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  1. After doing some thinking and reading I have came up with some ideas. First off we should be benchmarking off of college football and college basketball. College football is light years ahead of wrestling in everything especially in every game meaning something. Here is my idea although little unrealistic and wont happen imo best 4 sport that gives everyone a fair chance. Like we have you have confrence championships to chose who goes on to the indivudual tourny. You then have individual tourny and the top 16 teams at indviduals get to go on to either sweet 16 dual tourny or college wrestling bowl week. If you are fighting for seeding to avoid a team you dont match up well in a dual against you will fight for that victory. If you are trying to get in that 16 you will be fighting for it. Once you have your indy champs and 16 you can do 2 things. Sweet 16 top 16 teams go to dual tourny based on indy scoring and wrestle 3 matchs 1 day 1 next if you are best team and 3rd 4th will have wrestle back rules. Since the sedding will come from team points it will b fair assment. The college bowl week is you take top 12 teams from points n u have 11 vs 12 10 vs 9 7 vs 8 etc face eachother in a dual aka college bowl. The dual would b on sponser so the schools are getting a money/ exposure reward for sucess. While a school like Edinboro may never have Penn States resources they deserve a fair shot at same sucess and exposure. If a recruit sees a Bloomsburg wrestling in sweet 16 or college bowl dual suddenly recruits will flock there cause of exposure. IMO thats what would benfit college wrestling but what do I know just benchmarking cfb n cbb.
  2. I was told by someone you guys would find knowledgeable that kljergrad was up there with fried and kolat.
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