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  1. Depressing how this only has two responses thus far, mine being a third. Coach Jensen was a wonderful guy. I had the privilege of getting to know him for a very short time while I was in high school. What a beautiful human being. Great Coach & I mean that in all ways it can be meant. Far more than just what he taught on the wrestling mat. Great guy.
  2. Florida Central Florida South Florida North Florida Florida International Florida A&M Stetson Miami Tampa That's 9 teams that at one time had varsity wrestling programs. Florida State had a transitional team from 1962-1963 through 1965-1966. They never became officially varsity but they did attend tournaments and dual meets during that four year period.
  3. The deaths of Stovepipe aka Alan Brown & Jay Hammond my two favorite posters on this board really took the spirit out of me. Alan was a friend of mine that read my work & helped me with it. I took his death pretty hard & themat has never been the same for me since. Johnnythompsonnum1.blogspot.com is where I do all of my writing on amateur wrestling now.
  4. I didn't not realize that McFadden had the opportunity to become V.T.'s first four time All American. I was thinking they had accomplished that feat in the past.
  5. Terkay's story is one of the best. He was nothing in high school. Then goes on to accomplish all that he did in college. Truly inspiring.
  6. When I attended a University of Iowa wrestling camp my freshman year of high school I outright asked Gable if he ever worked out with Taylor. He said he did, but only from the top position as Taylor's size was obviously too much to over come from neutral or bottom. Per Gable's own words he could turn Taylor from time to time over to his back. Giving up 300 lbs and he could turn him. Now that's IMPRESSIVE
  7. I like Nick Simmons. I'm a fan of his. So me wanting to see this match has nothing to do with no liking him, it's more so from the historical aspect of it. Junior high, High school, college, international competition Simmons pinned a crap ton of guys, but he himself was only pinned once. That match was when Michigan State wrestled North Carolina at North Carolina during the 2002-2003 season. Simmons had recently kicked the crud out of NCAA runner up Luke Eustice something like 11-0 major decision. UNC's Chris Rodrigues had recently lost to unranked Jacob Grey of Navy. So the results of the match were sorta funny. Rodrigues pinned Simmons in 1:09 in the first period. It's the only time Simmons was ever pinned. (Unless he was pinned during elementary wrestling). I didn't see the match but I had it described to me by someone who did. Rodrigues shot in, Simmons began going for a spladle, somehow or another Rodrigues popped his head out, sorta grabbed Simmons in a neckwrench and then threw him to the mat and the ref called the pin. If there is video of this match, may it one day be seen!
  8. There are many athletic directors who would give him a run for his money, I can think of three right now, but does it get any worse than Trev Alberts? What a piece of crap.
  9. He hasn't been since I last checked the Navy Roster back the first of August. Yet don't you think it's weird that intermat put him in their October 22nd rankings?
  10. I'm not going to post it all here just because there's so much to be posted, but here's what I can give you. Top 10 finishes of any Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA or CCCAA school that no longer has wrestling Every NCAA Division I NCAA qualifier and All American from schools that no longer have wrestling Every NCAA Division II All American from schools that no longer have wrestling Every NCAA Division III All American from schools that no longer have wrestling Every NAIA All American from Schools that no longer have wrestling Every CCCAA Place winner from schools that no longer have wrestling Name a conference...I dont' have them all but I have a ton...and if a school that no longer has wrestling won that conference I can give you that information Every Midlands place-winner from schools that no longer have wrestling Every Big 12 place winner from schools that no longer have wrestling Every EIWA place winner from schools that no longer have wrestling If you want to know anything in regards to statistics, accomplishments, credentials, ect on schools that no longer have wrestling, I'm a good guy to ask. Can't guarantee I'll have the answer, but I have a ton of information. Just let me know what you want to know
  11. Intermat put out rankings on 10-22-2019. That's five days ago. Jared Prince Senior Navy 149 lbs #9
  12. I'm wondering in the case of Jared Prince if it is one of those issues where he only has one semester of eligibility left. If maybe we'll see him show up out of the blue in January.
  13. Spend a weekend in Iowa City (especially during the off season) downtown and you tell me whether Iowa wrestlers "have fun" or not. :)
  14. Wrestling loves to romanticize the idea of the all technique, no strength wrestler who takes the muscle bound wrestler and beats the crap out of him using an arsenal of maneuvers, strategy and experience. Yet this Utopian idea is nothing more than fantasy. Even if one can be successful without some sort of strength training, the fact remains that they'll be MORE success with it. It may not look the same for everyone. In fact, I know it doesn't. I've witnessed both Iowa's lifting regiment and Minnesota's. They're nothing alike, at all. Yet both Hawkeye wrestlers and Golden Gopher wrestlers are very strong. I imagine every collegiate program in the country has some sort of a lifting regiment. I'd be shocked to learn of one that didn't.
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