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  1. Many who are comparing Iowa's success at the lower weights under Brands should examine how they are comparing to Cae's success with light weights. At Iowa State he had Andrew Long who was tooth and nail with McD and if he would have stayed eligable very well could have put Ramos a seat of two back when evaluating light weights. Also Nico has gone tooth and nail with both McD and Ramos in college and FS (lost on an "almost" takedown to Ramos). Add that Nico is a couple years younger than McD and Ramos and I believe the ability to develop lightweights is a push! I rule out Petaky as he was more of a 118 lber ( how I've wished that 118 was still a collegiate weight) than 125 and injuries his Sr. year skews evaluation. Bottom line when Lee chooses a college I think he know what training with Nico can do for him.
  2. I was happy that Soriano fell our way. Not only because of his obvious tallant but because he can go 125 if Spenser would want to RS or 133.
  3. I would also think that as a step father you realize that situations where both biological parents are not together can create difficult situations for children.
  4. Aviator........I may have been able to seperate the thoughts a bit better but I would never have thought anyone would mistake what I typed! First, I was simply stating that I mistakenly assume the man who was at his events with Chance's mother was his biological father. The man was well over 6 ft so I assumed Chance would grow much taller than what he has ended up (roughly 5'6"). The fact that he is his stepfather simply signifies that he would be brought up in a broken home (or at least he had lost his father prematurely) which in most instances means a very difficult situation. And with those facts I am more able to understand why Chance could have felt he had to further himself from that home life. And YES, it is easier to root for him......except when he wrestles PSU. I would never say living with a stepfather needs to be a bad situation. In many situations it is better and there have been reports that Chance was quite close to his step father.
  5. I think his accomplishments speak for themselves. I have always felt he might be challenged at the next level because of his build not his wrestling abilities. I believe at 5'6 and being as stocky as he is wrestling at 165/174 would be difficult. Too many good kids with length and strength to neutralize him and stalemate his best shots. The cut to 157 seemed difficult especially to a kid who has never had to cut. As a PSU die hard I was disappointed we didn't end up with him, but I do feel he will have an excellent career. 4 time champ....doubtful unless it's at 157 and even there IMar could well be too much for him. I could see him progressing to be a 2 timer whith 1 or 2 more AAs in him. If anyone calls that a bust heaven help all the wrestlers coming in!! When he was wrestling in the PSU open and I saw his father, I thought he would be about 174 or above. Little did I realize that the tall father figure was his step father and not his biological father. Can't help but root for kids with less than ideal home lives.
  6. I do not subscribe to the thought that you need to be the bad a$$ to prove you have the drive and mind set to dominate and stand on the top of the podium.
  7. I'm not saying he is a changed person but though old dogs can't learn new tricks, I believe Gilman can still improve his conduct and be a more worthy representative of the University of Iowa. Hell, I was less than a fan of the Brands as wrestlers for much the same reasons I do not have much good to say about Gilman. I can still remember one or both of them almost coming to blows with Jimmy Martin and/or Kenny Chertow. However my opinion of Tom has changed as I have listened to his interviews and realize that he has grown as a man.......attitudes can change and some times it is simply a must to fit in to society.
  8. Many of the posts on here that support Gilman rally around how he acted at the NCAAs. Has it occured to anyone that perhaps the Iowa administration and not just TB layed it out to Thomas just how they felt about the Waters incident and the pattern of behavior previous to that match and kinda layed down the law on what he might face if he continued to shine a poor light on the Univerfsity of Iowa??? Therfe were a number of fans that thought that a stiff penalty including possible suspension that could have eliminated Gilman from the post season was warranted. if indeed that happened then I applaud those responsible with protecting Iowa's image! Student athletes should appreciate the opportunity that they have and put their best foot forward. I can see a slip here or there but to build a negative image so early in one's career is not something a program wants to hang their reputation on. Gilman's behavior at the nationls is a step in the right direction and I hope it grows on him!
  9. I'm sure Gilman is a reasonable human being to those of you that have the same values as he does!! He has earned the disrespect that most have for him by his desire to be seen as more than he really is and his less than acceptable behavior on the mat!! For someone to put themselves above the likes of McDonough and Ramos they should not be getting decked by Sam Brancale and (as good as Zeke Moise is ) a true freshman with 14 loses! Most sports fans appreciate a little humility along with talent in their sports favorites,,,,,Just saying!
  10. Flo is always showing "DirtyTakedowns" and such. I'd check there first! Oh....forget it you need to pay for them. ;-0 I did hear they were thinking of putting them in "Adult" stores along the highways. Damned, better stop there. Hope they realize this was in jest!
  11. I believe the size of the school districts offering wrestling may have a great influence with the quality and quanity of wrestlers moving on to collegiate action and thus increase the the qualifying numbers.
  12. I know what your trying to point out but how did you get PSU, Pitt and all the other PA colleges in different regions?? I guess by conferences but if you do that it will be skewed as today's conference are all over the place!
  13. When considering how many participate, I would take into account that there is a possibility that in Iowa with a small population most any athlete has an opportunity to be on their HS wrestling team. Where as in Pa there may be more competition and thus a higher quality of athlete assuming a position on the HS teams. I would assume with more contested team member would have a greater ratio of qualifiers per rostered wrestlers. Just a theory...from a PA guy!
  14. If it's stalling, its stalling......don't see anything in the rule book that give either the right to protect their position!!! I believe the bottom guy is to work toward escaping or reversing and the top guy if to attempt to work toward a fall. Same with hand fighting and position position position from neutral!! If you force action from both we might just get action!
  15. It doesn't get called stalling when a wrestlers backs to the center of the mat because that is were the rule book wants wrestling done. I would love to see those backing to the edge by avoiding contact and the pusher who drives forward with out shooting in hopes of getting a stall call both be called for stalling!
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