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  1. I heard JB with the walk up announcement!
  2. He said his phone has been blowing up. How many coaches want his services next year?
  3. Congrats to Griffith & Stanford
  4. whoa, 3 good matches..crazy takedown by AOC
  5. Nice effort by Lee, wow
  6. PSU 101.5 on the board now
  7. feed saying on ESPN News now...
  8. CB


    Looks like the finals start at 133. Fix v RBY
  9. Ok State and Penn State tied for 2nd with 94.5 points.
  10. CB


    Last 3 matches on mat 4 all end by Fall
  11. CB


    looked like 2 for Mauller
  12. Scoreboard on TW is saying Amine over Marinelli by med fft ?
  13. CB

    Session 3

    surprised they didn't do the 6 mat 'star' layout
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