all on him.
  10. Now waiting for that “Garage Trained” shirt to come out. I always felt those type of “trained” shirts were overly pretentious. Especially sense the said coach clearly wasn’t the only one involved in a wrestlers entire development.
  11. Ah yeah Coon. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. Wasn’t Andy “the stach” Bisek the last one about 5 years ago. And also a Bronze.
  13. Nomad is under the impression that the team award still goes to them under the RWF banner. And Russia just won’t get any of the connected IOC/UWW reward from any team wins. I’m not sure I like giving any added team recognition in an individual based sport under this suspension since it’s still providing some level of credit to the offending nation. Seemed like the idea of the punishment was the allow a path for eligible individuals without giving any added national tie-in. To me it seems any team award at an individual based sporting event is more national tie-in than necessary. Even if they are pretending it’s falling under a RWF banner. With that I’m good with letting the eligible wrestlers get the individal accolades they deserve. I guess I’m just annoyed a big deal was made out of the national punishment, but the follow through falls flat on some levels.
  14. If it’s any consolation an argument can be made that our 125 may not have been our A representative either, and look how he’s done lately.
  15. Sorry if this has been discussed, but can the Russian Team actually win a medal since they are currently not representing their country. Clearly their team may technically be good enough to medal, but if the restrictions prevent national recognition wouldn’t that possibly mean their team would be skipped over for any team placement?
  16. He was a long time assistant and briefly the Interm Buckeyes Coach before taking the Cincinnati job.
  17. Have to admit it at least makes things more interesting. Especially when some injuries or unforeseen runs always come into play by NCAA time.
  18. ACC seemed to have a solid commentator team when I’ve watched their events.
  19. If he was a little bigger I’d maybe go with Bo “The Buffalo” Nickal. Maybe he could be the Nittney Lionheart Bo Nickal. At least that would be better than Bo The Pumper Nickal.
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