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  1. Very sad to hear this. I always heard that all of their programs were fully endowed.
  2. According to the Fresno Bee https://www.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/article243549552.html
  3. CB

    Oregon State

    Good hires by coach Pendelton. Hope all of these guys can get into the room here shortly.
  4. When the conference as a whole expanded from 10 to 12 by adding Utah and Colorado, it was sad neither university sponsored wrestling.
  5. Some tid bits I will throw out. Heard Jolley @ 125 has left the team. No ideas what his plans are. Carlos at 174, I could totally see that happening. Also Hunter Willits wrestled one open tournament at 165, that is a possibility too. Then put Garcia at 157?
  6. December - March shortened season?
  7. Its also interesting to look at the ASU timeline. When Zeke and staff came on, it hasn't been the same at Oregon St. Couple that with other events: Troy leaving to head up Fresno State, then the debacle with Coach Roberts and the Admin, it's been tough for the Beavs to rebound. Hence the change in late March to go with Coach Pendelton. BTW, Pendelton is the name of a city in Oregon :-)
  8. I believe Les Gutches did this feat his Jr or Sr season
  9. Shhhh...be quiet on this one :-) Seriously, could use mid's and heavy's IMO. Two guys in this year's class: Vidlak and Kuenzi are lower weights. 165, 184, 285 are probably the biggest needs.
  10. Portland Tribune did a story on the hiring process: https://portlandtribune.com/pt/12-sports/459794-374152-osu-wrestling-search-committee-got-its-man-in-chris-pendleton-no-doubt-we-got-the-right-guy?fbclid=IwAR3_zCzET5zx2jWrYvd07i8ykqFkFOZQhgXi3U3ITs6_Z25FiPzHh1MwzM0 Then look at this, a box score where Ok State came to Corvallis in 2003...3 of the 4 finalists were in the lineup for the Cowboys. :-) https://osubeavers.com/news/2003/12/14/207823700.aspx
  11. Taylor's a good dude, been in two tough situations with D1 schools. BSU, now is alma mater. I wish he, Miller and Z the best going forward on their next chapter. It will be nice to see who he brings on staff. 2 assistants, possibly a club coach (Orange Crush), Director of Operations, then possibly a GA. Oregon St. had 1 non starter senior, so there is a chance for a recent graduate from a different school to be on staff as a GA. One name that came to my mind in one of the above positions is Chad Hanke. At AU for a while, then back to Bakersfield for 2 seasons.
  12. https://osubeavers.com/news/2020/3/30/chris-pendleton-to-lead-beaver-wrestling.aspx yes, excited for this hire and the staff Coach P will bring in!
  13. Congrats to coach Sentes. Excellent. I hope he keeps CU headed in the right direction. The Borelli coaching tree just got another branch.
  14. I like this choice as well Greatdane67. His Camels beat the Beavs in an early season dual this season. The irony of a coaching change, and Campbell coming to Corvallis for the home & home series.
  15. A lengthy article on the upcoming hire, process, etc. in the Portland Tribune https://pamplinmedia.com/pt/12-sports/456633-372117-oregon-states-plan-for-a-new-wrestling-coach-and-for-a-return-to-national-prominence
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