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  1. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    Non-wrestlers needed

    Banbasketball never wrestled. He was a varsity basketball player in high school. I'm surprised he hasn't responded to this post yet. My high school shared a football program with another local high school. That other high school did not have a wrestling program, until they finally joined with us in 2005. I know quite a few people from that area who used to come over and watch wrestling duals at our high school. Some that to this day attend Iowa Hawkeye wrestling meets. It's a rarity to find fans who never wrestled. Damn near impossible to find fans who didn't become fans because of a son, nephew, grandson, boyfriend or good friend that wrestled.
  2. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    Up and coming States.

    Does it also help that high school wrestling has grown significantly south of Osage Beach? When I was a kid, it seemed that Missouri was divided into two. North of Osage Beach was Missouri, where most schools had wrestling teams and south of Osage Beach was Missouruh where most schools didn't have wrestling programs. Now, most of those schools in the south have wrestling programs. For example when I was little Branson high school didn't have wrestling. Now, they do.
  3. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    List of Transfers

    And he's listed at 165 lbs! Now that shocked me!
  4. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    Up and coming States.

    Florida and Georgia have both been producing great talent since the 1960's. You can find a ton of NQ's and AA's from both states throughout the years. It's Texas that is growing and with the likes of Nickal and Mueller, it just goes to show how disadvantaged our sport was by those who tried to keep wrestling out of the lone star state for such a long time. Varsity wrestling at Public high schools has been around for twenty years. That's it. A very young sport in Texas. Even at the private school level, early 70's is the earliest you'll find schools with wrestling programs.
  5. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results

    Heard an interview with him one time. Said that he went to NC State and told the coaches he would do anything they asked of him and made up his mind that no matter what happened he was going to believe in himself and keep a positive attitude. They worked the living crap out of him, and look what happened.
  6. Eight times. Is that a record? I don't know, but it seems high to me. R2 Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) dec Vitali Arujau (Cornell) 6-2 3rd Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) dec Vitali Arujau (Cornell) 8-3 QF Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) dec Pat Glory (Princeton) 9-5 5th Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) Fall Pat Glory (Princeton) 5:29 QF Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) dec Brock Mauller (MIssouri) 8-5 5th Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) dec Brock Mauller (Missouri) 10-6 QF Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) dec Mitch Finesilver (Duke) 3-1 s.v. 3rd Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) dec Mitch Finesilver (Duke) 7-5 QF Hayden HIdlay (NC State) dec Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 5-3 s.v. 3rd Alec Panaleo (Michigan) dec Hayden Hidlay (NC State) 5-3 QF Kaleb Young (Iowa) dec Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) 7-5 sv 5th Kaleb Young (Iowa) dec Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) 7-5 sv QF Evan Wick (Wisconsin) Fall Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven) 1:25 3rd Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven) dec Evan Wick 6-5 QF Myles Martin (Ohio State) dec Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) 11-2 3rd Myles Martin (Ohio State) dec Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) 5-3 I had a feeling the new seeding would result in guys meeting multiple times. I thought it would happen more than eight to tell you the truth.
  7. True on all accounts. No longer have the email exchange between the two of us or I would provide it.
  8. I think we'll see the most amount of guys meet twice this tournament that we've seen in a long time, maybe ever. Guys who meet R1, R2, or QF, that meet later in placement matches or Consolation Quarters or Semis. I think we'll see a lot of that this year.
  9. Arkansas-Little Rock and Presbyterian College would be a good place to ask that question. I"d wager that it might be so they could be competitive at a sport. Well known for something. I sometimes wonder if Central Connecticut regrets cutting wrestling. It was by far their best sport at the time they dropped it, and they have yet to in any sport match the conference accomplishments that wrestling did.
  10. Hard to believe but Hawaii actually had a team at one time. 1931-1950. I don't know much about it other than the years it ran. I'm not sure if they came to the mainland for duals or if teams from the west coast flew out to Hawaii or what. All I know is that I once asked an SID years ago, and he came back at me with those years. No pictures, stats, names or anything else. All he gave me was the years.
  11. No, I need to get a copy of that book.
  12. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    Non Wrestling Fans

    I agree 100%. It takes participation from many sides to get fans interested in wrestling. I mean look at what has happened at Campbell in just a few short years. They have drawn more of a crowd for home duals the past three seasons than they did for ten years combined. The hire of Kolat and stepping it up to improve Camels wrestling is a night and day difference. If only we could get more of that to happen. I know it's easier said that done. $$ doesn't grow on trees.
  13. SEC Conference Wrestling Champions 1970 LSU 1971 LSU 1972 LSU 1973 Auburn 1974 Auburn 1975 Auburn 1976 Florida 1977 Kentucky 1978 Kentucky 1979 LSU 1980 LSU 1981 Auburn And upon winning the Conference title, sending five to the NCAA's, three of which were AA's, Pat Dye walked into the wrestling room muttered that it'd make a great training facility for the football program and announced shortly thereafter that wrestling would be discontinued.
  14. It'd help if they got more respect than what they do from the rankings/seeding committees. In reality, Trevor Allard at 184 lbs WAS qualification material and easily could have been number 32 or 33. I blame the fact that Bloomsburg has a weaker schedule with no participation in the large in season tournaments of CKLV, RENO, Southern Scuffle or Midlands.
  15. JohnnyThompsonnum1

    Non Wrestling Fans

    Gary Kurdelmeier believed differently and as a result helped to propel Iowa to the most popular wrestling team in the nation. He believed a part of it was his responsibility, instilled that in Gable and wa la, butts in the seats.