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  1. I believe this is Bucknell's own doing. They are a 4 year, no RS school. Don't think Sleigh would have been eligible for another year of scholarship money unless they opened up this policy.
  2. Next year 1. PSU 2. tOSU - unless they punt I would say get used to these two at 1 and 2 (either one at 1) for the foreseeable future unless one decides to punt a year. Everybody else scrapping for #3
  3. Possibly, if you add up the regular season, B1G & NCAA matches. Stoll can't beat anyone by more than 1 point. If he can, he pins them.
  4. Jeezus, what a bunch of mollies we have in this thread. Hasn't anyone here ever been in a front headlock? Yeah, it's dirty, savage and ruthless just like the thousands of well placed knuckles, fingers, etc. that happen on a daily occurrence in wrestling. It's a combat sport - sh*t happens. Not excusing it, but it's not like this makes him the Charles Manson of NCAA wrestling that some on here make out.
  5. Stand up if you are male and have urinated in public. Not as a habit, but in your lifetime, drinking involved for those of you who imbide, emergency only for those of you that don't. Ok now EVERYBODY in the room sit down. That said, being the head coach at a D1 institution, and you get cited for it - it's a problem and it embarrasses your university. But dealt with and done. Happens again after you survive the first time and you are an idiot, but that's not what happened here. I can understand if he is canned then, although I would think it is harsh, but he wasn't. What happened with this is so far away from the above and has nothing to do with this. I have conceded I get the environment we are in and probably that something like this in the past impacts the administration decision, but again, your attack was "laundry list" and "long time coming." Posts like that impugn character. If you want to throw in the coaching hire this year, fine, but to me that was a positive in his favor that bit him in the ass through no fault of his own and if anything he was very protective of the university in that. I can live with my coach having an embarrassing (and not dangerous) incident that he obviously learned from and then also being a tough and demanding guy. Others can't. I can lament the fact that the university will use a pathetic incident to wash its hands, while still understanding why it happened. Doesn't change the fact that I think it's weak. You don't. I understand your position. I don't think you understand mine. The crux of my point is that when you throw out the stuff you did in your post, coupled with a coach leaving mid-season, most will get the impression that he's some kind of rogue coach, or there were serious issues with behavior. There weren't. I know you have brought up this incident and said it is not acceptable in amateur athletics. I disagree with you about what athletics at the D1 level is. It's not HS. And the semantics about the exchange of services for representation is just that...semantics. These kids are getting compensated to wrestle, to sacrifice time - time that could be spent elsewhere - in the form of tuition and room and board, and the people in charge of them are evaluated based on their performance. Not like in HS, where the good guy coach can roll on for 25 years because he teaches the right things and doesn't cause any waves regardless of his teams performance (and I'm not saying this is a bad thing as one of my good friends is an excellent coach at the HS level and does an excellent job with his kids, despite not being a very good coach in terms of winning. I would be happy for any of my kids to play under him in his sport, he will treat them well and teach them things.)
  6. Amateur athletics - i.e. high school - and D1 wrestling where you are getting paid to wrestle are a different ballgame. People's jobs are on the line in regards to performance. You are right that the public citation was an embarrassment and he was lucky to survive that. My point is that I have seen other coaches get inebriated there as well. And if you are unfortunate enough to run afoul of the law when inebriated it is a problem when you are a coach. It was also dealt with and there have been no issues since that. I'm not Col Jessup and I can certainly see if some recent alumni and current wrestlers feel his style his tough. Some kids embrace it, some not so much. If you want to argue that his mistake here was not handling this the right way in the current educational environment, I'll respect that opinion. I don't think we'd be seeing the same thing happen 25, 20 or even 10 years ago. My point is your posts are not specific and your "laundry list" comment. I'm not asking you to be specific, but throwing that out there is an assault on the man's character and leads to speculation from those that are peripherally aware of the issue that also impugns his character. This is not fair. He's a good man with good character. And a good coach. I'm also entitled to my opinion and mine is that faced with the situation, I would tell my kid to suck it up, work harder, don't look to place the blame elsewhere, or find a new situation if this one is not tenable. You are getting paid to do a job and this is what the real world is like. I will admit that I don't have much patience for things like mental duress in my family and that this opinion may not be shared by all. Everybody faces pressure when they are in a position to have to perform, you are not always going to be happy and it's up to you and only you to fix that when faced with it. I will admit that also being faced with the situation if it was my kid, I would be p.o.'d but my reaction would also be to look for what we are or aren't doing in this to be faced with it. I know this is not always the case in this day and age.
  7. If you've heard stuff 3rd hand, you're like most and you are just guessing. So you really shouldn't have any feelings to support LN. I've experienced first hand. As my significant other and I went through the situation yesterday and recounted the EXACT things that lead to this, I said to her "don't you realize how this could get slanted and what a guy with an ax to grind could do with this if he relayed the situation like this..." and then she said, "oh, yeah, you're right." Because she didn't think that way to start off. Because she didn't raise her kid to be a p....
  8. You live in Binghamton and are a coach (I'm guessing HS) and a fan. I have a kid there. Your above posts are a joke - laundry list, lol. The NCAA incident is public record. No excuses, but it's not like it was a DUI. If been to many nationals and seen many of the coaches have a few too many. Pretty common, except for getting the citation. It was dealt with, and if you can name a time in public in the past few years since then that you have seen the guy throwing them back, I will applaud - and then call you a liar. His offseason hire this year didn't work out. Hiring a friend and giving the guy a path back into the ranks. A well respected coach by most and would have been a great get. I get it, another strike, but Dernlan wasn't the one who screwed up. Excuse me for not getting worked up about it. And now this. Which is the snowflake of all snowflake situations. Funny thing we had almost the exact same situation when my older boy was in HS and the counselor at the HS basically tied our HC hands from doing anything at all involving criticism or sitting the kid. The kid and his parents had pretty much carte blanche to wrestle and practice whenever they wanted. A little different here, but in the ballpark. I guess our HC in high school had better survival instincts than Matt. You may have a different opinion than I, and many do in this day and age, and maybe it was time to part ways. I get it, schools and universities are funny places in the current era when it comes to stuff like the above. It certainly isn't the climate that it was 25 or 50 years ago. You could also have a different opinion and not think he is getting the job done. Although if you were close to the team you could see they have some talent there after the last recruiting class and the direction was pointing up, which is a positive given the university support which you acknowledged in your discussion of the AD. I would disagree with you and think the program is trending upwards. But to basically issue a character assault on the man is a complete joke by you. Tough coach and sometimes demanding. Yeah, sometimes if I was one of his wrestlers, I'd think he's being a d*^k. But a good man, with character. Don't assault it because you don't like him. Fortunately, Kyle and Jasen are absolutely great. Big plus with Jasen returning. With Matt as a close second, he was the #1 reason we were comfortable there. I guess we will see what happens this spring, I hope they are not just given lip service in the search. But the uncertainty given the players involved is unsettling.
  9. My mistake. Forgot about the sterling reputation of the "Oxford" of message boards. Perhaps I should take my sarcasm over to BWI, or better yet, the "Cesspool."
  10. ...never be a member of a national championship team. Unless he transfers,of course. Fortunately he will always be able to tell people he was in the "best lightweight room in the country."
  11. In order: 285 - Snyder 149 - Retherford 157 - Nolf 174 - Hall 141 - Heil 125 - NATO 197 - Moore 165 - IMAR Not on list: 133 - wide open 184 - Nickal/Valencia - 50/50 No further discussion is needed...
  12. 57kg Field - 80 60kg Maple - 60 65kg Retherford - 30 70kg Field - 50 74kg Dake - 13 86kg Taylor - 9 97kg Field - 100 120kg Rey - 30
  13. To paraphrase Jason Bryant's quote on this topic: You tell one of these guys there are only 10 spots in the lineup and they say, "That's great, who are the other 9 guys I'll be wrestling with?"
  14. Sasso is listed as an uncommitted prospect. Committed prospects are in blue. Prospects listed are top kids in PSU's area plus national kids that have been linked to PSU at some point.
  15. You guarantee this was not the case????????? Try this: https://twitter.com/Mitch_Rupert/status/833430254647668741 (Wish I knew how to embed tweet/video here) Not sure how you can view that and still think that he wasn't pinned for at least two seconds. He's flat from about .5 to 4.0 seconds in that video. Clear view of the situation from this camera angle.. Of course there were under 10 seconds in the period and I'm sure the assistant ref was counting and in that situation the guy was just waiting for the period to end and was not going to call it no matter what. The guy missed it. Probably because of the crowd and the lateness of the period. It happens. Not sure why people want to make excuses for the ref. They all make mistakes.
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