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  1. Tyrel Todd https://mutigers.com/news/2019/5/10/-mizzouwrestling-hires-tyrel-todd-as-associate-head-wrestling-coach.aspx
  2. No, his son is Quinn Smith. https://mutigers.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4442
  3. What are the chances he gives it a go?
  4. Was that really Kurt Angles brother that choked slammed a kid at a tournament? Olanowski tweeted the video and a couple people said it was Eric Angle Kurt’s brother. Shameful whoever it was.
  5. Any easy suggestions on where to find this info, or do I have to trudge through track?
  6. that’s cute ur a self appointed moderator/snowflake.
  7. Must work for CNN, Bc you’re fake news.
  8. If Rodgers doesn’t go his automatic bid is gone and 165 goes down to 5 bids. As far as the seeding goes that’ll be interesting to see what the conference decides to do.
  9. Wonder if he’s going to the NYAC, he said he’s skipping his senior season of folk to focus on senior level goals.
  10. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch Fox Catcher for free (w ads) right now if you haven’t seen it.
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