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  1. Awesome donation! He must have done very well at ExxonMobil and with his new companies. Great way to give back.
  2. I think it is too much of a wt cut. He would be better off at 165. Remember in HS he never had to lose much weight 5lbs. Now you are asking him to do this as an 18/19 year old and wrestle men in their 20's. Excessive wt loss especially water wt which still seems to happen at the college level reduces your effectiveness and reduces your speed, endurance and strength.
  3. He is a great talent. He will win a gold in freestyle for USA in 2016. As far as MMA goes there is big money there. However brain injury evidence similar to boxers is starting to emerge. Also add in choke outs. Many of these athletes will have dementia in there 60's and 70's.
  4. Great thread. It is a shame. It is political correctness at its worst. There should be a different safe harbor method. The one without using football athletes does make a lot of sense. It is really a shame that the SEC does not have wrestling as well as Ivy League schools Dartmouth and Yale.
  5. Chris: Can you please delete the pictures you posted about body fat. the caption was these people probably ate more than your wrestlers. Those pictures you used were from a Nazi concentration camp during world war II. The people depicted in those pictures maybe had a slice of bread and bowl of soup a day. It is an inappropriate picture to use.
  6. Delgado would have been pinned via freestyle in every one of his matches. Dieringer Tsiris taylor steiber retherford perry
  7. Nice competition. remember it was fundraiser for autism.
  8. Steroids have been around for a long time. In the late 70's I remember teammates talking about who was juicing on other teams. back than the big side affect was acne on your face and or body. so you knew who was on it. I had a teammate who separated his shoulder went on steroids was back after a two week rehab and stayed on it for the rest of the season. probably biggest 118lber in the country. today at the hs level. parents have told me their kids are on HGH because of their slow growth. meanwhile the kid is taller and bigger than the dad. HGH is very hard to test for. however there are long term severe side effects.
  9. Here is the difference between Brands and Sanderson coaching. Both were asked what there athletes need to do. Brands says they have to win and win the close matches. Sanderson says they have to score and keep scoring and the winning will take care of itself. One reply adds pressure to the athletes the other helps the athletes focus on the process and not the outcome which minimizes the pressure. Enough said Iowa is done.....................
  10. He is a great ambassador for our great sport of wrestling. He donates a ton of money as well. I have seen very few people talk with their wallets to support this sport. He does support the sport.
  11. I would say he got seriously injured. It sure looked like an acl or mcl tears and possible meniscus tear. really horrible injury. knees are meant to go one direction not diagonally. way too much action with knees bent in a dangerous manner. I think for the safety of the athletes it needs to stop.
  12. stacked wt class.... 3 studs battling it out to get to finals. OSU kid will win it all.
  13. It does not protect against concussions. not even football helmets can prevent that. however it does protect against cuts and scrapes on the far head. it should be required. you always see the Iowa guys with wraps around their heads from bad cuts. it allows head to head contact with much reduced injury to skin.
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