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  1. Lost two close matches. It was hear breaking for Beav fans. He had a 2-1 lead of Ugi in the second :30 second tie breaker. Had to wrestle :20 seconds or so after he escaped. Ugi got an edge TD as the clock expired. It went to review, but the TD stood. That's how close he was too a second AA. I remember Dardanes looking like he was in control most of that match. I was on the other side of the arena. Humbling sport. He beat several of the kids that made AA at 141 this year. He'll be training at Oregon St, North West Training Center this off season and next. He has some more classes to take also. BTW - his folks are great people. Really fun to be around.
  2. Larry Scott, PAC-12 Commish needs to nude on Pat Hadden $C AD to take their program big time in the next few years. We need another S. Cal team now that Fullerton dropped. Plus more chance for content on fledgling P-12 Networks. Personally speaking, would love another So. Cal conference tournament!
  3. I heard Martinez got in some legal trouble and was booted from WY. Not sure if he landed somewhere else? Add to the list, LY's 165 PAC-12 Champ Dominic Kastl, Cal Poly
  4. Bump... Saw part of AR in the intro of the finals from a partial copy. I agree he is great. Wanted in the worst way: a DVD copy of finals or earlier 'U' rounds. Willing to pay! Sadly my version got everything by the last 2 weights, even though I thought I allowed enough time. Commercial breaks, and doing awards between ea. weight made the coverage longer. If able to help a wrestling fan out, please e-me or PM. a_beav at hot mail dot com Thanks!
  5. Good map w/parking options for NCAA's here. One park-ride lot includes a free shuttle to Wells Fargo. http://www.catchdesmoines.com/includes/ ... ng-Map.pdf Also a page set up by DM for fans with all kinds of links/options: http://www.catchdesmoines.com/wrestlingdm/
  6. Everyone not named Dake or Taylor have just called Larry Owings for some of his tournament mo jo!
  7. How about the Fan Fest, inbetween sessions? That's usually in an adjacent hall or building.
  8. For '08 you could proabably add: Oregon St. - Heinrich Barnes / RSA Stanford - Matt Gentry / Canada
  9. Corvallis Regional. All times are PST. I'm told parings will come out tomorrow. http://www.osubeavers.com/ot/13-mat-mayhem.html
  10. CB

    Cal Poly

    The dual was over in less than an hour due to the forfeits and the Beavs dominating the Stangs. I was looking forward to seeing 133 VanAnrooy vs Lotito but it never happened. Don't know if he's dinged up. It's never good to forfeit 3 weights, and not but a back up's in. Same thing w/ASU @ 197 today. No Meredith and no back up for a live TV event. Not good for the sport.
  11. 23-20 Oregon State wins Nice 2,800 mile road trip, with two wins for the Beavs!
  12. CB

    Cole Von Ohlen

    Good question, I wanted to see he and Sakaguchi go at it on Friday.
  13. Despite losing, really liked Ballweg and Demas' efforts out there. Exciting dual so far!
  14. PAC-12 inagural wrestling season coverage: [table] [tr] [td]2012-13 Wrestling on Pac-12 Networks[/td][/tr] [tr] [td]DATE[/td] [td]AWAY[/td] [td]HOME[/td] [td]TIME (PT)[/td][/tr] [tr] [td]1/5/2012[/td] [td]Boise State[/td] [td]Oregon State[/td] [td]4:30 p.m.[/td][/tr] [tr] [td]1/27/2012[/td] [td]Oklahoma State[/td] [td]Arizona State[/td] [td]12:00 p.m.[/td][/tr] [tr] [td]2/9/2012[/td] [td]Arizona State[/td] [td]Oregon State[/td] [td]1:00 p.m.[/td][/tr] [tr] [td]2/16/2012[/td] [td]Central Michigan[/td] [td]Stanford[/td] [td]12:00 p.m.[/td][/tr] [tr] [td]3/2/2012[/td] [td]Pac-12 Championships[/td] [td]Arizona State[/td] [td]4:00 p.m.[/td][/tr][/table] 1-5-13: Boise St @ Oregon State, 4:30 PT 1-27-13: Oklahoma St @ Arizona St, 12:00 PT 2-9-13: Arizona St @ Oregon State, 1:00 PT 2-16-13: Central Michigan @ Stanford, 12:00 PT 3-2-13: PAC-12 Championships @ ASU, 4:00 PT link: http://pac-12.com/Sports/GymnasticsM/GymnasticsMArticle/tabid/263/Article/200201/Title/Pac-12-Networks-winter-schedules-announced.aspx
  15. CB


    Should we see pre-seeds some time this week?
  16. Seth Thomas 165, Oregon State, had the same result yesterday at RTOC. 9-1 to place third. Won his first pig tail, lost in R1, then went on a tear in the lower half. Extreemly impressive feats by both young men.
  17. Sorry to hear this. Viewing NCAA's on tv will never be the same. Thoughts-Prayers to his family.
  18. Going to take a stab at covering some live events. Two Oregon State duals and also the conference tournament. Not sure if ASU, Stanford have more TV dates also? Kudo's to Larry Scott and those in the Conf Admin office! http://www.osubeavers.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/100412aab.html
  19. Wow, it's a shocking read. These guys didn't need to drop Wrestling. My stomach is turning - but hey the head FB coach will get a hot tub! http://www.registerguard.com/web/newslocalnews/28375820-46/center-football-athletics-university-knight.html.csp
  20. How about hotel rooms, I heard they are tough to come by also.
  21. or APR. Not kind to N. Colorado. The report said reduced practice time and post season inellibible. You have to make sure you are on the APR tab, far right, then do your drop down menus (sport of school). Make sure it's on 2010-2011 http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/newmedia/public/rates/index4.html
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