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  1. Lol I was just busting your chops a little. He medaled 42 years ago, so he doesnt make a 40 year list, Einstein. :)
  2. Compounding your issues - Stan Dziedzic is technically not on that list.
  3. Your point stands, but Cary Kolat is also on that list.
  4. Can't find it right now, but I remember an interview with Cassar sometime after his championship where he said he has no idea where the weight room even is. He said it's all "Table Muscle"
  5. Are you trolling me? The more things change, the more they stay the same. DT dominates everyone - unless he can't beat you. Under that circumstance.....Well, the history is the history.
  6. How many times has the new and improved David Taylor beat Kyle Dake in a fantasy matchup? :)
  7. LOL - Dake is a demonstrably better wrestler than Taylor?
  8. Cox beat Dake well before he had transformed himself into that all that and a bag of chips. Dont kid yourselves, he beats Dake all day. Also, JB will continue his complete domination of Dake.
  9. A lot has changed in a few short years. Cox rocks! Jimmy is spot on here.
  10. 12000/year is relatively wealthy in lots of free market economies and relatively poor in lots of so called socialist countries.
  11. When are you going to mock me? Don't wait millions of years, your surroundings might change!
  12. How do you correlate a picture of Kelly Anne Conway and the Bern partying with evolution?
  13. I like to mock Tom Ryan because he thinks evolution can't turn a cat into a dog, but he is a remarkable coach. We sat behind tOSU in Vegas for worlds and he is personally very close to the wrestlers. That is rare for college coaches.
  14. Cox JB Dake Snyder Tayler Gwiz Das Ringer Yianni/ZT Green
  15. I thought we were talking about David Tayler the wrestler. Check him out here: https://prowrestling.fandom.com/wiki/David_Tayler
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