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  1. Do you know anything of Carrot Top's Wrestling career. He's talked a lot in interviews of being on the wrestling team in high school. Curious who he competed for. Really cool to learn that about Pat. He's such a cool guy. I also think the Paul Rubenfeld (AKA Rubens aka Pee Wee Herman) thing is complete fabrication. I've listened to a lot of interviews where he's talked about his youth & high school. Never once mentioned Wrestling. I mean that doesn't mean for sure that he didn't. Tony Danza wrestled in high school & one year of college & he NEVER mentions Wrestling. Talks boxing & baseball all the time, but never Wrestling. You know who DID Wrestle that will probably surprise you? Gailard Sartain
  2. I have Fletcher on my facebook. I wonder if he'd talk to me about that story (if true) or not. I certainly don't wanna tick him off, but I'm curious to know! You know some of what you say brings a smile to my face. Blair acts like he's the best athlete to ever come out of the high school he went to. I've met Pat before. Talk about a fun, friendly guy. I never knew he did amateur wrestling. That surprises me a bit. I knew that Randy Orton wrestled, but I was unaware that Bob Orton Jr had. You know who else wrestled in high school? Ricky Steamboat and Eddie's son Mike. Sadly Mike (as is Eddie) is gone now, but the way Mike talked, you would have thought he could've tech'd Dan Gable. Very braggadocios individual, but he did it in a harmless way. He once beat Steamboat (real name Richard Blood) in a match. He'd talk for hours about it. He claims that it was in the Qualifier finals for the state tournament. Yet I've searched and searched in Florida state high school records and never found the name Blood once. Nor did I ever find the name Gossett (Mike's real last name). Steamboat also has said in interviews that he wrestled in junior college, but I never found any info on that either. I also know that Graham wanted Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) to do both football and amateur wrestling, but he refused.
  3. Also just food for thought. Dory Funk Sr was pretty much single-handedly responsible for getting wrestling into private high schools in Texas in the 1960's. It's fun though to consistently listen to people in amateur wrestling bash & put down professional wrestling. I mean after all Funk in Texas & Graham in Florida, yet, let's often ignore that.
  4. Again this post was 7 years ago & I've read up/learned a lot since then. It's not black & white. It's very gray and very complicated. Texas in itself is a very strange state regarding collegiate wrestling. An excellent example of what you are talking about in terms of 'varsity' wrestling is LeTourneau https://johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com/2020/08/gone-lost-forgotten-their-best_14.html They competed in the NCCAA (National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association) which was never official. Yet the school treated the program as varsity status. They were listed in the yearly annuals, the media guides and in the yearbooks. The school recognized the team & advertised for duals. They even hosted a tournament.
  5. Alaska-Pacific DID have a varsity wrestling program at one time and they were quite good. https://johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com/2020/07/gone-lost-forgotten-their-best-alaska.html As to Hawaii and your analysis, that IS what they did for a time period. They had wrestling In the 30's & 40's and 50's & dropped it sometime around the Korean War. Then the Rainbow Warriors brought wrestling back for a short spell in the 70's. A member of the PAC-12 conference (what would now be the PAC-12 anyway) they routinely finished in last place, with dual records, indicating about three to at most five duals per year.
  6. Eddie Graham was also instrumental in the wrestling program at the University of Tampa
  7. Umbach would be 118 years old if he were alive today. When he graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State, the wrestling world was still a few years shy of seeing the first NCAA tournament. He was so instrumental in building collegiate Wrestling in the south. The brain child behind SEIWA & the head of SEC Wrestling. Nearly every team that added Wrestling in the south during Umbach's time has since dropped. Yet I think you'd be shocked of how many schools DID have Wrestling at one time. I also wouldn't trust endowments to save or secure Wrestling. Bucky O'Connor set up a permanent endowment at Notre Dame to ensure Wrestling would last forever after his son Pat was murdered in Europe in between his sophomore & junior year. O'Connor passed away in 1991 & Dick Rosenthal & company began an immediate coaxing of Bucky's wife/Pat's mom. By the start of the 1992-1993 school year, it was announced that Wrestling would be dropped & the Pat O'Connor endowment would fund other sports. How any Wrestling fan can cheer Fighting Irish football is beyond me. I want to puke everytime I see it.
  8. Here's an article I did on Florida Gator wrestling https://johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com/2020/05/gone-lost-forgotten-their-best-florida.html I didn't go into full detail & again this is what I have been told. Never verified whether this is true or not. This is simply what a guy involved in Florida Gator wrestling in the late 70's told me. So again, I'll use the word allegedly. He said that Pell purposefully worked with the numbers to make sure that Florida would be in violation of Title IX. He wanted the space and resources wrestling was taking up for the football program as well as to use the money for wrestling to increase scholarship $$ for the football program. By eliminating wrestling, Florida became compliant with Title IX and Pell was able to do exactly what he wanted to do. That's the information I was given when I did my research for Florida Gator wrestling.
  9. I did a comprehensive study on SEC wrestling about four years ago. https://johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com/2017/09/solving-mystery-that-was-sec.html
  10. Over the past 7 years, I wrote about NCWA programs a number of times. I did a full length feature article on the Iowa State wrestling club. I'd share it here, but unfortunately I do not have the rights to the article I wrote. My articles I wrote during that time for Takedownwrestle were sold (along with everything else for Takedown) to theopenmat. If I want copies of articles that I wrote, I have to pay for them. I'm not doing that. The NCWA website at one time had the article up. Not sure if they would still have a copy of it or not.
  11. Delware has produced greats like Sheldon Thomas and Bobby Telford over the years, but neither went to Delaware State when it did have a program. Seems that none of the good Delaware kids would go to DSU when it had a program. Not sure why. I'm sure there's good reason, I'm just not sure what it was. Information on Delaware Wrestling = https://johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com/2020/02/gone-lost-forgotten-their-best-delaware_22.html Information on Delaware State Wrestling = https://johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com/2020/02/gone-lost-forgotten-their-best-delaware.html
  12. You understand that this post is 7 years old right? I've been to Southeastern before. Unfortunately not during the wrestling season so I wasn't able to attend a dual there. Nice facilities though. I hope one day to get down there to watch some wrestling as well as to Keiser and St Thomas. I think it's only a matter of time before more schools have wrestling in Florida. NJCAA wrestling would be great to have down there with all of their community/junior colleges. Miami-Dade at one time was rather competitive and could be again.
  13. Depressing how this only has two responses thus far, mine being a third. Coach Jensen was a wonderful guy. I had the privilege of getting to know him for a very short time while I was in high school. What a beautiful human being. Great Coach & I mean that in all ways it can be meant. Far more than just what he taught on the wrestling mat. Great guy.
  14. Florida Central Florida South Florida North Florida Florida International Florida A&M Stetson Miami Tampa That's 9 teams that at one time had varsity wrestling programs. Florida State had a transitional team from 1962-1963 through 1965-1966. They never became officially varsity but they did attend tournaments and dual meets during that four year period.
  15. The deaths of Stovepipe aka Alan Brown & Jay Hammond my two favorite posters on this board really took the spirit out of me. Alan was a friend of mine that read my work & helped me with it. I took his death pretty hard & themat has never been the same for me since. Johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com is where I do all of my writing on amateur wrestling now.
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