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  1. Is there just 1 mat on the NBC coverage...thanks in advance.
  2. Yes it looked like a modified flying squirrel by the Iranian to seal the match.
  3. Whoa, who saw the throw by the Iranian?
  4. Thats all she wrote for Mensah-Stock, 10-0 winner
  5. The 60 KG bracket looks tough...all of the semi finalists are capable.
  6. USA Wr twitter saying the match is tonight
  7. Looks like she will wrestle Yasemin Adar, Turkey next round
  8. Not I couldn't find it. I have Xfinity on, Olympics Channel, but it's been bouncing around to different sports.
  9. For results...USA Wrestling is tweeting them out Gray with a pin @ 2:11, 76KG Womens to advance
  10. Buff Bulls schedule is out https://ubbulls.com/sports/wrestling/schedule/2021-22
  11. 01 Schwab v Lightner was a good one
  12. Some Beav fans on another forum were discussing this. Thoughts are 14 more names will be added when the guys arrive on campus. So it's still a work in progress.
  13. Used in a sentence: Coke got woke, then went broke.
  14. Does this open up any athletic scholarship, income or perks to taxation then? This sounds like a big hairball in the making.
  15. Koll to Stanford. I'm glad other schools are hosting again. Poly was the only school of the traditional 10 I haven't been to for a tournament.
  16. It's public https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/24680
  17. Amen and hallelujah! Yuge news, this is great.
  18. Most of the kids in 2nd paragraph were prize recruits during Z's tenure as HC. All sans the most recent Lamer who committed to Michigan. Coach Pendleton wasn't even around for most of them. It'll take some time to give them a reason to stay home. Even at that some will want to test the waters elsewhere. All Beav fans I've spoke too agree it's headed in the right direction. Build The Dam!
  19. Build the Dam! Its been hard to keep up with the names flying in. 19 by my count. It's a huge class. I'm thinking all sans the D1 transfers will be able to RS. One or two may make it in the line up.
  20. Gary 'gas tank' Traub, headed west to Oregon State
  21. Get the band back together, bring the Huskers next!
  22. Instagram showing Cory Crooks to Oregon State
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