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  1. haha, I remember Fongs from the '13 NCAA's.
  2. PAC has 1 listed at 141, then the 'automatic qualifier' which is the champion, so essentially 2 from the weight. Then 6 at large chosen after the conf. tournaments are done. Methinks It will be Willits-Woods going from the conf. The real loser here is like Idaho said: Arroyo; Tree's 141 all season.
  3. Try going through OSU's schedule, live stats, then the TW splash page will come up. https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  4. Schools would have received their allotments from the NCAA by now? I haven't heard anything about purchasing from this outlet.
  5. Timing wise, I think it will get their eventually. Have to clear out current slate of cities and contracts with venues, hotels and sports commissions. Then they can move it back on the calendar...at least that's what I remember John Smith mentioning during LY's non-tournament.
  6. From the video yesterday I noticed the Stanford wrestlers in a dark grey singlet with no school logos on them. Same with coach B when he approached the head ref table. A silent protest of sorts? It is sad that they are treated this way. I want the program to be saved.
  7. Thanks for posting. Or if CSUB can make it to Fresno on Sunday, OSU v CSUB could happen.
  8. Looking fwd to the Lamer-Abas match. Too bad the other SU studs won't be in the line up.
  9. Undefeated and a top 4 seed LY. Seems about right. I hope Shane has a great season, especially in light of what his university is doing for his and other's chances of competing there.
  10. Legend Lamer should be showing up on some rankings...if not already. Kid is legit!
  11. Same question...have hotel rooms to toss back if not able to attend.
  12. Being reported Matt Olguin - 157/165 is transferring to Oregon State.
  13. CB

    Greg Strobel

    From Oregon and an OSU fan have had the honor of meeting Strobel a couple of times. The first time was in the box seat section for Lehigh @ the '11 NCAA's in Philly. My first NCAA actually. Thoughts and prayers to his daughters and extended family and friends on both coasts. Rest in peace sir, enter into the joy of The Lord. Both Lehigh and Oregon State have published releases on his passing: https://lehighsports.com/news/2020/10/9/wrestling-lehigh-athletics-mourns-the-passing-of-greg-strobel.aspx https://osubeavers.com/news/2020/10/9/wrestling-oregon-state-national-champion-greg-strobel-passes-away.aspx
  14. FB back on, starting Nov 6-7, 7 game league schedule then a championship game on December 19th. Hoops, and assume other winter sports, to start on Nov 25. https://www.oregonlive.com/collegefootball/2020/09/pac-12-ceos-vote-to-jump-back-into-college-football-in-2020-with-a-seven-game-schedule-beginning-nov-6-7.html
  15. Cal Baptist is in the process of going D1. They will need a place to land.
  16. Very sad to hear this. I always heard that all of their programs were fully endowed.
  17. According to the Fresno Bee https://www.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/article243549552.html
  18. CB

    Oregon State

    Good hires by coach Pendelton. Hope all of these guys can get into the room here shortly.
  19. When the conference as a whole expanded from 10 to 12 by adding Utah and Colorado, it was sad neither university sponsored wrestling.
  20. Some tid bits I will throw out. Heard Jolley @ 125 has left the team. No ideas what his plans are. Carlos at 174, I could totally see that happening. Also Hunter Willits wrestled one open tournament at 165, that is a possibility too. Then put Garcia at 157?
  21. December - March shortened season?
  22. Its also interesting to look at the ASU timeline. When Zeke and staff came on, it hasn't been the same at Oregon St. Couple that with other events: Troy leaving to head up Fresno State, then the debacle with Coach Roberts and the Admin, it's been tough for the Beavs to rebound. Hence the change in late March to go with Coach Pendelton. BTW, Pendelton is the name of a city in Oregon :-)
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