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  1. Coach P talked about the OSU schedule recently and it's the same thing; waiting on the conference and 'ball' sports to lock in their dates and times, then the oldest-greatest is locked in, then it can be released.
  2. Cornell https://cornellbigred.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  3. App State https://appstatesports.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  4. Campbell https://gocamels.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  5. I love John Smith and what he contributes to the sport. I have no issues with his commentary. Thank you coach Smith!
  6. I think Steveson's NLI value just sky rocketed!
  7. Why didn't they give Snyder the shot clock point...shouldn't he be at 5?
  8. Medal Count: Gray - Silver TMS - Gold Gilman - Bronze Taylor - Gold Maroulis - Bronze Steveson - Gold/Silver ........... Winchester - still alive for Bronze Snyder/Hildebrant - yet to go I think I got everyone
  9. Lucky enough to see the last 1:30, wow, good job Magic Man, bringing home the gold!
  10. He forced it too much as the clock was approaching 3 mins, dug the hole deeper.
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