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  1. How do you see the like count?
  2. I see him being in an opposite half of Hall and I don't see anybody else beating him. Why do you say that?
  3. Seems like the needle is moving quite a bit towards PSU as the season drags on. A few points just fell out of the sky for them. Nick Lee is really coming on. RBY is a contender. Brooks' stock is rising. More importantly, there are a lot of very conceivable ways for Iowa to falter. There are definite chinks in AD's armor. Any or all of Murin, Lugo, Young and Warner could easily fall well short of expectations. They aren't overrated, but they aren't dominant either. There is a lot of pressure on these guys. On the other hand, Kemmerer is exceeding expectations and Cassioppi is looking solid. It will be more interesting than many people think.
  4. Young's lack of offense is going to catch up to him soon. Could be here.
  5. You think zero coaches put their short-term interests above the long term interests of athletes? I'll grant you most do, including Carl.
  6. Last time out the Magic Man was watching from the comfort of his couch.
  7. @grimo - Does your nephew's school sponsor sports of any kind? Also, it must be very difficult for a young wrestler to get meaningful competition. I can imagine the tournaments are packed with really good wrestlers, so most guys get only 1 or 2 matches per tournament and that means fewer than 10 matches per year.
  8. Apart from JB directly beating him each and every time they have wrestled and JB being far more accomplished in every quantifiable way, nothing.
  9. It costs 25 percent to RS a guy. Sometimes not RSing someone creates opportunities.
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