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  1. I heard he is doing well and has moved before that. He is tweaking his diet for the change in latitude and preparing for the cut 57 kilos.
  2. Not really mma specific, but Pico had a rough night last night. Best of luck in his recovery.
  3. Not sure about that. Iowa has a frich hunting tradition. Here is an example.
  4. For a select few. Looks like he might be one of them.
  5. This is a horrible take. Keep this thread wide open. When is the next time we are going to hear these opinions straight out of the horse's mouth? This is the most enduring thread on the board - very valuable.
  6. No, but Peyton Manning being better than him throws a rock in it.
  7. It is remarkable that the same heart and lungs can fuel a brand new style of complete and absolute cardio domination of world champions almost 30 lbs heavier. I am not a physiologist by any stretch of the imagination, can anyone shed some light on that?
  8. That can't be it. Must be something else. :)
  9. Excellent move. Nothing more for him at 92.
  10. Isn’t it no-knee Lee now? Or is he still holistic?
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