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  1. Plasmodium

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Roman Bravo Young
  2. What are the rules? Unlike Jads, he isn't locking his arms.
  3. Plasmodium

    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Representative Rose's wiki He looks like my kinda guy!
  4. Plasmodium

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    A PSU/Iowa dual would be fugly for Iowa. Iowa would be favored at 125 and i think 285 is a tossup. PSU is favored everywhere else. I'm interested in seeing how Kemerrer looks at 174
  5. I was surprised Heinselman lost Liam Cronin.
  6. Plasmodium

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    That was up to Desanto standards.
  7. Plasmodium

    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    Wrong event header?
  8. Plasmodium

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    Looking through Iowa's schedule this morning. They got through the rough part unscathed.
  9. Plasmodium

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    I only the saw the match against Rooney, so you understand how the enthusiasm is curbed.
  10. Plasmodium

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    Rooney shut him down pretty well and he was even tired midway through the second. The ref gifted Desanto a stall and also doesn't understand the danger rule for another two point present. All part and parcel to a wrestling match, but not a good start for Desanto.
  11. Do I need batteries for my sarcasm detector? This is ambiguous to me.
  12. Plasmodium

    Flo - live events not on Roku/Apple TV

    I'll be very generous. The new Roku app UX is unpleasant.
  13. The guy is beast, but I was surprised the rules allow you to put your feet on the ground.
  14. Plasmodium

    Weight Cutting Education

    I am interested in putting a finer point on the definition of 'weight cutting'. My experience with college wrestling is that most middleweight wrestlers will drop around ten pounds of actual mass in preseason. That weight stays off during the season and takes about a month to lose. Further, they will drop 3-5 pounds for weigh-ins during the season. So, a guy would compete 13-18 pounds below his off season walk around. Is that weight cutting?
  15. Plasmodium

    Weight Cutting Education

    Weight cutting isn't a bad situation. Extreme weight cutting is a different matter.