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  1. yes SGP travels to Blair in 3 weeks, i give Blair the edge --- this national championship race not over, with Clovis wrestling at OPRF in Jan in a quad. Wy Sem appears out of it now but OPRF, SPG and Blair still alive. Maybe Clovis too?
  2. st Paris is the name of the town, its a public school, in division 2 in ohio-- located in farm country. Their edge is having possibly the best coach in high school wrestling, Jeff Jordan. He gets moveins because the best kids want to wrestle for him. FLO has great interview with David Taylor, he was there to award plaque to Zahid Valencia who became the only other 4X Ironman champ along with Taylor.
  3. seeding finalized www.walshironman.com Shields is in there, 2 seed behind Manville at 160 tickets/all session passes available at the door
  4. the Lehigh Valley's Corey Haddad is AWNs new high school team & indiv ranker. 4 of his top 5 are in IRONMAN, december 12 & 13 at Walsh Jesuit Ohio participating teams are listed on website www.walshironman.com
  5. coah4title asks, "Is that the same team that lost to Midwest City, OK at home ? MWC , at least in Oklahoma, was also known for spiral rides during that tenure and we'll into the late 90s." answer: MWC came to st Eds 2 years in a row, beat st Eds in 1981, lost to them in 1982. Great teams both of them, REALLY great. Lawton OK was AWN # 1 in 1993, that same year Northampton PA was # 1 by Rob Sherrill, i think he was Center Mat Press at the time. Back then rankings were not as prevalent as today, only those 2 were of national stature. in a quad at st Eds, a truly SUPER quad in 1993, st Eds beat Lawton with those 3 come-from-behind spiral pins i refered to--- vying for # 1 mighty Walsh Jesuit beat st Eds but lost to Lawton, and there was a 4th team a very good Parkersburg South went 0 & 3. ...s/BobP
  6. the Gene Mills spiral ride/turn from the half-nelson was the main move used by St Eds wresters during their national reign under coach Howard Ferguson who started in 1975 and had a dynasty by 1978 thru the 1980s. Ferguson died an untimely death in 1989. Ferguson brought Mills in a number of times as a clinician. And st Eds used it constantly, they were known for it, looked for it and pinned many with it-- for them it was not a "ride", it was backpoints/pin. st Eds beat mighty # 1 Lawton Oklahoma with it in 3 straight matches with pins each wrestler coming from way down in score to pin, this was in 1992 or 1993. under coach Greg Urbas and asst John Heffernan st Eds doesnt use it as much, they are more diversified on top now with the cross-leg Turk and that leg-tilt everyone uses. ...s/BobP
  7. (to clarify further: as i said Isaac is congressman Jims son ---and Micah is st Paris Graham Ohio coach Jeff Jordans son. Jim and Jeff are brothers.)
  8. some are confusing Micah and Isaac Jordan-- Isaac is congressmen Jim's son, AA'd for Wisconsin this weekend. Micah will be true freshman at Ohio st and will compete with Demas at 157. Micah will not RS if he is best at 157, he will wrestle. my opinion: NO, (my alma mater) Ohio st Not the favorite at all in 2015. Gotta give edge to head coaches whove proven already they can win national titles, John Smith JRob, Cael, Tom Brands. i have faith in Tom Ryan and i think buckeyes can win it in 2015, but that has to be proven. ...s/BobP
  9. i know the news, Penn St got NEVILLS the great Calif hvt. s/BobP, AmWrNews
  10. glancing at some of the guys that Jay Hammond lists, top pinners in college Gable with 72 pins out of 97 matches-- Gene Mills with 107 out of 150 matches and Wade Schalles with 106 out of 159 matches have THE most pins ever college --- Kaufman not listed. Hodge 36 pins out of 46 matches slightly better % than Gable. Chris Taylor 64 pins out of 81 looks to me like slightly better % than Hodge or Gable. i think Taylor the top % pinner, Schalles and Mills the career top numbers. ...s/BobP
  11. well 46 matches in a college career is very few- and how would Hodge have done against Ed Ruth, that seems like a legit hypothetical question?
  12. lets look at the record book-- according to article by wresting historian Jay Hammond in Jan 6, 2006 AWN: Dan Hodge 1955-57 at U of Oklahoma, career record 46 & 0---yes only forty six matches total in a 3 season career. im not doubting the great Dan Hodge ability, theres a lot of ancedotal stories here-- however i conclude the challenge back then was not what it is in more recent times when its common for top wrestlers to enter the NCAA tourn with about 30 matches already, in one season. And they are doing this for 4 years, projecting to over 100 matches in a college career, not counting open tourn. also did White wrestlers in the 40s and 50s and 60s face the great Black wrestlers that we have competing today??? just asking, because i know in football and basketball whites did not face many of them head to head in that era. ...s/BobP
  13. depends how u define "strength", your welcome to your definition -- in this thread i defined it in baseball as ability to hit the ball the farthest, which the old timers i named could do. Ruth hit a beat up ball too, and Feller & Walter Johnson & Dizzy Dean pitched with same. The modern baseball is "juiced" too, not just some of the players. in golf, no one on tour hit as far as Jack Nicklaus in his day, thats how i define strength-- now with game-changing improvement in balls and clubs others hit it that far. Many other sports have similar examples.
  14. "Bob, when I was a kid, my buddy and I went to a Columbus Jets game, taking a bus to the west side of Columbus, Ohio. On the opposing baseball team was a guy named Luke Easter. (I'm sure you know of him.) Playing AAA baseball at this point, he had to be well into his 40's, and that game he hit two of the longest home runs I've ever seen in my life." TOSU, glad u mentioned LUKE EASTER-- what u saw in AAA Columbus was for REAL. Easter hit the longest ball in the history of Clevelands old Municpal Stadium. How do i know? no ball ever was hit out of old Muni stadium, though many greats played there, Mantle included. But Easter came the closest. A seat in the farthest reaches of the upper deck right centerfield was actually painted a different color to designate it, u could look up there and see where Easter had poked that ball on the fly almost out of the stadium-- i estimate would have been perhaps 600 feet HR if had been hit a bit more to center where it would have sailed clear thru. Easter was murdered up here in Cleveland long after his playing days, in a robbery attempt, he was coming out of a bank after cashing checks for friends on payday. A city park is named after him. u bring up a point i tried to make in a previous post. Easter played prime years in the old Negro League, how many Hall of Famers caliber played there? many i am sure. ...s/BobP
  15. sure modern top players --in general -- are stronger in some things that can be measured, like wt lifting. However there are certainly exceptions, that is why they are legends HR balls that have been measured tell us Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle and Hank Greenburg and Jimmy Fox and Harmon Killebrew and Frank Howard among others could hit the baseball as far as even the strongest modern (steroid) players. Bob Feller was the first pitcher, in the 1940's, to be measured at 100 mph, though others like Walter Johnson perhaps could do it too. The famed Steve Carlton slider?? he developed his strength by puting a baseball in a bucket or barrell full of sand then burrowing in to pull it out. U wanna talk grip-strength? Russ Hellickson was ox-strong, he told me about his own self-developed training methods, pick up a boulder, run with it 20 yards, put it down, pick it up again run back 20 yards, do this drill until u almost drop.
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