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  1. What are some High Schools that have graduated multiple NCAA Champions? Off the top of my head I have Del City HS, OK with all three Smith brothers, John, Pat, and Leroy.
  2. Anthony Robles lost to Ben Ashmore in intrasquad meets at ASU. I could be wrong but if memory serves me correct their wrestle off was best of 3 with Ashmore getting wins both years he was at ASU. I also watched his younger brother Luke Ashmore beat Bubba Jenkins in an unofficial wrestle-off at ASU, scoreboard, clock, referee and all.
  3. Lets here your stories. Tips and Tricks? Every great college athlete has mastered the art of getting through practice while smelling like a party.
  4. I dont see too many Spanish names on that list. Typical white oppression. check your privilege FIFA
  5. No he was pinned alright, see:
  6. If Colon got lucky when he caught Ramos does that men Ramos got lucky when he caught Cejudo and pinned him? Cejudo was practically mopping the mat with Ramos prior to the fall.
  7. Pathetic. Folkstyle is over for Dake and Burroughs and neither of them will ever lose or win a folkstyle match ever again. If that's how you cope with Dake getting swept up then fine but please admit that it entirely does not matter.
  8. I have yet to find a reason to doubt PennSt staff decision making. I got a feeling they will be feisty group of customers come next march. 2 in the finals me thinks
  9. You're no fun! I've been biting my nails waiting for the next Gilman thread. This forum was built on berating the character of young student-athletes who achievements conquer our own. You can't take that away from me!! How else am I supposed seek unhealthy means of self-validation? I'm moving to the high school forum. Good riddance!
  10. Breaking News: It has been recently discovered that Athletes can under perform during championship competition. This phenomena was once previously thought to be exclusive to Peyton Manning.
  11. I take that back Phish maybe you're onto something. Ben Askren is obviously a product of a destructive environment - that guys is a jerk!!! I'm being sarcastic of course. The rest of the MO roster is having a great tournament, including an undefeated Waters. Your post is invalid, and on top of that, RUDE. Head coaches are too busy to be in a position to share their spoils of wrestling like many would assume. Smith might not know the game as well as you like, but it is the coaches job to build a system that works, though assistant coaches and third parties, or by whatever means. What Smith is doing is obviously working. He is doing his job if you ask me. Good job Smith. My only critique of him would be to speak with more authority during interviews. Say it wit yo chest!!!!
  12. You're embarrassing yourself. Go to the bar
  13. Sounds like you know something we don't...
  14. I have a handful of athletes that will be wrestling their first freestyle tournament this weekend. I want to hear some opinions on 3-5 areas/skills that are a must.
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