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  1. Neither one of them matches up well with Burroughs. How do you think he'll match up with IMar in FS? Imar has clearly put some distance between himself and Nolf.
  2. Is the Iranian regime popular in areas outside of major cities? How about in the cities? I feel like we only talk about dissatisfaction with the government there. Surely many people, particularly religious fundamentalists, are very happy with it.
  3. I heard this morning they will resume 10/24
  4. How long is IMar laid up?
  5. Interesting trivia topic - IIRC and post college, only one American has defeated JB in a match that was ultimately meaningful, e.g. Not part of series that was fruitless for his opponent. Who is it?
  6. Trump Doral in Miami is a magnificent property. S32 should give Eric or DJ a shout.
  7. Agreed. Everybody knows the reason Askren lost is because of the bum hip. He got that fixed, so lets line 'em back up!
  8. Hang on. Rey Misterio is from Tijuana. His nephew Rey Mysterio is from California.
  9. I'm not kidding. Good stuff.
  10. “methylation,” is particularly scientific. I had to look it up. I also had to look up the exact role the liver plays in digestion. You guys need to keep this discussion going. I'm learning stuff!
  11. I can see Suriano wearing him down and winning a tight match.
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