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  1. Ok here is my list. Unfortunately, mine includes all Olympic and World Medalist, both Freestyle and Greco-Roman. I didn't differentiate. Looking back. I probably should have. I also included women. I also wasn't sure where to place some guys who wrestled for multiple schools. So I put them somewhere. Don't like it. Then put em somewhere else. I also didn't include Northern Michigan on the list either. Maybe there are some other schools I shouldn't have included either. For what it's worth. YALE George Dole - 1908 Olympic Gold CORNELL George Ackerly - 1920 Olympic Gold Kyle Dake - 2018 World Gold PENNSYLVANIA Sam Gerson - 1920 Olympic Gold Brandon Slay - 2000 Olympic Gold COLUMBIA Nat Pendleton - 1920 Olympic Silver NORTHWESTERN Bryan Hines - 1924 Olympic Bronze Jack Riley - 1932 Olympic Silver Jake Herbert - 2009 World Silver OREGON STATE Robin Reed- 1924 Olympic Gold Chester Newton - 1924 Olympic Silver Henk Schenk - 1969 World Bronze Les Gutches - 1997 World Gold, 1999 World Bronze BROWN John Spellman - 1924 Olympic Gold OHIO STATE Harry Steele - 1924 Olympic Gold Jim Humphrey - 1977 World Silver Mark Coleman - 1991 World Silver (Also wrestled at Miami (OH) ) Kyle Snyder - 2015 World Gold, 2016 Olympic Gold, 2017 World Gold, 2018 World Silver Logan Steiber - 2016 World Gold ILLINOIS Allie Morrison - 1928 Olympic Gold Lindsay Durlacher - 2006 World Bronze OKLAHOMA STATE Robert Pearce - 1932 Olympic Gold Jack Van Bebber - 1932 Olympic Gold Ross Flood - 1936 Olympic Silver Frank Lewis - 1936 Olympic Gold Shelby Wilson - 1960 Olympic Gold Doug Blubaugh - 1960 Olympic Gold Bobby Douglas - 1966 World Silver, 1970 World Bronze (Also wrestled at West Liberty) Fred Fozzard - 1969 World Bronze Bill Harlow - 1970 World Silver Lee Roy Smith - 1983 World Silver John Smith - 1987 World Gold, 1988 Olympic Gold, 1989 World Gold, 1990 World Gold, 1991 World Gold, 1992 Olympic Gold Kenny Monday - 1988 Olympic Gold, 1989 World Gold, 1991 World Silver, 1992 Olympic Silver Kendall Cross - 1996 Olympic Gold Jamill Kelly - 2004 Olympic Silver (Also wrestled at Lassen CC) Daniel Cormier - 2007 World Bronze Coleman Scott - 2012 Olympic Bronze CALIFORNIA Edgar Nemir - 1932 Olympic Silver KANSAS Peter Mehringer - 1932 Olympic Gold INDIANA Richard Volvia - 1936 Olympic Silver NORTHERN IOWA Gerald Leeman - 1948 Olympic Silver William Smith - 1952 Olympic Gold Joe Colon - 2018 World Bronze MICHIGAN STATE Leland Merrill - 1948 Olympic Bronze Jim Ferguson - 1962 World Bronze Don Behm - 1968 Olympic Silver, 1969 World Silver, 1971 World Silver IOWA STATE Glen Brand - 1948 Olympic Gold Dan Gable - 1971 World Gold, 1972 Olympic Gold Ben Peterson - 1972 Olympic Gold, 1973 World Bronze, 1976 Olympic Silver Chris Taylor - 1972 Olympic Bronze Kevin Darkus - 1985 World Silver Nate Carr - 1988 Olympic Bronze Kevin Jackson - 1991 World Gold, 1992 Olympic Gold, 1995 World Gold (Also wrestled at Louisiana State) Cael Sanderson - 2003 World Silver, 2004 Olympic Gold Jake Varner - 2011 World Bronze, 2012 Olympic Gold CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK Henry Wittenberg - 1948 Olympic Gold, 1952 Olympic Silver NAVY Josiah Henson - 1952 Olympic Bronze Pete Blair - 1956 Olympic Bronze Lloyd Keaser - 1973 World Gold, 1976 Olympic Silver OKLAHOMA Jay Evans - 1952 Olympic Silver Danny Hodge - 1956 Olympic Silver Wayne Wells - 1969 World Silver, 1970 World Gold, 1972 Olympic Gold Andre Metzger - 1979 World Bronze, 1986 World Silver, 1987 World Bronze Dave Schultz - 1982 World Bronze, 1983 World Gold, 1984 Olympic Gold, 1985 World Silver, 1986 World Bronze, 1987 World Silver, 1993 World Silver (Ok St) Mark Schultz - 1984 Olympic Gold, 1985 World Gold, 1987 World Gold (Also wrestled at UCLA) Melvin Douglas - 1989 World Silver, 1993 World Gold, 1994 World Bronze, 1995 World Bronze IOWA Terrence McCann - 1960 Olympic Gold Chris Campbell - 1981 World Gold, 1990 World Silver, 1992 Olympic Bronze Barry Davis - 1984 Olympic Silver, 1986 World Bronze, 1987 World Silver Randy Lewis - 1984 Olympic Gold Ed Banach - 1984 Olympic Gold Lou Banach - 1984 Olympic Gold Royce Alger - 1990 World Silver Brad Penrith - 1991 World Silver Tom Brands - 1993 World Gold, 1996 Olympic Gold Terry Brands - 1993 World Gold, 1995 World Gold, 2000 Olympic Bronze Lincoln McIlravy - 1998 World Bronze, 1999 World Silver, 2000 Olympic Bronze Joe Williams - 2001 World Bronze, 2005 World Bronze Mike Zadick - 2006 World Silver Bill Zadick - 2006 World Gold Thomas Gilman - World Silver NEBRASKA Dan Brand - 1962 World Bronze, 1965 Olympic Bronze Jim Rashke - 1963 World Bronze Bill Scherr - 1985 World Gold, 1986 World Silver, 1987 World Bronze, 1988 Olympic Bronze, 1989 World Silver Jim Scherr - 1986 World Bronze, 1987 World World Silver, 1980 World Silver Matt Lindland - 2000 Olympic Silver, 2001 World Silver (also wrestled at Clackamas CC) Rulon Gardner - 2000 Olympic Gold, 2001 World Gold, 2004 Olympic Bronze (also wrestled at Rick's College CC) Tolly Thompson - 2005 World Bronze Justin Ruiz - 2005 World Bronze Brad Vering - 2007 World Silver Jordan Burroughs - 2011 World Gold, 2012 Olympic Gold, 2013 World Gold, 2014 World Bronze, 2015 World Gold, 2017 World Gold, 2018 World Bronze James Green - 2015 World Bronze, 2017 World Silver LEHIGH Greg Ruth - 1963 World Bronze (Also wrestled at Oklahoma) Bobby Weaver - 1979 World Silver, 1984 Olympic Gold SIU-CARBONDALE Larry Kristoff - 1965 World Bronze, 1966 World Silver, 1967 World Bronze, 1969 World Silver, 1970 World Silver PORTLAND STATE Rick Sanders - 1966 World Bronze, 1967 World Silver, 1968 Olympic Silver, 1969 World Gold, 1972 Olympic Silver BRIGHAM YOUNG Michael Young - 1967 World Bronze, 1970 World Bronze ST. CLOUD STATE Dave Hazewinkel - 1969 World Bronze, 1970 World Silver WISCONSIN Russ Hellickson - 1971 World Bronze, 1976 Olympic Silver, 1979 World Silver Jack Reinwand - 1977 World Bronze Lee Kemp - 1978 World Gold, 1979 World Gold, 1981 World Bronze, 1982 World Gold Jim Haines - 1979 World Silver Andrew Rein - 1984 Olympic Silver Tricia Saunders - 1993 World Silver, 1998 World Gold, 1999 World Gold Dennis Hall - 1994 World Bronze, 1995 World Gold, 1996 Olympic Silver Jennifer Wong - 2003 World Bronze Donny Pritzlaff - 2006 World Bronze WISCONSIN-STOUT John Peterson - 1972 Olympic Silver, 1976 Olympic Gold, 1978 World Bronze, 1979 World Silver ADAMS STATE Gene Davis - 1976 Olympic Bronze SLIPPERY ROCK Stan Dziedzic - 1976 Olympic Bronze, 1977 World Gold PURDUE Joe Corso - 1979 World Bronze NORTH DAKOTA STATE Brad Rheingans - 1979 World Bronze ALABAMA Bob Walker - 1979 World Bronze ARIZONA STATE Billy Rosado - 1981 World Bronze (Also wrestled at Phoenix College) Zeke Jones - 1991 World Gold, 1992 Olympic Silver, 1995 World Bronze Townsend Saunders - 1996 Olympic Silver (also wrestled at Cal State Bakersfield) OREGON Greg Gibson - 1981 World Silver, 1982 World Bronze, 1983 World Silver, 1984 Olympic Silver (Also wrestled at Shasta CC) CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD Joe Gonzales - 1982 World Bronze (Also wrestled at East L.A. CC) Stephen Neal - 1999 World Gold INDIANA STATE Bruce Baumgartner - 1983 World Bronze, 1984 Olympic Gold, 1985 World Bronze, 1986 World Gold, 1987 World Bronze, 1988 Olympic Silver, 1989 World Silver, 1990 World Silver, 1992 Olympic Gold, 1993 World Gold, 1994 World Silver, 1995 World Gold, 1996 Olympic Bronze MINNESOTA Jim Martinez - 1984 Olympic Bronze, 1985 World Bronze Michial Foy - 1989 World Silver Brandon Paulson - 1996 Olympic Silver, 2001 World Silver Garrett Lowney - 2000 Olympic Bronze Brandon Eggum - 2001 World Silver MICHIGAN Steve Fraser - 1984 Olympic Gold Joe McFarland - 1986 World Silver Kirk Trost - 1990 World Bronze Joe Warren - 2006 World Gold Adam Coon - 2018 World Silver SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE Jeff Blatnick - 1984 Olympic Gold MARANATHA BAPTIST Mike Houck - 1985 World Gold MINNESOTA MORRIS Dennis Kolowski - 1987 World Silver, 1988 Olympic Bronze, 1992 Olympic Silver Sally Roberts - 2003 World Bronze, 2005 World Bronze (Also wrestled at Pacific) Sara McMann - 2003 World Silver, 2004 Olympic Silver, 2005 World Bronze, 2007 World Bronze (Lock Haven? Gardner Webb) Catherine Downing - 2005 World Bronze, 2007 World Bronze UC DAVIS Afoon Roshanzamir - 1989 World Bronze, 1990 World Silver Stephanie Murata - 2001 World Silver DIABLO VALLEY Marie Ziegler - 1990 World Silver, 1991 World Silver SUNY-ALBANY Shawn Sheldon - 1991 World Silver CLEVELAND STATE Matt Ghaffari - 1991 World Silver, 1995 World Bronze, 1996 Olympic Silver, 1998 World Silver (Also wrestled at Farleigh Dickinson) WESTERN NEW ENGLAND Rodney Smith - 1992 Olympic Bronze CLARION Kurt Angle - 1995 World Gold, 1996 Olympic Gold LOCK HAVEN Cary Kolat - 1997 World Silver, 1998 World Bronze (also wrestled at Penn State) CLEMSON Sammie Henson - 1998 World Gold, 2000 Olympic Silver, 2006 World Bronze (Also wrestled at Missouri) HUDSON VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Kristie Davis Marano - 1999 World Silver, 2002 World Bronze, 2003 World Gold, 2006 World Bronze, 2007 World Bronze (wrestled at Pike's Peak CC as well) CUMBERLANDS Toccara Montgomery - 2001 World Silver, 2003 World Silver NORTH CAROLINA A&T Dremiel Byers - 2002 World Gold, 2007 World Bronze, 2009 World Silver (Does this count? He only played football there) TEXAS Tina George - 2002 World Silver, 2003 World Silver (Didn't wrestle there, but it makes a statement to add it) PENN STATE Kerry McCoy - 2003 World Silver David Taylor - 2018 World Gold STANFORD Patricia Miranda - 2003 World Silver, 2004 Olympic Bronze, 2006 World Bronze FRESNO STATE Stephen Abas - 2004 Olympic Silver MISSOURI VALLEY Clarissa Chung - 2008 World Gold, 2012 Olympic Gold NEBRASKA KEARNEY Tervel Dlagnev - 2009 World Bronze, 2014 World Bronze SIMON FRASER Helen Maroulis - 2012 World Silver, 2014 World Bronze, 2015 World Gold, 2016 Olympic Gold, 2017 World Gold (Also wrestled at Missouri Valley) Mallory Velte - 2018 World Bronze MISSOURI J'Den Cox 2016 Olympic Bronze, 2017 World Bronze, 2018 World Gold NORTH CAROLINA STATE Nick Gwiazdowski - 2017 World Bronze, 2018 World Bronze OKLAHOMA CITY Becka Leathers - 2017 World Bronze KING Alli Ragan - 2017 World Silver, 2016 World Silver Sarah Hildebrand - 2018 World Silver WAYLAND BAPTIST Tamyrn Mensah - 2018 World Bronze
  2. Banbasketball never wrestled. He was a varsity basketball player in high school. I'm surprised he hasn't responded to this post yet. My high school shared a football program with another local high school. That other high school did not have a wrestling program, until they finally joined with us in 2005. I know quite a few people from that area who used to come over and watch wrestling duals at our high school. Some that to this day attend Iowa Hawkeye wrestling meets. It's a rarity to find fans who never wrestled. Damn near impossible to find fans who didn't become fans because of a son, nephew, grandson, boyfriend or good friend that wrestled.
  3. Does it also help that high school wrestling has grown significantly south of Osage Beach? When I was a kid, it seemed that Missouri was divided into two. North of Osage Beach was Missouri, where most schools had wrestling teams and south of Osage Beach was Missouruh where most schools didn't have wrestling programs. Now, most of those schools in the south have wrestling programs. For example when I was little Branson high school didn't have wrestling. Now, they do.
  4. And he's listed at 165 lbs! Now that shocked me!
  5. Florida and Georgia have both been producing great talent since the 1960's. You can find a ton of NQ's and AA's from both states throughout the years. It's Texas that is growing and with the likes of Nickal and Mueller, it just goes to show how disadvantaged our sport was by those who tried to keep wrestling out of the lone star state for such a long time. Varsity wrestling at Public high schools has been around for twenty years. That's it. A very young sport in Texas. Even at the private school level, early 70's is the earliest you'll find schools with wrestling programs.
  6. Heard an interview with him one time. Said that he went to NC State and told the coaches he would do anything they asked of him and made up his mind that no matter what happened he was going to believe in himself and keep a positive attitude. They worked the living crap out of him, and look what happened.
  7. Eight times. Is that a record? I don't know, but it seems high to me. R2 Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) dec Vitali Arujau (Cornell) 6-2 3rd Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) dec Vitali Arujau (Cornell) 8-3 QF Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) dec Pat Glory (Princeton) 9-5 5th Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) Fall Pat Glory (Princeton) 5:29 QF Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) dec Brock Mauller (MIssouri) 8-5 5th Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) dec Brock Mauller (Missouri) 10-6 QF Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) dec Mitch Finesilver (Duke) 3-1 s.v. 3rd Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) dec Mitch Finesilver (Duke) 7-5 QF Hayden HIdlay (NC State) dec Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 5-3 s.v. 3rd Alec Panaleo (Michigan) dec Hayden Hidlay (NC State) 5-3 QF Kaleb Young (Iowa) dec Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) 7-5 sv 5th Kaleb Young (Iowa) dec Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) 7-5 sv QF Evan Wick (Wisconsin) Fall Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven) 1:25 3rd Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven) dec Evan Wick 6-5 QF Myles Martin (Ohio State) dec Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) 11-2 3rd Myles Martin (Ohio State) dec Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) 5-3 I had a feeling the new seeding would result in guys meeting multiple times. I thought it would happen more than eight to tell you the truth.
  8. True on all accounts. No longer have the email exchange between the two of us or I would provide it.
  9. I think we'll see the most amount of guys meet twice this tournament that we've seen in a long time, maybe ever. Guys who meet R1, R2, or QF, that meet later in placement matches or Consolation Quarters or Semis. I think we'll see a lot of that this year.
  10. Arkansas-Little Rock and Presbyterian College would be a good place to ask that question. I"d wager that it might be so they could be competitive at a sport. Well known for something. I sometimes wonder if Central Connecticut regrets cutting wrestling. It was by far their best sport at the time they dropped it, and they have yet to in any sport match the conference accomplishments that wrestling did.
  11. Hard to believe but Hawaii actually had a team at one time. 1931-1950. I don't know much about it other than the years it ran. I'm not sure if they came to the mainland for duals or if teams from the west coast flew out to Hawaii or what. All I know is that I once asked an SID years ago, and he came back at me with those years. No pictures, stats, names or anything else. All he gave me was the years.
  12. I agree 100%. It takes participation from many sides to get fans interested in wrestling. I mean look at what has happened at Campbell in just a few short years. They have drawn more of a crowd for home duals the past three seasons than they did for ten years combined. The hire of Kolat and stepping it up to improve Camels wrestling is a night and day difference. If only we could get more of that to happen. I know it's easier said that done. $$ doesn't grow on trees.
  13. SEC Conference Wrestling Champions 1970 LSU 1971 LSU 1972 LSU 1973 Auburn 1974 Auburn 1975 Auburn 1976 Florida 1977 Kentucky 1978 Kentucky 1979 LSU 1980 LSU 1981 Auburn And upon winning the Conference title, sending five to the NCAA's, three of which were AA's, Pat Dye walked into the wrestling room muttered that it'd make a great training facility for the football program and announced shortly thereafter that wrestling would be discontinued.
  14. It'd help if they got more respect than what they do from the rankings/seeding committees. In reality, Trevor Allard at 184 lbs WAS qualification material and easily could have been number 32 or 33. I blame the fact that Bloomsburg has a weaker schedule with no participation in the large in season tournaments of CKLV, RENO, Southern Scuffle or Midlands.
  15. Gary Kurdelmeier believed differently and as a result helped to propel Iowa to the most popular wrestling team in the nation. He believed a part of it was his responsibility, instilled that in Gable and wa la, butts in the seats.
  16. Kevin Tao replaced someone at the 2013 NCAA's in Des Moines and damn near made All American!
  17. In all of my research other than what you posted here, the only information I've been able to find on the University of Texas wrestling program is that of HWT Ralph Hammonds, who took 2nd at the NCAA's.
  18. I agree. I attended the BIG 10 wrestling championships in Minneapolis. At the arena where they were selling merchandise they had two styles of wrestling t-shirt for the Golden Gophers. Neither was very neat. Pretty plain and boring. Looking like a regular Minnesota Golden Gopher t-shirt and someone slapped the word wrestling on it at the last minute. Now they did have an overpriced sweatshirt that was pretty neat, but that was it. Now for basketball, they had seven designs for t-shirts. Seven!! Damn near 15,000 wrestling fans show up to watch wrestling and they're selling neater, cooler basketball shirts than they are wrestling ones!! It gets worse.... We stop by Augsburg on the way home. The #1 or #2 Division III wrestling school for the past twenty+ years and there is absolutely no presence of wrestling whatsoever. You can find football, basketball, hockey and damn near every other item you'd want but nothing wrestling related. I ask the ladies at the book store, they go in the back and search for ten minutes. They find a single wrestling t-shirt, luckily in my size. They give it to me for $9. It was the only wrestling related item they had and they weren't even aware of how good the wrestling team was!!! At least at St. Olaf when we stopped there, they didn't have a single sports related item. But at Minnesota and Augsburg that's inexcusable. When I asked the seller at Minnesota why he would have more basketball related stuff, his reply was, "Basketball is a more popular sport." And I replied, "When you're dealing with 14,7whatever wrestling fans?" If you don't blame the coaches for this, who do you blame?
  19. There was more high school wrestling in Georgia, Florida and Alabama than you would think. When looking at lineups for Auburn and Alabama in the 70's, I was surprised at how many kids were actually from Alabama or nearby states. A lot more than I imagined. Compared to looking at lineups for Louisiana State, which were made up of kids from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and other states. Wasn't a single kid from Louisiana on the roster. I couldn't agree more with your final statement. Georgia, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Florida A&M, Central Florida, South Florida, North Florida, Stetson, I mean you name it, any of those schools within five years could be a top twenty program. You're absolutely correct about that.
  20. All of the people that think they're funny by stating Maryland. It's that type of attitude that gets wrestling programs cut in the first place. I've studied the history of dropped wrestling programs. A lack of fan interest, often comes up when administrations and athletic directors are questioned for why wrestling was dropped. SEC wrestling as much as people whine and cry about being eliminated, didn't draw outside of the yearly conference tournament. Even that wasn't that big of a draw. When Chattanooga used to go to Knoxville to dual Tennessee, there were more fans in the stands from Chattanooga, than there was from Tennessee. That's saying something. A dual between Florida and Alabama in 1977 only drew 107 people. There were some from what I hear that drew a 1/3 of that. How many All Americans will Florida have this year in wrestling? 0 Same as Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn and Louisiana State. Youssif Hemida could be one for Maryland.
  21. Ironically enough Steve Austin (as in Stone Cold) sorta brought that up in one of his podcasts a while back. He was asked if he had ever done amateur wrestling while in school and he replied that he had not, mainly because the area he grew up never had it. He mentioned it was something he would have liked to have tried and could have imagined himself being successful at. He played football for the Owls back in the day. It's most certainly an area of Texas where I think collegiate wrestling could thrive. As to Metzger, I can think of worse and far more crazier.
  22. I want to say this too. I love the idea of Division I wrestling in Texas, but I think if we were to try and add wrestling in the Long Star state we'd need to put it at a University that isn't too far away from nearby Oklahoma. If for nothing else, recruiting purposes. It amazes me that (arguably) the best wrestler in the nation right now, Bo Nickal is from Texas. It makes one wonder if the Longhorns or the Aggies or the Minors or the Raiders had a wrestling program if we'd have seen him at one of those schools. Varsity wrestling in Texas is twenty years old and even counting private school wrestling, it's still fairly young. Makes you wonder the amount of talent we've missed out on because it took so long to get wrestling into Texas.
  23. Asking a guy like me to narrow it down to only Ten Teams is torture. I'll try. 10. Long Beach State I'll get one of the selfish ones out of the way. When I was younger I seriously contemplated going to graduate school for creative writing. LBS has one of the best creative writing MFA's in the country. They had a team for about twenty years. I believe they began sometime in the 1950's and their last season I believe was in 1978. I think they switched off between DI and DII throughout their history as well. I could be wrong about that, but they had both NCAA DI and NCAA DII qualifiers. 15 NCAA qualifiers for 17 NCAA qualifications in DI. They had some DII All Americans as well. Really not bad for a small program with a twenty year existence. 9. Drake How a Division I school in the hotbed of Des Moines, Iowa can get away without having a wrestling team is an outright travesty. The rigorous academic requirements would make it difficult for the Bulldogs to compete with the three powerhouses of the Hawkeye state, but I think it'd be cool to have one of the "smart" wrestling teams in the state as well. Drake wrestling was headed and for the most part solely ran by long time head coach Lonnie Timmerman. While coach Timmerman never produced an All American he did send wrestlers to the NCAA tournament almost every year that Drake wrestling existed. 64 NCAA qualifiers. Tons of conference place-winners and champions. A 364-186-10 Duel Meet record, including going 28-3 in their final season 1992-1993. Drake football is mediocre at best, and their basketball team isn't nearly as good as it used to be. A wrestling program would help to put the school on the map. Many outsiders aren't even aware of Iowa's "other" Division I school. Wrestling would change that. 8. UCLA 76 NCAA Division I qualifications, including 13 All Americans and 1 NCAA champion. They were quite competitive in what is today known as the PAC-12 conference. Truth to be known, the city of Los Angeles could use a Division I wrestling program. East LA Community College and a few other nearby community colleges are about the only collegiate wrestling in the city. Considering that the growth of high school wrestling in the area, it'd be nice to have a nearby school for those kids to go. 7. Washington 84 NCAA qualifiers, 18 All Americans and 2 NCAA champions. The home of Larry Owings, the guy who upset Dan Gable in the 1970 NCAA tournament. West coast wrestling needs a revival. Along with UCLA, and any other program that would add, I think Washington would be a great place to reinstate a program. 6. UNLV I follow the UNLV club team on twitter and facebook and it gets me excited to think that we could see a varsity program at UNLV again. For crying out loud, we still compete in THEIR tournament every year. Yes, the CKLV was originally started and hosted by UNLV for those that are unaware. It has a very short existence, not sure exactly how long but I think ten years or less. In that time 14 NCAA qualifiers and HWT Kahlan O'Hara captured conference titles and two All American finishes for the Runnin' Rebels. My girlfriend, my best friend and his girlfriend want to go out to Vegas on a vacation one of these winters. I don't think I could talk them into letting me attend CKLV the whole time, but I know I'd sneak away for a UNLV home dual meet! 5. Notre Dame I'll forever be critical of Dick Rosenthal and the administration of Notre Dame for what they did in 1993. To disgrace the memory of Pat O'Connor and to outright go against the agreement they had with Bucky O'Connor in my opinion is criminal. If not criminal, unethical and certainly immoral. 42 NCAA qualifiers, including five All Americans. What's funny is that the Fighting Irish eliminated wrestling right as they had begun a quest to get better and start being more competitive. Ever hear of a guy named Mark Branch who ended up being a two time champion/four time NCAA finalist for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Had it not been for Notre Dame dropping their program, he'd have been fighting for the Irish. Absolute rubbish that the school dropped their wrestling program. Absolute bull. 4. Kansas State Or Kansas or Witchita State. I go with KSU because it had a richer program than Kansas and Witchita to my knowledge never had wrestling. 113 NCAA qualifiers for the Wildcats including 16 All Americans and 1 National Champion. Never went a year in its existence without sending a wrestler to the NCAA championships. If you look at the history of wrestling, Kansas has produced some great high school wrestlers. Off the top of my head three time All American/NCAA champion Zach Roberson. I'll give the state credit in that it has 10 or 11 (Pinnum is the guy to ask here) collegiate wrestling programs in the state, but they really need a Division I program. 3. Clemson I'm happier than a pig in " " that Arkansas-Little Rock is adding wrestling next season, as well a Presbyterian. Two new programs is already great, but icing on the top that both are in the south. The hard work of individuals like Pat Smith and Mike Moyer is obviously paying off as wrestling continues to grow and become popular in areas where it either barely hung on or didn't exist at all. I hope that it continues to grow and I think Clemson would be an excellent addition. For one the school needs wrestling. It could easily be the most competitive and successful program on campus. 59 NCAA qualifiers, 8 All Americans, three National champions (Sammie Henson won twice). Not to mention a seventh place finish at the 1994 NCAA tournament, a year before the program was dropped. Great place to reinstate wrestling. 2. Anywhere in the State of Georgia 1. Anywhere in the State of Florida It's already been mentioned, but let me reiterate, both Florida and Georgia for the past sixty years have produced some great high school talent. Look at the number of NCAA qualifiers this year alone from Georgia and Florida. It's like that every year. Tons of kids who have made varsity lineups at colleges and universities all around the country grew up in Georgia and Florida. I can name NCAA qualifiers and All Americans from year's past and maybe even NCAA champions (not 100% positive on that.) Fact of the matter is when it comes to states without Division I wrestling, Georgia and Florida are hands down, indisputably the two best wrestling states in the country. I don't get how Florida producing the mass amount of talent that it does year in and year out can only have one varsity wrestling program in the entire state. One. Southeastern and NAIA program. Georgia is better, but not by much. I believe the Peach State has four or five programs. Not nearly enough for the amount of talent the state produces. There you go. Those are my 10.
  24. AND CONSOLATIONS!!??!!??! You are a saint!!
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