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  1. Mascola's currently ranked WR.com #28 in nation at 157. Was 2015 NCAA Q 17-16 W/L.
  2. Wrestling Report lists Div I results on its "College Scores" Forum.
  3. ^^The 6 teams at the Nov 1 Terp Duals are West Liberty, Davidson, Pitt, Kutztown, Buffalo and Maryland. I think above is old scheduling.
  4. Mopar, Yes, the PSU Train is strapping ten hemis together for 2016. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.
  5. ^^Thanks for the replies. Bye the weigh, there was an article on Maryland native Kyle Snyder in the Oct 20 Washington Post sports page. (The post rarely covers college/international wrestling or wrestlers.)
  6. ^^Seriously, isn't Kyle Snyder only about 6-foot or 6' 1" tall? I don't think he has the height to be an elite Div I hwt., though he certainly could be a 3X NCAA champ at 197. When Snyder was at Good Counsel he looked like he was about 5' 11" tall.
  7. ^^VT's been saying Solomon Chishko probably will be in the battle to start this fall up at 149.
  8. ^^There was a phenomenal kid who was a senior in high school in Kentucky the 1973-74 season. He had made the 1972 U.S. Men's Olympic Freestyle team and placed 12th in the 1972 Olympics at 114.5 pounds. In Dec of 1973, as a high school senior, he competed in the Midlands, won the event, beating the defending NCAA champ in the finals and was selected Midlands' OW. Incredible accomplishments for a high school kid!
  9. ^^Ricky McDonald's ranked, but no longer on Brown squad. Assume he's graduated, not on Brown roster and really no reason to rank him. Navy might end up with Jadaen Bernstein at 174 and Mat (one "t") Miller at 184. We shall see.
  10. ^^I've always assumed it's clear that local school superintendents, administrators, decision makers and school district legal advisors are NOT going to allow freestyle wrestling in jr/sr high school, because of injury risk.
  11. ^^When Snyder lived in Maryland, before going out to OTC then Ohio State, he looked like he was about 5' 11" tall. How tall is he now? Back when he wrestled for Our Lady of Good Counsel, he look like a career 197 pounder. If he stays at 197 for his final years of Div I eligibility, he certainly could go undefeated. If he were to move up to hwt and is only about 6 foot or 6' 1" tall, I don't see him going undefeated among big and tall Div I elite hwts.
  12. ^^Couple comments - Marcus Cain is not on the Duke team. Cain graduated 2015 and no longer competing. LHU staff has issued a release saying NCAA Dan Neff is going 141 this season.
  13. ^^Lock Haven staff have issued a release stating their 149-pound 2015 NCAA AA Dan Neff plans to compete at 141 this coming season. Under the circumstances, I think Neff should be ranked at 141 this preseason.
  14. ^^Speaking of Wisconsin, I think Ed "Strangler" Lewis was from Wisconsin. Guys like him and Frank Gotch (Iowa) had world-class pro results in the early 1900's, and mostly long "shoot" matches that were not fake.
  15. ^^I do not recall if Bill Harlow actional resided in TN when he went to private school there, but LongRifle certainly should be considered Tennessee for pre-college wrestling purposes. Here is a link to a Bill Harlow interview- http://wrestlingreport.com/2009-10_News/bill_harlow.htm
  16. Dave Auble, from Ithaca, was a 2X NCAA champ (1960 NCAA OW) for Cornell and only lost one match in college. Back in Auble's years in high school, NY did not have state championships. Auble also was an excellent freestyler. Actually, as I recall, Blatnick won Olympic Greco Gold the year most of the best Greco were not entered. I've never head anyone argue that was a world-class Greco field.
  17. ^^NAIA Forum- http://wrestlingreport.com/current_news/
  18. ^^I looked at the above rankings at 149 for guys from schools in the east and south. LHU staff says NCAA AA Dan Neff will go 141 this coming season. I do think Marcus Cain graduated from Duke this past spring, left town, and, thus, is no longer on the team. I think Rutgers probably will be starting Tyson Dippery at 149 this coming fall, with possible RS year for Ken Theobold. Further, there is one guy ranked who, when I checked Sept 1st, still needs NCAA action for extra year to compete this coming season. Hope he gets it!
  19. ^^Chub, Summer talk around the Nitany Lion campfire is: Mega/125, Conaway/133, Gulibon/141 and Retheford moving up to 149. We shall see.
  20. Creek chub, This month VT insiders are saying Chishko will be in the hunt at 149. Are you saying that CHISHKO now is saying he plans to go 141? That would be excellent, but I don't think he's known so far for serious weight cutting.
  21. ^^Yeah, agree - I'm hearing Chisko might go 149 and battle would be between him and Mastriani for starting spot. Yeah, we shall see who ends up at 141 for the Hokies.
  22. ^^I suppose Maryland will update it's preseason roster next month. Here is a list (from UMD coaching staff) of incoming guys for the fall semester- Recruiting Class I am excited to announce our incoming class that is ranked top 20 by major wrestling rankings. These guys are great and will definitely have an immediate impact on our program's success. Name – Projected Weight Class – High School Peter Robinson –125– St. John's Shrewsbury, MA / Wyoming Seminary, PA (PG) BEFORE MARYLAND: 2014 State Champion, 2x State Finalist, 3x state place winner…2014 NHSCA Senior National All American… Career HS record of 183-24 Breandan Coughlin – 125 – Northern, MD BEFORE MARYLAND: 2014 State Champion, 2x state placer… 2014 Junior Greco-Roman Nationals 3rd…2014 Fila Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals 6th …Career HS record of 129-16 Joe Barber – 125 – Cicero North Syracuse, NY BEFORE MARYLAND: State qualifier… State Greco-Roman Champion… State Freestyle Runner-up…Career HS record of 98-31 Nick Casella – 133 – Locust Valley, NY BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 State Champion, 4x New York state placer (1st, 5th, 2nd, 2nd) Danny Boychuck – 149 – Wyoming Seminary, PA BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 National Prep All American 6th… finished 2nd at the 2015 Pan Am Junior Greco-Roman Championships… finished 5th at the 2012 FILA Cadet Greco-Roman World Championships Wade Hodges – 149 – Wauseon, OH BEFORE MARYLAND: 4x state placer (3rd, 4th, 4th, 7th)… 2014 Ironman runner-up, 6th place in 2013…Career HS record of 177-19 Jakob Restrepo – 157 – Sachem East, NY BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 State Champion… 2014 State runner-up…2015 Eastern States Champion… finished 5th in the 2015 Junior Freestyle Nationals … finished 4th in the 2014 FILA Cadet Freestyle Nationals … finished 8th in 2013…finished 4th in the 2015 FloNationals… 2x NHSCA High School National All American placing 7th in 2012 and 6th in 2013 …Career HS record of 171-11 Hunter Hulse – 157 – West Hampton Beach, NY BEFORE MARYLAND: 3x State Qualifier Josh Ugalde – 165 – Bound Brook, NJ BEFORE MARYLAND: 2x State Runner-up, 3x state placer finishing 2nd, 2nd, 6th…finished 2nd at the 2014 FloNationals… Finished 3rd in the 2014 Super 32 Challenge…Finished 3rd at the 2013 Cadet Freestyle Nationals and 8th in 2012 Sam Rowell – 165 – Mount Saint Joseph, MD BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 State Champion, 4x state place winner…2x National Prep All American 3rd, 7th Brendan Burnham – 165 – Pine-Richland, PA BEFORE MARYLAND: State placer (7th)... 2x state qualifier... Career HS record of 110-21 Garrett Griffith – 165 – Potomac Falls, VA BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 State Runner-up, 2x state placer (2nd, 5th)… Career HS Record of 119-37 Jaron Smith – 174/184 – Oakland Mills, MD BEFORE MARYLAND: 2x State Champion, 4x placer (1st, 1st, 3rd, 5th)… finished 4th in the 2015 NHSCA Senior Nationals… Career HS record of 129-22 David-Brian Whisler – 174/184 – Howland, OH BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 State Champion, 3x state placer (1st, 7th, 4th)… finished 7th at the 2014 Junior Freestyle Nationals… NHSCA Freshman National Champion… finished 3rd at the NHSCA Junior Nationals… 2x Ironman Tournament placer (4th, 8th) Youssif Hemida – 285 – Mamaroneck, NY BEFORE MARYLAND: 2015 NY State Champion…2014 Super 32 Challenge runner up…placed 7th at 2014 NHSCA Nationals…finished 2nd at 2014 FloNationals… notched a 5th place finish at 2014 Junior Freestyle Nationals…placed 7th at the 2013 Cadet Freestyle Nationals…ranked 5th in Flo Wrestling’s 220-pound rankings…rated the 9th ranked 220-pounder in Intermat’s high school rankings... Career HS record of 70-16 TRANSFERS Ryan Diehl – 133/141 – Liberty University / Trinity, PA BEFORE MARYLAND: At Liberty University, 2x NCWA National Champion (2015-141lbs, 2014-133lbs)…Named Outstanding Wrestler both years… High School: 4x state champion capturing two Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association AA titles at Trinity High School in Camp Hill, Pa., and two West Virginia AA/A championships at Berkeley Springs High School … represented the Pennsylvania All-Stars against the U.S. All-Stars in the 2013 Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic … 2011 Super 32 Challenge champion at 120 pounds and placed 3rd at 126 in 2012 … 2012 Beast of the East finalist … recorded 174 Career HS victories. Brad Miccio – 174/184 – Bloomsburg University / Benton, PA BEFORE MARYLAND: Freshman season at Bloomsburg University, competed at 165, 174 and 184 for the Huskies High School: placed 6th at King of the Mountain, 3rd at Regionals, 2nd at Districts We also have a couple of guys that will be joining us in the spring.
  23. ^^To redshirt, you need to complete NCAA procedures. I am unaware that Goodwin officially redshirted 2015. I think fans are assuming that, because Goodwin was wrestling unatt, he redshirted 2015.
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